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snake eyes piercing

Snake Eye Piercings: Whether Or Not To Give Into The Reptilian Allure!

Piercings are a way of saying that you are adventurous and trendy. Hence the location…

ByRani PremkumarSep 2312 mins read
dermal piercing

Bejewel Your Body: The Ultimate Dermal Piercing Guide

Do you feel that there is a whole world of body modifications waiting to be…

ByPriya SreekumarSep 2014 mins read
frog eyes piercing

Unleash The Unusual – Your Quick Guide to The Whimsical Trend of Frog Eyes Piercing

Welcome back! Today, our topic is an unconventional yet fascinating trend in the wild, wild…

ByNitha Girija VallabhanSep 1913 mins read
Eyebrow piercing

The Ultimate Guide For Eyebrow Piercing

If you are wondering that eyebrow piercing is a new-age trend, then you are completely…

BySamara SSep 1915 mins read
Gum Piercing

Gum Piercing: Licenced To Beam

Body piercing is as ancient as human civilization.  It is fascinating that the ancient mummies…

ByRani PremkumarAug 913 mins read
frenulum piercing

Get A Frenulum Piercing Today To Hype Up Your Personality!

In today’s world, piercings are all the trend. Frenulum piercing, often known as a web…

ByVenu AgrawalAug 813 mins read