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Beauty Blender Hacks For Flawless Makeup!

Beauty Blender Hacks For Flawless Makeup

Beauty blenders are one of the most likely recommended tool by beauty junkies today. Why do beauty blenders have a cult following? There is no surprise, it’s affordable, helps blend make up like your second skin and it’s cute.

Beauty blenders, since they debuted into the beauty industry have been used by professionals as well as amateurs alike. Unlike brushes it doesn’t require so much effect, it’s easy to clean carry and use. Through the finish beauty blenders give you is seamless, with a little effort and right techniques you can even achieve the much-hyped airbrushed look with this simple tool. 

Beauty Blender Hacks For Flawless Makeup!

Beauty Blender Hacks For Flawless Makeup

I would like to talk more about this dreamiest makeup tool ever rather than getting into the beauty blender hacks(1) directly.  Before trying out the product myself, I was a bit reluctant to buy the product because all that came into my head is, “ What could a possible piece of sponge do to my face, that my stippling brush could not?”. Since the price point is really low and I started noticing the cute egg-shaped sponge in every makeup artist’s kit, I decided to give it a try.

Unlike the normal makeup sponges, the beauty blender is designed in such a way that it gives decent coverage, helps you to reach the corners of the face as well as absorbs less product when compared to the normal sponges. And the part that I love the most, I don’t have to carry different makeup brushed around in my bag, one beauty blender can help with applying foundation, concealer, blush, and  highlighter

If you are new to beauty blender or you haven’t learned to use the power tool to it maximum ability then this article will leave you with some insight on how the blender will help you look your best.

Beauty Blender The Power Makeup Blender!

HACK 1#: Make sure you get the original beauty blender

Make sure you get the original beauty blender

Since the beauty blender has become a staple in our make up kits, many companies have come up with similar blenders at a lower price point. A normal sponge absorbs a lot of your face products which is such a waste of the product, on the other side beauty blender is made of specific spongs with smaller pores which helps in allowing the product to settle into the skin evenly rather than absorbing it.

HACK2 #: Wet the blender

Wet the blender

Yeah, you heard me right, before using the blender make sure the blender is wet or rather damp. All I do is spray some water on the blender and squeeze out the extra. This will allow you to get a natural, airbrushed finish(2). When it comes to blenders how you use them matters.

HACK 3#: Method of application

Method of application

If you are someone who is used to applying makeup using a brush then initially blending with the blender could be tricky. While using a blender instead of rubbing it in on the skin, one has to play the products in badding motions. This will allow the product to settle well into the skin giving a natural skin-like finish.

HACK 4#: Proper utilization of the blender

Proper utilization of the blender (1)

The beauty blender is shaped like an egg for a reason. I start by dotting the foundation all over my face using the pointed end of the sponge. The rounded bottom is then used to dab the product all over the face. For the inner corners of your eyes, you can use the pointed tip to get the product distributed evenly.

HACK 5#: Concealer application

Concealer application

One of the most common mistakes I notice people doing is rub in the concealer with the sponge, till would not only bring out the fine lines on your face but also allow half the product to be absorbed by the blender. The key to applying concealer with the blender and to keep imperfections concealed, is again, dabbing. Unlike the foundation, be gentler with the badding motion when you put on concealer. The more you dab the more product blends. So make sure you dab the concealer just enough so there you don’t see any discoloration.

HACK6 #: Contour like a pro

Contour like a pro

If you want to avoid looking like the joker and get rid of that harsh dark contour line on both sides of your face, then try blending your contour with a blender. Make sure you dab well at the sharp edges of the line os that you get a natural chiseled look.

HACK7 #: Blush


Next time you apply blush, especially liquid and cream blushes, try blending in on your apples using the rounded bottom of the blender. Trust me, guys you will be surprised by the even and natural look you get.

HACK 8#: Body make up

Body make up

Apart from just your face beauty blender is also being used to experts to conceal and even out various body parts. For example, try buffing your self-tanner using a blender. Your tan would look more natural than ever.

HACK 9#: Dry skin

Dry skin

If you have dry skin and make up brushed bring out your patches or irritate your skin, try blenders(3). They can be your best friend. Apply some facial oil on the blender instead of water and then apply your make up as usual. Tada.!!! Glowing, dewy-looking skin instantly.

HACK 10#: Beauty blender cleaning hack

Beauty blender cleaning hack

To avoid break out and clogging cleaning makeup tools no matter what you use is very important. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “how to clean beauty blender?”

When it comes to the beauty blender, cleaning them is very important. Also if the blender is full of products it would stop picking up the pigments giving you a patchy and uneven look. You can clean them using the beauty blender cleaner or just normal face wash. Soak them for some time before giving them a gentle rub and squeeze. Your foundation stain on beauty blender will be long gone and it will be squeaky clean in no time.

I hope the above Beauty Blender Hacks For Flawless Makeup helped you understand your blender better. If you still haven’t tried using one, then go get one and let us know what you think. For more blender related questions write to us below. 

Blend that makeup like a pro!


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Am I In The Ideal Weight To Get Pregnant? Interesting Facts On Fertility!

Am I The Ideal Weight To Get Pregnant

The is no such thing as being an ideal weight, but being a healthy weight can certainly help to conceive without any complications. Being overweight or underweight in both women and men can reduce or delay the chances of conceiving. 

Am I In The Ideal Weight To Get Pregnant?

Weight plays a key role in the production of the hormone in the body, being over or underweight can disrupt the production of hormones which can, in turn, affect the menstrual cycle and the quality of the egg.  In the case of men, being overweight can reduce the quality of the sperm and also cause erection issues. Both men and women may suffer from low sex drive too.

Am I The Ideal Weight To Get Pregnant

How to tell if you are in a healthy weight?

One of the easiest and effective ways to measure if you fall under a  healthy weight range or not is through a method known as the Body Mass Index or BMI(1). To get an approximate value you can use the BMI calculation available online. All you need do is enter your current height and weight.

How to tell if you are a healthy weight

  • If your BMI falls any were between 18.5 and 24.9 you are considered to be a ‘healthy weight’.
  • If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9 then you fall under the category ‘overweight’.
  • If your BMI falls below 18.5, then you are considered to be “underweight”.
  • Any BMI value over 30 is considered ‘obese’.

Therefore based on these values you could easily calculate the ideal weight to get pregnant. For example,

  • Ideal weight for 5’2 female to get pregnant would be between 101-136 lbs
  • Ideal weight for 5’3 female to get pregnant would be between 95-127 lbs
  • Ideal weight for 5’7 female to get pregnant  would be between 118-159 lbs

 Similarly, you can calculate your ideal weight for your height using the BMI calculator.

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy

The amount of weight one needs to gain during your pregnancy would differ from person to person, it includes factors such as  your pre-pregnancy weight, how many babies you are having (single, twins, multiple, etc), your BMI and yours as well as the baby’s overall health

Myths on eating during pregnancy

Myths on eating during pregnancy

Most people use pregnancy to use as an excuse to eat all kinds of unhealthy food but did you know the whole concept of just indulging in food during pregnancy might actually hard your bod as well as the health of the baby. 

What one eats as well as the quantity is important more than ever when you are pregnant. The amount of weight the mother gains is very important for the overall health of the baby and the mother.  One of the best ways to now that you are on track is to work closely with your doctor and keep a pregnancy weight gain target.

Gaining too much weight as well as not gaining weight can both be critical to a baby’s physical as well as mental growth and development. Gaining oo much weight also creates complications during as well as after delivery as shedding those extra pounds cannot be easy.

So many people misunderstand the term “eating for two”(2), this doesn’t actually mean you should have twice the amount of food you usually have. If you are not underweight during pregnancy all you have to do is make sure you get all the important nutrients and vitamins your body needs and consume about just 300 calories extra a day. As a mother to be having a well-balanced diet is very important, including dairy, protein, fruits, veggies, and whole grains in your everyday diet. That would do the job.

Some interesting facts on fertility and weight 

  • Having a healthy lifestyle with regular diet and exercise can improve the chance of the mother giving birth to a healthy baby.
  • Calculating the rates of obesity, we could come to the conclusion that our generation weighs more then our grandparents or parents did when they were our age.
  • Being a healthy weight can increase the chance of having a healthy delivery with minimal complications.
  • Being obese subject women to a higher risk of(3) :
    • Infection
    • Miscarriage
    • High blood pressure
    • Premature birth
    • Stillbirth
    • Induced labor
    • Diabetes
    • Pre-eclampsia(4)
    • Surgical birth
    • larger in size than normal at birth
    • intensive care required after delivery
    • Birth defect
    • The risk of becoming obese in later stages of life

I hope the above article, “Am I The Ideal Weight To Get Pregnant? Shed some light on your weight and pregnancy questions. Apart from all the above a mother also needs to take care of herself and enjoy the time. Pregnancy can be stressful for some but it important to understand it and keep your self motivated and positive. For more, pregnancy-related doubts and queries write to us in the comments box below.

Have a healthy and happy pregnancy!


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The Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine For Working Women!

The Ultimate Healthy morning routine for working women

Everybody has a morning routine; we wake up, brush our teeth, some of us grab a coffee, get dressed, go to work. These daily habits work as a cycle of whether we plan it or not. Including a few easy steps into this routine can do a lot for the overall health.

The Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine For Working Women!

A healthy morning routine can be powerful, especially in improving the energy and focus throughout the day. So how can one kickstart the day in a healthy, positive as well as productive manner? Though that seems like a lot, it’s quite simple. Trust me, ladies, a working woman’s life may seem complicated, but this article is all about helping you find peace and love between you and your alarm clock. Let’s get started on “creating a women’s healthy work-life balance,” as I call it.

The Ultimate Healthy morning routine for working women


If you are not yet on the road to better health and you are feeling that having a job has been affecting your health and you don’t find time to take care of yourself …? It’s time to change that. Anything that has to work requires planning. Planning a sensible and practical morning routine is one of the best ways through which you could get started on your day.

So what does a healthy morning routine look like?

Before getting onto the routine(1) itself, I would like to stress a bit more on the importance of starting your day healthy.

The Importance of Having A Healthy Morning Routine

The importance of having a healthy morning routine

Generally, people are most productive when the wake-up. For starters, we naturally plan along and think more during the morning hours. So usually, setting up a planned routine can help a great deal to bring out the best in you. One of the pleasing things setting up a routine has helped me with is, getting rid of all the bustle and hassle I have to go through every morning. More time in the morning, always better. And the best part, the routine also helps me to say positive, see the brighter side – if you know what I mean- stay focused throughout the day.

The better I utilize the time I have in the morning, the better I can manage my time and be organized throughout the day. So let’s get started…

The Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine For Working Women

The Ultimate Healthy morning routine for working women 2

First things first am not going to set out specific rules you need to follow because I know the following something every day without fail impossible and me asking you to wake up at a particular time every day may and may not work for you. What works for me need not work for you- every job, timing, and habits differ. In this article am going to layout a flexible plan that can be altered according to personal preferences.

Waking up

Waking up

Here is a reality check, anything that requires a result needs time and dedication. To get your morning routine done, one has to wake up early. But that doesn’t mean one has to sacrifice on the sleep and wake up early- that’s unhealthy. An average human being requires about 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sound sleep. Plan a well managed” sleep and wake” time. A system where you get enough sleep, as well as find enough time to get stuff done as you wake up.

What is the best way to balance that? To start, try going to bed 15 minutes early and waking up 15 minutes early. Try this for a week, and soon you will find yourself adjusting to the new pattern. Try adding the 15 minutes more- after a few weeks- you will get your desired rest and well as wake up time.

2-Minute Stretch

2-minute stretch

As soon as you wake up, use two minutes to stretch your body. When I say stretch it means nothing serious, twist and turn till you get rid of the numbness out of the body. The science behind stretching(2) as soon as you wake up is pure- when our body is asleep, your muscles lose tone, and the fluids move and accumulate at the back. Stretching can help in getting back these fluids to their initial position. Stretching has also been proved to help one feel awake and confident to face the day.

Once you are done, do the things you need to do- hit the bathroom- freshen up!!!

10-Minute Meditation

10-minute meditation

Mediation or mental exercise is a way for training and working out your mind. Meditation is known to improve concentration, alertness, and help you throughout the day. People meditate for hours, but since we work and don’t have so much time at hand, let’s do a quick but effective 10-minute mediation(3).

Find a spot at home that’s cozy, comfortable, and lets in the fresh air put on some good calming music, sit down Indian style, keeping your spinal cord straight, and close your eyes. Let go of everything else and listen to the sounds around you- from clock ticking to birds chipping. Do this for 10 minutes; you will be amazed by the way this can make you feel.

If you stress out the lot, have signs of depression, mediation is the key to boost the feeling of confidence, get rid of negative emotions, and reduce anxiety.

20 Minutes of Exercise

20 minutes of exercise

This part is totally up to you and depends on the kind of time at have. If you have an hour to spare, you can hit the gym or go walking. Since today’s topic is all about busy working women. Here is an easy way to get in your daily dose of cardio. Get into your favorite pair of shoes and start moving, you can go for a short run, dance away, do aerobics, Zumba, etc.. anything that gets your heart pumping. I love HIIT workouts, as they are easy and effective. You can find different types of HIIT routines online; you can choose one of your choices.

Here is a little tip– mix up your work out routine, doing the same thing every day can get you bored.

The next thing you need to do is get a paper planner.

Ahead of the week, plan out what you are going to prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Prepare for the same every previous night. This can make cooking so much easier. Every week you can go through your weekly food menu and alter as per your preferences.

Here is another tip– I also do the same with my clothes- I layout ll the clothes I am going to wear throughout the week and get them ready the previous day. Trust me, guys; this saves a lot of time from staring into your wardrobe in the morning.

I know some of you might find it a bit difficult to get started on the routine, but remember why you started in the first place. A healthy mind and body required caring; sitting around lazy is not going to help you look and feel great.

Once you start and stick to the routine, it pays off, and you will see results. If you slack off the previous day (I did initially), don’t give up a try again the other day.

Here is a sample routine that I put out based on my nature of work and experience so that you will understand things better(4).

6:30– 7:00 am:

Finish the 2 minutes stretch, drink 2 cups of normal water or a cup of lemon water. Lemon water is a simple drink that can help in keeping you hydrated and out from stomach related issues. You can also add probiotics to our daily dose. Once you are done, freshen up.

7:00 – 7:30 am:

Do the 10-minute meditation and 20 minutes of exercise. Cardio exercise works best when done on an empty stomach.

7:30 – 8.30 am:

This one hour is completely dedicated to preparing the meals. If you are someone who needs more than an hour to cook, you can adjust the schedule accordingly.

Once I am done with these three, then I have about another hour to get my self ready for work. Having already picked my dress for the day, I have extra time to take things slow and leave the house with ease.

Now, you know what a simple healthy morning routine looks like. Setting up a routine is a very personal goal. Calculating the time you have at your hands, using them, most productively can help you stay healthy and younger for longer. And the bonus of planning the whole thing, adds about an hour or more onto your morning.

So don’t give up, waking up, getting your energy, looking and feeling bright and shiny don’t happen only in television ads or movies. It’s possible. I hope this article helped you plan out your busy mornings. For more queries and suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

Welcome to the new you!


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The Perfect Winter Skincare Routine For Oily Skin – Must Try!

The perfect Winter skincare routine for oily skin Must Try (2)

Winters and oily skin are best friends! I have heard people say this before and I understand where it comes from. Winters make skin dry hence oily skin can be less oily during winters. Now, is that true? I’ll answer that with, Yes but No. Ok before you think am crazy, let me explain it better, as you oily skin beauties out there might already know – winter or summers, oily skin has its struggles and they are real. 

The Perfect Winter Skincare Routine For Oily Skin!

Winter truly can be a welcoming change for oily skin, you might find yourself bloating your face, a little less frequently with a tissue or a powder, but that doesn’t stop the skin from producing oil. This takes us back to the basics of skin science, oily skin is due to the excessive oils produced by the sebaceous glands(1), and no winter is going to make them stop producing it. In fact, oily skin is more prone to acne and breakouts during winter and the pores get clogged with oil and dirt.

The perfect Winter skincare routine for oily skin Must Try (2)

But don’t worry it’s not hopeless,  all you need to stop your oily skin from clogging at is come up with good skincare adjustments by understanding what your skin needs. This means using the right products targeting the issues rather than using a ton of stuff and clogging the pores even more.

How To Care For Oily Skin In Winter?

Wash your face

Wash your face

This is the most basic skincare step when cannot be skipped even during winters- the water is cold is not an excuse guys! Washing your face twice a day is mandatory no matter what climate it is. Make sure you don’t wash more than twice(2) as it can dry out the skin leading to ugly patches and flakes. If you are using a deep clean face wash for winter for oily skin, then skip to something more creamy during winters as they won’t rip out the natural oils of your skin.



This is the next most basic skincare tip everyone needs to follow at all seasons. Exfoliating can help get rid of dead skin cells hence opening up your pores- less clogged pores, fewer pimples. But be careful again to not overdo it. Use a gentle cleanser twice or thrice a well and they will do the job.



Once you are done with the washing and scrubbing, lock everything in with a moisturizer. Trust me guys just because your skin is oily that does not mean you don’t need a moisturizer. Every skin type needs hydration, if creams are breaking you out and making you look like a slime, then use a water-based moisturizer(3) for oily skin in winter. You will be surprised by the results.



I know sunscreens can be tricky, not only can they make you look like the ghost from the grudge but also make you drip oil. But here is the good stuff the world of beauty products is evolving and you can find different types of sunscreens in the market- water-based, gel-based, mist, etc.  for you guys, a water-based sunscreen works best.

Next time you step out the door make sure you slap on some good sunscreen so that your skin is protected from the damaging rays that not just can make you look older but can also cause skin cancer.

Drink water

Drink water

Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, is what every health magazine and ever article says- it’s true and it does work. I know it’s hard to drink water during the winters as we sweat less and we don’t want to keep running to the washroom more often. But water is important to flush out all the toxins in the body. To keep your skin looking fresh and supple during the harsh winter days- girl- you need to drink your water.

Common Skincare Mistakes We Make During Winters

Say no to showers

Say no to showers

I know it’s quite tempting to take shower in hot water, especially during winters. When it’s freezing cold outside, hot steaming shower could be very very comforting. But did you know hot water can be damaging to the skin as it can rip the skin off its natural oils? Cold showers are impossible, I know, next time try having a bath in lukewarm water so that you don’t freeze to death and your skin too doesn’t dry out.

Skip the junk

Skip the junk

Winter can tempt us to indulge in unhealthy snacks, for example, on a cold winters day some fried spicy food can be very mouth-watering. There is nothing wrong with indulging now and then but it becomes a habit and we tend to start taking things for granted. To be on the healthy side make sure you have your daily servings of salads and fruits throughout the day. 

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

As I have told above hydration(4) is everything, not just for glowing skin but to also protect the body from diseases. Water is capable of filtering the body and flushing out all kinds of toxins. If winters make you feel not so water-friendly, try having water in the form such as fruit juices, coconut water, green tea, etc. skip through sugary and alcohol loaded drinks.

Use minimal but good quality products

Use minimal but good quality products

Don’t fall for anything you read under winter skincare products for oily skin. No matter how good, the product can and cannot suit you. So use what works for you and don’t keep changing your skincare products every other day. Not only will this give zero results but it can also be very damaging to the skin.

Try switching to water-based products

Try switching to water-based products

Water-based products are a boon to those with oily skin. Not only are the products easily absorbable by the skin but they can also make you look less oily throughout the day.  Make sure you switch all your base products to water-based(5) to minimize the risk of clogged pores and extreme shiny face.

Allow the skin to soak the product 

Allow the skin to soak the product

I have seen most people rub the skin dry after washing the face, this could make your skin extremely dry and stretchy during winters. Patt your face gently with a soft cloth and apply your face products in gently patting motions so that the products can actually get absorbed by the skin.

Change your sheets

Change your sheets

Just because you don’t sweat anymore doesn’t mean you don’t have to change your sheets and pillow covers anymore.  The dust and bacteria that accumulate on the covers can irritate the skin as well as cause breathing issues.

Switch to organic

Switch to organic

Raid your kitchen. Yogurt, turmeric, basin, honey, etc are great for the skin. Especially during winters as they don’t hard the skin as well as helps in keeping the skin retain its natural oils and moisture.  Here again, don’t go overboard, use the home remedies only thrice a week. 

I hope the above article helped you take care of your skin better this winter. If you have any more queries on oily skin and issues related to it, don’t hesitate to write to us, we would be happy to help out 

“Winter may be coming- but we are prepared!”


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The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Skincare Prep!


Starting your bridal skincare is never too soon but the sooner you start on the prep, the better. It’s every bride’s dream to be the star of her wedding, to feel and look like a star- a little bit of pampering a few months before the wedding is all it takes. 

The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Skincare Prep!

I know people who skip bridal skincare, their excuse,” isn’t makeup enough to camouflage all the flaws?.” The answer to that,  makeup can certainly camouflage small imperfections but the glow needs to come from within. It’s like painting on a rough surface and painting on a smooth surface, the paints are the same but the final result – the rough surface looks patchy and uneven while the smooth surface looks sleek and shiny.

The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Skincare Prep

Prepping the skin a few months before (1) the big day can help you have the best skin to work on, on your wedding day.  Some people don’t even need much makeup, I personally feel applying minimal makeup and looking fresh, like yourself is the best look you can wear for your wedding. 

The months before the marriage are hectic, deciding the date, invitations, shopping, fitting, accessories, the bride is busy every single day. All these planning and lack of sleep can take a toll on the skin and overall health. This article is all about these easy little thing which you can do everything so that on the big day you end up with the best of your hair, skin, and nails.

So keeping in mind that looking our best is important in wedding photos as it is something that is going to stay a long time with us and our grandchildren and their children are going to look at. 

Who doesn’t want to look like a supermodel on the big day, so instead of just dreaming of that model look and not moving a leg, let’s get off our butt and start working?

The Best Bridal Skincare Routine Every Bride Must Follow


Best Bridal Skincare Routine

You must have read it before and you are reading it again CTM is the ultimate skincare step anyone who needs good skin needs to practice. This method will make sure that your skin is bright and glowing

  • Cleansing: Use a gentle yet purifying face cleanser that will help in opening the pore. Open-pore help skin to breath better.
  • Tonning: Following this up with toner is important as it is something that will help in closing the open-pore after cleansing so that no further dirt doesn’t enter and clog them. Toning also helps in reducing fine lines.
  • Moisturizing: Last comes moisturizing, no matter what type of skin you have, moisturizing is the key to getting soft and supple skin.

Another product brides shouldn’t skip is a sunscreen. Apply sunscreen throughout the day whether you are outdoor or indoor.


best bridal skincare routine

One of the best ways to get rid of dull patchy skin is to exfoliate. One of the key factor ones should understand about exfoliation is that it feels great but don’t overdo it. Exfoliate your skin twice a week. If you are using a very gentle and mild exfoliator then you can try this every alternate day.  Remember to be gentle, you don’t want to get rashes over your face trying to scrub off that black and white head. 

Among home remedies for bridal skincare, one of the best DIY homemade face scrubs is using rice flour. Take some rice flour mix it in the water of any solvent of your choice and gently apply it ion the face. Leave it on for 2 min before massaging it in a circular motion and washing it off with water.

Regular Facials

bridal skincare packages

Start getting your facials at least 6 months before the wedding. If you don’t have so much time left then do at least one gold facial a week. I do recommend going to the usual spa you go to, don’t risk your skin by trying any new bridal skincare products just weeks before the wedding. Always do a patch test.

Clinical Skincare Treatments

pre-wedding beauty plan

If your skin has major pigmentation and scar issues the clinical treatments are a great way to get your skin to perfection by the time of your wedding. Clinical treatments can work well on scars, sunburns, pigmentation, acne etc. I recommend microdermabrasion(2)and oxy peel, they are great for rejuvenating the skin and making them bright and fresh.

Homemade Skin Care Treatments

home remedies for bridal skincare

Once you are done with the clinical treatments don’t stop there, maintain the glow you have achieved by doing regular fruit facials at home. Papayas, apple, bananas etc are great fruit facial options.

The Skin On Your Hands And Feet

The skin on your hands and feet

Hands and feet are those parts of the body which we often tend to neglect. But they are as important as the face. When you dance or hold your husband’s hand you don’t want him to think your hand feels like an old tree. 

One of the best ways to take care of the skin on your hands and feet is to apply olive oil before going to bed, especially those who have dry skin this remedy will work miracles for you trust me. 

Apart from that make sure you get regular manicure and pedicure done. It’s ok if you don’t find time to go to a saloon all you need to do is soak your feet while bathing and rub off the dead skin cells with a pumice stone.

Note: On the big day keep your nails polished and fresh, I recommend nude clours or a classic gel french manicure.



Diet is probably the key to looking great on your big day. Cleanse your body by drinking at least 9 to 9 cups of water. You can also try lime water, cucumber water, coconut water, etc. eat a well-balanced diet this is shown on your face and skin, trust me.

Avoid junks, restrict your cheat days to a minimum. Instead of munching on those fried replace them with some sprouts. I know saying bye to junk is hard, but it’s going to be worth it in the end. As I mentioned earlier consult your diet with a dietitian, this will help you fill in those nutrient gaps that you have.

Get Rid of Excess Body Hair

Get rid of excess body hair

Remove excess hair from the face and body if you have any.  This applies to the eyebrows as well as the hands and legs. If you have at least 6 months’ time for your wedding and you have the money then I would recommend laser hair removal, these are perfect for permanent removal of hair(3). You don’t have to worry about carrying your shaving set on your honeymoon. 

Do not try any new hair removal method a few days before the wedding. This can sometimes lead to bumps and rashes on the skin. Whatever method you are planning to do start at least three months prior, this will help the skin to adjust with the new method.



Crash diets and aggressive workout just 2 months before the wedding can make you look shabby and tired. Consult a dietician and hire a trainer at least 6 months prior to the wedding. If you are not really a gym person you can also go for a jog. Not only will it leave you feeling fresh but also give you a nice toned body.

Meditation And Yoga

Meditation and yoga

Yoga and meditation are great for the skin. Allow at least 20 minutes a day to just meditate and do some relaxing poses. This can make you calm and collected. Read books about positivity. Build positivity and inner peace it the best thing you can do to calm your wedding jitters.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is absolutely necessary. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, dark circles, break out. Make sure you at least sleep 8 to 10 hours a day(4).

Following these will make sure that you look your best on the big day. Once you feel good don’t let it go, maintain that glow. 

  • Even after the wedding do get your facials done regularly. 
  • Make time for yourself and love yourself. 
  • Avoid using any new product without testing. 
  • Do not skip meals.

Also most important of all remember- beauty has to come from inside, keep your mind happy- automatically your body will follow. I hope this article helps you get an insight into pre-wedding bridal skincare. Write to us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

Good luck!


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Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin – For A Perfect Diwali Look!

Diwali makeup for hacks wheatish skin

Diwali makeup for wheatish skin tone can be tricky. Wheatish skin lies between fair and dusky – falling usually under yellow/orange undertones. Following the makeup tricks of either your fair or dusky skin friends can turn disastrous for you. Products that go well on their skin can end up looking ashy on you. Festive looks like the “Diwali all glam glitter” look needs to be dealt with more carefully. 

Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin – For A Perfect Diwali Look!

Makeup is all about skin tones more than products. If you are on the wheatish side and you want to rock the festive look this season, here are some Diwali makeup hacks that might help you. Before getting into the make up tricks, here are some tips that could help you while choosing the right products for your skin tone(1):

Diwali makeup for hacks wheatish skin

Three Tips To Follow While Choosing Makeup For Wheatish Skin

  • Try using water-based foundations or cc creams, they tend to oxidize less. Also, try micing a dark shade and a light shade foundation to get your perfect match.
  • Try using eyeshadow and highlighters that complement and blend well with your skin color, we recommend warm-colored highlighters or eyeshadows bronze, gold as well as other deeply pigmented colors will complement your skin tone well.
  • If you having found a lipstick that flatters your skin tone, next time you go lipstick shopping try varients if plum, burgundy, deep red, rustic, maroon and mauve.

Wheatish complexion girls need to stay away from, anything that has silver in it- silver highlighters, eyeshadows, bright and popping colors. But then again if you are really a makeup pro, you can blend these colors to carry them off well. But here technique is very important and achieving the right blend is not an easy task.

Now that’s out of the way. Here are some Indian Diwali makeup hacks for wheatish skin:

Indian Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin

Don’t go overboard with foundation and concealer

Don’t go overboard with foundation and concealer

Less is always more for wheatish skinned beauties. One of the most basic mistakes people make is choosing the wrong color foundation. Going a shade lighter can be forgiven for lighter skin tones, but for your guys, it’s an absolute no..no.. if you don’t want to end up looking like the joker. Choose a foundation shade that an exact or the closest match to your skin tone. If you cannot find your shade they try mixing two shades most celebrities mix shades to get their exact match(2)

How to mix foundations to get the perfect shade? This is one of the most common questions I hear people ask. To get the perfect foundation shade, get a lighter shade and a shade that is close to your skin tone, mix both the shades in small quantities and apply it on the skin if the shade isn’t perfect then adjust the colors accordingly. Once you get the perfect match the next time you will know how much of which shade to use to get your exact shade then the process becomes easier.

Blending is the key and to get the best natural finish, I recommend using a makeup blender. Go on top with a good concealer and blend that too. Nobody wants harsh lines on the face. Also, guys color correct using a peach or orange correct only if you have any harsh scars or discolors on your face, for minor scars a good concealer will do the job. 

Compact to the rescue!

Compact to the rescue

To set everything in place and get an even look, sealing your make up in with a compact is a great idea. For wheatish skinned beauties, a compact powder with beige undertone would work perfectly. 

Focus the powder mainly on the areas that are prone to oiliness, I always powder down my T-zone as I have combination skin. I use skin translucent powders simply because they make my face look ashy.

Just because you are wheatish you don’t have to say away from pink/ blush shades

Rock that blushed look!

Rock that blushed look

Add some blush to your face makes it brighter immediately. But make sure you choose a nice subtle pink and not a harsh on your face kind of pink. Take some on your blush brush, tap of the excess and gently go over your cheekbones. Blend that out just about the contour. Now take another fluffy brush and blend the whole cheek so that once you cannot say were your blush ends and your contour starts. 

No festive look is complete without eyeliner….

Smoldering kohled eyes!

Smouldering kohled eyes

I always prefer black liners as they make the eyes pop, but you can also go for other colors such as green, brown or blue(3). You are safe as long as you avoid those neon colors. A nice golden eyeshadow with a black smoked outlook will make sure that heads then to you this Diwali.

Nailing the no-makeup makeup look!

Nailing the no-makeup makeup look

Getting the no make up look is very tricky for all kinds of skin tone. But to start off with if you have scars and pigmentation on your skin star with a primer and then a corrector (peach or orange, depending on the kind of pigmentation that you have).  Skip the foundation and apply a bit on the area that you have previously color corrected. Once that all blended and set well, dab on some neutral lipstick that’s a shade that closest to your natural lip color. But since it’s Diwali and even the no-makeup look(4) could use some shimmer, choose neutral earthy colors that close to your skin tone and use them for your eyelids and your cheeks. To make things a bit for festive apply kohl on the eye. There you go the perfect no-makeup Diwali look.

These are some of the basic tricks that work well for wheatish skin tones. Try them and let us know if you love the look. We are open to queries, comment below for any questions, we are happy to help!


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Best Celebrity Inspired Diwali Looks To Shine Like A Diva!

Best celebrity inspired Diwali looks

Diwali, the festival of lights is one of the biggest and best traditional festivals in India. The festival itself is beautiful. Dressing up for Diwali is fun and also one of the rarest occasions were you can experiment with looks and colours. Diwali is all about glowing like a princess, having fun with friends and family and eating great food.

Best Celebrity Inspired Diwali Looks!

If you are trying to figure out a Diwali outfit that’s going to help you to stand out, look like a real diva, we have some tips for you. Here are some of my favourite celebrity Diwali(1) looks which I think can completely steal the show if recreated. 

Best celebrity inspired Diwali looks


Unlike yesterdays fashion- today the looks have evolved from the basic saree look to rocking an Indo western look for this Diwali- we have you guys covered. Let’s get started….

Deepika Padukone Inspired Diwali Look

Deepika Padukone inspired Diwali look

When it comes to fashion and experimenting yet staying on the safe side- no one has managed to rival the Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone(2). From rocking the traditional avatar to taking the western look to a whole new level. Our Padmavati is someone we can certainly steal some tips from this Diwali. From rocking a simple Kanchipuram saree to a designer lehenga, Deepika has always made all attires simple but elegant. Mostly heavy embroidered solid colour lehenga that comes with a cape is what she opts for. Parity this with a heavy neckpiece or a heavy earpiece would be a wonderful way to make you stand out. Her statement bun or ponytail is sleek and polished, this gives the whole look a traditional side but with a twist.

For makeup, just like Deepika, you can opt for earthy colours along with a lightly smoked outlook for the eyes. But if you want to be a bit daring then don’t hesitate to go with a signature red lip.

Bollywood Next-Gen Diva Ananya Pandey’s Diwali Look

Ananya Pandey’s Diwali Look

Ananya Pandey is not just drop-dead gorgeous but also a fashion inspiration to those who always want to keep it Indian but western. Her fashion game is just amazing. To rock the Ananya Pandey look this Diwali(3), opt for pastel colours, sport a sleek straight hair. Keep your make up pink toned and add gloss to your lips. 

Here are some styling options:

You can go for a pale lime-hued flared trousers and top it off with a shimmery bralette top. You can also add a heavy worked jacket.to get the whole look together and give your body some shape add a waist belt with some stonework. This could be a change from wearing your normal saree and lehenga. Part this look with poker-straight hair with extensions and a Dewey make up. 

Stylish and Cute Jhanvi Kapoor’s Diwali Inspiration

Jhanvi Kapoor’s Diwali inspiration

Jhanvi Kapoor has everyone’s attention, just; like her mother, this girl already has the fashion game on. Mostly seen in the Manish Malhotra designs. Janvi’s traditional looks(4) are more subtle but with a kohl-rimmed eye. To get the Janvi look go for desi clothes with mirrors, stones, lot of volume and embellishments. When it comes to glamor she is an unapologetic diva. To get the divas south Indian look you can wear that traditional Banarasi lehenga with choker neckpiece and earrings. You can also add in a statement headpiece to make the whole look extra. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan, The Queen’s Diwali Inspiration Idea

Kareena Kapoor Khan

An actress that has managed to be at the top for so long, the timeless beauty Kareena Kapoor Khan is the perfect example for royal Diwali look(5). The actress has managed to make the fashion people go wow with her choice of clothes, especially for the festive seasons. Sarees, lehengas, gowns, palazzo sets anything you mention, this diva can rock it.

To get the queen of Pataudi look. Opt for pastels, reds, golds or black colours with lots of work on the clothing. Pair it up with blow-dried hair, thick kohl-rimmed eyes and subtle makeup. There you go streaming hot and sultry look that will make you stand out this Diwali.

The Cute and Talented, Aliya Bhatt

Aliya Bhatt

Just like her movie choices, whenever the actress steps out in Indian wear she has never failed to make heads turn.  One of my favourite looks of Alia is her Shyamal & Bhumika, stunning black lehenga(6). Who said black cant look festive?. The actress looked divine in the black lehengas with sunning smokey makeup(7). She kept the look bare except for the statement earpiece. The whole look was well put together – in other words- gorgeous.  Also, guys don’t forget to add in the staple bindi, that’s what makes the look so Indian.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra Diwali Indo Western Look

Shilpa Shetty Kundra Diwali Indo western Look

This ever fit diva of Bollywood always rocks all kinds of attires with her gorgeous body. If you are not feeling it to wear saree or lehengas, then here is a Shilpa Shetty inspired look you can recreate.  

When it comes to rocking the desi look with an Indo western flare Shilpa Shetty is a real pataka! To rock like Shilpa wear your saree Dhoti Style(8), Palazo Style or the lehenga style. Match it up with earrings, a well-set hair and a nice filled brow. Shilpa loved glossy lipsticks so don’t forget to add that.

Here are some other stars who managed to turn heads this season

Mouni Roy’s Simple Festive Look

Mouni Roy’s simple festive look

We love her pink and grey combo saree blouse look(9). The new Bollywood Diva’s look is simple yet stylish. If you hate all the glitter then this look can be perfect for you. This simple Saree look comfortable to wear and carry. Pair the look with silver jewellery and minimal matt make up. Eye make up is the key here, go for a grey smokey eye look, that will get you that “am festive ready appearance.

Bhumi Pednekar Bold And Daring Diwali Look

Bhumi Pednekar bold and daring Diwali look

Be as bold as you can this festive season, here are some tips we can take from Bhumi Pednekar. Red and silver is a killer combination. This look of Bhumi is comfortable, fashionable and perfect to rock the festive day with a modern twist. Add it some silver jewellery, matt makeup with bold lips and some shine of the eyelids – you are good to go.

I hope these ideas will help you bring out the fashionista in you this season- share with us the kloos you created for this Diwali.

Happy Diwali!!!


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Thrilling Halloween Ideas To Spook It This 2020!

Thrilling Halloween Ideas To Spook It This 2019 (1)

Halloween is around the corner, it’s back to that time of the year where we love to scare the living daylights out of everyone. One of my favorite times around the year, Halloween is always fun. From planning a cool Halloween party, costume, recipe and games to visiting your family and friends, the season is special. From preparing the costumes to getting all the yum candies, everything could be overwhelming at the last minute. This article, “Thrilling Halloween Ideas To Spook It This 2020”, is all about easy ways to organize and make most of this chilling time of the year. 

Here Are Some Tips To Make This Year’s Halloween A-Bomb

Thrilling Halloween Ideas To Spook It This 2019 (1)

If you are planning on throwing an unforgettable Halloween party this year with your loved ones, you need to prepare beforehand. The festivities of Halloween has come along way, from just wearing costumes now it’s come to more creative fun stuff like decorating, indulging in spooky-looking sweets, mimicking famous characters, party and so much more. 

Halloween Party Ideas: Easy and Spooky

Easy and Spooky

  • One of the most basics and staple decor that one must not miss for this and every other Halloween season is the hollow pumpkin(1)
  • Organize these pumpkins in various locations in the house- the pumpkin decor is available in various forms like the pumpkin lights, pumpkin bucket, etc. you can also add other interior spooky decors inside the house such as cobwebs, crow, witch hats, etc. 
  • Use your real pumpkins to decorate the outside of the house, you can place them in the porch, driveways, steps etc.
  • You can also crave your pumpkins as a DIY and add those too in with your other decors. One of the easiest  DIY to create a spooky pumpkin is to add in some paint and vampire teeth to your pumpkin. There you have the evil pumpkin that sure to give anyone a scare(2).
  • Another cool way to use your pumpkin is to turn one into a cooler by adding some ice and sticking in some drinks.
  • Fill pumpkin buckets with goodies and candies, always leave the goodies in the play area and the ones filled with wine and other treats in the rooms where adults are likely to spend more of their time.
  • If you want to give a more into it and spooking look make bloody cakes, zombie eye candies, and worm jelly.
  • Draw creepy faces on the balloons. 
  • Add in creepy lights (reds works great to give that whole Dracula effect).
  • To take thing o another level add in some spooky music

Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Sure To Make An Impression

Halloween costume ideas that are sure to make an impression

  • Addams Family-One of the most classic Halloween customer’s ideas would be dressing up your family as the Addams family the mysterious and spooky family has never once disappointed the audience.
  • Hotel Transylvania Characters -You could plan and dress up your family as that epic hotel Transylvania characters, since humans are not allowed into the hotel, along with ensuring that all your guests are dressed you can also take some of the decore inspirations from the cartoon.
  • The stranger Things Kids– this could be the most popular Halloween costume idea of this season. The sensational science fiction horror show and its characters recreated this Halloween is sure to make anyone see the upside-down. 
  • The Riverdale Characters– new generation adaptation of the classic Archie and friends would be one of the coolest Halloween ideas again this year.
  • Shadowhunter Characters– for those who loved the supernatural series this could be an exciting option.
  • Vampire Diaries– though the series has been long over, the characters and their epic vampire wicked hiss is still a great idea to go with.
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina– dressing up as the cool girl; Sabrina and her witch aunts would be perfect to way to welcome the Halloween.

If you are looking for more classic Halloween costume ideas (3) 2020 then…

  • Jenna Rink from “13 Going on 30”–  The iconic rainbow stripe dress Jenna wore when leading an almost bored dead party into a flash mob of Michael Jackson’s epic song “Thriller.” don’t forget to add the butterfly necklace, the red clutch and the messy updo hair she carries with style. 
  • Scooby-Doo and Shaggy – if you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for couples then this duo would make a cool combination.
  • Forrest Gump Costume – Forrest Gump, is an easy to recreate Halloween costume if you feel lazy to do anything time-consuming. All you need is a light suit and a plaid shirt, muddy shoes and a box of chocolates.
  • Ghostbuster Costume – from the movie Ghostbuster, the American fantasy comedy film, the epic zip-up costume with the inflatable backpack and gun is sure to make you stand out.
  • You can also recreate the famous look of your favorite celebrities or other television characts you love. 

Easy Halloween Make Up Ideas To Try In 2020

Batsh*t Crazy Babydoll

Batshit Crazy Babydoll

This look is easy to create if you are looking for a sweet yet scary look. To get the look do your makeup as usual but replace your eyeliner and shadow with a white liner and powder. In creating this look your goal is to look as white as snow.

Wonder Woman Look

Wonder Woman Look

Wonder women look is pretty easy once you get your custom righty. You need to look a well-blended makeup with golden shimmery eyes and some maroon lipstick. The look is quite natural. When the party begins all you need to add is the wonder women headband.

Cat Woman

Cat Woman

Cat women look is epic if you are looking or a sexy gothic-like look for this Halloween. All you need here is some black gel, that stays put and doesn’t smudge.  You guys can get an eye mask at any store but painting one can make them look more real and it will stay put all night. Masks do get uncomfortable as the night passes by.

Mermaid Look

Mermaid Look

If you want all that bling on a dark night the mermaid look is perfect as well as easy. Throw on a glittery fish cut gown and add a full-on shimmer glow makeup with light glitters on your eyes and rhinestones over your face and neck.

The Sexy Vampire

The sexy vampire

A vampire never goes out of style. Do a snowy white face with a foundation that’s a few shades lighter, add in red contact lense, do a full-on smokey eye and finally to take stuff to the next level add in some red border rim and some vein lines on the face using a red liber.

These looks are just a few examples(4), there are many more other looks that can be easily created with the stuff you already have. If you want more Halloween look idea, let us know so that we will do another Halloween look book.

How To Stay Safe On Halloween?

How to stay safe on Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, moms worry about the safety of their kids. Halloween is fun and kids need to have their fair share of fun. Instead of restraining them to sit home all night, here are certain tips that can help you worry less about your kids and actually enjoy all the spooky fun.

  • Make sure that you keep your kids away from pointy and sharp objects. Kids are prone to accidents, you don’t want your kid falling on anything or accidentally stabbing anyone. Try getting kids props that are soft and flexible. 
  • While planning Halloween costume ideas for kids make sure they are reflective or bright. If your kid is wearing dark clothes then add some bright colors or stick-on reflective tape to the costume, this will make sure that your kid can be easily seen and identified at night.
  • When you get your kid to wear masks make sure that they don’t block their vision. Masks can be dangerous especially if your kid’s planning goes out at night alone. If the customer demands a mask make sure the vision holes are big enough to see clearly.
  • Check the ingredients of makeup products that you use on your kid, also take care while applying false lashes, nails, tooth etc on your kids. Some people tent to add glue so that the falses stay in place but this could be painful for removal.
  • If your child is going out to play Halloween games that make sure you advise him/her to say visible and also give them stuff like a flashlight. Ask them to flash the light while crossing the road so that the drivers can see them.
  • Discourage kids from taking out their bikes and skateboards during the night. It’s always better if the child has an adult with him during a trick-or-treat.
  • Young children can be scared by some Halloween displays which could affect them mentally as well as physically. Therefore while your child goes to play trick-or-treat never leave him or her alone.  Also, set some basic ground rules so that your kid stays safe.
  • If your kid is under nine years of age have him or her escorted by an adult or an elder sibling while going out to trick-or-treating. For games like this, it’s always safe to send your child with a group if there is one in your neighborhood.
  • Set certain ground rules while letting your kid go out, advise him/her not to enter any stranger’s house even if they insist. Entering a stranger’s house is never safe especially during Halloween. In case the child has to enter the house, make sure you ask the escort to go along too.
  • Advice kids not to have candy offered by strangers. Though some of the claims of poisonous candy may be rumors but it’s still better to stay on the safer side. Always advise your kid to bring the candy home first before eating it.
  • Finally, ask your kid to be polite and respectful of the elders. Some elders might be very welcoming and rude. Being respectful can help to avoid unnecessary drama.

I hope this article on Halloween Ideas helps with planning and organizing a memorable Halloween party this year. As the quote goes, “When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, it’s near Halloween.”

Have a spine chilling Halloween!


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Solo Female Travel: The Complete Guide!

Solo Female Travel The Complete Guide

If you are a lady who is planning to go on a solo trip, then don’t think twice, it could be one of the best decision you made in life so far. The whole idea of solo female travel, was a scary thing a few years ago, unlike men, women had to think about their safety which was also the reason why most people backed out of the idea. Today when the internet has everything connected, solo female travel is not a hollow dream anymore- it’s possible and enjoyable too. 

The Complete Solo Female Travel Guide

Solo Female Travel The Complete Guide

Travelling solo can do a lot for you, it can be intimidating as it takes you out of your comfort zone but it can be great to boost your personality.  Before packing your bags and stepping out, there are few things you could consider to make the journey and true experience for life. Feeling nervous and self-conscious is normal. Here is my complete Solo travelling guide for women.

Beating Travel Anxiety!

Beating travel anxiety

The word travelling solo might be intimidating but if you want to get over the anxiety and fear, all you have to do is realise that you are technically not alone. With the internet, you are connected 24/7 with your family and friends (unless of course, you are travelling to some remote and red-flagged area). You could also join various solo female travel groups and forums on social media networks (1).


Planning ahead can help you feel more in control of your trip. Especially when you travel alone, doing online research, booking your rooms in advance and finding the best places to visit can make you feel confident and more organised. Also if you can plan and write down an itiniary then it would make a huge difference. 

Planning ahead can certainly be helpful when planning to travel alone. But make sure you don’t freak out if things don’t go according to your plan.

Keep a small travel book 

It’s always better to go to a place by studying in advance the basic information. Carry a small notepad with all the local emergency numbers of the place you are going to visit written in advance. Also, make sure you gave the numbers of the hotel and other places where you would be spending the night.  This will make sure you are ready for any trouble in advance. This will also once again help in keeping the travel anxiety at bay. 

Know your comfort level

When you plan to travel around the world it is important to know what you are comfortable doing and what you are not going to be. Doing something that troubles or scare you can ruin your entire trip. When you travel to a new place there could be stuff that is daring and tempting if you think you can do it go ahead, but if it intimidates you stay out. 

Don’t panic when things don’t go your way

Just like every other aspect of our life things don’t always have to go according to the plan. When you travel, your flight, train, weather etc can be unreliable. At situations like that try to remail calm. Keep the phone as well as your route map handy. Keep a clear head and try to come up with an alternative solution. It’s also good to have a backup plan B pre-planned.

Plan your pickups and drop

Prebook cab for pick up from various points that you want to travel. Trust me guys, planning proper pick-up and drop can get rid of most of the anxiety and nervousness.

Stop trying to be a control freak!

Come to terms with your self that you can’t always control your surrounds and the weather, to work your way. Let go and make the most of the situation you have at hand. 

Keep connected

This I think is one of the most important and best ways to feel no so alone on the journey. Even though you are on the move keep connected with your family and friends(2). Share your day’s experience. This will not only clam them down but will also help in calming yourself down. 

Find The Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

Picking the right destination is one of the most important aspects of planning to travel alone. If you have never travelled far pick the easiest and the safest places for solo female travellers first. Here is a list of some of the best countries you can start off your solo travelling experience from.

Here are some of the best solo female travel destinations 

If you are a beginner and this is your very first solo travel then I think the best country to start off with would be(3)

Switzerland: Not only is the country breathtakingly beautiful but also one of the easiest place to travel and find your way around. The people are fascinating as well as friendly. Also if you want to take things up a bit, do visit the alps it’s a combination of beauty, peace and adventure.

Iceland: Stunning as well as safe. The people here are very welcoming and proud keeps of their tradition and culture. I could say Iceland is also one of the best places to make good friends.

Denmark: No wonder this place is known as the happiest place on earth. A beautiful place with warm and amazing people with lots to explore.

If you love adventure and some exploring, then Croatia (land of games of thrones), Bosnia and Croatia, Costa Rica, India, Peru, etc.are some of the places that you need to check out.

If you are looking to travel to a place where you can commonly meet a lot of solo travellers then I suggest visiting-Bali, Singapore or Thailand. These are some of the solo traveller’s hub where you can meet and make friends. 

List Of Solo Travel Essentials For Women

List of travel essentials

Most of the time when we travel we tend to pack half of the house but end up using the only 1/4th of it. But when travelling solo it’s best to travel light. A super-heavy backpack and luggage would cause trouble all along the journey. 

One of the best ways to avoid overstuffing your travel bag is to:

  • Make a checklist.
  • Pack dress (basics) so that you can mix and match. 
  • Pack a good pair of trekking shoes, a comfortable shoe and a basic sandal. If you are going to a place when it’s snowing then maybe a good pair of boots.

Here is solo female travel tip: always make sure you choose your essentials depending on the kind of place you are planning to travel to.

Pick the right kind of bag

Choose a bag that’s compact but has a large storage capacity. A basic suitcase backpack, a sling bag would do the job. The more stuff you carry the more you have to haul them along.

Way to pack cloths and also stay trendy

Choose some of your best pair of jeans and shorts. Carry some comfortable tops. And if you are going to a cool place maybe some sweaters or a good jacket that goes with all your dress. Make sure that whatever you pack go will all the other dresses. For example, a basic black and white t-shirts, more yellows, beige and brown- these colours tend to go with most of the colours. Follow the basic mix and match equation- 4 dress is equal to 8 outfits. 

The best way to pack

Roll up everything! Rolling will not only keep your dress tightly packet but will also help save space and keep them wrinkle-free. 

Keep your essentials small

When you travel, always carry your stuff in a travel-friendly size. Carry a miniature perfume, moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup. If you cannot find miniature versions of everything then you can easily get travel-friendly bottles and kits on Amazon. It’s cheap and you can easily take the amount you would need.

Measure your luggage on the scale and give a final run-up

It’s likely that when after so much scanning we would still end up carrying a lot for that necessary. Therefore before you step out the door go over again. Trust me- you don’t need that green clutch or that frock. 

Use an organizer to carry your basic first aid as well as your accessories

A pillbox can be used in so many ways than you think. It could carry your vitamins as well as your earings. I personally recommend not to carry any heavy or expensive  jewellery while on the road (just to stay on the safer side)

Here Are Some Of The Solo Female Travel Safety Tips 

Here are some of the solo female travel safety tips

  • Have a safety whistle, personal alarm and maybe a bottle of pepper spray
  • A door rubber stopper (you don’t want to be stuck in the bathroom of some hotel do you)
  • Choose a decent hotel in a well-lit area(4), a place where you know people would always be on call.
  • Watch what you eat and drink
  • Dress comfortable as well as conservatively (cultures may differ from place to place. Any dress that would draw fewer attention works. You don’t want to be walking the roads with  that plunging neck like with people staring at you)
  • Never tell strangers or someone you meet on the way where you stay
  • Always register yourself with the local embassy
  • Meet people, enjoy but always be cautious.

Solo female travel is a pleasure by itself. You will learn to be independent and be confident in yourself. A lone time explores new places can also help a lot with physical and mental health. Try it and let me know what you think. For more question get connected with me through the chat section below.

Face your fears, there is nothing more empowering!


Surprising Ways To Improve Self Esteem In Relationships!

Surprising Ways To Improve Self Esteem In Relationships

Self-esteem and self-confidence are everything when it comes to living a healthy and long life. One can never have something called too much self-esteem. The more you have it the better. Especially in a relationship, we tend to lose ourselves, though we don’t get it in the beginning, later this can affect the relationship. This article, “Surprising Ways To Improve Self Esteem In Relationships” will answer questions related to how one can improve self-esteem (especially women) when it comes to being with a partner. 

Amazing Ways To Improve Self Esteem In Relationships!

As the wordings go “self-love is the best love”, having good self-esteem can help your relation blossom in ways you never thought possible. Boosting your self-esteem can work magic on your relationships. There is nothing that can hold back a person who has self-esteem and self-love once we start loving our life more we make better decisions, respect ourself as well as others.

Surprising Ways To Improve Self Esteem In Relationships

If both the partners have self-esteem that complements one another there is nothing that’s going to stop them from taking their relationship to it’s the best potential. So guys if you haven’t thought much about improving it’s high time you do, self-esteem I some really powerful stuff that can either make or break yours.

Nobody is too old or too young to start nurturing and learning to build self-esteem(1). It not an overnight process but understanding how and when once can easily change themselves. Let dive right into it.

How to Improve Self-Esteem in Relationships?

If you look into various self-esteem classes, “how to improve your self-esteem in a relationship?”(2), is one of the key burning questions.  But attending a crash course is not enough to learn or practice putting self-esteem first in day to day life. 

To start off with…

Stop trying to look perfect and expecting others to be perfect- humans are not perfect and we tend to make mistakes

Stop trying to look perfect and expecting others to be perfect- humans are not perfect and we tend to make mistakes

In most of the cases, right from the day, a child is born, he or she is raised in a culture of perception, perfection and a preset standard. If the kid does not meet the requirements- be it at school or at home, he/ she is regarded as not good enough. This is the typical process we have all been through while growing up. 

For someone who has been raised in such a family, to be thought to be always right and better than others would be important. Also for individuals with low-self esteem assume that love is to maintain an impression. If you are in a relationship with someone who is special for you, then it’s a good opportunity for personal growth. But at the same time if one has self-esteem then it can affect the other person too, thereby disrupting the whole relationship. Following some guidelines, you can easily motivate one another and build a healthy as well as long relationship.

Shut down your inner critic

Shut down your inner critic

Learning how to voice as well as handle your inner critic is the key to bring back your self-esteem(3).  The inner voice can be constructive for many but for those many with low self-esteem, the negative inner thought can disrupt their everyday life. 

Shutting down this inner voice can be impossible at once but one can gradually work towards replacing those negative thoughts with positive and more helpful thoughts that can bring change in how you view yourself as well as others. 

Here is a simple way to stop your inner critic: The STOP phrase.

When you are in a situation when your inner mind started making you think of negative thoughts simply say STOP. if the word stop doesn’t work for you you can also use words your comfortable with for example:

No buddy, we are not going there…..

No, no, no…

Or you could just come up with a phrase or word that you are comfortable with but would stop the inner voice from coming up. Once that’s done focus your thoughts on something that you would like to do something constructive. For example: going shopping, the cafe you wanted to go, call an old friend, talk to your family- anything that would keep your mind occupied. 

Appreciate your partner more

Appreciate your partner more

No matter what the deal is, start by being appreciative and thankful for your partner’s deeds. Try to notice the little things he does for you can try using the word, “thank you” often. Make it a point to ensure that you show your appreciation, this would not only put you at ease but it will also help you both feel valued, wanted, important and most important of all happy. 

Being a bit self-centered is good

Whenever your partner does something sweet for you, like waking you up with a hot mug of coffee (unless you are someone who hates being woken up- then I can understand that all you can think of is murder) rather than just saying, “thank you that’s so sweet” , also try feeling that you are special and that’s is why your partner is doing what he does for you. Know that you deserve every bit of his love and care.

Explore and travel together

Explore and travel together

 Traveling far and wide can not only give your experiences that you can’t forget, but this can make you feel a lot more than just being a small-town girl. The feeling of being away from home, having your partners company, surviving – can be an incredible boost to self-esteem(4). Coming back after a long-distance vacation can give you new insight, new plans and make you realize that you are capable of so much more. 

Learning new stuff together

Learning new stuff together

When you learn something new – the curiosity and excitement get to you. But when you are doing some new together with your partner the shared experiences, praise, high fives with boost each of the person’s self- esteem. When you are planning to do something new though choose something that would interest you as well as your partner,  for example, dance class, gym sections, crafts, art, etc. 

Flirt away like you are young and in love

Flirt away like you are young and in love

As we grow up we lose ourselves in our busy lives, we forget to express our love for our loved ones. Life is all about being loved and expressing love. Flirt like kids, praise your partner in private as well as public and show them you are proud. Nothing can give a person confidence like showing them they are loved and appreciated. 

Be there for each other mentally

Be there for each other mentally

The physical pain can be seen and felt but it requires a real person and true love to understand when the partner is in pain mentally. One of the common reasons for low self-esteem could be mental issues, therefore communicate whatever you are feeling trust, you may find it hard to talk but talking and getting help can certainly help in the long run. 

Why Do I Lose Confidence In A Relationship?

Why do I lose confidence in a relationship

The reasons for losing confidence is a sign of low self-esteem, the reasons could be many.

  • Biological reasons: Such as lifestyle, illness, genes or some form of disability.
  • Spiritual reasons: Again lifestyle, thought and beliefs, reverence, shame etc…
  • Psychological reasons: Childhood and adult experiences, mental trauma, abuse, self-evaluation, lifestyle
  • Social reasons: Negative friend circle, lifestyle, the pressure of competence

How To Identify A Person With Low Self-Esteem?

How to identify a person with low self-esteem

  • Worrying too much about what people might think about you.
  • Being very cautious
  • Scared to move out of the comfort zone
  • Avoid people fearing that you might upset them
  • Constantly wants others approval in life
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Faking illness and creating scenarios to grab attention
  • Extreme social anxiety
  • Always negative thoughts run in your head
  • Your symptoms are very similar to those with anxiety and depression
  • You get easily addicted
  • To talk to yourself and lot and criticize yourself

I hope this article, “ Surprising Ways To Improve Self Esteem In Relationships”(5), helped you understand what’s holding you down from having a full-fledged and happy relationship with your partner.  I have known most people who stay in a relationship that’s critical and abusive because they have no choice. Putting up with such behavior and not doing anything about it would not improve you or your partner or your relationship in the long run. If the situation is too much for you to handle and if depressing and negative thoughts keep coming into your mind no matter what you do, try talking to a professional. 

Always remember, you are worth it and don’t compromise on anything take would take you or your partner down the drain. For more help, connect with me in the comments section below.


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