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Aashika is a makeup and beauty expert known for creating stunning looks that not only accentuate facial features but also empower women to feel confident in their skin.

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Best Eye Primer For Mature Skin

Best Eye Primer For Mature Skin That Works

Choosing the best eye primer for mature skin becomes increasingly important as we age. Aging…

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Liquid lipstick hacks

Rock That Celebrity Pout With These Life-Changing Liquid Lipstick Hacks

Makeup trends come and go, some we love and some we hate. In recent years,…

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Lip Stains vs LipTintsHow To Tell Them Apart

Lip Stains And Lip Tints | How To Tell Them Apart?

If you are someone who wants to make a statement, yet likes to keep things…

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Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners 2021- Pick The Right Palette For You!

Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2024- Pick The Right Palette For You!

Who doesn’t love sultry, seductive eyes? Mascaras and eyeliners sure offer definition. But to throw…

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The Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine

Healthy Morning Routine for Working Women: The Ultimate Guide!

Everybody has a morning habit; we wake up, brush our teeth, grab a coffee, practice…

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What do you know about nanoplastia hair treatment

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment: Is It Really Safe?

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment also known as nano straightening has been buzzing in the market more…

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