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“How to stop queefing?” let me guess, you have googled this at least once. If you have ever queefed and didn’t know what it was, I can’t blame you for being embarrassed. 

Before we get into any of that, I want to tell you that it is completely normal to queef and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. 

How To Stop Queefing?

Queefing, which is also known as Vaginal flatulence, happens when air gets inside the vagina. This air gets released and comes out like a fart noise.

Queefing is very common in women, every woman has experienced queefing, at some point in their lifetime. But what exactly do you know about queefs? Read on to find out.

What Is Vaginal Gas?

Scientifically speaking, vaginal flatulence or queefing occurs when air is trapped inside the vagina. The trapped air eventually gets released. It comes out like rectal flatulence.

How to stop queefing

Queefing is an involuntary bodily function. It means that you can’t really hold it in like an actual fart. But, unlike a fart, a queef does not emit any odors. However, it does sound identical to a fart.

The main way in which the air can get trapped inside is when you engage in physical activities such as working out, yoga, stretching, sex, etc. There are other reasons for queefing. 

A queef only lasts for a couple of seconds. Usually, queefing is never a sign of anything serious. It can just be a passing occurrence that happens sometimes.

But, in rare cases, it can be a sign of something more serious. How to stop queefing, might be your next question. In order to know how to avoid queefing, you have to know what Causes Queefing. Let’s take a detailed look at everything you might need to know about queefing.

What Causes Queefing?

Queefing is pretty common in women. There are many reasons for it. Air can get trapped inside the vaginal canal in numerous ways. But no matter how it enters the vagina, the result is pretty much the same thing; a queef. Some of the major causes of queefing are;

 causes of queefing


Exercises are one of the major reasons for queefing. Workouts like yoga and stretching make you susceptible to queefing. Certain yoga poses such as handstands, shoulder stands, and downward dog poses increase the chance of queefing.

Basically, any activity that requires intense abdominal and pelvic strength will cause you to queef.


Different positions and different activities can introduce air into the vagina. Anything that penetrates the vagina can cause air to get into the vaginal canal.

Whether it’s a penis or a vibrator, if it goes in and out of the vagina it will push air into it. Oral sex can do the same too. Once the object penetrating the vagina is removed, the air is released as well.

Medical Conditions

Having a weak pelvic floor will make you queef. Now, queefing is not a symptom of pelvic floor dysfunction, but weakness in the pelvic floor muscles can lead to vaginal flatulence.

Vaginal fistulas can be one of the reasons for queefing as well. In these cases, you will probably need medical assistance.

How To Prevent Queefing?

Oftentimes, there isn’t anything you can do to prevent yourself from queefing. However, there are certain ways in which you can reduce the chances of queefing.

How To Prevent Queefing

When it comes to exercises you can avoid doing particular workouts that might cause air to get trapped inside the vagina. For example, while doing yoga, you can try avoiding poses like downward dog, or inversions.

Similarly, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is also a good alternative to avoid queefing. A weak pelvic floor (1) can lead to more air getting trapped in your vaginal canal.

The best way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is to do kegel exercises. There are tools available to do this exercise. You can insert them into your vagina. The vaginal muscles will hold them in place and then release them. 

How Can I Stop Queefing During Sex?

One of the main reasons you queef is sex. So if you limit the movement of the object penetrating your vagina it would mean that less air gets in.

This will keep the air out of your vaginal canal. You can try switching to different positions while having sex. Lubrication might also prevent you from queefing.

But in all honesty, it’s completely natural for you to queef during sex. The best way is to laugh it off and move on with your partner.

Bodies are weird and sometimes things like this will happen. Since it’s just air, it doesn’t contain any odor. So, technically, it only sounds like a fart. 

How Does A Healthy Pelvic Floor Decrease Queefing?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people don’t really consider pelvic floor health to be important. But, having a healthy pelvic floor is mandatory for bowel movements, urinary and sexual health.

When you give birth, the pelvic floor gets really weakened. Luckily, in the first few months of postpartum, people gain most of their pelvic floor strength back. 

Pelvic floor muscles being weakened can definitely increase the chances of queefing. If you queef more while doing yoga or stretching, then it can be an indicator that you have weak pelvic floor muscles. 

Pelvic floor therapy and kegel exercises are an excellent way to gain your pelvic floor health back. By strengthening them, people with vaginas can reduce the laxity (2), and make the muscles stronger. This way you can prevent air from getting trapped in the vaginal canal. 

Tips To Stop Queefing Or Vaginal Farting 

Even though queefing is totally natural and normal, you might still feel embarrassed when you queef. A few tips and tricks to prevent queefing are;

Tips to Stop Vaginal Farting or Queefing

  • Practicing Kegels can be a good way to reduce queefing. Women usually do Kegels to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles (3) and to prevent leakage. Kegels are highly effective in keeping queefing under control. 
  • Avoiding really fast sexual activities. When an object goes in and out of the vagina at a higher speed, it will lead to more air getting trapped inside the vaginal canal. This air will be released at some point, which causes queefing.
  • There are certain sex positions that minimize queefing. You can try out different positions and decide what works for you. Inserting a finger inside the vagina while switching positions has also proven to reduce queefing.
  • Limiting the use of sex toys is a good alternative to prevent queefing. Sex toys are super fun and enjoyable, but they will trap a lot of air in your vagina. So, if you really want to avoid queefing, you can just stop using sex toys. 
  • Deep penetration might cause you to queef.


What Does It Mean When You're Queefing A Lot?

It means that a lot of air is getting trapped in your vaginal canal. It's not something you really have to be worried about. However, if you feel like something is wrong, make sure you go see a doctor.

Is Constantly Queefing Normal?

Queefing is pretty normal and happens to all women. But if it is happening too often, consult a physician.

What Causes Queefing?

Sexual activity, certain workouts, yoga, use of sex toys, and in some cases vaginal fistula or a weak pelvic floor will cause you to queef.

How To Stop Queefing?

You can avoid certain sex positions, workouts, etc to prevent queefing. Or, you can try strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

What Is Vaginal Gas?

Vaginal gas is the air that gets trapped inside the vagina, this air will have to be released at some point. This is known as queefing

Final Verdict

Vaginal flatulence, more commonly known as queefing, is a phenomenon that occurs when air gets trapped inside the vagina. This air gets released eventually and comes out of the vaginal canal with a noise similar to farting.

I get that it can be embarrassing, but let me assure you that queefing is completely okay and you don’t have to be ashamed of it. 

Every woman has queefed at least once in their life. Queefing usually occurs during sexual activity. When a penis or a sex toy penetrates the vagina and goes in and out of it, this will cause a lot of air to get inside the vaginal canal and cause you to queef.

In rare cases, queefing can be an indication of medical conditions, make sure you go see a doctor if you feel like something is wrong. Exercise and certain yoga positions are also able to cause you to queef. 

Typically, queefing is not something you need to worry about. The only thing is that it sounds like a fart noise and can make you feel embarrassed when it happens. But it is completely normal.

There are things you can do to reduce or prevent yourself from queefing. The best way to deal with queefing is to just accept the fact that it is completely normal and to laugh it off when it happens.