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Meet The Team

Embark on a journey with our extraordinary team—an ensemble of passion-infused dream-weavers dedicated to illuminating, enlightening, and empowering women across the globe

Vice President @SoulFactors

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Chethana K

Vice President and the pivotal player in shaping SoulFactors into a vibrant community that celebrates diverse perspectives on fashion, wellness, and culture. She brings a wealth of experience in content curation and digital strategy and continues to drive the blog towards new heights of success.

Content Manager @SoulFactors

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As the Head of Content Operations, Durgah oversees the seamless execution of the editorial calendar, maintaining the blog’s reputation as a go-to source for insightful and empowering content.

Sr. SEO Analyst @SoulFactors

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Asha P. S

Our Head of SEO – the driving force behind optimizing the blog’s online visibility and accessibility.

Community Manager @SoulFactors

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Head of Social Media-the creative mind behind the blog’s vibrant online presence.

Creative Head @SoulFactors

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The Head of SoulFactor’s Design, the one who shapes the visual identity of the blog that breathes life into its narrative.

Designer & Developer @SoulFactors

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Akshay S Manoj

As Head of Technology, Akshay stands at the forefront of innovation, driving the technical strategies that power the seamless functionality of the blog.

Outreach Manager @SoulFactors

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Our Outreach Manager – the connective force forging meaningful partnerships and expanding the blog’s community reach.

Graphic Designer @SoulFactors

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Saurav K A

The creative mind committed to transforming each of our posts into a visual delight that resonates with our diverse blog enthusiasts.

Graphic Designer @SoulFactors

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The artistic mind that enhances the reading experience of our readers by ensuring a seamless integration of visuals with the blog’s narrative.