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Tips On Dating While Social Distancing: Love and Lust Amid Quarantine!

Tips On Dating While Social Distancing

Shuffling from the living room and bedroom, our lives in confinement have finally started to take its toll on our social life. We have sealed our days of isolation with eating, sleeping, and scrolling [repeat!]. Every social aspect of life has taken a backseat. Especially dating. Right? But who says it has to be that way? Who says social distancing should halt the fun of dating altogether? Nobody!  

Tips On Dating While Social Distancing

We are social creatures who need relationships and intimacy – physical, emotional, or sexual – to lead a healthy mindful life. This zombie life can only go on a few days until we lose our mind. Because intimacy is a major part of our health that relaxes our minds and saves from crumbling under heightened stress. The COVID-19 outbreak restricts us from going out and is socially active, which is what we humans are basically made for. [Not you, introverts!] However, social distancing doesn’t completely restrict us from dating. Now popes the frequently asked question from people who voice their concerns about dating. “Dating while social distancing? How?” 

Tips On Dating While Social Distancing

Relax, it’s not impossible. When we think of a long-distance relationship, all our worries would be solely on lack of physical intimacy. How do you think couples in long-distance relationships successfully work it out by overcoming the trouble of lack of physical intimacy? By understanding and communicating with each other, which social distancing doesn’t restrict us from. All thanks to the virtual world, dating has never been easier! If you are pondering on tips on dating while social distancing, start scrolling!

Date Online – Make Use Of The Virtual World!

Have you watched the movie Five Feet Apart? In the movie, the couple is forced to keep a five feet distance from each other to stay alive and not get infected. The tearjerker movie shows us how important it is to maintain the distance. But the distance doesn’t stop them from getting to know each other and having fun. Likewise, you have a whole digital world at your fingertips without having to put your relationship status on hold. 

Date Online - Make Use Of The Virtual World

If you are single, you don’t have to pull at your hair thinking the world has ended for you. 2020 is the year that has already taken the dating world to another level by creating platforms for even the most introverted person to stay comfortable. If you are already in a committed relationship, stop picking your nails because you can make this work better! And if you are stuck on quarantine with your partner, I hope you come out of quarantine with a sane head and not a murder charge on your head. 

All jokes apart, dating while social distancing is not as difficult as you picture it. With some effort from both sides, you can make the relationship healthy. To swim and not drown in the midst of all, read some tips on dating while social distancing to keep the relationship afloat.

Play Virtual Games Together

There are countless games you can play online that can help you kill the time you have. Thanks to the constantly changing technology, you can now play games online, together with your partner! You can either partner up and play with them or play against each other. Some games give you the advanced option of talking to each other while playing. There are numerous apps and websites out there to play virtual games together. 

Dating Tips During COVID-19

One such game is “House Party”, the face to face social network, in which you can video call and play games with your partner. Games include Trivia, Ellen DeGeneres-inspired Heads Up!, Quick Draw!, and Chips and Guac. It is available on Android, iOS, iPad, and macOS. Other time-killing virtual games are “Jackaroo”, a card game and “Yalla Ludo” in which you can play ludo with your partner and talk through the mic simultaneously, and many other games. Incredible, isn’t? How the virtual world makes us feel the presence of our loved ones even when they are not physically present! 

Watch Movies and TV Shows Together

Pop a bowl of popcorn or grab a tub of icecream to watch movies or TV shows together with your partner. Plan movie nights and enjoy watching them by screaming at the screen during a scary scene or laugh together at a funny scene. There are chrome extensions such as Netflix Party, Meta stream, and Scener that allow you to watch movies and streaming media online with your partner. There are many quarantine-recommended movies and TV shows(1) you can binge-watch without interruption. You can watch TV together on FaceTime too.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Together

How to set up Netflix Party(2): Go to Netflix’s website. Choose any movie or show you would like to watch and play the video. Click on the red “NP” icon next to the address bar to create your party. Then click “Start Party” to get the party started, and share the party URL to your partner to invite him to the party.

Plan Virtual Dates

Although you can’t physically go on dates, you can plan several virtual dates! Choose a time that will be perfect for both of you and video calls using different apps such as Zoom, Google Hangout, FaceTime, Skype instead of speaking on the phone. You will feel their presence more with video calls. Plan what you will be doing on the date. You can even surprise your partner by ordering his/her favorite food for them before the date(3)

Dating Tips During Lockdown

Take as much effort you would take before going on a date. Choose the pretty dress that makes you confident and dress up for the occasion. You can have dinner together while video calling or you can cook dinner together. You can play games, play loud music and dance together, anything that is possible to do over a video call. Try not to scroll down your phone, just like how you would try not to when you are on a real date. 

If your dating has just started, decide on a day and time to have a virtual first date. But if you are not comfortable with video calling just yet, talk to your partner about it. You can find other fun activities to do!

Cook Or Bake Favorite Recipes

Put your chef caps on ladies! There are so many easy but yummy recipes you can learn online. Search up different recipes and decide one recipe with a few ingredients that will be easy for both of you. So that you don’t have to worry about not having enough ingredients. There are easily accessible apps with recipes available for both iOS and Android. Or you can try persuading your grandmother to tell you her “magic recipe”. Pick a recipe, keep your phone in a good spot in the kitchen, and try to make it simultaneously. You can learn about each other’s tastes better while cooking together.

Cook Or Bake Favorite Recipes

Cooking and baking can be both relaxing and fun but innately messy, all the while testing your patience. You can watch how your partner works under stress that a simple recipe brings, which takes not much effort. Sharing that intimacy will strengthen your relationship too.

Take Online Classes Together

Another fun thing to do is to find a common online class you can both join. Discuss things you both want to learn about and decide on one topic which you can join virtual classes for(4). This will give you something new to talk about and it will be something you both have in common! There are many topics available online. You can learn new skills, new languages, business classes, etc. Join virtual clubs or watch virtual events to spend some time together and have a discussion after. 

Take Online Classes Together

Workout Together

You must have heard more often how to quarantine should be used to build new hobbies and productive habits. With the COIVD-19 outbreak, our health is a priority we should focus on. So why not build a workout hobby with your partner? You can video call and workout together and motivate each other to do more pushups and situps! You can find an online trainer or use the same workout apps or YouTube tutorials. Getting regular exercise routine will help you stay fit both physically and mentally(5)

Workout Together

Take A Walk Around The Neighborhood On Call

While social distancing, it’s important you stay 6 feet away from everyone outside. But having a stroll down your neighborhood is still on the table. Call your partner and go for a walk to the park near you, the fewer the people, the better. Put your phone away and use a pair of earbuds to talk to your partner. It will almost feel like you are walking beside them. It’s important that you take some time off the screen (6) to feel closer to your partner. Narrate your surroundings and the weather and how you feel. You will get some fresh air too. 

Dating Tips During Corona

Make Time For Each Other

It is easy to get distracted and lose track of time when you are living through isolated days. So, plan a specific time convenient to both of you to a phone call or video call each other [don’t forget to charge your device]. Put on some relaxing music and talk to each other about your day, your post-quarantine plans and what you both intend to do together [places to travel to, restaurants to try, concerts to go, etc], read to each other. Have some drinks and talk, just like how you would do when your partner is with you physically.

Online dating while social distancing

However, it is important to know that not everyone is on the phone 24/7 just because it’s quarantine. It is not either of your faults if you forget about the planned time because one of you must have got busy with something important, or slept through the time. Be patient and don’t get mad if your partner has a valid reason for missing the planned time. Talk it out and plan another time. 

Flirt Through Texts

The best and easy way to romanticize your relationship? Flirting shamelessly!

Online Dating Tips

Let your fingers move along the keypad with a few emojis to lure your partner into you. Relax and have some fun to heat the conversations. Even if you are texting a stranger from an online dating app, flirting is the single most effective way to build the chemistry. There are many apps you can meet and date people of your like and choice such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid.

All of these apps have gained more downloads and an increase in daily conversations now. The odds of you finding the right partner in other isolated strangers is high right now. However, keep in mind that if you go to these apps when you are already in a negative space [lonely and bored], it might not be healthy for you.  

Write Love Letters 

Do you want to give your partner a hearty surprise? Write love letters to them. With texts and emails replacing the good old letters, get a little fancy and write long letters expressing your love for them. Take your inner Wordsworth out and be a romantic lover. You can write anything you want in there; write about your day, shared dreams and memories you are fond of, what you love about them, how much they mean to you.

Write Love Letters

Or you can write a short letter with a poem if you are not good with words. It’s not about the length of the letter, it is about the thought and effort of the action that will be dear to them. Imagine the surprised look on their face when there is an unexpected letter delivered to them by a mailman? And the way their fingers will be tingling with anticipation while tearing it open. Any unprompted gift is a sweet gesture.

Communicate With Each Other

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. It was always important, but now it has become essential. Talk about anything and everything because you have enough time to vent. You don’t have to talk only about coronavirus. There are a million things for you to start conversations on.

Communicate With Each Other

The quarantine will give enough time to communicate more to connect deeply on an emotional level and get to know each other. Build friendship, trust, and emotional dependency, reconnect with your distant partner, share values, and learn what they enjoy. You can also share memes through social media to laugh together. 

Take Time For Yourself

Just because you are social distancing doesn’t mean that you need to communicate constantly. It might get exhausting after a few days. Yes, you are supposed to be interconnected, but there is no pressure to be with each other the whole time. Give space for each other and talk about boundaries for they must know. Do your things alone. 

Take Time For Yourself During Qurantine

These tips on dating while social distancing could be your best decision on quarantine. Especially for introverts who are relieved for not having to leave the house and be socially active to lead a healthy relationship. The virtual world has only made things easier for them. Perhaps extroverts can learn one or two from introverts who are fluent in virtual dating.  


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Productive Quarantine Hacks – An Unfair Advantage!

Productive Coronavirus Quarantine - An Unfair Advantage

If anyone had told me at the beginning of the year that we would all be self-isolating to this extent by March, I would have spilled my coffee because of laughing hard. And probably shrugged that off with a sarcastic comment. My then brain wouldn’t have been able to imagine the whole world under lockdown because it frankly seemed surreal and unthinkable. But that’s the reality of what happens when a contagious disease puts the world on hold. 

Productive Coronavirus Quarantine 

I can bet on a thousand bucks that quarantine was not on your bucket list. Not mine either. But considering how the world works right now, not being on quarantine would be a mistake of being both stupid and selfish. So, take full advantage of this shot you are given while you are at it. Come to think of it, isn’t this all we wanted? Time. Time to relax, time to do all chores at home, time to pamper your body, time to do everything on your to-do list. Of course, not the way we wanted.

Productive Coronavirus Quarantine - An Unfair Advantage

But this is the time you can turn your life around by building habits that can bring effective changes in your life. Some of your quarantine confined at home would be productive and fruitful while others’ quarantine would be an endless cycle of anxiety and angst, which is inevitable and completely normal. Nobody is mentally prepared for a dead halt in this fast-paced life. Nevertheless, anyone can change their state of mind by distracting the mind with productive activities. Get your lazy self up and going to do some quality work!

Home Quarantine Hacks

Are you bored of not having anything to do? There is an entire song [When Will My Life Begin] about things to do while self-isolation in the movie Tangled. The list is neverending! The good news of this uninterrupted time is that now you have all the time in the world to do everything you thought of not doing because of the lack of time. To kill the time you have in your hands, get productive while keeping yourself entertained. You can use these home quarantine hacks to distract your agitated mind and busy yourself before the uneasiness kills your mood. 

Home Quarantine Hacks

Turn Self-Isolation To Self-Reflection

When was the last time you sat with your own thoughts? When was the last time you pondered on the roots of your thoughts and actions? We spend too much time on social media reading others’ thoughts and opinions, don’t we? Reading others’ thoughts and feelings will make us mimic them instead of growing from within. A plagiarised self is a prison for the soul. Let this time be the time to reflect and know yourself in the raw state. For that, try these home quarantine hacks below.

Turn Self-Isolation To Self-Reflection

  • Do a massive to-do list to help you track down the time and everyday activities. Set goals you want to achieve by the time you come out of quarantine or your goals of the year 2020.
  • Read and reflect. Be intellectually curious to know more. Read books, ebooks, guides, blogs, newsletters, reports, journals, magazine articles, biographies of successful minds, etc that will help you reflect.
  • Start writing journals to help your mind to relax by slowing down your running thoughts. Writing always helps your mind. Even when you get angry at your partner, parents, siblings, friends, or kids, go write a note to yourself and vent, instead of lashing out.
  • Listen to podcasts on any topics you are interested in.
  • Watch documentaries such as Planet Earth to learn more -history, earth, animals, human health, successful people, mindfulness.
  • Learn about mental and emotional health and how to take care of it.
  • Join virtual clubs and social media groups to get psychological assistance and self-awareness.
  • Watch inspiring and self-improvement TED talks, interviews and take notes. 
  • Do online social works, if you are interested.
  • Build these productive habits because it takes 21 days to form a habit. You have enough time to build one.
  • Take little naps to give yourself a break.

Discover Your Inner Artistic Muscle

Did you know that Marry Shelley wrote Frankenstein during a lockdown? She used the time she had for herself and created something extraordinary that showed her sheer brilliance. If quarantine is not the time to pull out your inner artistic self, I don’t know what is. This is the perfect time to discover the artist in you and make use of it. Besides, our life is online now. There is nothing you won’t get online. You can try anything online and discover yourself online! Try these listed below to strike an artist chord inside you. 

Discover Your Inner Artistic Muscle

  • Paint whatever that comes to your head. Or you can take references from Google and paint one like that. Make mistakes, use the wrong colors, paint outside the line; you don’t need to get anything perfect either. Areeba Siddique(1) creates stunning art you can get inspired from. You can even paint the walls of your home in a creative way!
  • You can use different apps and websites to paint virtually and create digital art. There are apps to create digital illustrations. 
  • Draw your self-portrait by standing in front of the mirror. Draw an image of landscape or plants(2) or a puppy or any sort that you like. Or trace the image and draw which doesn’t take much effort.
  • Try bottle art on transparent glass bottles.
  • Do the art of bullet journaling with a few color pens, washi tapes, and pictures or pages from books and magazines. 

Discover Your Inner Artistic Muscle 1

  • Create a photo album with printed pictures, decorate it in your taste and add a small caption to each memory. Or create a photo wall with pictures of your family, friends, quotes, etc with fairy lights snaking around them. This will give your home a whole new feel. 
  • Create your own art space with all of your art supplies, quotes that inspire and move you, your dreams and places, and just anything you want. Maybe add a few planters with little cactus to give life to the art space.  
  • If there is any musical instrument under your bed, dusting and rusting away, take it out and play it. 
  • Tap your muse and create art with your words. Write poems, stories, short stories, or anything that comes to your mind. Don’t forget that this is for you, not for social media. You can write anything!
  • Write letters to your friends and family members to post after the quarantine. Who writes letters now! You can always bring the art of letters back. 
  • Make creative cards and write meaningful messages. You can write letters as a birthday present or anniversary gift. Pile them up to give them to your friends and family when the time comes up.
  • Learn calligraphy from YouTube.
  • Learn how to make origami. 
  • Recreate different DIY crafts from Pinterest.
  • Try stitching scarves or embroidery with different colors of threads. 

Put Your Green Pants On

Communing with nature is another way to calm your mind and body. You must have seen many people on social media putting their green pants and taking a walk in their backyards. Keep in mind the listed below to reconnect with your green life with limited space.

Put Your Green Pants On

  • Grow your own garden with beautiful plants and flowers because gardening is one of the most de-stressing activities.
  • Plant a tree, new saplings, and seeds and grow your green friends.
  • Clean and tend your garden and backyard. 
  • Set up your balcony with plants in colored planters. You can paint your planters with vibrant colors or any paints you have at home.
  • Learn how to make a terrarium in easy steps from YouTube.
  • Set up your own vegetable garden on your terrace or garden.
  • Take a walk or run in the park near you where there are fewer people. Keep your distance from people. 
  • Take a few moments to watch sunrise and sunset every day.  

Cultivate The Deep And Heavy Work

It may seem hard to get up from the bed every morning and anyone would love to stay in. But in order to have a productive quarantine, you need to get up and get going! Make a small checklist every day by breaking tasks into smaller pieces. Try to complete the list before bed. Make some time to sit and do nothing because it is important that you take small breaks. There are many heavy tasks you need to take care of and here’s the list you should assess.

Cultivate The Deep And Heavy Work

  • Talk to your financial planner to lay out a budget to save some money. COVID-19 has buzzed the market and it’s no surprise many of you are concerned about your money. Knowing where it goes will make you feel prepared.
  • Pay your bills if they are due. 
  • Learn about your health insurance in detail and clear your doubts. If you haven’t got the insurance yet, apply after going through the details. 
  • Donate to different organizations to help others get through this battle financially. Donate to health workers, neighbors and relatives what they lack such as face masks, sanitizers, etc(3)
  • Exercise and get fit. It is important to take care of your physical health during a pandemic. Create a playlist and do a family workout session at least four times a week. This will help you steam off the stress too. There are many apps you can install from Google Play or App Store to get an online trainer [8Fit, Seven, Sworkit]. Many trainers are going live on social media to motivate and help others to do the workout with them. LA Thoma(4) goes live on Instagram twice a week to exercise along with her followers.
  • Take a breather and meditate to bring down your stress level. Learn some yoga postures and take a few deep breaths. Do the yoga postures after waking up.
  • If you are working from home, do your work on time without procrastinating. Get cozy somewhere with sunrays to do your work. Sunlight will lift your mood. Move your body from time to time instead of sitting in one position for a long time.
  • If you are a student, do your assignments or seminars. You can always binge watch TV shows after you are done.
  • Help around the house and give them a hand. 

Take The Huge Guns Out To Light

There is always some work that often takes a backseat with the excuse of “limited hours”. Too bad, you can’t use that excuse anymore. Everyone has at least one such chore that never gets done. With quarantine, you can effortlessly finish those that you have been meaning to get around forever.  

Take The Huge Guns Out To Light

  • Read that thick book you have been wanting to read for a long time. You can read now without any distractions.
  • Build your personal website, a video blogging channel, write blog posts or update the existing website.
  • If you are thinking of starting a business(5) or are already running a startup, check these apps to get things done easily: Preview App, Monday, Calendly.
  • Start writing a novel or finish the book you were working on. You have enough time to complete it.
  • There are many online classes for free for technical classes, business courses, academic courses, and many more that can get you certified. Learn to code, a new language, investing, new profitable skills, how to cook, etc(6). Check out these apps or websites for free online courses: Duolingo, Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.
  • Declutter your laptop and mobile phone by deleting the junk files, unwanted images and videos, and clearing caches. 
  • Deep clean your house; every nook and cranny. Everything from blinds and window sills to mirrors and ceiling fan blades. Clear out the kitchen and refrigerator. A spring clean is necessary, especially with coronavirus.
  • While cleaning, you can redecorate your house by replacing any furniture or adding any piece of art of craft you created. 
  • Declutter your closet by clearing the closet. Put everything into two piles. Put away the ones you don’t wear anymore to donate or trash. Organize the other pile neatly back to the closet.
  • Cleanse your face and hair deeply with face masks and hair masks. 
  • Take a relaxing bubble bath after exfoliating your dry skin(7)
  • Dye your hair. 
  • Learn many cooking recipes, especially your favorite ones and easy ones, and tape them on your refrigerator. Find healthy recipes too.

Have Some Fun To Feel Lighter

You don’t always have to follow some strict routine to be productive. At times, letting go of all the worries about unfinished works and entertaining yourself with some fun is also being productive. This quarantine is basically for Netflix and Chill! in your bed or couch with a huge bowl of popcorn. Now here’s a list of fun activities you can do to keep yourself and others at home entertained. 

Have Some Fun To Feel Lighter

  • Do puzzles, board games and card games that can make your brain work. Or play some games that are purely for fun i.e., truth or dare. You can play games online too.
  • Do an indoor treasure hunt with your family members and give the winner a unique price.
  • Interview each other to know more about them deeply. You can always Google the questions to ask. 
  • One creative and fun game is to play a movie and mute the audio. Let the members of your family create dialogues for the movie. You have no idea how much you will laugh.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs and dance it out! Or join an online dance class.
  • Do a family karaoke.
  • Video call your friends and family to get in touch with them. Support and love are what everyone needs when social distancing.
  • If you are a Mom, spend time with your kids and set up different fun activities and games for them.
  • Make a list of places you want to go after quarantine; museum, concerts, events, and so on.
  • Read those novels you read for leisure. And perhaps join a book club.
  • Watch YouTube vlogs of your interest and catch up on your favorite vloggers’ channels you were missing out.
  • Watch movies and TV shows of all genres online. Everything is at the tip of your finger. There are movies and shows of every kind from something light and funny to dark and strong that reaches down to your soul. 

Marvel series [23 movies], Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Where’d You Go Bernadette, The Vow, About Time, Black Swan, Hacksaw Ridge, Inception, and the list would go on if I don’t stop. If you haven’t watched these movies already, what are you waiting for?! 

I strongly recommend these TV shows: 

  1. Friends – if you want to get a stomach ache from laughing hard. 
  2. Grey’s Anatomy – if you want some drama to cry over. After 16 seasons of Grey’s, I feel like I am totally ready to scrub in and do open-heart surgery.
  3. Sherlock Holmes – if you want to laugh over some mind-blowing detective stories. 
  4. Breaking Bad – if you want your mind blown with amazement. 
  5. Money Heist – if you want some thrill to keep you on the edge of your chair.
  6. Grace and Frankie – if you want some time to live on the beach house without men.
  7. Killing Eve – if you want some Lady James Bond action. 
  • Try the many social media #quarantinechallenges to fill your time and challenge your friends to do the same. 
  • Take pictures and videos of your family, even when they are thinking and not doing anything, and make a film of every video by the end of quarantine.  

You have a lot of things to do to have a productive quarantine apparently. I hope these home quarantine hacks have helped you clear your head and urged you to use and try some of the aforementioned hacks. Adopt these hacks because it is easy to lose track of time amid a lockdown. You have too much time now, use it wisely.


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Don’t Fall For These Myths About The Coronavirus: Myths Busted!

Don’t Fall For These Myths About The Coronavirus

With the coronavirus addressed as a global pandemic and almost every country in the world on lockdown, people are bound to get fearful and believe everything they read. Without confirming what’s right and wrong. 

Do you know what is more alarming than fear of the virus itself? Panic. Believing the myths for facts and spreading misinformation while creating unnecessary fear among others is alarming. We do not want fear in this crucial time, instead, all we need is reality checked facts to create awareness for appropriate action. We need proper risk communication to fight enemies like panic and fear. 

Don’t Fall For These Myths About The Coronavirus!

Do not be misinformed because misguided advice is no help in times of a crisis. To educate yourself and others, it is crucial that you know what is a fact and what is a myth. After reading this article, do not fall for these myths about the coronavirus stated below.

Don’t Fall For These Myths About The Coronavirus

Corona Is The Deadliest Virus Known To Mankind

This is the most common misconception the world is wrapped around. We hear many people, even adults who have access to all kinds of credible information, saying with fear:

“If you are infected, you’re going to die.” 

“If I am tested positive, there is no turning back.”

“Coronavirus is our endgame.”

Yes, all of us are eventually going to die. But it doesn’t necessarily be from the virus. 

Compared to many other pathogens like Ebola [50% fatal], influenza, and rabies viruses [almost 100% fatal], coronavirus is nowhere near deadly like them. Considering the fatality rate of the virus, which is 2%, you don’t have to panic over dying from coronavirus. About 81% of the people infected have mild cases of COVID-19. 

Corona Is The Deadliest Virus Known To Mankind

Besides, have you heard of the number of recovered people from coronavirus? Out of 10,05,507 infected, 210,555 are recovered. Most recently a 102-year-old woman from Italy recovered after staying 20 days in the hospital. Incredible, right? 

“Only” Elders And Children Will Be Infected  

Yes, it is true that elderly people are more vulnerable to get infected. However, that doesn’t mean that younger people can sit back and relax, or worse, go out and not isolate. It is all about how healthy your body is. If your immune system is good enough to fight the infection, you will have the chance to recover quickly if infected. But people with underlying health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, be it young or elderly, chances of getting infected is higher and will be severely ill in no time. 

Coronavirus Myths & Facts

Any human who is exposed to the virus will get infected. As the immunity power of elderly people and children is weaker than young people, they are more likely to get infected. As a human being, it is your duty to take all the precautions to protect yourself from getting infected and from spreading the virus to others. No matter what age, people of all ages should follow the WHO hygiene instructions. 

Wearing Masks Will Prevent The Infection

The surgical face masks will not fit tightly to your face. Hence, you shouldn’t stock up the masks hoping that will save you from getting infected. Unless you use an N95 respirator mask that stays flush on your face, you will be taking the masks of health care workers and patients who need them more than you do.

Wearing Masks Will Prevent The Infection

The sole purpose of the surgical mask is to prevent your droplets from mouth or nose from getting into someone else’s airways. Because coronavirus is a respiratory virus, thus surgical masks cannot block that. If in case you need to wear one [going to a crowded space or to take care of a positive suspect], it should be worn in such a way that there shouldn’t be space for the droplets to go inside the mask from the sides.

People with respiratory disease or cold should wear these to lessen the chances of infecting others as they are effective at capturing droplets from your mouth to anyone else. Wearing surgical masks is mainly for protecting others from you, not the other way round. 

Vaccination Is Ready To Cure The Virus

Developing a vaccine that is both effective and safe for human beings is not easy. That will require at least 12 to 18 months of research and hard work. Scientists around the world are studying literally everything about the virus every day to pinpoint any significant clue that could lead them to a successful vaccine. As of now, a respiratory illness vaccine is recommended to protect your health. 

Vaccination Is Ready To Cure The Virus

Cats And Dogs Will Spread The Virus

The virus is transmitting to humans. Many pets didn’t get infected while their owners did. It is not proven that cats and dogs will spread the virus to humans even if they get infected. 

Cats and Dogs Will Spread COVID19

Thermal Scanners Can Diagnose 

Thermal scanners can detect people who have a fever when your body temperature is higher than normal body temperature. However, they cannot diagnose whether you are infected or not. Because it takes 2 to 10 days for people who are infected to become sick and develop a fever. You need to go through several tests done by the doctors to know for sure about being infected. Another misconception is that if you got infected, “you will know” which is not true. Not everyone with the virus knew beforehand as it may even take 14 to 27 days to show the symptoms. No thermal scanner can diagnose the virus.

Myths About Coronavirus

Chinese Food And Products Carry The Virus To Other Countries 

Parcels and products from China cannot carry the virus beyond an extended time. The CDC(1) explains that “because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.” But if you fear getting infected, sanitize the product before touching and wash your hands with soap after touching it(2). You can have Chinese food from New York as they cannot carry the virus.

Chinese Food And Products Carry The Coronavirus To Other Countries

5G Network Caused Coronavirus

It is widely believed that the radio signals that 5G uses could cause cancer and other health problems. Even if the controversy of the wireless service causing COVID-19 is not surprising, it is a myth. These wireless networks do not produce energy that directly damages cells. There is no proven link between cellphones and cancer. Hence 5G did not cause coronavirus.

5G Network Caused Coronavirus

Coronavirus Is Just Like Any Other Flu

Some of you might kick the coronavirus to the curb saying it is just another flu. Especially when some people experience less severe symptoms and consider the virus as just another flu. Coronavirus is 10 ten times more deadly than seasonal flu that many of you never give a second thought to (3). But with this, it is important that you take precautions. 

Coronavirus Is Just Like Any Other Flu

You Have To Be With An Infected Person For 10 Minutes To Get Infected

It is possible to get infected with shorter interactions too. You can get infected by being with an infected person for less than ten minutes if there is close contact. You will inhale the virus coming out of the infected person in the form of droplets with close contact(4). You can pick up the virus from contaminated surfaces too which is considered as a less common route. 

You Have To Be With An Infected Person For 10 Minutes To Get Infected

Vaccine For Pneumonia And Flu Will Protect You From COVID

COVID-19 is different from any other virus and it needs its own vaccination that is yet to be found. Vaccination for pneumonia and flu will not provide protection against coronavirus. 

Vaccine For Pneumonia And Flu Will Protect You From COVID

Yoga And Other Home Remedies Will Save You

Yoga is a wonderful remedy for living a healthy life. But it cannot cure coronavirus. And there is no home remedy that can save you from coronavirus. If you experience any symptom at all, go to the hospital immediately to get tested. Do not waste your time by doing yoga or making home remedies to find a cure yourself.

Yoga Will Save You From Corona

Holding Breath For 10 Seconds Confirms You Are Not Infected

Social media is floating with many “test-yourself” misleading tests that many of us fall for. One of them is trying to hold the breath for 10 seconds to know if you are infected or not. No tests at home done yourself can diagnose the virus. To get the proper diagnosis, you need several laboratory tests done by your doctor. If you feel shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, call your healthcare provider. 

Myths About COVID -19

The Sun And The Snow Will Kill The Virus

This is one of the widely spread myths about coronavirus(5). According to WHO, the virus can be transmitted in all areas of the globe, including hot climates. Neither the cold weather and snow nor sun exposure and humid climate will kill the virus. Taking a hot bath won’t cure coronavirus nor will it prevent getting infected.

Standing in the sun will not help you from coronavirus. It is yet to prove that temperature changes will influence COVID-19 any differently. The normal body temperature will continue to remain around 36.5°C to 37°C, no matter what the external temperature is. 

The Sun And The Snow Will Kill Coronavirus

Spraying Alcohol And Chlorine On The Body Is Prevention

If the virus has entered your body, no matter what you do, the damage is done. You cannot alter the damage by spraying your body with alcohol or chlorine because the virus will be inside the body. This is an outright dangerous myth people believe in! Rubbing alcohol or chlorine will cause serious health problems, even death. Do not spray these harmful disinfectants on your body or clothes as they are not prevention against the virus.

Corona Myths

Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted Through Mosquitoes

There is no evidence yet that coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes. The virus is transmitted through the droplets coming from an infected when they cough or sneeze, not through mosquitoes. 

Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted Through Mosquitoes

Taking Antibiotics And Vitamin C Supplements Will Help You Cure The Virus

Like we have discussed already, the novel coronavirus needs its own medicine to be cured of it completely. No amount of vitamin C supplements will help you cure the virus. Yes, vitamin C will help you boost your immune system, not cure the virus. Stocking up antibiotics and taking them regularly will not help you either. Antibiotics should be taken to fight the bacteria in your body, not coronavirus.

Taking Antibiotics And Vitamin C Supplements Will Help You Cure The Virus

You Will Get Infected Through Blood Donation

Another myth about coronavirus is that you will get infected if you donate your blood. As the number of people getting infected is increasing, there will be a shortage of blood in hospitals. There are many patients who need blood. You will only get infected if they use the same syringe, which no hospital would do. The blood donation unit of the hospitals will be secured from the COVID-19 units with extra safety measures. You don’t have to worry about getting infected through blood donation.

You Will Get Infected Through Blood Donation

Using Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Will Set Your Hands On Fire

In order for your hands to be safe from getting infected, you need to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to kill the virus. But that doesn’t mean that your hands will get on fire. Unless you take loads of hand sanitizer and go near the fire, you will be fine. You should take a drop or two of the sanitizer and rub your hands together and within seconds the moisture will be evaporated. After your hands are dry, you are in no danger. As alcohol-based sanitizers are inflammable, keeping the bottle near the fire will set it on fire though. Keep the bottles away!

Using Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Will Set Your Hands On Fire

Drinking-Water, Eating Garlic, Lemon, And Herbs Will Prevent The Virus

We know that it is important to always stay hydrated. Always. We drink more water when we are sick. But drinking water will not save you from getting infected. Water cannot flush the virus that gets into your mouth to your stomach. No, it doesn’t work that way. 

While garlic is good for your immune system, eating it cannot protect you from being infected. Neither lemon nor herbs will prevent the virus. 

Drinking-Water, Eating Garlic, Lemon, And Herbs Will Prevent COVID-19

Rinsing The Nose With Saline And Gargling The Mouth With Bleach Is The Answer

Rinsing the nose with saline will help you recover quickly from a common cold, but not the coronavirus. It is pointless to try rinsing your nose with saline to fight the virus. Another absurd and dangerous myth about coronavirus is gargling your mouth with bleach to protect yourself. The only way to protect yourselves from the virus is frequent hand washing, avoiding touching mouth, nose, and eyes, and isolation. No amount of bleach, alcohol or saline will protect you from the virus. 

Rinsing The Nose With Saline And Gargling The Mouth With Bleach Is The Answer

Prevention is better than cure, right? Take your stand and protect yourselves from getting infected and misinformed. Close your eyes and ears to the many easily believable myths about the virus without confirming what’s right and wrong. Because misconceptions of what can protect you will harm you in the end. Do not fall for these aforesaid myths about the coronavirus. So, educate yourself and others, stay home, and stay healthy. A little part of you might make a big difference to the global pandemic. 

[The information here is for informational purposes and not as medical advice. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified health provider to know about your medical condition.]


  1. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (n.d). Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) FAQ. [online] Available at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html
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Tips For The First Date After Meeting Online – Calm Your Nerves Down!

Tips For The First Date After Meeting Online

Almost everything has changed with time. And of course, the dating world has turned upside down with time. Younger generations’ way of finding a partner has become easy yet interesting. Meeting the “love of your life” or “the one” at some library on a cozy morning or from a cute cafe on a rainy evening is way too old and typical now. In this virtual world, even your love could be found online. With butterflies packed and swarmed. 

Tips For The First Date After Meeting Online

After finally agreeing to take the relationship offline, you will be thrilled and nervous at the same time. It’s not every day you meet someone online and meet them in person for real. But if you are, don’t pull your hair out yet. I know that you are nerve wrecked to the point that you want to be done with it already. 

Pro tip: Calm your nerves as this is just an hour or two of your day. 

Tips For The First Date After Meeting Online

At the end of it, you will be down with two options; you might run for the hills or this could the last first date you will ever have! Not the exact words to calm a person but stop picking your nails and consider the normalcy of the situation as this is not your marriage. Give it a go! 

Chances are the person you are going to meet will be as anxious as you are. Because the unknown is scary as well. Do you know how many people meet and date online? According to the Pew Research Center, 15 percent of Americans recently reported using online dating sites to meet people, and online dating is gaining wider acceptance across most age ranges, notably tripling among people aged 18-24 from 10 percent to 27 percent between 2013 and 2015(1). I wonder how many of them made it to the first date. On the bright side, look at how every aspect of the world is evolving with time!

11 Tips To Ace The First Date – Online To Offline

Here I have the ultimate universal tips for the first date after meeting online you could use to ace this. Let these tips help you go meet him with confidence. 

Another pro tip: pop a mint!

Make sure you are ready for the date

Are you mentally and emotionally prepared to have this first date? Ask yourself. You need to see where you are at your current stage. Meeting someone off the virtual world means letting them into your life. Do you feel this is too soon? You might only be talking to the guy for a week or two. But if you are looking for something casual and just a fling, you can go ahead, making sure the guy is not some creep. On the other hand, if you are looking for something long-term and serious, give it some more time to seal the deal of the date. Get to know him more and make sure that you are fine with him being as he is and wants to give this a chance. 

First date tips

However, do not spend weeks talking to a guy online before meeting him in person. Delaying the date will make you drained because of all those feelings and emotions building for this person. Getting attached is not wise before a first date in person. If you are emotionally ready, get over with it and plan the next one. 

Don’t set the bar too high

Another surprising fact is that the first date is not exactly the “real first date”. It is more of a “meet-and-see” date which confirms the real first date that follows a few days later. You are meeting this person for the first time from the virtual to the real world. It could be entirely different from what you expect after knowing only the digital aspects of someone [which is never enough].

He could be sensible and smart online but unbearable in person. Or a great guy on the phone and off the phone. You never know! So, don’t get your hopes up because expectations are not often met. See the date as just an opportunity to meet someone compatible, nothing more and nothing less. 

Suggest somewhere public

Choose a place where there are people around you(2). Safety comes first, duh. But also to not make it more awkward with silence and dead conversation. After knowing a few things about him, you will know where to go that both of you will agree to. Ask him if he likes to do any activity to take him to the game center. Choose an interesting venue, not the same old diners where you see only the “button-down” personality.

Great choices for a first date is a trip to a museum [not if you are interested], a zoo, an amusement park, a picnic at a park, for bowling or golf, or a coffee shop for a coffee. Dates should be fun, so choose a place fun! All these places will show their “fun” side. 

places to go on a date

The worst choices for a first date are movies, bars, and dinner. Big fat no. There is no way you can talk to the guy, let alone interact and get to know if you go for a movie. A movie sounds pointless on a first date. Bars are loud and you will have to scream for him to hear you talk. On the other hand, dinner can be your worst nightmare if the guy is a jerk. You are talking about sitting and staring at each other for one or two hours straight to a dead-end conversation. 

Set up a back-up 

Keep the date short. For that, you should go for a cup of coffee from where you can leave by thirty minutes at the top of the date is not going well. And you can always go for dinner if he is great enough to spend more time with. Just say the classic “I’m hungry” and watch the date getting cozy. 

dating tips

Again, go somewhere you have been to before or somewhere you are comfortable and feel at home. That familiarity will calm your nerves down, if not already gone. But always keep a backup plan! If the date goes downhill after ten minutes itself, make your move. 

Let someone know where you are

Apart from the guy being a total creep or dangerous, this could also be your backup plan. A friend or anyone you inform can save you, literally and figuratively, if the date is horrible. The majority of the people you meet from online sites or social media platforms(3) are genuine and trustworthy. But if in case you are on the other side of luck, you need to inform someone about your location. After all, it is still a stranger. Better be safe than sorry.

Consider the do’s and don’ts about dressing

Your dress will, to an extent, define you. To be more specific, the way you dress will define you. So, show your personality through your choice of clothes. Keep the venue in mind while ruffling your wardrobe. You don’t want to walk into a zoo in an LBD(4)

how to dress for a date

Don’t go overboard with the way you dress for the date. Don’t go in thinking if you dress up in a certain way the date will go the way you want. That’s false thinking which has every chance to be a total mistake. Don’t let your expectations dress you up. Then again, don’t dress nonchalantly either, making him think that you hadn’t given a thought about what to wear. Your date deserves a little respect and effort from your side. How would you feel if he comes in looking like he took no effort at all? Be a lady, remember? 

Know when to talk and when to listen

A date is all about getting to know each other. If you haven’t already exhausted all the topics before the meeting, this date is definitely for you! Ask him questions about him that you couldn’t ask him online. If he is an introvert, first and foremost you should do is make him comfortable while respecting his personal space. As you would want. 

dating tips for women

Ask him the right questions. Not the icebreakers like hobbies and favorite food, which you must already know. Take online relationship offline, and get serious about what you ask. Ask about his priorities, views, and expectations on relationships, belief systems, ideas and much more. His personal opinions on general topics.

Then, listen to him attentively when he answers. Listen to not reply, but to understand. You can see the real passion in the eyes when someone is talking about something they love. Make sure you keep eye contact while talking and interacting. Share your views and ideas with him too. So that both of you know where you stand with each other. 

Keep your manners in check

Be a lady and leave a good impression of yourself. Be a pleasant date. First, be punctual and be on time. Don’t ever be late on a first date. That date will start badly leaving a pretty bad impression. Don’t make him think that you don’t care about his schedule. Waiting for someone on the first date is not fun. 

Keep your manners in check

Second, keep your phone away. Nobody likes it when their date’s eyes and attention goes to their phone and not on them. Even if the date doesn’t interest you anymore, don’t make him feel bad by paying more attention to your phone. Third, don’t steer the conversation to you, your interests, your ideas, etc. A date is not a monologue. Fourth, no matter how much of a jerk he is, do not forget your table manners. Keep up the good etiquette and your classiness. 

Fifth, split the bill. Offer to pay for whatever is it that you had. Most of the guys will insist on paying and decline your offer which is his job. But the offering is your job. And finally, you can leave the date by ending it off but not in a rude way. Tell him politely that it was nice to finally meet him but you have to go. He will get the hint. 

Don’t mention the ex and dig up the past

Who likes to hear or talk about their date’s past relationships? None. It’s the first date, for crying out loud! Your “ex” topic is the fourth or fifth date topic. Don’t get too personal on the first date itself. The first offline date is as cryptical as your first online date. You don’t even know if you are going to see the guy after that day.

first date conversation tips

If he asks you anything about your past relationships, try to change the topic. Or if you really trust them already, talk about it for a few minutes and no more. Besides, you don’t want him to feel like a rebound after a healing wound if you recently had a breakup that is. Ex is the past for a reason. So don’t go around asking him about that either. He might feel attacked, just like you. 

Don’t get worked up

Try not to overthink and imagine it to be something horrible when you have no idea how it will actually go. And don’t waste the date by wondering whether you are connecting or not the whole time you are with him. Either you will, or you won’t. Getting worked up over it won’t do any good. I say go with the flow. Have a good laugh, enjoy yourself, and have fun! That is what dating is about. Fun not  He is not a complete stranger if it helps you. But most importantly, watch out for red flags! 

Tips To Ace The First Date Online To Offline

Go with an open mind. This might work out great in the end, or not. As I said, it’s not marriage. Give it a chance and be open-minded about whatever the outcome of the date is. 

Be Honest

Be clear about your intention. Let him know what you want. You should know for yourself if he has the qualities you look for in a guy. At least from what he has already told you. If he is a smoker and you don’t even like being near one, give him a hint. Don’t lead him on. If you find qualities that you won’t be able to not find fault in, let him know.

tips for dating for the first time

Why drag this long if it is not going to last? Be honest about being casual(5)or serious about the date. Be honest about how you feel. Be honest about wanting to spend more time with him or calling it quits. Be honest if you would like to plan a second date with a simple text, “I had a great time and I’d like to do it again.” Honest. Simple. Easy.

The first dates are like testing the waters with baby steps. The job is either to make a relationship or break a relationship. Now, in this case, you already know a thing or two about the person. You must have a good relationship already. But worst-case scenario, he doesn’t match up to any of your expectations. Break it. You can always keep him as your close-knit friend if you don’t want to completely cut him off. Best case scenario? He is more than you expected and is more fun in person. Then you make the relationship. Sit back and relax, let these tips do the job. 


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Lesser Known Health Benefits Of ABC Juice – Miracle Detox Drink!

Abc Juice

How often do you detox your body? Once a week? Once a month? Or worse, never gave it a thought? Well, you thought wrong. It is essential that you detox your body every day. Yes, every day! Detoxing your body literally means to eliminate toxins and unwanted substances from your body. Sounds really important, right? 

Lesser-Known Health Benefits of ABC Juice

Detoxing and cleansing the body is often regarded as scammy and unnecessary. Time to reconsider that. Here’s the veiled fact. Our liver is supposed to do the detoxing brilliantly. But with all the chemicals and toxins we surround ourselves with, like the polluted air we breathe, the food we eat, products we use, our organs find it pretty hard to do the job. By detoxing the body effectively, we can help our organs be healthy in what they do and support the brainpower and energy pathways. 

Abc Juice

Bad News for Anyone Who Thought Detoxing was a Scam!

There are many ways through which you can detox your body. Almost everyone is aware that the universal law of a healthy body is an increased intake of fruits and vegetables. How about a juice with a mixture of it? Instead of taking the time to slice and have them, you can simply gulp down the cleanser in one swift way for detoxifying easily. A juice that is easy to make and requires not much effort.

ABC Juice Benefits

The ABC juice, otherwise known as the “miracle drink” is a healthy combination of apple, beetroot, and carrots. This miraculous drink is proven to do miracles to the body. Detoxing your body with a glass of ABC juice a day is the next best thing you should try, if not already. Originated as a natural treatment in traditional Chinese medicine for lung cancer, it is now widely used against any disease there is. 

Today’s health enthusiasts have added the ABC juice to their nutritious diet. Because besides giving an energetic body, it is refreshing and prevents infection with the involvement of life-saving antioxidants. It gives multiple health benefits to both the body and the mind alike, which is the ultimate detoxing solution anyone can dream of! With the age-old reputation that goes way back, ABC juice is a whole new level of vitamin added to your everyday diet. 

Miracle Drink – When And How?

The most frequently asked question about ABC juice is, “When should I drink it?” 

It is proven to work its magic on an empty stomach. So, make a glass of earthly purple juice, first thing in the morning, and drink it on an empty stomach. You can have your breakfast after one hour of waiting. Do not have your breakfast right after you drink the juice. It is prescribed to drink twice a day for more effective detoxing. You can consume it first thing after you get up from the bed and one glass of it before 5 P.M in the afternoon but on an empty stomach. A classic detoxing, if drank on a daily basis, done in the right way!

ABC Juice Recipe

Making your miracle juice is a piece of cake. Even the lazy ones can ace. Any amount of organic fruits and vegetables to great for the body. For this drink, take a large juicy apple, a small beetroot, and two medium-sized carrots to wash them clean without missing any dirt. Slice them into small pieces without peeling. After adding them into a blender or juicer, blend them to a pulpy purple mixture. Try pouring some chilled water to ease the blending. Then, serve the juice in a glass after straining the mixture. If you want, you can add lime juice or ginger to enhance the taste. Make sure that you don’t add sugar. And it is wise not to store the drink. 

ABC Juice – A Killer Cleansing Detoxer 

With the combined effects of the three magical ABC wonder-workers, you can earn health points in no time. Be on the right track of health care by drinking the juice that is known for the many benefits it flushes the body with. Scroll down to know the lesser-known health benefits of ABC juice.

  • Eases Menstrual Cycle

The excessive blood loss during periods practically drains you. You feel every bit of energy leaving your body along with the blood, which is neither easy nor good. To fight fatigue your periods bring, a glass of ABC is more than enough. 

ABC juice recipe benefits

As you know beetroots are rich in iron and improve blood count and blood flow, ABC juice can generate more hemoglobin. The antioxidants present in it will help to promote oxygenated blood even to your uterus which in turn helps you with painful cramps. This vitamin-rich juice can solve problems with a lack of vitamins that your body needs in times of weakness. It will nourish the reproductive system and keeps the cells healthy while giving you the strength you need. 

  • Detox Vital Organs Of The Body

ABC juice is the instant answer to your constant sluggish fatigue! The liver stores the energy and process the protein(1). Thus, the liver needs to be detoxed to get the energy you lack. The kidney cleanses the entire system of the body. Guess what needs detoxing too? Come to think of it. Your entire body needs detoxification. That basically means the organs of your body – liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lungs, intestine, and skin. ABC juice can do just that! 

ABC juice benefits

The carotene production will detoxify the liver and other organs with no chances of liver disease or kidney failure. It will also purify the blood and increase the production of red blood cells, hence increase hemoglobin. By strengthening internal organs you get to keep your body active and fit and wave good-bye to fatigue! 

  • Save Your Heart From An Attack

As you have guessed, the ABC juice is heart-friendly. The drink contains lutein, alpha and beta carotene which maintains the heart to be healthy(2). They will protect the heart from various diseases and keep the amount of cholesterol in bloodstreams in check. The ABC juice is a wonderful source of potassium and nitrates which will manage your blood pressure levels. Beetroot helps in converting nitrate to nitric oxide which is an essential vasodilator to increase the flow of blood circulation. A glass of ABC juice every day will help you keep your heart young and healthy. 

ABC juice

  • Gives Skin That Slows Aging

All you need is for the time to stop running with your age that takes its toll on your skin. Well, the ABC detox juice is boasted for its ability to give you spotless skin free from the ties of dark spots, blemishes, acne, pimples, blackheads and reduce pigmentation. Vitamin A in the vegetables halts the aging with its anti-aging properties along with vitamin C, E, K, and B-complex for age spots. The beta-carotene present in carrot is an antioxidant that slows the aging of cells. Consume the juice daily for a healthily glowing, and young-looking skin with a pink radiant blush. 

ABC juice benefits for skin

  • Eye Soother and Hair Grower 

We all spend too much time in front of the screen causing our eyes to get dry and tired. Some eyes might even turn red with the constant screen glare and strain. Worry not, ABC juice is soothing and relaxing for eyes! It can eliminate dryness, redness, and tiredness of the eyes by strengthening eye muscles. Vitamin A will reduce the dryness of eyes and give strength to ciliary muscles that are responsible for adjusting the focal length of the eye lens(3). It will enhance and sharpen your vision. 

ABC juice benefits for hair

The carotenoids present in it are useful for hair growth too! That will allow better blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles from within. Moreover, beets are known to prevent hair loss!

  • Pregnancy Helper

ABC juice is the miracle you need during your pregnancy. It cures almost every problem you deal with while carrying a child inside. Digestive problems? Gulp it down. High blood pressure? Gulp it down. Sleep disorder? Gulp it down! 

ABC juice benefits

Consume it regularly in the purest form to help you in many different ways. It can boost iron which is necessary for the baby for growth. ABC juice prevents iron deficiency and anemia and strengthens the immune system(4). Digestive problems, constipation, and sleeping disorders are common during pregnancy. They tend to get worse in the later stages. This juice can work its miracle for you there. 

You are most likely to get sad over your skin changes. But this juice can reduce scarring, hydrate the skin and even out skin tone. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce the risk of premature delivery and many other complications during pregnancy. ABC juice is good for teeth and nails as well. 

  • Help Lose That Fat You Workout For

The juice is everything you need for weight management. As it contains high dietary fiber content, calories will be less while energy quotient will remain high. It gives you maximum energy with minimal intake of calories. Need I say anything more?

Abc juice for weightloss

The amino acid called leucine will help decrease the levels of body fat by increasing protein availability(5). Besides, beetroots and carrots are rich in vitamins, iron, and minerals which are required for a healthy and balanced diet for healthy weight management. It is a refreshing beverage after an exhausting and vigorous workout to kill the muscle aches.

  • Aids In The Digestion Of Food 

The wonder juice helps the body in breaking down the toxins in the system easily and effectively. That will regulate the digestion process faster and smoother. It will improve bowel movements. Both the vegetables’ digestive effects are strong which will help in relieving chronic constipation. ABC juice will protect your stomach from the formation of ulcers. It will also remove bad breath that often happens due to indigestion. 

ABC Juice Benefits

  • Keep The Body Hale and Hearty

With the number of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals squashed together into it, the ABC juice is the powerhouse of growth. Instead of simply having apple juice, beetroot juice, or carrot juice, put them together to own power-packed nutrients to your everyday diet. 

ABC Juice Benefits

The list of vitamins- A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K, with minerals- iron, calcium, zinc, folate, copper, sodium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and niacin(6), all together in just one juice is the level of healthiness you need in 2020! This will improve basic bodily functions and rejuvenate vital organs. The ABC juice is quite an all-rounder. 

  • Slow Down The Cancer Cells

The drink was invented for a lung cancer patient in China who surprisingly got cured within the span of three months. This is not just for lung cancer, but all kinds of cancer. As astonishing as that sounds, ABC juice, if not kill, can slow down the proliferation of the cancer cells. The important ingredient is beetroot which has been used for cancer treatment for years. The flavonoid betacyanin in beets inhibits the growth of tumors(7). It protects the levels of Vitamin C [nutrient that fights cancer] by increasing the intake of oxygen within the cells. When the oxygen is increased, it will improve cellular respiration that will destroy cancer cells. The juice is rich in iron which will help in the regeneration of red blood corpuscles that give more oxygen to cancer cells. 

ABC juice

  • Fights Against Free Radicals

The bugs and common diseases like the flu, anemia, asthma can be annoying to no end. ABC juice is especially for those who want to boost their immune system to protect the body from those bugs. It’s easy to fight them off with strong immunity with good white blood cell count and a boost in hemoglobin. With a daily-based intake of the miracle drink, you can improve the production of white blood cells and hemoglobin in your body. It will protect your body from various allergies and infections, body odor, throat infection, and strengthen your lungs.

ABC Juice Benefits

  • Enhances Brain Functioning

With the enhancing of nerve connections, the drink is capable of giving you the ability to respond faster. It improves your memory and concentration levels resulting in improved cognition and recall ability. The best juice you can supplement your brain with to further improve your attention span so that you will think faster to work better in any activity you indulge in. ABC juice is said to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

ABC Juice

That’s pretty much it. This anti-inflammatory juice is recognized as a liver stimulant and rejuvenator that chip in to lighten the weight of body purification. It has long-term beneficial effects on your body’s health. So make an informed decision on your drink choices now that you know the lesser-known health benefits of ABC juice. In any case, what goes inside, reflects outside. 


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Beginners Acro Yoga Poses You Can Try With Your Man!

Beginners Acro Yoga Poses You Can Try With Your Man

Are you one of those who practice yoga to mentally and physically stable yourself? If not, it’s high time you start trying. And don’t stop with just yoga, up your game to acro yoga. It’s currently the age of physical practice of acro yoga which can let you fly!

Acro Yoga Poses You Can Try With Your Man!

Acro yoga doesn’t end with just yoga it is a combination of yoga, healing arts, and acrobatics. Acrobatics is the extraordinary performance of human accomplishment of balance, quickness, and motor coordination. It mostly includes activities of gymnastic elements and circus arts which will help your awareness of presence increase(1). Combine yoga with gymnastic elements, there you have acro yoga! 

Beginners Acro Yoga Poses You Can Try With Your Man

It’s where at least someone is lifted in the air. Wouldn’t you like to fly? With the number of pictures of two-person yoga poses you see on social media platforms, it is pretty hard to not be interested in trying them out. But after staring at the picture of two or more people smiling enthusiastically or laughing while being balanced effortlessly on someone’s feet, you go “it looks impossible, I can never do that!”. Let me enlighten you on the little secret; yes, you can. Anyone can do it with the right practice and postures. It is a practice of substance, not flash. 

You want to partner up with someone you can trust to keep you up and not let you slip down. If acro yoga is known to build trust and teamwork, who else is a better person to partner up than your man? Get your man up and about ladies, you have got some flying to do!

Let’s Dive Deeper: Work Together Or Fall Apart

Contrary to the common belief, acro yoga poses don’t need the larger of the two to do all the lifting. Acro yoga honors gravity, hence you can lift your man too. Keep in mind that it’s muscles that tire and not bones; bones are solid, they won’t bend. So, learn to get out of your muscles and into your bones. You can lift your man of 215 pounds with ease. Acro yoga is a teamwork of two or more persons that will let you take control by letting go, which is the fundamentals of trust. You should work together for it to work the best. 

Acro Yoga Poses You Can Try With Your Man

There will be three primary roles in an Acro yoga practice,

  • Base: This individual will do all the lifting and will have the most points of contact with the ground. 
  • Flyer: This individual is lifted off the ground and elevated up like a flyer by the base. They can generally make the gravity do the work for them. They need balance, core strength, and confidence.
  • Spotter: This individual is the one who makes sure that the flyer lands back safely and whether their positions are right. A spotter is not necessary, but if you can find someone to spot for you to recommend ways on how to improve your pose, it will be better.

Try These 12 Acro Yoga Poses With Your Man

There are much yoga poses you can try with your partner which can literally turn your world upside down. But being a beginner you have to be careful and slow with each step which makes it more challenging. With time and practice, you can improve these poses to the intermediate ones which are not really difficult either. Start the acro yoga with gentle full-body warm-ups; explore every muscle and joint in your body and do some easy stretching(2)

Front Plank

This is the foundation pose for more advanced poses, so the Front Plank is basically the first pose you should try. Even with a solid foundation, this will teach you to balance. Stay in the plank position for 5-10 breath cycles. 

What to do?

Front Plank

Flyer: Adjust your groin(3) on the base’s feet, keeping your body in one line from shoulders to heels. Reach forward and clasp your base’s hands. Keep your arms straight to create a straight line from your shoulders to your man’s. Press into the ground with your feet to lift off. Once lifted, keep your core engaged, and straighten your legs and point your toes.

Base: Keep your arms straight and directly over your shoulders as your flyer lifts off. Lift the flyer with bent legs initially, and then slowly straighten your legs, positioning over hips or groin. Push the flyer in a controlled way by keeping your knees slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight. Then, bend your legs to bring the flyer down.

Front Bird

Another basic acro yoga pose that can be done with ease by anyone who has done Front Plank. These two are the same, but the front bird means hands off! When both of you feel confident enough, the flyer legs go of the base’s hands and spreads the arms sideways. The front bird will teach the flyer to feel comfortable letting go of the base’s hands.

What to do?

Front Bird

Base: From a stable Front Plank, press your toes into your flyer’s lower belly. This will help the flyer lift her chest to balance with arms open. You can either bring the arms down or keep arms up for extra safety if in case the flyer tips forward or the spotter is slow. 

Flyer: If you feel stable and confident enough, let go of your base’s hands and reach your arms sideways. Slowly bring them back like a bird’s wings. There you can fly! 

Bow Pose

This is a little more advanced from the basic poses. But with careful flex and point from the base, the flyer can achieve the stability to do this pose.

What to do?

Bow Pose

Flyer: Once you feel stable in Front Bid position, slowly bend your knees and try to grasp your feet with your hands that are back there. Keep your core engaged, legs strong, and chest lifted. Breathe slowly and deeply while trusting your base to support you from beneath.

Base: Point your toes to help the flyer lift the chest. 

High Flying Whale

An amazing heart opener that helps the length of the upper thoracic spine for the flyer. A gentle yet deep backbend that demands a more concentrated balance from the base. The base gives the flyer a great surface to extend arms further in this supported backbend. The flyer can take this as the shoulder opener with different movements of the arms. 

What to do?

High Flying Whale

Flyer: Stand in the opposite direction of the base with your feet framing the base’s shoulders. Keep your entire body engaged while leaning back to accept the support of the base’s feet. Once you start to lean, reach for the base’s ankles for support. Then, stretch your arms above the head. Breathe slowly and deeply for 10 breath cycles. 

Base: After the flyer stands in the position, grab the flyer’s ankles and place your feet on their upper back, framing their spine. As the flyer leans back, your heels should end up around their shoulder blades. Adjust accordingly. When you have the flyer’s weight on your feet, press your feet away from you and initially bend your legs. Then, slowly straighten your legs and push the flyer’s back up taking their feet off the mat, while supporting their ankles. When the flyer’s weight is completely on your feet, straighten your arms straight. You can also give a little toe point for a deeper backbend. While coming down, bring the flyer’s feet down to the ground as close to your shoulder as possible. Gently push into the flyer’s upper back with your toes.

Spotter: You can help the flyer and base communicate regarding how long they would remain in the position. Tell them how to adjust their body to get the right position. While coming down, hover your hands around the hips of the flyer and bring their feet to the ground if the pose gets wobbly. Help the flyer get back to their feet.

Folded Leaf

This pose is the base for therapeutic acro yoga because this pose will give the base a chance to massage the back of the flyer. The pose starts with the flyer and base staying in a Front Plank pose. 

What to do?

Folded Leaf

Base: Place your feet on the groin of the flyer but turn them slightly out creating a “V” shape. After the flyer bends their torso(4), you can massage their back. When the flyer is ready to come down, connect their hands with yours and slowly bend your knees. Let the flyer come to a standing position. 

Flyer: With the bases’ legs slightly turned out, you will have more space for the movement. You can fold your torso over the base’s legs. Once the feet are set up, from the Front Plank position, let go of the base’s hands. “Hang” or bend forward towards base’s legs. After staying in the position for however long you want, come into Front Bird Pose. The base will help you come down slowly to stand on your feet. Take your time as you have been staying inverted for a long time.

Double Plank

Another easy acro yoga poses that anyone who exercises can do. This will help both the flyer and the base build core strength and learn how to support a partner. 

What to do?

Double Plank

Base: Take a plank pose. Keep your hands vertical and straight down with a shoulder-width distance. Let the flyer stay on top of you while your core is engaged. 

Flyer: After the base takes the plank position, facing your base’s feet, place your hands on their ankles. Press down with straight arms, lift the foot closest to your base, and place your ankle on the base’s shoulder. Point your toes and press into the top of that foot. Engage your core muscles and legs. Then, place your other leg on your base’s shoulder. For more stability, keep your shoulder directly over your base’s ankles.

Partner Forward Folds

Fun poses for both partners to get a deep stretch in the back and hamstrings.

What to do?

Partner Forward Folds

Flyer: Stand back to back with the base. Spread your feet apart a bit wider than hips-distance. Hook your elbows above the base’s elbows. When your base leans forward, you will be slowly lifted off the ground. Then you can either bend your knees into your chest, or do a wide straddle stretch, or straighten your knees up towards the sky. The base will bring you down to the ground. 

Base: After standing back to back and hooking elbows [your elbows should come underneath], lean forward slowly. Keeping your back straight, lean until your torso is hip level. Let the flyer do what they prefer. Slowly bring yourself up along with the flyer to bring them down on the ground.

Fish On A Rock

It is a great opening for the hips and the back of both the flyer and the base. Fish on a rock is a more restorative acro yoga pose. 

What to do?

Fish On A Rock

Base: Move into a child’s position with your knees stretched out wide and your hands extended out in front of you. Rest your forehead on the ground. The flyer’s back will be rested on top of yours to create an arching shape. 

Flyer: After the base lies down into a child’s position, you should lie on your back on top of the base’s back. You will come into a position like your back will be arched over the base’s back for a deep stretch. Extend your arms and legs out to the sides. Come back to the normal position after 10 deep breath cycles.

Foot To Hand

This pose is for balancing and establishing the feeling of support of another person’s weight.

What to do?

Foot To Hand

Base: Lie on your back and extend your legs straight up creating an “L” shape with your body. Then, bend your elbows so that your forearms are facing up, with wrists over your elbows. When the flyer stands on your hands, grab their heels to support their balance. Keep your elbows on the ground and forearms straight to keep the balance. 

Flyer: Stand near the base’s head and grab their feet for support. Step your right foot into their right hand, and do the same on the other side. When you feel stable and comfortable enough, slowly take your hands off the base’s feet and stand straight up. You can either keep your hands on your chest or on your hips. 

Chair Pose On Shins

This will build up leg strength for the base and helps in working up the balance for the flyer.

What to do?

Chair Pose On Shins

Base: Lie on your back with your knees bent and stacked over your hips. Your legs should be kept apart in the hips-width distance while extending your arms up to support the flyer. After the flyer sits on your shins in a chair pose, grab their tops of the feet to give them more balance.

Flyer: Stand near the base’s feet while facing them. Place the ball of your right big toe on the base’s right shin. Grab the base’s hands for support. Lift your leg foot and keep it on base’s shin. Now, release their hands when comfortable and slowly stand up. When you find the balance, bend back to sit onto a chair pose with your arms extended past your ears. 

Jedi Plank

This could be a great workout session if you want to, focusing on core engagement. 

What to do?

Jedi Plank

Base: Lie on your back with legs stretched straight and arms at your sides. Your legs should be kept apart with hips-width distance. Grab ahold of the flyer’s ankles when they lift legs off the ground. Keep your arms straight. Now, simultaneously, lift your torso off the ground while extending your arms above your head, still holding the flyer’s ankles. Then, you will create a box shape together with the flyer. 

Flyer: Bend down towards the base’s feet and grab their shins. Lift your legs off the ground, one at a time, your ankle will be held by the base. Keep your arms straight, you will be in a Plank Pose. Then, together with your base, start to lift your hips to move into an upside-down “L” shape. Together, you will create a box shape with the base. 

Back Bird

This is the exact opposite of the Front Bird, with the flyer facing the opposite side.

What to do?

Back Bird

Base: Lie down with your legs extended up making a 90-degree angle with your body. When the flyer aligns the back to your legs, bend your knees. Grab their hands to support when you straighten your legs to lift them up. Let go of their hands when they reach for their legs. When it’s time to come down, bend your knees to bring the flyer down.

Flyer: Stand with your back to the base’s legs. With the base’s knees bend, sit in the cradle of the sole of the base’s feet. Reach your arms back towards the base and lean back on them. When the base lifts you up, straighten your left leg while bending your right knee aligning the right foot with the left knee. You will be moved into a semi-back bend position. Reach out your arms to the feet for balance. Breathe a few cycles and with the help of the base, stand back on your feet.

Acro yoga is the most playful form of physical yoga practice, besides laughter yoga, of course, and is also a creative form of asana. Learning it requires technique, strength, and flexibility. Train your strength through push-ups and ab work to strengthen your arms and core(5). Train your flexibility with a daily yoga practice. 

Try these with your man by switching sides. This will help you concentrate more and put trust into him all the while strengthening your balancing. Besides, acro yoga is fun and a total mood booster!


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Everything You Need To Know Before Thinking Of Botox – Farewell To Fine Lines!

Everything You Need To Know Before Thinking Of Botox

One thing everyone dreads equally is aging. Another thing, women in general, dread is what comes along with aging; uninvited wrinkles and unwanted lines. Feeling young and rejuvenated on the inside count’s nothing when the fine lines on the outside say otherwise. 

Everything You Need To Know Before Thinking Of Botox!

How many of you feel the immense need to stop time so that you won’t age another day? Be it for living life, chasing dreams, making memories, or simply not see the aging marks you see every time you look in the mirror. The dreaded appearance of lines on your forehead, between the brows, around your eyes and lips, that goes deeper and stays longer, are inevitable. But there has to be some way out, right?

Everything You Need To Know Before Thinking Of Botox

Like all the other times, the beauty industry has answered yet another long term question of worry with a short term quick fix named botox. It is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment with more than 6 million treatments administered each year. The popularity of the treatment went up 700 percent since 2000, to 6.3 million in 2013. Let me educate you on everything you should know about botox.

Freeze The Time, Don’t Age Another Day

Botox is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions, and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. It is made from a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin that is produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. In simpler words, botox is the diluted form of botulinum which can be a temporary solution for those furrowed lines of worry that has stretched deep into your skin.

botox injection

The nerves should release acetylcholine [a neurotransmitter] at the junction where the nerve ending meet muscle cells in order for muscles to contract. Acetylcholine will attach to receptors on the muscle cells to contract. The injected Botox inhibits the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, which paralyzes the surrounding muscles that produce lines and folds in the skin, thereby preventing contraction and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It basically prevents the communication from nerve cells reaching muscles, therefore paralyzing them. 

It is said to last for 4 months or longer while the results could vary from person to person depending on the age of the person, the depth and patterns of the wrinkles, muscle strength, and the quality and elasticity of the skin. As this was found in the 1980s, there haven’t been any reports of long term effects of it(1)

The wrinkles are of two types; static and dynamic. The static wrinkles are the ones that are etched on people deeply after years of laughing, frowning, and raising eyebrows. The dynamic wrinkles are the ones that appear while making particular facial expressions. Subsequently, the goal of botox treatment is to prevent the formation of static lines altogether. The most common wrinkles that Botox can treat are lines on the upper face, i.e., the “11” between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes. 

I know how this looks, you will be cheating the aging process. I have done my share of judgments on people who go to the derm and go under the needle. Because I am perched safely on my chair of the 20s with baby-soft, wrinkle-free skin. But what about the time I start seeing lines forming on my face? Wouldn’t I like to not see them every time I look in the mirror?

Dig Deeper To The Base

Many of you stay unaware of certain facts about botox. I would like to shed some light on the lesser-known facts about botox and its various misconceptions. Keep scrolling!

Lesser Known Facts About Botox

  • Botox is used to treat excessive sweating. It will block the nerve signals responsible for producing sweating, stopping the sweat glands from producing too much sweat(2).
  • Enhance mood and help with depression – As emotions like fear, sadness, anger goes through the muscles between your brows, botox simply inhibits the muscle and calms it down. That will make it difficult for the person to feel negative emotions.
  • Other uses of botox are for treating chronic pain, chronic migraine(3), crossed eyes, spasm of the eyelids, neck and shoulder muscle spasms, overactive bladder, etc
  • Botox is temporary. If you want to try it, go ahead. You can choose not to do it after the effect wears off if you are not comfortable with it.
  • Continuous use of Botox for 10+ years will make your skin look brighter.
  • If you stop using botox after using for a few years, the wrinkles won’t start to appear again all of a sudden. With regular use of Botox, your facial muscles will be taught to not frown. The muscles will weaken from lack of use. Hence, if you stop using, the weakened muscles will delay the aging and slow down the formation of wrinkles.
  • There is no gender for botox. In fact, Botox is the most common beauty treatment among men. 
  • The average cost of botox treatment is $300 to $5oo. 

botox before and after

Misconceptions About Botox 

  • Make you stone cold with no facial expressions – It is only injected in discrete points, there are many muscles that are working perfectly on the face.
  • Eradicate wrinkles – It cannot completely eradicate wrinkles that have already been etched on the face, as it’s not iron.
  • Should be used continuously for years – Years of botox means fewer visits over time. 
  • Botox, if done with a higher dose, will stay permanent – After three months the effects of botox will wear off. 
  • Not safe – It is FDA approved(4) neurotoxin and is safe for cosmetic treatment as the surrounding muscles won’t get affected. Its dosage is highly monitored and the units are small that it can’t get beyond the muscle tissue.
  • Botox can help manage both pore size and sebum production – Botox is not FDA approved for this.
  • Botox and fillers are the same – While Botox is done to minimize lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions, fillers are done to add fullness to areas that have thinned due to aging(5)

botox cost

The Age-Regimen for Botox

Some dermatologists have suggested to not wait until the lines become static or deep to get the treatment. Because if you start to go under the needle early, you have a high chance to train your face to not form the lines at all. The treatment will limit the appearance of deep lines over time. They conclude to use botox as a preventive treatment as opposed to corrective treatment. 

However, many other dermatologists disagree with it stating the fact that your skin will get visibly thinner if you start at an early age. Young people in the early 20s is said to have prematurely thinner muscles and foreheads with the continuous use of botox treatment. As its effect doesn’t stay for not more than six months, you will book another appointment that comes with another one and another, and it goes on. 

One thing you can do here is the prevention of wrinkles from appearing before its official timing. Take care of your skin with the daily use of a good sunscreen [SPF 50] every time you step out in the sun, hydrating moisturizer, and vitamin C serum from the early 20s itself.   

what is botox

Beauty Demands Pain

You have heard the usual “no pain, no gain” strategic line when it comes to literally anything in life. Even removing blackheads demands pain. But does botox demand pain? Is it painful? 

The answer is, do you mind getting a pinchy feeling? Do you freak out when the syringe comes out? If not, botox won’t make you feel a thing. But if it does, think of the pain you have while being bitten by an ant. 

botox side effects

You won’t feel any pain except for a pinching feeling because of the needles being inserted. But you can always ask for a numbness cream, ice, or anesthesia. Botox is directed into the facial muscle by a very thin needle. The surgeon will mark some discrete points on the face where it needs to be injected. Then, it is carefully injected to fill up the wrinkles and help freeze the muscles to reduce the chances of them reentering. You might feel a tight feeling in the beginning, some say feeling like having duct tape on the forehead before the body adjusts with the toxin. Beauty without pain!

Can Botox be Corrected?

If you feel like a robot without being able to make any expression because too much has been used, it cannot be reversed. But don’t worry, it is not permanent, which is good news. You just have to wait until the effect is worn off which might take from 10 to 12 weeks. But weirdly enough there are people requesting a “frozen” look(6)

how long does botox last

On the other hand, if you think the outcome was not exactly even, with one eyebrow goes higher than the other when raised, it can be fixed easily. The surgeon can fix that by injecting a little into the stronger side. The toxin injected should be limiting muscle contraction. But if the muscles are contracting even after injecting, adding more toxin into the strong side will further limit the contraction. It is a common occurrence.

What To Do Before Going Under The Needle?


  • Do your research.
  • Educate yourself about botox, its process, benefits, risks, and complications.
  • Ask yourself – why do you want this?
  • Search for the “before and after” pictures.
  • Find a good dermatologist with years of experience.
  • Talk to your derm about how you want it – options of it being subtle and obvious.
  • Confirm the units of dosage and cost.

Don’t Do It From A Shady Place

It is important to get the Botox treatment from a certified physician, preferably a cosmetic specialist. The place should be administered by license. Getting the treatment from a shady place is life-threatening. Be careful!

Botox for migraines

Don’t Ignore The Nasty

Now you know all the good parts of botox and many reasons you should do it. But do you really need it though? Let’s get to the nasty part of it. 

Though botulinum toxin type A was approved for cosmetic usage in 2002, you cannot ignore that it is a neurotoxin and is one of the deadliest and poisonous biological substances known to man. It is found in contaminated canned foods that have the ability to damage nerves and cause paralysis and even death(7). Botulism, an illness caused by botox, can cause respiratory failure and prove deadly. Just 1 gram of botulinum toxin could kill over 1 million people. Two kilograms could kill the entire human population of Earth. Doesn’t sound good, right? 

botox cosmetic day

Many studies have reported the safety of it. But concerns are still raised because of the long-term effects. There are many with uneven smiles and drooping eyelids who complain after the treatment. After all, there is nothing natural about botox. Other known side effects of it are reddening of the skin, numbness, headache, mild nausea, fatigue, blurred vision and decreased eyesight, etc. These are said to be temporary though.

Why are people obsessed with looking forever young instead of feeling forever young? How can you not show the radiant smile and laugh you have by being scared of a few lines that will show the life you are living? If you are that concerned about the wrinkles, try the sustainable skincare practices that will increase the blood circulation. Because when we look at skin aging, it is slowing down of blood circulation. If you can add more nutrients to your blood and release tension, furrowed lines can melt from the face, right? 

Live life slowly in depth.


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How To Do Professional Pedicure At Home? Prep & Primp Your Sore Feet!

Pedicure At Home

Hours spent at a spa for a pedicure are the golden hours of that day, especially the work loaded tiring days. But not the money that goes out of the wallet. A weekly spa sounds unwanted expense even if it sounds therapeutic and relaxing. Come to think of it, who doesn’t like their feet getting massaged and rubbed? I would love to get it pampered [once a month at least] by the hands of a pro. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to treat their feet with relaxed prep and primp because of the stack of bills that are due. 

How To Do Professional Pedicure At Home?

What if I tell you that you can do the magical work at home by yourself? Pedicure is one of the few beauty treatments that can be done at home without needing extra funds. An affordable yet luxurious gift you can pamper your sore feet in the easiest simple steps! It won’t take more than half an hour. Let me guide you step by step on how to do professional pedicure at home with a spa-qualified result. Keep scrolling!

Pedicure At Home


Perfect At-Home Professional Pedicure Steps

Before going down with the steps, gather the supplies you need to get the job done. While all of these are not essential and a few are optional, keep these in your home pedicure kit to be prepared.

Pedicure Kit

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads
  • Bowl or basin [enough to fit both feet]
  • Warm water
  • Epsom salt(1) [optional]
  • Liquid foot soap [optional]
  • Toenail scrub brush
  • Toe-cleaning tool
  • Scrub
  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Toenail clipper
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail polish [base coat, color, top coat]
  • Toe separator

Get rid of the Old Junk

Start with a clean sheet. You need to make sure that your toenails are polish-free. As cotton balls will most likely leave frizzies, use cotton pads instead. Saturate cotton pads with nail polish remover. One thing to keep in mind is to use a non-acetone remover as acetone remover can be harsh and weakens and dries nail beds(2). Then, press the saturated cotton pad on your toenails and soak in for a few seconds. Wipe off the polish with the pad. If they still leave traces, nail experts recommend using lemon juice to remove them completely. With a few tries of course. Once you get rid of nail polish and debris, wear your beauty cap. Here comes the fun part.

 nail polish remover

Give a Soothing Bath to your feet

Take the bowl or basin that can fit both of your feet, or not if you don’t mind switching them constantly. Fill it up with warm water to soak your feet in it. 

Adding Epsom salts or liquid foot soap to the water will add a lot to the whole experience. Some people even add bubble bath mix or soothing fragrances of their choice. After mixing the ingredients you want, dip your feet in, sit back and relax for the next ten minutes or so. You can soak them longer to enhance the softening process. This soothing bath will relax your senses and cleanse and soften your rough skin along with your cuticles and it will be easier for you to remove them. After you are done, pat dry your feet with an absorbent towel. Remember, the softer your feet, the better! 


What else can you add to the warm water?

A capful of distilled white vinegar to cleanse and tone, a few drops of tea tree oil to kill bacteria, or a few slices of lemon to soften cuticles and calluses, and sanitize your feet. Everything sounds promising!

Clean the Toenails

While you are soaking your feet, you can clean each of your toenails in the water itself. Either use a toenail scrub brush or toenail-cleaning tool. Make use of soapy water to clean underneath each of your toenails. 

 how to do pedicure at home

The cleaning tool will have a small hook on one end and a point on the other. Gently slide under the white area of each toenail to remove the dirt. The key to making your polished toenails stay the same for a longer period is well-cleaned nails!

Scrub away the Dead Skin

Pat dry your feet. When the soles of your feet are soft enough, it’s time to scrub the dullness there. Exfoliating your feet will help you get rid of the dead skin on the surface of your feet, so healthier skin can be brought out. Massage your feet for 2-3 minutes each with the scrub focusing on the balls of your feet, sides, around your toes, and your heels.

 pedicure at home

Scrape and remove any dead or dried skin from calloused and hard areas until they feel smooth to touch. Don’t overdo it as that could end up irritating. Focus only on the rough part without removing too much skin. Make sure there’s no residue in your cuticles or between your toes. You can also use a foot file to run back and forth across your heels, soles, and sides of your feet. Then, rinse and pat dry.

Take care of the Cuticles

Did you know that cuticles are the barrier of protection for your skin around the nails from possible infections? 

So, you need to be extra careful while tending your cuticles, which is the next step. There is no hurry! For this, saturate a cotton pad with some cuticle oil and soften your nail bed. Give a massage on each of your toenails by gently rubbing the pads on them. When the cuticles are soft enough, go ahead and push the dead skin back with a cuticle pusher to get a nice shape. That will give your toenails a tidier look. 

How to do pedicure at home

Rub a little more cuticle oil in because it will make the pedicure last longer. Then, repeat the step with the next foot by giving each toenail the attention it deserves. Then, dab another cotton pad with saturated nail polish remover on your toenails to remove excess oil. Most of the salons and spas cut your cuticles for you because that is a part of the pedicure process. But it is not recommended to do it at home. That might cause severe infection or damage as you are not trained to cut your cuticles by yourself. 

Time to Clip, File, and Buff

Next, you will treat your toenails. Wait for at least five minutes to start trimming or clipping your toenails. Give your toenails time to dry up and harden for this step. Take your nail clippers [only if you have excess length] and clip your nails straight across to just above the skin in the desired length. Clip them with little snips rather than all at once to not risk breaking the nails. Make sure that you don’t cut too close or you might risk an ingrown nail. If you are someone who wears sneakers most of the time, it’s wise not to have long nails as they tend to get bumped in your sneakers, leading to bruising. 

Pedicure steps

Now, use the file to get the desired shape. Smoothen out the raw and rough corners and edges by working in one direction. Smoothen them until they are even and in the shape you desire. I would recommend a square shape with rounded edges rather than oval shape which has high chances of ingrown nails. 

Next comes the buffing block. After you are done with filing, gently buff your nail beds to smoothen out any ridges that will make the nail polish look uneven. That’s the end of toenail treating! This could be the regular spoiling of your tips and toes. 

Use Foot Exfoliation

As the saying goes, “you should put your best foot forward”, polish your feet regularly to make them as soft as a baby bum. 

pedicure images

There are many exfoliating scrubs you can use to rub off the rough skin. Or you can make your own homemade DIY scrub mixes for an added softness and scent at the end. Gently exfoliate the paste in a circular motion on the pads of your feet, heels, and even your lower legs too. Rinse off all of the excess scrub and pat dry with a towel. This is an added spa experience that can even out the rough patches.

Simple DIY scrub – Mix one tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of baby oil.

Slather on the Moisturizer

The next important step, like any beauty treatment, is moisturizing the skin nice and smooth. Get a good moisturizer and work the product from your toes and all the way up to your calves. 


Choose a moisturizer that is not too greasy to avoid getting your toenails oily again. Also, make sure that the moisturizer is not a scented lotion to keep the nails from breaking(3)with synthetic fragrance in it. Besides, unscented moisturizer will help your skin stay hydrated and smooth. Replenish the moisture by massaging your feet which will nourish and hydrate the skin after all the soaking and scrubbing you have done. Pay close attention to every nook and corner like the arch and in-between your toes. Keep on massaging, who doesn’t like a good massage now and then!

Prep and Polish

And finally, it’s time to get it done! Before applying nail polish, grab another cotton pad and saturate it with the remover. Rub it over your toenails to get rid of the excess oil or moisturizer for the polish to stick better. 

Use the toe separator to make the application easier. If you don’t have one, roll a cotton pad in between each toe to prevent smudging. The order of nail polishing is applying a base coat, two coats of color, and a topcoat. Start by applying a thin layer of base coat to make the nail polish stick better to your nail beds. Make sure it’s a thin and smooth layer in three strokes; one up the middle and one on each side. 

Pedicure at home

Coming to the color coating, grab your nail polish and paint a thin and even coat. Start by the middle line to guide the other lines of polish on either side. Wait for a minute or two for that to dry and settle. If you are satisfied with it, add another color coat in neat and slow strokes. Make sure the tip of your nails is painted as well. 

And for the final go, apply a clear topcoat to protect the nails from chips, add shine and luster, and smooth away any flaws. Just one thin layer of it is all it takes to bring the glow. Thin layers will be easy to dry and will stay for longer. When you are done with the topcoat, you are done with the pedicure.

Now it’s time you sit comfortably and wait for it to dry. It takes nail polish longer than you would think to dry and give the shine, so be patient ladies! If you try to rush it, you might end up with an uneven, or worse, smudged finish. But if you do end up with rogue mistakes or errors, worry not! Use the saturated cotton pad to clean them up. 

Pedicure at home

Nail polishes are said to take 12 hours to harden(4). Hence, many nail experts suggest sticking your feet in cold water for a few minutes to help your nail polish solidify. Do not try to dry your nail polish with a hairdryer. Sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes and you will be done with your pedicure! If you could have anyone else do all this for you, that will be a therapeutic experience for real! Other highly recommended tips are using the cuticle serum daily to get the most of your pedicure and reapplying your topcoat every few days to avoid possible chipping. 

With these simple steps, you now know how to do professional looking pedicure at home. If you can do a spa-quality pedicure by yourself, why go to a nail salon and break your wallet?


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Hailey And Justin’s Wedding – To Get Wedding Inspired Goals!

Hailey And Justin's Wedding Inspired Goals

Who doesn’t dream of a fairy-tale wedding?

A wedding, far away, at a magical location with a breathtaking decoration in an equally breathtaking white dress with a train of veil sweeping the groom of the ground. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s wedding was just the perfect fairy-tale wedding you and I dream of.

Hailey And Justin’s Wedding Inspired Goals!

Any woman can get inspired by Hailey-Justin’s wedding. Have you seen the wedding pictures? It was a beautiful ceremony that took the breath away from everyone present there. Friends and family, including many guests like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Jaden Smith, Joan Smalls, Justine Skye, Scooter Braun, etc. cheered and celebrated after the couple said, “I do”.

Hailey And Justin's Wedding Inspired Goals

They were legally wedded at the New York courthouse on September 13, 2018, after getting engaged in the seventh month of the same year. As Justin himself mentioned, seven is the number of spiritual perfections! And then, after a year-long waiting, on 30th September 2019, the pair celebrated a larger ceremony with 154 guests to toast along.

Hailey was a drop-dead gorgeous bride. From head to toe, she was graceful elegance molded into alluring beauty. There are many “wedding inspired goals” you can fish out from her wedding like these listed below. You can even try recreating at your wedding.


The couple exchanged vows during the sunset in a ceremony at the Somerset Chapel, Montage Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South California, a small beach town right off the coast of the state.

They chose South California and it looks just like a place from a Nicholas Sparks novel! Palmetto Bluff is the paradise of tourists around the globe with the massive 20,000-acre community along the May River(1).

Hailey And Justin's Wedding Destination

A divinely scenic place that is perfect for a tropical destination wedding. 

Palmetto Bluff is a resort, like no other, where you’d wish to go again and again because of its serene beauty and the warm feeling it gives to your memory.

Themed Pre-Wedding Party

It was definitely a Notebook-themed wedding in South California just like the movie itself! The guests were given a copy of the novel “The Notebook” as part of a special gift upon arrival. The couple even screened the 2004 movie – starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams – at the pre-wedding party. Hailey’s and Justin’s favorite movie, that is about love, loss, and love like the couple experienced in real life with an on-and-off relationship.

Hailey And Justin's Pre-Wedding Party Theme

The pre-wedding party, on the previous night at Moreland Landing, a banquet venue close to Montage Palmetto Bluff, was terrific apparently. A sleepover on Sunday night to make the wedding more memorable and fun with a carnival-themed party. Yes, all of our childhood-dream sleepover!

They gathered their loved ones together and hosted different games like bowling and capture the flag, put a whole spread of ice cream and candy, a giant dance party, along with the screening of The Notebook.

The best part of the night was the huge water-guns fight around 1 A.M. A cherry on the top for real!


The chapel was decorated magnificently that can make anyone go awe in wonder.

The venue was beautifully decorated with lights and white flowers. This luxury floral decor was done by California based florist “Mark’s Garden”. There were many string lights hanging and lit candles along the length of the tables. It was a chic and white decored wedding.

Hailey And Justin's Wedding Decoration

The guests were given personalized t-shirts and water bottles with personalized logo at the pre-wedding party. How creative!

Wedding Gowns

The best part of the wedding was the dresses Hailey charmed her way in. And it was not just in one dress, not two, but three.

She made everyone stare at her beauty in three different custom designer dresses on the big day! (2)

Hailey's Wedding Gowns

Hailey walked down the aisle with her father Stephen Baldwin in this bespoke mermaid style dress. It was intricately made entirely of pearl-embroidered lace to the length of her long sleeves too. An off-the-shoulder neckline dress with a daringly low scoop back that ended in a train that graced her walk. Hailey’s dream dress with a non-traditional look was created by Off-White designer Virgil Abloh.

For the reception, she chose a stunning silk halter dress with a thigh-high slit pairing with Jimmy Choo’s stiletto heels. This was designed by Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo [British Luxury brand – Ralph & Russo]

As the reception slipped into the early hours of the morning, the bride slipped into another slip dress of beauty. Getting comfortable with just the dress was not on her mind, she got really comfortable into sneakers to rock the dance floor.

Cathedral Veil

Another stand-out feature of the wedding was the cathedral-length veil Hailey walked in. “Till death do us part”(3) was stitched at the end of the long veil. Cue the awws!

Hailey's Wedding Cathedral Veil

Wedding Band

And we thought rocks of rings couldn’t get any bigger!

Hailey’s oval-cut diamond engagement ring is stacked between her two 18K wedding rings from Tiffany & Co.’s.(4) 

Check this out for a clearer and closer look.

Hailey and Justin's Wedding Band

Makeup and Hairdo

Simple yet elegant. Hailey trusted her face with her favorite makeup artist Denika Bedrossian on her big day. She was given a simple yet radiant look with a glowy complexion, nude lipstick, brushed up eyebrows and curly eyelashes. Her hair was styled into a low bun with a few loose strands around her face by Jen Atkin [OUAI]. She wore pearls in her hair. Nothing was overdone and it was a perfect bride look. 

Look how gorgeous Hailey looked with that natural look!

Hailey's Makeup and Hairdo


Hailey's Jacket

Another stand-out masterpiece badass accessory of the wedding was the black leather jacket Hailey wore. The sleek jacket had “wife” written across the back with icing stones(5). How loud is Hailey going to scream to the world of her new title! She even changed her Instagram username to @haileybieber. One can announce the world of new happiness in so many ways. 


Someone, please give Justin a trophy for “The Best Husband”! Have you seen Hailey’s new gold chain necklace that spells “wifey” with diamonds?

Hailey's Necklace

It is a beautiful piece of ornament. Justin uploaded a story on Instagram to show us the necklace. A simple necklace that carries the heavy meaning of it. Wouldn’t you want to bask in the glory of marriage right above your chest every day? Oh, I would love to. 

That was the shortlist of inspired goals from Hailey Bieber’s wedding. Her wedding planner Mandy Weiss worked magic! You could choose any from the above to make your wedding dashing. If you choose the same destination, trust me you will love the pictures later. Because the place looks so heavenly. 

If you are going to stitch words on your veil, go for “til” instead of till as it is the wrong usage. Many fans have pointed that out already. Shush.

Don’t stop your celebration just in one dress, make it two or as Hailey did, choose the graceful three


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Effective Yet Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners!

Mehndi Designs For Beginners

When there is a wedding coming around, you plan everything from pin to heels. You make appointments with your beautician to glow up before the big day and go for endless shopping to find the perfect dress. Now, it has become a historic tradition to have some mehndi on both hands for the wedding. 

Mehndi Designs For Beginners

You try to find the best mehndi artist out there to adorn your hands and feet. Not just the bride, but everyone from grandma to little kids running around needs a touch of mehndi. Started somewhere in the Middle East and Eastern countries, mehndi has now become a trend in Western countries as well. It’s never too late to start anything new, right?

Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Mehndi In India

Mehndi is as common as a cup of Starbucks coffee in Asian countries, mostly India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. A bride is said to be incomplete without that unique scent of mehndi surrounding her. Everyone needs to get a whiff of mehndi on the night before the wedding. 

Mehndi Night

“Mehndi night” is what they call in India for the day when the bride sits on the decorated stage while having some mehndi artists neatly adorning her hands and feet. That will be a night of celebration with family and friends dancing to the rhythm of “mehndi songs”, every corner smelling that unique scent of mehndi, taking the elder people down the memory lane to their own mehndi night. Muslim women apply mehndi for eid, wedding, and other functions of celebration.  

Mehndi, more like a temporary tattoo, is usually put on both sides of the arms, usually till wrists, feet, and ankles. It is easy to make mehndi paste but what is said to be harder is getting the right consistency to design them neatly. 

After applying on your hands, mehndi’s color will change from moose green to black as it dries, and then the color will change to a maroon red in the next five hours. Mehndi is basically a dye that some people use it on their hair too. But there is mehndi paste that will not change the color in the Middle East. They stay black even after washing off and look more mesmerizing in the daylight. Organic mehndi cones are widely available now with differently scented fragrances. For a better stain, people use sugar mixed with lemon juice to apply on dried mehndi. Sealants are available.

Be a Mehndi Artist with Patience and Practice

In times you search for a mehndi artist and come out unlucky, you often envy those mehndi pros who can effortlessly work magic on hands with mehndi. With time, patience and practice, you can be one too! 

Although it might look difficult to try, with frequent practice you can see obvious improvements. All you need to learn is how to hold the mehndi cone in the right way. Which is, the way you hold a pen! Giving just a little bit of pressure with your thumb and forefinger is all the push it needs to flow from the cone to the palm in perfect little designs. 

easy Mehndi designs

There are many mehndi artists around the world now, all thanks to the internet, showing the world the beauty of mehndi. I have seen amazing mehndi artists like Emma Rose(1) from Canada and Joey Anderson(2) from Italy.

There are many beginners out there looking for hands to practice their designs to get them right and neat. You don’t always need palms, a newspaper will do the job as much. 

Start from the simple and basic designs to practice. The most important fact you need to stomach is, mehndi designs take time. It is not about how fast you complete the hands of a bride, it is always about the perfection of the designs. So, take your time and do it slowly and neatly and with you can bring perfection to every little design. For a beginner, using a stencil will help outline the designs to apply the paste accordingly. 

Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners 

Here are some simple and beautiful mehndi designs for beginners to use and practice. 

Some girls and women don’t go overboard with a whole covered design. They might prefer mehndi on just fingers. Designs for fingers and toes are different from palm designs because of the lack of space.(3)

Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners
@nurahshenna/Instagram | @hennainspo_/Instagram | @mehndikajoeyhenna/Instagram
Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners
@hennainspo_/Instagram | @mehndikajoeyhenna/Instagram

Indian Designs

Mehndi designs vary in style. Indian designs are more floral patterns with vines and leaves(4) (5)whereas Arabic designs are done in thin lines and abstract patterns with dots that are almost non-existent grazing the designs(6)(7). Indian bridal designs cover the entire length of the arm like a beautiful hand glove with designs. For a beginner, bridal mehndi will look like a confusing puzzle of a maze. But like I said, with practice and experience, anyone can make it look easy. 

Check out how these intricate designs are put into simple designs-

Indian Mehndi Designs
@kashaf.henna.artistry/Instagram | @hennabydivya/Instagram | @hennainspo_/Instagram
Indian Mehndi Designs
@hennainspo_/Instagram | @habeedashenna/Instagram

Arabic Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs
@nurahshenna/Instagram | @leedsmehndi/Instagram | @habeedashenna/Instagram


If you want to try a bridal design that doesn’t look complicated and hard-to-try, try this one. A simple yet bridal mehndi; repetition of a design in a zigzag pattern.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

I have come across designs that are completely different and unique from Indian and Arabic designs through Dr. Azra Khamissa’s(8) Instagram page. A Dubai based artist, Azra’s simple yet complicated designs seem to carry hidden words and meanings. Carefully chosen from her number of works, here are a few simple designs any beginner can try.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


For any beginner in mehndi, these designs will certainly help. 

  • Keep a cotton swab nearby when you work, if in case you make a mistake, you need to swipe that off because mehndi dries quickly. 
  • You can watch the videos on YouTube to see how mehndi pros are applying the paste to create beautiful body art out of a cone. 
  • If you are doing a floral design, work from the inside of the design to the outside to make it easier to apply.

Try mehndi and adorn your own hands in vibrant red that smells really good!


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