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elsa pataky chris hemsworth purely byron

Elsa-Pataky-Owned, Chris Hemsworth-Backed Purely Byron to Rise Again under Aussie Botox Brand

Australian cosmetics chain Cosmetique has emerged a savior of Purely Byron, skincare line co-founded by…

ByRachel DavisMar 235 mins read
corn test for constipation tiktok kent roslyn

Are You Pooping Properly? This Corn Test From A Nutritionist Will Tell You [Viral TikTok Video]

Gut issues are the epidemic of this century. This nutritionist who goes by the name…

ByRachel DavisMar 225 mins read
lynsey lim handmade heroes singapore malaysia

How Handmade Skincare by One Woman Became Online Best Seller: The Story of Handmade Heroes

Lynsey Lim, a Singaporean woman, started out her career as a bank officer. Now her…

ByRachel DavisMar 205 mins read
deinfluencing social media

Deinfluencing: A Worrisome Trend For Brands? Is There A Brightside?

Deinfluencing is coming around as a new trend on social media. From the days when…

ByRachel DavisMar 206 mins read
Coffee Consumption Could Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Coffee Consumption Could Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes

In females with a history of GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus), greater consumption of caffeinated coffee…

ByRachel DavisMar 174 mins read
tiktok weight loss semaglutide ozempic

What Is The Tiktok Ado About Semaglutide For Weight Loss?

There are few better ways to harvest views on social media than to come up…

ByRachel DavisMar 175 mins read