About Us

We all use the internet to find answers. Have you ever come across a website that you liked and wished it had a little more. It has always been our dream to make a place where everyone could find everything. SoulFactors gives you exactly that “factor”. We will give you the perfect blend of information- wellness, beauty, life hacks, updates, tips… Simplifying life and informing you how to, when to and were to… to lead a happy and healthy life.

We have a highly engaged and passionate team of trusted experts along with people who are dedicated to helping people find information and make lives better. We focus on Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Hairstyles and Fashion. If you are looking for information or expert advice or you need a DIY idea, we have it all covered. We are dedicated to providing quality information- upholding integrity is our primary mission. We hope you love us, join us and help us grow in our pursuit of becoming people’s most trusted mate in the pursuit of happiness, health, and well-being.