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6 Books You Must Read Before Marriage – Prepare Yourself!

6 Books You Must Read Before Marriage

Ok here is the thing about marriage that nobody is going to tell you- marriage is never perfect- we just make it perfect! Just like every other new thing we try, initially, we cannot be good at it but trust me guys it gets better. To be honest, I was someone who was freaked out about the concept of marriage. I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Leaving aside the initial planning of gown, flowers, and food. I knew it was more than just that and that very thing freaked me out. The words like, “commitment”, “forgiveness”, “trust”, “shared financing”, etc. are all words that can be easier said than done. These fuzzy words need more than just some tips or definition to get used to and to implement them into the marriage. 

Books You Must Read Before Marriage

Marriage for the better or for the worse needs to be driven in head first and it can be anything you and your partner is willing to make of it. But still, nothing can go wrong with getting a good inspiration. If you are into reading, I could recommend to you 6 Books you must read before marriage, I say “must” because these books are the closest things that can give you an insight on how things are going to be and how you can handle things better in situations later in life.  The books that I have included in this list include everything right from novels to memoirs, they contain everything that’s ‘good” and “not so good about marriage” life until the very end- “ “until death do we part”. 

These ‘6 Books you must read before marriage” has everything from tips and tricks to help you on your wedding day to answers to those little post-wedding curiosity our book-loving bride or groom has on most of the things that can come after daying,” I DO”. Thanks to some experts and authors, they have indeed let their pen touch papers to discuss the sacred bond of marriage and let people have an insight on this sensitive topic. Let’s get started…!

6 Books To Read

1. Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed


Tiny Beautiful Things

This book is, first of all, a good read for anyone who loves to read.  Reading this book will prepare anyone for marriage, maybe even before you even know that you are going to.  The books deal’s with everything from straight forward marriage advice to down-in-the-dirt relationship stuff which not everyone, even your married friends would be able to tell you unless they are that open of course. This book is absolutely cool because it can actually guide you all the way, teach you important stuff that one must know while growing up.  It also has some key points that one needs to remember when going from “I” to “we”. The most beautiful thing about this book, on the whole, is that it covers everything from careers, money, love, infidelity, body image, forgiveness, substance abuse, loss,child-raising, depression, and just about anything else you could possibly think of. The author Cheryl Strayed has really spilled her heart as well as knowledge out,  with this book- a definite must read!

2. The Story of a Brief Marriage: A Novel by Anuk Arudpragasam

The Story of a Brief Marriage

A simple book that has everything that needs to be told between well-written pages that will make anyone fall in love with the book.  The author Anuk Arudpragasam has beautiful thoughts and ideas that when you read the book you will find your in the place at the time experiencing yourself the period from the book.

The story takes you to Sri Lankan civil war and the whole book is a brief of things that takes place within a  24-hour period. But in the short brief period through which the story take you-you still learn everything you need on thoughts, successes,  questions, mysteries, intimacies, strengths, weaknesses, disappointments, failings and loses which are all also important aspects that make up any marriage.  The story revolves around two characters Dinesh and Ganga. The characters live in a temporary campsite were it’s all shelling and shrapnel every day. Gangas father gets his daughter married to Dinesh in hopes of protecting her through all this havoc. The story cover how the marriage encompasses the first day and night of their marriage, how these two different souls- being a complete mystery to one another both physically a well as emotionally. When Dinesh wishes to share physical intimacies with her but find him emotionally unstable to do so when he feels the pressure of marriage were he feels complete responsibility for the safety and happiness of his wife amidst all the havoc. Overall this book deals with a beautiful concept, which will forever paint certain pictures in your heart.

3. The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

The Lover's Dictionary

The author David Levithan has his own romance story composed through a series of vignettes – sounds interesting right? These vignettes are only a sentence or two in length, the book is structured similar to that of a dictionary. The book has everything one would need in the form of words to understand the language of love. Overall the book is sad, sometimes funny, completely unpredictable, sad and trust me a bit too relatable that you would be blown away yourself. If you are looking for a book that is going to take you on a different journey then this book is a definite must read as well as a completely fresh experience to indulge in.

4. The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu

The Book of Forgiving

No matter what happens, one of the most essential quality ones must carry to have a successful married life is forgiveness. Forgiveness can come in so many ways and happen at so many levels, but to start the habit of forgiving one must start the feeling from within. One needs to learn to forgive everything from the sock that left on the bathroom floor to the burning food in the kitchen. Sometimes is essentials for larger betrays, this author of the book, Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a  Nobel Peace Prize winner and also a leader of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The co-author is no other than his daughter, Reverend Mpho Tutu. Overall this book is a great read, it teaches us to forgive ourselves so that we can learn to forgive others- the booth is a complete path to healing, transformation, as well as strong and deep relationships.

5. The Dive from Clausen’s Pier by Ann Packer

The Dive from Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer

If you have been to a Christian wedding you would have heard the words “In sickness and in health” these words are traditional with an inner meaning. For a newly wedded couple, the line seems to be a bit negative to start life with-  right? But if you read Ann Packer novel that revolves around t5he story of two high school sweethearts – Carrie Bell and Mike Mayer will have you thinking about love after all the initial glory and romance, the worlds “In sickness and in health”  will have a whole other meaning. The couples through are engaged to be married, Carries is frustrated as well as desperate to end their relationship – but couldn’t find the strength to do that. Mike, on the other hand, is paralyzed while diving into a shallow lake.  To everyone shock, Carrie flees to new york to start a new life on her own- but thigs not go well for her soon life and love catches up with her and challenges her. This book is beautiful- it takes you to the boundaries the limitations of the feeling of love and how it is important for people to make sacrifices in love. 

6. The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger

The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger

The amazing book by Nell Freudenberger tells us the story of George Stillman and Amina Mazid a couple who feel for each other online. The two lives world apart- while one lives in New York, the female character lives in Bangladesh.  They create a plan to bring Amnia to the United States were they plan to get married a start a life together. What started initially as a lovey-dovey romance soon becomes a clash of the internet age, merging of personal habits, diverse cultures, and very different histories. the couple is challenged to face the reality and the real world. The book is a wonderful read because it so wonderfully takes you through successes and failures, unmet and exceeded expectations, joys, and disappointments, myriad ways people grow apart and come back together. Definite read!

I hope you guys loved out the list of, “6 Books You Must Read Before Marriage”. Let us know which one you loved the most. Also if there is any book which is your personal favorite, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below. 

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands – Latest Trends You Need To Know!

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands

One of the most important part of today’s makeup is lashes. Some wear lashes only during occasions while there are many who wear them on a daily basis. Wearing fake lashes every day can be very time-consuming.  An average woman who has to take care of the house, cook and then leaves for work do not have time to pay much attention to their lashes. One of the most recent and latest trends that the beauty industry is having long, lustrous lashes making that eyes look natural yet sultry.

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands

Luckily for busy women, the lash extensions have come as a blessing. But when it comes to choosing the right lash extensions size, options, material, comfort, reviews, removability…. everything matters.  With the kind of trends that are setting up today beauty standards, it’s ok to be curious, “ the kind of lashes you saw on Adele and Katy Perry is now worn by your colleagues and neighbors”, yeah I know how that feels.  

katy pere and adele

If you have not got on that wagon yet, let me tell you in the beauty world lashes have made its own place like the icing on the cake it’s a must- must. It can take ages off your face and give your mascara some rest.  Simplified makeup routines are great but still, the whole idea of getting lash extensions is still a topic of “hmmmmm” when health, safety, and money is concerned.

From this, it’s clearly understood that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Well let me try and settle thing here, your experience with professional lashes would completely depend on the type of extension you choose and the lash expert you go to to get your lashes done.  One wrong chose can give you odd looking lashes and sometimes even eye infections. As per the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “ “Anyone who experiences an infection, any inflammation, an allergic reaction or a noticeable loss of natural eyelashes should see an ophthalmologist immediately.” that’s kind of scary right, that not only you get an infected eye, but lose your vision as well as your natural lashes all for some fake lashed. It seems like a pretty dangerous game.

This article will not only guide on getting the Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brand but will also give you a complete idea on how to choose, manage and maintain them.

What are the different types of Eyelash Extensions?

eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension is never one size that fits all, the options vary from mink, sable, cashmere synthetic acrylic,  faux and silk. Depending on the natural curl the application procession is different from one person to another.

How long do Eyelash Extensions take to Apply?

using eyelash extension

If you are planning on getting permanent lash extensions the process initially takes up to 2 hours.  Even though the term used is permanent the lashes kind of tend to start falling off and it might require you to do touch up every few weeks and this process can take a few hours. These lashes are attached one by one to the base of your natural lashes.

How much does Eyelash Extensions Cost?

For someone who earns an average, no matter how you choose to get your lashes done,  your bank balance is definitely going to go down. But how much you are going to lose depends on the technicians level of experience and the type of lashes you wish to use. The most basic will some were cost you around $150 to $350 for a full set of lash extensions. Also around $75 to $100 for touch-ups every two to three weeks. Also, another thing to consider is the material you chose. Natural lashes are expensive but for some, this could cause allergy, for those is better to stick to artificial man-made extensions.

Are Eyelash Extensions Painful?

lady worried eyelash extension

You shouldn’t feel any discomfort, but you may feel anxious with tweezers being so close to your eyes. The eyes are kept closed throughout the complete process.

How long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

We lose our natural lashes every 8 to 8 weeks and sadly since these lashes are stuck along with your natural lashes you lose them too. According to science, women shed about 20 lashes every week, this is why this process can be expensive to many, the solution is not permanent.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions,   but the truth lies in the hands of your technician. Lack extensions can become a horror story if you fall into the wrong hands.  If you get your lashes done from inexperienced hands this could lead to clumped lashes, breakage and damage of natural lashes, eye infection, etc.  also if the inexperienced technician glues the lashed to a natural lash that already to fall out that it can take out the real lash permanently. Therefore before you go to get your lash done, reacher the technician, see the work he/she has done before, their reviews, etc.

The glue used to attach these lash extensions contain a chemical known as formaldehyde can trigger an allergic reaction therefore also ensure that the technician uses a medical grade formaldehyde-free, non-irritating glue. While you apply the lashes if you experience any kind of irritation or burning sensation,  immediately as the technician/stylist to stop. Some times this can be due to the gel that’s used to hold these lashes together may contain collagen, aloe and hyaluronic acid which can cause irritation especially in those who have very sensitive skin.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

lash maskara

One of the main reasons why people go for lash extensions is the fact that it allows you to ditch your mascara, eyeliner, and lash curler, etc helping you save so much time in the morning. Applying mascara is not forbidden but it’s not necessary as your lashed would already have good volume, but if you have a function and prefer to apply a coat of mascara make sure that you apply one that’s water based. A natural mascara that has vitamin B5 and is easily washable is the most suitable as these won’t damage your extensions.

How to Take care of your Lashes so that they Last Longer?

If you start noticing that your extensions are flaking out then it means that the adhesive used to hold your lashes is kind of reacting with your skin. Once you get your lashed done avoid wetting them for the next 24 to 48 hours this can help the bond to fix well. Stop using gel and cream based eyeliners, waterproof mascara, etc.  Do not use cotton pad rub or try to irritate your lashes. Also if you are someone who sleeps on your stomach use a lash top coat and sleep on a satin pillowcase so that it can be less harsh to your lashes.

Cleaning Tips for Lash Extensions:

Use an oil-free lash cleanser formulated lash extension cleaner. Stronger products can weaken the bond that holds the lash together and makes it shed permanently.

Choice of colors and Lower Lash Extensions:

choice of colour

If you want a colored lash extension that’s available too. It does look when combined with certain colors. For example, for this of you who have brown eyes, purple lashes can make your eyes look bigger. But unlike applying regular lashes applying colored lash can take about 30 minutes extra.

5 Best Eyelash Extensions Brands

Here are some of the best professional eyelash brands that you can choose from:

  • Scala Individual Lash Extensions


Scala Individual Lash Extensions

These lashes are of extremely high quality, made from synthetic fiber and available in various sizes.

  • Landkiz 3D Eyelash Extensions


Landkiz 3D Eyelash Extensions

These are lashes are4 completely hand made and made out of high-quality silk. You will love the soft texture o these lashes.

  • Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes


Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes

If you are some on a budget then the Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes would be perfect for you. They are again made of good quality . have 60 clusters in one tray and comes in 8 size variants.

  • Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions


Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions

The Svanslashes eyelash extensions are extremely hard to make high-quality lashes that are made of silk.  These eyelashes don’t clump, stick together, or easily tear. They also come in different5 curl options hence making them a perfect combination.

  • 3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

This lash is made out of real Siberian mink fur. So if you are allergic to animal fur then you might as well stay away from this one. These lashes are extremely pricy and on high demand.

The above article is a complete overview of eyelash extensions and related questions. I hope you found this article useful. If you have tried any of these lashes, let me know in the comments section below.  

Keep it simple! Keep it stylish!

Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners 2020 – Pick The Right Palette For You!


Who doesn’t sultry and beautiful looking eyes? No matter what kind of makeup you do, eye make up is one of the most important parts of makeup and if you don’t go careful on the eye it could ruin your entire look.  A pair of gorgeously done eyes can leave an unforgettable impression. If you take a look at the Cannes 2019, the dramatic winged and but subtle shadow look of Selena Gomez, Priyanka’s sultry smokey look, Deepika’s purple cat eye, Isabeli Fontana earthy eye look… At that’s just mentioning a few… it’s all about choosing the right eyeshadow,  done the right way, with the right style.

Doing the eyes is the most creative part which requires the right blending techniques and steady hands. Eyeshadows not just define the eyes, but contour it, bring out the shape, and even the color of your use speaks a lot.  

Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2020

There are various eye shadows in the market unless you are a professional make-up artist you wouldn’t need a huge expensive palette. Depending on your skin color, type, and your needs, if you get the right eyeshadow palettes, a single palette can get the job done. A single swipe of those vibrant colors can alter the appearance of our eyes. If you are a beginner to makeup, eyeshadows can be a bit intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, trust me guys you will love playing with the colors.

This article can benefit a beginner as well as a professional aline. Here are some of the Best eyeshadow palettes of 2020. The colors in these are amazing, the color pay off is just perfect and no matter what look you want, these palettes have it all. Before getting into the count down list. For you beginners and make up lovers who have got on the eyeshadow train yet, here are a few basics that can help you pick the right palette.

eyeshadow pallete

How to Choose an Eyeshadow Palette?

Following a few steps and guidelines, you can choose the right eyeshadow palette for yourself in no time. I would always recommend choosing a palette that has transition colors and a few bolds, just in case you need to attend a colourfull beach party… so so let’s begin.

  • Selecting Shades that Flatter your Eye Colour

One of the most basic steps to do while choosing an eyeshadow palette is choosing colors that complement your eyes.

For example,

  • If you have dark brown eyes colors like Deep Navy, Favour Forest Green, Brick Red, etc can compliment you well. Though most people use contacts to change eye colors these days, I still believe dark brown eyes are the most beautiful and versatile eye color. Almost all shares complement brown eyes and the above said colors are naming just a few.
  • If your eyes are on the red side, for amber or hazel then you can go for colors such as brown tones with a little it shimmer in them or burgundy shades. Also, shades like a raisin, mocha, and other deep purple and brown tones can help to highlight and bring attention towards the specks in the eyes making your eyes look out of the world.
  • You green eyes beauties out there must try Purples and Pinks, Lilac or Peaches- they can work great in complementing the green in your eyes making the color pop. and yes if you want to brighten up the look a bit more try orange shades and reds. It’s a bold move but will definitely work.
  • And finally grey and blue-eyed beauties- copper and earthy colors work best for you guys. copper, terracotta, wine red, and even metallic shades are great to make that eyes stand out.
  • Skin color and undertones

choose the right colour for eye

When choosing an eyeshadow palette always make sure that the undertones of the main shades match those tones of your skin. Just like how you chose the right shade of foundation, here too use your veins for guidance. If the veins under your skin are seen as green then you have a warm undertone and if your veins are bluer then you have cool undertones.

Once you have figured out your undertone, half the job is done. These days palettes come with instructions such as from fair to medium, medium to dusky, yellow undertone, cool undertones, etc.  if you are warm undertoned then warm shades would look great on you and if you’re on the cool tone go for more cooler shades. Warm and cool are not colors they are the base of the colors therefore when I mean chose cool-toned colors you just need to choose a palette that has the cool version of colors while or warm tones go for the warm lighter version of the colors that has more gold in it rather than silver sheen.

  • Matte and Shimmer???

matte and shimmer

Choosing between matt and shimmery is all about personal preference. Matt shows look classic but doesn’t always look right as it cannot reflect light. For parties and fun stuff, you would need shimmery shadows. I would personally recommend choosing one from a list of best eyeshadow palettes that have both matt as well as shimmers ones just so that you can play around with these.

  • Usage

While choosing the overall color scheme of the palette, you would need to understand the kind of occasion you might be using a palette for example, for day time and office looks it’s always better to go for Neutral Tones, for night time fun and party you can go for Darker, Shimmery Shades and for wedding and festivals both Matte and shimmery gold and silver tones work well.  Natural day time shades are usually easy to use so you don’t have to spend too much time doing your eye makeup every day. N if your workplace is very professional you can still use eyeshadow all you have to do is stick to matte eyeshadows

For a fun night out choose a palette that has darker shades with shimmer.  One of the main reasons why smokey eyes are so popular for evening makeup looks is that they look incredible in low light settings. jewel-toned eyeshadows look perfect for both day and night.  They are the easiest to work with. One rule though, if you are going for a very bold eye look, make sure you go a bit low on the lips as an outfit that complements the eye.

  • Quality and Usability

quality and usability of eyeshadow

There are lots of makeup palettes that offer almost all the colors you can ever imagine, so next time you see one online before you click on that buy button do some review research.  choose quality over quantity. When it comes to eyeshadows terms like pigmentation, color payoff, long lasting are those terms that need to be noted. Also if you wish to save money it’s better to find a palette with a number of shades rather than pay the same for just two to three shades that you love.

  • Portability

If you are someone who is always on the go, go for a palette that’s compact as well as one that has a mirror.

Now here is a list of most recommended and the best eyeshadow palette of 2020

1.Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan has been rocking the makeup world with her awesome and affordable products. This HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette has amazing formulation and very good pigmentation as well as lasting power.  This palette has both neutral tones and jewel tones. You can use the palette for both daytimes as well as night time looks. The best thing about this palette is that it has both neutral tones and jewel tones. The formulation of this eyeshadow is blendable, buttery, and pigmented. You need not worry about fall out with this one.  Also, the versatile shade range is perfect for all occasions. Overall this palette is definitely worth investing in.

2.Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Palette

This ultimate palette by the makeup revolution comes in two versions one is an all matt palette and the other is a shimmery version of the same.  If you are looking for a decent plate with a lot of color options then you can go for this one. Especially if you are a makeup artist who is starting out then this eye shadow palette would work perfectly for you.

3.NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

NYX is one of the most renowned as well as affordable brands that you can come across. The palette called “Warm Neutrals” is the best eyeshadow palette for beginners with 16 awesome shades. the palette has a lot of warm-brown and neutral shades that can create both, subtle and bold eye makeup looks. It’s good for those who love to experiment but yet keep it suttle.

  4.Faces Ultime Pro Eye Shadow Palette Nude 01

Faces Ultime Pro Eye Shadow Palette Nude 01

If you are a beginner and you love shimmers then this palette would be your first love. This palette has both shimmery shades and matte ones. These colors work well for both cool undertones and warm undertones. They are pigmented, almost feel creamy, and easy to blend. What more does a beginner need?

5.Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

This palette by the Makeup Revolution comes with 30 earthy tones with both shimmer and matte shades. Most of the shades are highly pigmented and required just a bad. You can create a wonderful day time as well as a sultry nighttime look with this palette.  A perfect one that worth mentioning in this list.

That’s it guys, there are my top my favs. But if you guys want a drug store eyeshadow palette that super affordable and work just as well, then the Maybelline New York The 24K Gold Nude Palette Eyeshadow is worth mentioning. I love this palette and could go without including this. I hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you some insight on how to find the right eyeshadow. If you have tried any of these products do mention your experiences in the comments section below, let’s have a chat!

Keep it simple! Keep it stylish! I hope our list of best eyeshadow palettes 2020 was helpful for you. 

Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked – Surprising Naked Facts That You Don’t Know!!

Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

The thought of health and sleeping naked might be quiet hard for some people to relate. If you have not come across these two as might being related, this article is going to surprise you just like I was when I first learned the facts. The benefits of sleeping naked are actually too good to be ignored.

Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Sleep is important, nobody can deny that and it’s something no human can do without. Today when insomnia, anxiety, depression, pressure, etc are all rolling around. The importance for getting a night of good and deep sleep is being discussed widely, though there might be medications as well as 100s of natural remedies that can help you sleep better- sleeping naked has it sown tremendous health benefits. The study conducted by the  National Sleep Foundation’s global survey and “bedroom poll” showed that one in every adult sleep nude and they experience better sleep quality. Ok, am about to share some hard-hitting and shocking facts that are going to make you ditch those pajamas.

If you are still not convinced and you still feel like we are just overdoing the whole sleeping naked thing and have completely lost our senses, you are in for a treat. Trust me shedding those clothes and jumping into that soft and cozy bed is more than just the feeling of being free. Ok enough with the talk, let’s jump into those too good to be true “naked facts”.

1.Deeper Sleep

Deeper sleep

If you are like me who cannot just fall asleep when the head hits the pillow, then sleeping naked is going to surprise you. When your body free of clothes it relaxes as there is nothing to tug or pull, giving you long hours or sleep and much-needed sleep.

2.Simply because it’s  Easier

You can save up on buying as well as washing sleepwear, and an added bonus, since you are sleeping naked that would make you change your sheets often. Cleaner sheets equal better skin and overall health.

3.Can make you More Outgoing

exhausted men sleeping

Imagine you get back from work get fresh and change into your nightwear. It’s so comfortable that you would rather choose to sit home rather than go out. The more you stay in your activewear the more ready you are to go out and about.

4.Happy and Free

happy and free women sleeping

Just imagine the feeling of laying in bed naked. No tight straps and bruises, just cool sheets and you. I know the feeling just brings a smile. Just like us our body and skin can get better air making the skin more healthy.

5.Skin-on-skin Contact is the Best

happy young couple sleeping

If you’re married or living with your significant other, sleeping naked gives you a  greater sense of attachment with the one you love. Our bodies all have different temperate and research have shown that the warmth of your loved one and skin to skin contact can help couples bond better.

6.Improve the Skin not just on your Face but the Whole Body

Free of clothes allows your body to breath. Your private parts, armpits, and feet are generally restricted to airflow constrained by tight clothes. Going naked can help you keep the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, other fungal issues that are caused to wet and restricted skin at bay.

7.Regulate Cortisol

Cortisol is one of the chemicals produced by the body when left high can cause damage to the mind as well as the body. When you sleep naked the body temperature is kept regulated helping the body create cortisol at an adequate amount. But if you sleep all sweaty and restricted the cortisol level can remain high leading to anxiety, cravings for bad food, weight gain, etc.

8.Balance Melatonin and Growth Hormone

happy sleeping

Sleeping environment below 70 degrees every night can help your body cortisol levels (as mentioned above) and the other part is that it helps in regulating the levels of melatonin and growth hormones which have a huge impact on the quality of sleep as well as overall health and aging.

9.Healthy Reproductive Organs

This one is for men, when your sleeping conditions are cooler it allows your testes to remain at a cooler temperature helping to keep your sperm healthy.   For women, sleeping naked can help prevent yeast infections in those areas.

10.Summers are Bearable

summer sleepping

If you don’t have an airconditioned room, try taking a cold shower and sleeping naked your room would feel might cooler and less stuffy. And those who have an Ac if you sleep with no clothes you might not need the ac after a while thus helping you save on your electricity bill.

11.Cancer Prevention

Sleeping naked can help women reduce the chances of getting breast cancer. Clothes that are too tight clothes is found to be one of those reasons that provoke breast cancer.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the benefits of sleeping don’t end there, sleeping naked has been proved to help Prevent weight gain, Lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, Boost self-esteem, builds confidence. As a bonus tip, here are some tips on how you can use your sleep to enhance your beauty.

Though you might have a 10 or 15 step morning and night skin care routine you would still need a good night sleep to wake up looking plump and fresh.  Geeting a good long night of sleep (sleeping naked does help ) can help you keep hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, darker undereye circles, paler skin, wrinkles, and fine lines, droopy corners of the mouth, etc at bay. Sleep is the first and most import part of your overall health and beauty. I hope this article on sleeping naked gave you some. Insight on the importance of sleeping naked. If you have never tried sleeping naked do let me know how this worked out for you in the comments section below. You will another fun topic to discuss.

Keep it simple!

Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever


One of the best relations is when the couple is completely at ease with one another. When we are dating someone,  we do our best to look our best but once things settle in, how you look isn’t going to matter so much. Such relationships are going to last a long time because it’s not just about the perfections but also the imperfections. Simply put, your partner would find you hot even if you wear your old sweats.

Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever

If you are newly married or moved in with your boyfriend, things can be awkward in the beginning, especially during what we call the honeymoon phase. During this phase, things are so romantic, we hide everything gross and go the extra mile to make everything look perfect. But life gets interesting later, the illusion of perfect dies, the relation opens then for the better or the worse. All that matters is love. Here are some of the gross things all couples do when they’ve been together forever.

  • Going Naive

going naive

In the beginning, it’s all smooth waxed legs or a clean shaven chest, but as time passes by body hair doesn’t exist and couples learn to outgrow them. A few outgrown on your body don’t both you anymore.

  • Sharing the Bathroom…. Together

sharing bathroom

Yewww. Sounds gross right? But that’s the most normal thing for a couple to do when they were together for long. You realize that when you can brush your teeth while your partner is peeing and you don’t care and you are just doing each other’s business, you know you are in love past the honeymoon phase.

  • Sniffing each Other

couple sniffs together

This one is very common you don’t have to worry about embarrassing themselves in public because they have each other to check. Even if that means smelling for body orders, this can be as gross AF especially if you have to check for bad breadth but couples love it.

  • Louder Burps and farts

Louder Burps and farts

Farting and burping are all a natural bodily process that people generally tend to be ashamed of especially doing it in public. Usually, when we just start dating we either wait for the other to get on a call or excuse oneself to use the washroom just to let out, but as you get comfortable with one another it becomes a healthy competition between you and your partner. So it goes from pretending as you have never farted in your life as you are beautiful and not capable of such things to you can’t really help it because the Chinese noodles gave you trouble. This is gross and weird but true.

  • Hair- Hair everywhere!

Hair everywhere

Loss fall is embarrassing to some but when you guys settle in few stands on the pillow, kitchen sink, bathroom floor stuck on our t-shirt, etc doesn’t bother you much. Well when you learn to co-exist comfortable, hair doesn’t become an issue.

  • Underwear is cool

Underwear is cool

Touching another person underwear could be the most disgusting thing now but for couples that perfectly normal. Not the brand new ones, but the used ones – picked from the floor washed them and line then to dry.

  • Love Each Other’s Smell

Love Each Other’s Smell

Though body odor is a problem, when you live under the same roof and share the same bed you kinds start getting used to it. In fact, the smell becomes pleasant and gives us comfort, if you are married and your husband is away, smelling his shirt kind of give you comfort, doesn’t it?

  • Sharing…

couple sharing

When couples are together for long, sharing is not limited to just swapping tees and jeans. It’s a little bit more than that like toothbrushes for an instance or maybe boxer shorts. Couples who are comfortable and in love can share almost everything.

  • Sickness  Cuddles

cuddles sickness

Kissing and cuddling when the other is sick are perfectly normal with couples, cleaning up your partners puke, would be as gross as you think then. You will be more worried about the partners health rather than thinking about how gross it is.

If this article, “Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever”, cracking you up at some point then am sure you could relate some were. If you have anything full or gross that you do with your partner which seems perfectly normal one do share them in the comments section below.

Rock That Celebrity Pout With These Life-Changing Liquid Lipstick Hacks

Rock That Celebrity Pout With These Life-Changing Liquid Lipstick Hacks

Makeup trends come and go, some we love and some we hate. In recent years, makeup evolved like the big-bang bringing brow trends, contouring, baking, highlighting, plumping, etc into our lives. We have embraced all these methods with both hands. Certain makeup techniques are easy to get the hang of while some need some more work. Liquid lips are something similar that took over the beauty market, many of us have fallen in love with it while some still struggle to get the hang of it. So if you still haven hopped on the liquid lipstick train, then you are probably missing out a lot.

Rock That Celebrity Pout With These Life-Changing Liquid Lipstick Hacks

Initially, when you get started on liquid lipsticks make sure you do some research and get those sticks that are easy to apply as well as have semi matt consistency. A full matt liquid lipsticks could be quiet hard to start off on initially. To try out the trend start with brands that are affordable such the Colour Pop, Ultra Satin Lips, NYX, Soft Matte Lip Cream, etc are great to start off with. The application can always be tricky when you get started. Knowing the right tricks along with practicing can make you a liquid lipstick guru in no time.

This article is all about rocking that liquid lipstick so good that you wouldn’t have to think of getting lip fillers or look back at the traditional lipsticks. So guys- get that doe-foot applicator ready,  get started.

Use a  Brush

use a brush

If you are not used to using the applicator that comes with the liquid lipstick, try using a brush. The doe foot applicator can hold too a large quantity of the lipstick, making you lips clumpy and flakey. Retake some product on the lipstick brush and start by applying thin layers. this gives your hand more control- not joining guess it really works.

Cakey lip Trouble

cakey lip trouble

One of the complained part fo liquid lipstick is the cakey look one gets when the lipstick drys. To avoid this you would have to do the exact same thing that you do with your face- exfoliate. You can either buy a lip exfoliator from the market or simple mak on at home.  It’s easy, all you would need is some sugar and honey. Take these two mix them in a bow and apply it on your lips, now using a brush with soft bristles rub the lips in a circular motion. repeat this for a good one minute before wiping away with a wet towel. Tada!!! plumpy pink lips all prepped and ready for the liquid lipstick.

Now apply a thin layer of lip balm (too much lip balm will block the ven application of the lipstick as its too waxy). Outline your lips if you prefer that and then start filling your lips with the liquid lipstick. You will notice a huge difference.

Hate too Much Coverage

too much coverage

Well don’t worry, liquid lipsticks are meant to be opaque and thick, so some ditch these if they are going for a more natural and subtle look. but if you’re not feeling it, there is trick up our sleeve, you can still use liquid lipstick as a lip stain. And the trick is so simple. Apply the liquid lipstick and bloat the excess with a tissue or a bloating paper before it drys. That’s it- you can have slight pink, tinted and plumy natural lips.  

Use that Lipliner


lipliner apply

If you thought lipliners were for just the normal lipsticks, then you have been on the wrong page all along. Have you seen models with lips that look so unreal that it almost looks like a painting? Well that the lipliner magic.

No lipstick talk in incomplete without talking about Kylie Jenner. She took the lip game to a whole new level. She is a goddess, maybe she did fill up her lip a little too much but the technique is a pure boon. Those girls who are born with thin lips, you can have to save money for fillers all you need is to add an extra step to your lip routine. Apply a little bit of concealer on the edges of your lips. No using a lip liner slightly draw your lips over your natural line. Now fill in the area with liquid lipstick. That’s it, you have a full-on pout.

Do you want Larger lips? Liquid Lipstick is the Answer

larger lips apply

The principle here is simple, lighter shades make this appear larger while the darker sides make them look smaller. You must have seen people using white liner for the eyes to make it look larger. The same goes for lips too. To get that Rihanna like big and fuller lips. Use a white liner and follow up with your nude liquid lipstick. You would be surprised by the results.

Fading Problem?

liquid lipstick

Some people have the issue of fading, especially if you using liquid lipsticks which aren’t transferred proof. And you must have thought that the best bet is to start over totally from scratch. Well, that’s not absolutely true if your lipstick is not too matt. The trick here is to keep a lip gloss handy. Apply a thin layer of lip glass gently massage your lips with your fingers and blot with a tissue. There you go- great and fresh looking lips with a tint of evenly spread color.

The Unshared Outline Secret

apply lipstick

Put the gear in reverse, to make your liquid lipstick as precise and perfect as possible, outline your lips once again after you apply the lipstick. With this trick you don’t have to worry about messing around with getting your outline perfect, then again applying your lipstick, then again fixing small mistakes made while initially applying the lipstick. It’s a complete battle between the lipstick, concealers and makeup removers. If you follow the reverse method, you can perfect the liquid lipstick in just two simple steps.

I hope you found this article useful if you guys have any tricks up the sleeve that has helped you in taking the liquid lipstick trend down, ill be happy to hear them. Write to me in the comments sections, after all, we women have each other’s back.

First Trimester Of Pregnancy – What To Eat And What To Avoid?

First Trimester Of Pregnancy- What To Eat And What To Avoid

First of all, congratulations on starting this beautiful journey with your little bundle of joy!

Getting pregnant is a dream for many women and once you have found out that you are pregnant, this emotional roller coaster begins. This 9 month-long journey is filled with so many ups and downs that it becomes an unforgettable experience for life. Some women sail through these 9 months in a breeze while for some it is a physically and emotionally draining journey.

What To Eat And What To Avoid In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

To help you cope up through the emotional first trimester that is usually marked by nausea, tiredness, and hormonal swings, here is a breakdown on what to eat in the first trimester and what not to eat in the first trimester:

What is Happening to your Body in the First Trimester?

As your little bub begins to develop in your snug womb, the mother’s body goes through some physical changes to accommodate the baby’s growing needs. The muscles of the uterus are slowly stretching to provide more room for the baby and the body is releasing estrogen and progesterone hormones to help the baby grow. This time is very critical for the baby’s development and these 13 weeks will determine the fruitfulness of your pregnancy so you should know what to eat in the first trimester.

What to Eat in the First Trimester?

It is a simple fact that the baby eats what you eat. The hormone surge in the body is responsible for acute nausea and uneasiness that many women go through during pregnancy. Some essential nutrients that must be included in your diet are calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Most of these nutrients are given to expecting mothers in the form of prenatal vitamins but it is very important to include them in the diet as well. Of course, this diet should only be followed after discussing with your doctor as some women are told to avoid certain foods because of their medical conditions.

  • Fruits:


While pineapple and papaya are best avoided during the whole nine months since they contain compounds that trigger labor, all other fruits are very healthy and should be included in the diet. Fruits like apple, banana, oranges, and pomegranate are great as they are a rich source of fiber and vitamins.

Citrus fruits are a must-have as they provide the body with vitamin C and folic acid that are essential for the baby’s development. You can eat fresh fruits or add them to salads and smoothies to get your fruit quota for the day.

  • Lentils:


A great source of protein, lentils help in the development of the muscles and tissues in the growing fetus. Most pregnant women experience constipation in the first trimester as the progesterone hormone slows down the digestion process. Lentils help to relieve this condition and help in smooth bowel movements.

Lentils are also rich in Folate and one cup of cooked lentils provides the body with half of its daily Folate requirement. They prevent major birth defects like Spina Bifida and Anencephaly as well if taken regularly.

  • Nuts


Considered power foods for the body, nuts are good for everybody and especially for pregnant women. They are not only rich in protein but also contain healthy fats for the development of heart and muscles.

Consume nuts in moderation as they are also packed with calories and can lead to an unhealthy weight gain. Soak them up in some water and eat them with milk in the morning to avoid generating heat in the body in the summer months. In winters, you can consume them as it is or adds them to any recipe. Eat a handful of mixed nuts anytime during the day or add them to salads for some crunch.

  • Eggs


Vital for the development of baby’s brain, eating eggs can help you get over the morning sickness and provide you with all the necessary nutrients. They are rich in vitamin D, calcium, and protein that are the building blocks of a growing human body.

You can have eggs in any form but avoid raw or undercooked eggs to reduce the risk of salmonella infection. We will be talking about all the foods that you need to avoid later in the “Foods to Avoid” section of the article. If you do not eat eggs, you can substitute it with soybean that has a similar nutrient profile.

  • Protein:


This includes the protein content that you get from lean meat, chicken or salmon. Chicken is a rich source of iron and salmon provides the body with vitamin D and calcium. Iron helps in the development of red blood cells that ensure abundant oxygen supply to the baby. Make sure that you eat only completely cooked meats as raw or unpasteurized meats can pose a risk to the mother and the baby.

People who do not eat meat can add a couple of tablespoons of protein powder to their milk to get the same protein content. You can also add tofu or peanut butter to your diet to meet the protein requirements of the body.

  • Green Vegetables:

green vegetables

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and other collard greens are packed in iron and folic acid that help in brain development and formation of red blood cells. Spinach is also a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin K, and manganese. You can add shredded spinach and other greens to soups, salads, or make wholesome sandwiches with them to get your daily share of green vegetables.

Washing the vegetables extensively before using them in cooking is recommended as many of these vegetables come directly from farms to our tables and change hands many times so they can be covered with mud or dirt.

  • Milk & Yogurt:

milk and yogurt

A rich source of calcium, dairy products like milk and yogurt should definitely be included in the first-trimester diet. Drink 2 glasses of milk a day with protein powder after consultation with your doctor to kick-start your metabolism in the morning and to get a restful sleep at night.

You can include yogurt as a mid-morning snack or freeze it to get your dessert fix after dinner. Top it with some fresh fruits to kill two birds with one stone as you get your quota of fruits and yogurt in one go. It can also be used to make delicious smoothies.

So this was our list of the most important foods that must be included in your diet in the first trimester of pregnancy. These foods are very good for the developing body of the baby and help prevent nerves and brain defects in babies. They also help in developing the muscles and tissues and keep the mother’s body ready for the changes that the second and third trimesters bring. Next, we are going to talk about the foods that should be avoided at all costs and what not to eat in the first trimester when you are pregnant. We will also be discussing some diet-related tips in the last part of the article that proves to be quite useful for pregnant women in the first trimester.

What Not to Eat in the First Trimester?

Here are some foods that should be avoided if you are wondering what not to eat in the first trimester:

  • Raw Milk and Cheeses:

raw milk and cheese

Soft cheeses and unpasteurized milk should be avoided during pregnancy as these can contain bacteria that can harm the baby. If you want to eat cheese, go for hard cheeses and cheese made from pasteurized milk only as there are fewer chances of bacteria growing in this type of cheese.

  • Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables:

unwashed vegetables

As stated earlier, unwashed fruits and vegetables are a strict no-no in the first trimester of pregnancy and generally as well. Do not pre-cut fruits and vegetables or pre-packaged salads as well as you never know if they have been washed properly or not. Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before using them in cooking or eating them raw.

  • Papaya, Pineapple, and Grapes:

papaya pineapple

Papayas contain latex that is known to trigger a miscarriage or cause early labour contractions. Avoid raw papaya and you can eat ripe papayas in moderation only after consultation with a dietician. Grapes, especially black ones, should be avoided because they contain resveratrol, which can be toxic for the mother and the baby. Grapes are also sprayed with many chemicals and should best be avoided.

Pineapple, on the other hand, should not be eaten in the first trimester as they contain bromelain that causes softening of the cervix muscles. Many women use pineapple juice and pineapple in the last trimester of pregnancy to induce natural labour.

  • Mercury-laden Fish:



Avoid eating Mackerel, swordfish, raw sushi, and shellfish and other mercury-laden fishes during the first trimester. Raw sushi and shellfish can contain harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Salmon is the safest fish to eat during pregnancy and other species should be kept away from the diet until after delivery.

  • Undercooked Eggs and Meat:

Undercooked eggs and meat

Do not eat rare meat cuts or undercooked and raw eggs during pregnancy as this increases the risk of salmonella infections and can cause toxic side effects for the mother and the baby. Properly and hygienically cooked eggs and meats should be preferred for this reason.

  • Alcohol and Caffeine:

Alcohol and caffeine

Any amount of alcohol, however small that may be, can harm your baby in the long run and can pose problems during breastfeeding also. It should be avoided throughout pregnancy.

Caffeine, in small amounts, is permissible but large amounts of caffeine can trigger a miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. The safe limit generally practiced for caffeine is around 200 mg/day, which means you do not have to cut caffeine completely out of your life but have to take care of the caffeine content in chocolates, coffees, and energy drinks.

  • Excessive Sugar and Calorie-laden Snacks:

sugar accessed

A significant number of women experience gestational diabetes during their pregnancy and are asked to avoid sugary snacks and frequent desserts as this can spike their sugar levels to dangerous limits. It is better to eat sweets in moderation and avoid frequent binges.

Unhealthy snacks and fast foods are responsible for uncontrolled weight gain during pregnancy and this can lead to an overweight baby if you are not careful with these snacks. Overweight babies are harder to deliver and can suffer from obesity in the later stages of life.

Here are some general tips and tricks that will help you sail through this tough trimester easily without any hiccups:

  • Eat small portions of food rather than three large meals. This can make it easy for the body to digest the food as the digestion process slows down in pregnancy.
  • Include lots of fluids in your diet. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day and supplement it with other juices and drinks to keep your body hydrated when it is working in overdrive to develop another human. This also prevents constipation and keeps the skin moisturized.
  • Do not order in very frequently as you lose control of the portions and quality of ingredients when you order food. It can also cause food poisoning or abdominal discomfort if the food is not cooked hygienically.
  • If fruits and vegetables do not appeal to you because of morning sickness and nausea, go for frozen fruits and smoothies that contain the same amount of nutrients but are easier to consume.
  • Talk to your dietician about any allergies you have or might have so that they can suggest the best alternatives for you to include in your diet.
  • Avoid foods that contain high amounts of vitamin A as too much of this vitamin can harm the baby.

The first trimester is a very crucial period for the mother the baby as a major development of the baby happens in these 13 weeks. The chances of miscarriage and birth defects are high in this trimester so it is advised to eat right and be active in this period. Some women experience extreme tiredness during the first trimester but keeping your body hydrated and nourished will help you pass this trimester very easily and get you closer to meeting your little angel. This handy guide on what to eat in the first trimester and what not to eat in the first trimester will you pass this crucial time easily.

Are you an expectant mother or have given birth recently? How was your first-trimester experience and which tips would you like to share with other mothers to be?

PCOD: The Urban Disease That Is Wreaking Young Women

PCOD The Urban Disease That Is Wreaking Young Women

If you have interacted with a woman in her late 20s or early 30s recently, you might have heard the term PCOD come up in the conversation. While the term may sound complicated, PCOD is a common hormonal disorder affecting more than 1 million women in India every year.

PCOD: The Urban Disease That Is Wreaking Young Women

What is PCOD, what are its symptoms, and how can it be treated by making simple changes in your lifestyle is what we will be covering in this article along with other FAQs related to this disorder.

PCOD The Urban Disease That Is Wreaking Young Women

What is PCOD?

Simply put, PCOD is a hormonal disorder or condition in females where their ovaries contain small cysts that can hamper the usual function and work of the female reproductive system and the hormones produced in the female body. The full form of PCOD is Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. It is also referred to as PCOS, which means Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ad these two terms can be used interchangeably. It is not a disease and does not cause any discomfort or disturbance in the normal day-to-day life of women.  In fact, half the cases of PCOD are not even detected or diagnosed.

PCOD is a syndrome that comes with multiple symptoms. The most common symptom is irregular periods. Other symptoms include high production of male hormones in the body, hair growth, weight gain, and enlarged ovaries with multiple cysts.

How are These PCOD cysts formed?

poli systic ovary syndrome


In a normal female body, reproductive hormones like FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) help in production of follicle and release of an egg during each menstrual cycle. In PCOD, these hormones do not work effectively and this results in many small and underdeveloped follicles or sacs inside the ovaries filled with an immature egg. These small sacs turn into multiple cysts lining the ovaries.

What are the Causes of PCOD?

While the exact cause of this disorder is not clear, it is said to be caused due to lifestyle and genetic factors. It is caused by multiple genes so one single gene cannot be identified as the main cause. Women diagnosed with PCOD tend to have an unhealthy weight and higher production of male hormones in the body. Leading an active lifestyle with a proper diet is said to have a positive impact on the body and suppresses the symptoms significantly.

Why is this Happening to me?

Unfortunately, this question has no answers but PCOD mainly affects women in their reproductive age and childbearing years. This age group can start from 15 years and can go up to 40 years. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle with no diet control can flare up the symptoms even more and can cause many reproductive issues and hinders the chances of getting pregnant naturally.


What tests are Done to Diagnose PCOD?

PCOD is generally diagnosed by doing a pelvic exam and then an ultrasound is done to check the number of cysts in the ovaries and uterine wall thickness. A trans-vaginal ultrasound is also done in some cases where the abdominal ultrasound does not give correct results. A few common blood tests can be recommended for checking the glucose and hormone levels.

Can PCOD be Treated?

PCOD is not completely treatable but its effect on the body can be kept under control with simple changes in lifestyle and diet along with hormone supplements. Here are some common medical treatments offered to keep PCOD under control:

  • Birth Control Tablets:

This helps in regularizing the menstrual cycles in women and regulates the ovulation process. These tablets contain female hormones estrogen and progesterone that help in treating the hormonal imbalance in the body. Regular intake of these tablets will also protect the body against other symptoms of PCOD like excessive hair growth and headaches.

  • Hormonal Supplements:

These supplements help PCOD-affected women to get pregnant without going for advanced infertility treatments that can take a toll on the body physically and mentally. Drugs like Metformin and Clomid are commonly administered in PCOD but should be taken after consulting with a doctor only. Clomid is said to increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins or multiples so discuss this with your doctor before selecting a medicine.

  • Gonadotrophins:

These are injected into the body through injections to help the follicle to grow and release the egg. They stimulate the natural ovulation process with hormones that are not produced by the body naturally in PCOD.

  • Surgery:

Advanced cases of PCOD can take the help of surgery if all the other treatments fail to bring a visible change. The surgery is referred to as “Ovarian Drilling” and involves making small holes in the ovaries using laser or needle to help regularize the ovulation process. The drilling triggers the hormone production process in the body and helps to achieve normal timely ovulation but the usefulness of this procedure is something that is debatable.

birth control pills

So Why is this a Huge Issue if it is Just a Hormonal Disorder?

Now, this is something that really needs to be understood as to why this is a big deal if it does not hamper our daily lives and is not even detected in most cases. What most women do not understand is that the main concern with PCOD is infertility. Since this condition affects your regular menstrual cycle and makes it difficult for the ovaries to release a mature egg for the sperm, it is hard to conceive naturally with PCOD but it is not impossible. Many women struggle very hard to conceive even with medicines if they do not control their PCOD symptoms beforehand.

Women diagnosed with PCOD not only find it difficult to get pregnant but are also at a greater risk of a miscarriage and premature delivery. They can also be diagnosed with preeclampsia which is a medical condition arising during pregnancy and involves risk to both mother and child.

In women with a normal reproductive system, the ovary releases an egg in the middle of the menstrual cycle and the uterus prepares to receive the egg by developing an endometrial lining. This lining is made up of blood vessels that are shed in case pregnancy doesn’t occur and come out of the body as periods. In women with PCOD, the release of the egg and the thickness of the uterine wall do not occur in tandem and this is the reason why pregnancy does not occur easily.

For example, on day 14 of the menstrual cycle, the body should have a mature follicle of around 20 mm in size that is ready to release a mature egg into the uterus. The endometrial lining, on the other hand, should be thick enough to receive the embryo in case the woman conceives in that cycle. These two events do not match in case of PCOD and that is the reason why most women find it difficult to get pregnant naturally if they have PCOD.

Even in women who do not want to get pregnant or have not given it much thought, this disorder can take a toll on the body and show symptoms like unhealthy weight gain, excessive hair growth, high blood pressure, and higher risks of endometrial cancer. They are also at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the later stages of life.

PCOD remedies

What Happens if PCOD is Left Untreated?

If left untreated, PCOD can lead to many other serious complications like insulin resistance (Type-II diabetes), extreme weight gain, high blood pressure, excessive hair growth, hormonal imbalance, and in serious cases it can lead to endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer also if you do not get your periods for extended periods of time. The infertility issues, of course, are bad enough to deal with and can worsen with time if left undiagnosed.

Can I do Something to Control PCOD?

Yes, definitely. With proper diet and lifestyle changes, you can keep the symptoms of PCOD under control easily and achieve a natural reproductive cycle. The first and foremost thing to understand is that remaining physically fit and active will help you tremendously in fighting the symptoms of PCOD.

Most women diagnosed with PCOD struggle with obesity and unhealthy weight so it should be your first priority to lose some weight if you fall in the unhealthy range. Even the smallest of weight loss can help your body in getting a normal menstrual cycle. Research says that doing 20-30 minutes of regular exercise three times a week is enough to get your weight in check if combined with the right diet.

In terms of diet, a low-carbohydrate diet is generally advised as it helps to regulate the insulin levels in the body and aids in weight loss. Take more nutrients from natural sources like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and cut down on fast foods, sugar-rich foods, and unhealthy snacking to achieve your goal weight.

It is always better to consult a dietician who can help you design a diet that is beneficial for PCOD. Combining the right diet with moderate form of exercise has been proven to show visible results when it comes to controlling symptoms of PCOD.

Stress is another important factor that has been linked to PCOD and subjecting your body to a lot of stress on a daily basis can worsen this condition.

Common FAQs about PCOD

Some Common FAQs Related to PCOD:

  1. Is PCOD a lifelong disease?
  2. PCOD is not a disease but a condition that generally lasts for life even if controlled with diet and exercise. It does not go away completely even after surgery or regular medicine intake. However, keeping PCOD in control with a good lifestyle can suppress the symptoms significantly and can help you lead a long and healthy life.
  3. What are the first signs of PCOD?
  4. Irregular or missed periods are usually the first sign of PCOD. Uncontrolled weight gain and difficulty in getting pregnant are some of the other signs of this disorder. Hair growth on the face and the body and hair thinning are also seen in some affected women. If you are experiencing irregular periods or fewer than 8 periods in a year, consult a reproductive endocrinologist who will guide you further on how to control it.
  5. Can I get pregnant with PCOD naturally?
  6. Yes, but it is difficult to get pregnant naturally with PCOD as compared to normal women. With PCOD, the egg is not released at all or released later so it does not coincide with the thickness of the uterine wall that is prepared to receive the fertilized ovum. This can make it difficult for women to track their ovulation and get pregnant naturally.
  7. Can you have PCOD with regular periods?
  8. It is unlikely that you can have very regular periods with PCOD as the hormonal imbalance disrupts the normal menstrual cycle and this leads to fewer periods a year. In fact, some women who have PCOD do not have cysts on their ovaries while some women who have multiple cysts are not diagnosed with PCOD so you can have PCOD even with regular periods.

So this was a detailed guide on what PCOD is and what are its effects on the young women population. PCOD is becoming more and more common these days due to bad lifestyle and stress but it is very important to get it diagnosed early to take appropriate steps in the right direction. Leaving PCOD untreated for long has some major ill effects on the body so an active and healthy lifestyle should be followed to keep the symptoms under control. Please keep this in mind that PCOD is not a disease but a condition that can affect a woman’s fertility and physical appearance in the long run. These issues can definitely be treated or at least controlled to an extent if handled by a good doctor who has experience in handling PCOD-related issues.

Do you have PCOD or know somebody who does? Share this article with them to make them understand what PCOD is all about!

20 Foods To Eat For A Glowing And Healthy Skin – Effective Beauty Hacks!

20 Foods To Eat For A Glowing And Healthy Skin

Are you looking for foods to eat for glowing and healthy skin? When it comes to our skin, we splurge on many expensive skin care products to take care of it but what we forget is that our diet plays a huge role in how our skin looks and feels. If you use luxurious skincare products religiously every day and night but indulge in an unhealthy diet, it shows on your skin.

Foods To Eat For A Glowing And Healthy Skin

If you are confused about what to include in your diet for healthy skin, here are 20 tried and tested foods that help your skin look youthful and glowing if taken regularly:

20 Foods To Eat For A Glowing And Healthy Skin

20 Effective Foods For A Glowing Skin


Papaya fruit isolated

Rich in vitamin C and enzymes, Papaya is a tropical fruit that reduces skin inflammation and cures blemishes. It contains papain and chymopapain enzymes that are very useful in treating dark spots and uneven skin. These enzymes also clean the pores and improve the overall complexion of the skin. Papaya can be applied topically also through face packs or included in the diet for all its benefits.



The most important nutrient for healthy skin is water. Hydrated skin is happy skin and cucumbers can be your skin’s best friends as they are rich in water content and antioxidants. Eating cucumbers regularly have many anti-aging benefits and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. They are also rich in vitamin K and have a cooling effect on the skin. They can be used for removing tan and dark spots from the skin.



Considered as one of the super foods to eat for glowing and healthy skin, avocado is full of healthy fats and protects the skin from signs of premature aging and dullness. The fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate. It also prevents sun damage and keeps the skin moisturized with its high-fat content. You can mash an avocado and add it to your smoothies or can directly apply it to your skin for a natural face mask.



The king of green leafy vegetables is a favourite among skincare enthusiasts too. Eating a cup of spinach every day can protect the skin from free radical damage and repair the skin cells. High in beta-carotene, spinach also reduces the chances of skin cancer and aids blood circulation in the skin. Add a handful of spinach leaves to your morning omelet or whip up a spinach and apple smoothie to get your daily quota of this green wonder.



Rich in omega-3 fatty acid ALA, walnuts not only provide a moisture barrier to the skin but also prevent skin inflammation. These essential fatty acids are very beneficial for the skin as they cannot be produced by the body. Walnuts also contain zinc which is needed for healing of any skin wounds. They are a bit high in calories so consume them in moderation but definitely include them in one among these 20 foods in your diet for healthy and glowing skin.


fresh watermelon

With more than 92% water, watermelons are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and lycopene apart from water and dietary fiber. Eating this wonder fruit regularly helps to detoxify the skin and reduce blemishes. The fact that watermelon contains no fat and cholesterol is an added advantage. It is also very beneficial for oily skin as it reduces acne breakouts and excess oil production if consumed regularly.



Your humble tomato salad is packed with vitamin C and lycopene which prevent sun damage and fight signs of aging efficiently. You can have tomatoes in raw or cooked form and they improve the overall texture of the skin in any form. Lycopene also boosts the production of collagen in the skin and makes it look youthful and radiant. A unique fact about tomatoes is that the more they are cooked, the more their lycopene content is so eating all that pasta sauce you want.

8.Chia Seeds:

Chia seed

Great for both skin and health, chia seeds are a great source of protein and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well. They prevent signs of premature aging and reduce blemishes if taken regularly. These seeds also contain zinc and calcium that are very beneficial for the skin. You can add them to your diet by sprinkling them on your salad or making a chia pudding to enjoy a guilt-free dessert.



Known to aid in the healing of the skin, bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients and help in fading acne scars and hydrating the skin. Banana also contains potassium, calcium, and vitamin A and C. There are so many ways to include bananas in your diet and you can even apply mashed banana directly on the skin to get rid of blemishes and acne scars. Banana peel is also quite useful if applied directly on the skin as it removes scars and dark spots with regular use.

10.Green tea:

green tea

While most people drink green tea to aid in weight loss, it is full of antioxidants called catechins that prevent sun damage and reduce inflammation of the skin. These catechins also help in repairing the damaged DNA and have been proven to prevent skin cancer. Do not overdo on green tea as it also contains caffeine that can dry out the skin and make it look dull. You can add lemon to your green tea to amp up its benefits even further for the skin. Used green tea bags can be used to remove puffiness under the eyes also.



Rich in biotin, that is known to be beneficial for hair, nails, and skin, eggs are also a rich source of protein and help in the cell renewal process. They also contain albumin that helps tighten the large pores and control excess oil production. Regular consumption of eggs also helps to firm up the skin and reduce sagginess. There are so many ways to include eggs in your diet but make sure that you eat the whole egg as the yolk is also rich in many nutrients.



A natural source of salicylic acid and vitamin C, strawberries are loved by all and should be included in the diet if you want clear and radiant skin. They are all the more beneficial if you have oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Salicylic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that deep cleans the pores and reduces acne breakouts. These berries also improve the collagen production in the skin that delays signs of aging and reduces dullness. You can also add blueberries in your diet as they are also great for the skin.



An ingredient used in many skincare products designed to soothe the skin, oats are a great source of silicon which improves the elasticity of the skin. They are rich in soothing nutrients that reduce skin inflammation and firm up the skin. Using oats in face packs or including them in your diet provides relief from symptoms of eczema and rosacea as well. In fact, an oatmeal bath is very commonly used to get rid of any itching on the body.



A fatty fish like salmon is another great source of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for maintaining the health of the skin. Regular intake of fatty fishes reduces dryness and itching of the skin and provides instant relief from inflammation as well. Salmon is also rich in zinc, vitamin E, and protein. All of these nutrients protect the skin from free radical damage and increase the elasticity of the skin.

15.Coconut oil:

Coconut oil

As they say, coconut oil is the new super food! This oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that reduce skin inflammation and kills harmful bacteria that cause many skin problems. Coconut oil is one of the very few sources of lauric acid that is an antimicrobial fat also found in breast milk. This acid kills the bacteria and virus that damage the skin and reduces the chances of yeast infections. Applying coconut oil directly on dry skin or taking in a diet can boost the moisture levels of the skin and reduce itchiness and dark spots.



Proven to reverse signs of sun damage and environmental pollutants, pomegranate seeds are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that reduce pigmentation and prevent dullness. These vibrant seeds also contain vitamin C and vitamin K that are essential for improving the overall skin texture. You can either eat the seeds raw or add them to any fruit-based dish for some added colour and texture. In fact, pomegranate peel can also be used in DIY face masks for getting all the benefits. You can dry the peel under the sun for some days before grinding it to a powder and then add it to any DIY skincare recipe you like.



One of the most common ingredients used in kitchens all over the world, lemon not only adds a great flavour to your dishes but can be your skin’s best friend also. They are known for their natural bleaching action and can lighten and brighten the skin in just a few uses. It also works really well on dark circles and lightens pigmentation and acne scars significantly if included in the diet or applied topically. Other citrus fruits can also be taken in place of lemon as they provide similar benefits.

18.Dark Chocolate:

dark chocolate

Who needs a reason to enjoy some decadent dark chocolate but if you knew that this chocolate also helps you get glowing skin, that would make it way sweeter! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and provides great sun protection. The flavanols present in the chocolate also protect the skin from oxidative stress that can cause premature aging and dullness in the skin. This being said, go easy on it as it contains a lot of caffeine and can cause dryness if eaten in excess.

19.Red & Yellow Bell Peppers:

bell peppers

Loaded with vitamin C and beta-carotene, these colourful veggies not only add a lot of colour to your food but are very beneficial for the skin too. They help to improve the blood circulation in the skin and help to keep signs of aging under control. You can sauté these bell peppers and add them to any dish to get your daily dose of vitamin C easily.



This in-demand superfood is popular for all the right reasons. Particularly good for acne-prone skin, kale is rich in beta-carotene, copper, and vitamin C. Copper helps in reversing sun damage and vitamin C helps in boosting the collagen production to make the skin look more taut and youthful. It works really well in salads and smoothies and is a great substitute for other leafy greens.

Now that you know all about the 20 foods to eat for your healthy and glowing skin, it is also very important to avoid certain foods that do not work well for the skin and the body. Please keep in mind that it is very important to determine your skin type and alter your diet accordingly as not all foods are suitable for all skin types. Now if we talk about foods that you should avoid, the usual staples include white bread, processed meats, alcohol, soda, and other carbonated drinks, canned and foods loaded with sugar.

These foods create havoc on the skin if taken in excess and can cause skin inflammation and breakouts. People with sensitive skin should also avoid excess caffeine in their drinks to keep their skin clear. While usage of good skincare products also plays an important role in how your skin looks, your diet is a huge factor and what you eat actually shows on your skin.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to drink a lot of water. Sounds simple and easy right? Apparently, it is not. Most people tend to ignore this simple yet very important step and their skin looks very dry and dull. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help you keep your skin clean and prevent breakouts easily.

Have you tried these 20 Foods To Eat For A Glowing And Healthy Skin? Which is your favourite food for keeping your skin clear?