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After countless holidays on the beach, it is only fair that you have a few home remedies to remove suntan up in your sleeve. It is sad to say that not everyone does. If you don’t know any home remedies for tan removal, this article will help you find out how to remove sun tan from your skin. Get digging!

Home Remedies For Removing Sun Tan From Your Skin

Who misses a chance to spend their vacay, however short, in a blissful beach vibe? We enjoy sunbathing to have that golden glow after a relaxing holiday. Some of our summer beach holidays are merely for the sake of wanting that bronzed, sun-tanned body. When the heat is back, swimsuits kept in the back of the closet come out.

But not everyone likes to see their skin turning a few shades darker. Not to mention at times your skin gets too tanned, more than you desired. And you end up worrying about spending too much time in the sun, which is quite unfortunate if you think about it. No one should miss out on the fun you can have at the beach, especially during the summer.

However, suntan, after a certain shade is unhealthy. Because sun tanning is not just about the darkening of the skin. It is more grave than that. Being exposed to direct sun rays is so dangerous that it could give you severe sunburns, or worse, skin cancer.

Those who are aware of this make sure that they don’t step out without generously slathering their skin with an effective sunscreen. And they try different home remedies to remove suntan afterward.

Remove Sun Tan On Your Skin Quickly From Home


Whereas some are oblivious to the need of wearing sunscreen and consider suntan removal just “trying to get fair.” Nothing sounds crazier than that. Removing suntan from your skin is taking care of your skin, which is ultimately a huge part of self-love. Anyone who disagrees with that can keep their opinion to themselves.

Besides, it is practically impossible to get “fair” or “fairer.”  If you notice a few shades fairer than before after the suntan removal session, it means that your skin was in fact tanned. And the tan removal method you did only cleared your skin off the tan and brought your “real shade” out the surface of your skin. This is what makes your skin glow after removing suntan.

The result is your actual shade. This is also the outcome after a facial, it clears your skin off the dust, dirt, oil, and everything unwanted. It is normal to get all these undesired guests on your skin. But removing them should also be normalized. Likewise, unless you stay indoors without going out in the sun, you simply cannot dodge getting suntanned. This is why it is important to remove suntan from your skin.

For those who have a clue about how sun tanning works on your skin, here’s a quick reminder.

What Is Sun Tanning?

Suntan happens when there is overexposure to the sun. When your skin gets exposed to the sun and its UV rays, melanin —the chemical that forms pigmentation— goes overdrive. This darkens your skin a shade or two.

The higher the UV exposure, the higher pigmentation, and the darker the tan. But also, how much you tan depends on your skin type, genetics(1), and natural skin color. If you have pale skin, you are more prone to get suntanned as opposed to those with darker skin.

what is sun tanning


Tanning is your skin’s way of protecting it from the harsh glare of sun rays. Because UVB radiation attacks the top layer of your skin and can cause sunburns and damage your skin’s DNA. The harmful UVA rays from the sun penetrate even the innermost layer of your skin.

This can lead to skin cancer. So, as to shield your skin from burning, melanin produces a dark brown pigment we sometimes admire. Apart from this tanning, overexposure to the sun can lead to premature aging of the skin, form wrinkles, and fine lines on the skin. Now you know why prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays is considered dangerous. 

Home Remedies For Removing Uneven Sun Tan

We get suntanned not just when we desire, on a vacation for instance, but anytime, which you may not be fond of. Also, tanned skin may sometimes appear dull. Normally, suntan fades on its own after a few weeks or a month as the skin rejuvenates and regains its normal color.

If you cannot wait to let the tan fade out on its own, this list of home remedies for suntan removal will help you remove it faster. You can make your own de-tan packs with these remedies right from your kitchen since you can easily find what you need in your fridge or cabinet. So, start mixing up the remedies!

Lemon Juice and Honey

Lemon, with its acidity properties, is an excellent lightening and bleaching agent which helps in removing tan quickly. The abundance of vitamin C(2) and citric acid in it along with its anti-pigmentary properties makes it effective.

But it can also react badly to some skin types. If you use it in a scrub for exfoliation, you can remove sun tan from the face and neck overnight. Honey on the other hand is an emollient that helps to keep your skin hydrated and supple. It contains polyphenols and can improve your skin tone.

how to remove sun tan from face overnight

  1. Squeeze fresh lemon juice and add some honey (1 tbsp) to it.
  2. After mixing, apply it to your skin evenly.
  3. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, wash it off with a mild cleanser.
  4. Repeat this pack two times a week.
  5. You can try adding some sugar to the lemon juice to make a scrub to slough off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. You can remove sun tan from your hands and feet from this scrub.

As lemon is not recommended to use on the skin on its own, you can add other ingredients to it apart from honey. For instance, try adding potato juice or cucumber extract.

Tomato and Yogurt

Tomato is an antioxidant-rich brightener that helps in removing suntan. It fights free radical damage and treats skin darkening, dark spots, redness, and skin damage. Yogurt is a softener that contains lactic acid(3) to help your skin become supple. Both of them when mixed helps you remove suntan quickly!

removing sun tan instantly

  1. Take a raw tomato and peel off the skin.
  2. Blend it with 1 or 2 teaspoons of fresh yogurt.
  3. Apply the paste to your skin.
  4. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

You can also slice a tomato in half and massage your face with it as soon as you get home. Besides yogurt, you can add sandalwood, or red lentil and aloe vera to blend with tomato juice.

Similarly, instead of tomato, you can add turmeric, gram flour, orange peel powder to yogurt to treat your suntan. All of these potent combinations work like magic!

Potato Juice

You can kiss goodbye to your dark circles by working potato magic. Apart from being a natural soothing agent, potato juice is also an excellent bleaching agent. The presence of catecholase helps brighten your skin tone, resulting in regaining your natural skin tone.

It actually answers your question about how to get rid of suntan from hands in a jiffy. You don’t have to add anything to it, but if you want, you may add lemon juice to it while removing suntan from your hands and feet.

how to de tan face naturally at home


  1. Juice a raw potato and apply it directly onto your skin.
  2. Let it dry for 15 minutes.
  3. Wash it off once dried.

Almonds and Milk

The antioxidant properties present in almonds helps in the de-tanning process whereas the cleansing properties of milk make the tan removal effective. This mix also smoothens your skin as soft as a baby’s butt.

how to remove tan from face and neck instantly

  1. Soak a few almonds overnight.
  2. Blend them with some milk to make a paste.
  3. Apply it to your tanned skin.
  4. Keep it for 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse it off with cold water.
  6. Try this remedy every day for two weeks.

Instead of milk, you can add some rose water to make the paste. To make a scrub, add some sugar and coconut oil to the blended almonds to scrub your tanned hands and feet.

Oatmeal and Buttermilk

This is one of the tan removal home remedies for oily skin. It works by cleansing and exfoliating the properties of oatmeal along with softening effects of lactic acid-rich buttermilk. So de-tan your skin with this effective tan removal pack.

how to remove tan and dark spots from face

  1. Soak 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in half a cup of water for five minutes.
  2. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of fresh buttermilk to it and mix well.
  3. Apply the paste to your tanned face, neck, arms, feet, and other tanned areas in a circular motion.
  4. Let it dry for 20 minutes.
  5. Wash it off.

Strawberries and Raw Milk

Strawberries are natural skin brighteners as they are rich in antioxidants, AHA (alpha-hydroxy- acids)(4), and vitamin C. This is another tan removal home remedy for oily skin.

Because the acidic properties in strawberries can remove excess oil from your skin while lightening the dark spots. Adding raw milk to the mixture will make your skin healthy supple by locking in essential moisture deep into your skin.

Also, it has tan reversing effects, which is why the combination makes this one of the effective suntan removal remedies.

removing sun tan instantly

  1. Mash a few ripe strawberries with a fork.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of raw milk to it and whisk the mixture well to form a lump-free paste.
  3. Apply it to your tanned skin and let it dry for 30 minutes.
  4. Wash it with cold water.

Coffee Scrub

Most of us add coffee to our skincare routine. But did you know that you can use a coffee scrub for tan removal at home as well? Since it is rich in antioxidants that safeguard your skin from free radicals, it can protect your skin from UV rays, help you remove tan, make your skin even-toned, and reduce aging effects caused by overexposure to the sun.

By scrubbing it onto your skin, you are gently exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin and layers of tanning. When you mix coconut oil with it, it will help in nourishing your skin.

how to remove sun tan from hands

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee powder, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar, and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.
  2. Once you make a paste with a thick consistency, apply it to your face, neck, arms, and foot in a circular motion.
  3. Scrub for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Wipe it off with a wet towel.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most used ingredients when it comes to skincare due to its numerous benefits. Using it on your tanned skin is extremely beneficial if you are deeply tanned resulting in tender skin because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

When applied, it creates a protective healing layer, soothes your skin, and replenishes your skin’s natural moisture. Along with protecting your skin against the damage caused by the sun’s rays, it can brighten your complexion.

how to de tan face naturally at home

  1. Take some fresh aloe vera gel from the sap of the leaf.
  2. Apply it directly on your deeply tanned skin.
  3. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

It is important to know that all of these may not work for everyone in the same way. So, if any of these home remedies start to sting or burn, stop using them immediately.

Unless your dermatologist advises you to continue using, you cannot continue. This is why it is recommended to always try a test patch on your arm before applying it to your face.

Prevention Tips For Sun Tan

Like I said before unless you stay indoors all the time without exposing your skin to the sun, you cannot avoid getting a suntan. It is nearly impossible. But with the list of home remedies mentioned above, you can easily get rid of suntan instantly.

Though, the best way to lighten a tan is to prevent it in the first place. For that, these prevention tips can help you avoid getting a suntan.

tan removal home remedies for oily skin

  • Wear an effective sunscreen with a high factor of SPF or at least 30 SPF.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  • Use sunglasses, a scarf, hat, or umbrella, and sun-protective clothing (full-sleeved clothes) when outside.
  • Stay hydrated when you are out in the sun.
  • Avoid unwanted prolonged exposure to the sun, especially at the peak time —10 Am to 4 PM.
  • Wash your face 3 to 4 times a day.

Final Thoughts

Suntan is normal but could be unhealthy. There are plenty of sun protection products on the market. Either you can use them or the organic home remedies I have listed above to remove the suntan on your skin.

Not only will they remove darkened tan, but they also offer significant benefits to your skin in the process. In addition to using them on your skin, follow the prevention tips as well. So, let’s hear it for genuinely enjoying the time spent outdoors and letting go of the worry altogether!