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Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2024- Pick The Right Palette For You!

How to pick an eyeshadow that can not only match your clothes but also your eyes? Knowing the ground rules and getting hold of best eyeshadow palettes can change your makeup game.

Written by Aashika Rajendran

On Jan 1, 2024 – 8 minutes read

Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners 2021- Pick The Right Palette For You!

Who doesn’t love sultry, seductive eyes? Mascaras and eyeliners sure offer definition. But to throw that enchanting glance, you need the best eyeshadow palette in your vanity kit. Pick the right shade for your eye color, skin tone and makeup- your eyes will speak for themselves. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this article is going to help you.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2024

Eyeshadows are a vital factor in facial cosmetics(1). You don’t need an expensive palette to do attractive eye makeup. Depending on your skin color, type, and your needs, if you get the right eyeshadow palettes, a single affordable palette can get the job done. A single swipe of those vibrant colors can alter the appearance of the eyes.

If you are a beginner at makeup, eyeshadows can be a bit intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, trust me guys you will love playing with the colors.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2024

Here are some of the best eyeshadow palettes of 2024. The colors in these are amazing and the color payoff is just perfect.

How To Choose An Eyeshadow Palette?

Following a few steps and guidelines, you can choose the right eyeshadow palette for yourself in no time.

Eye Color

One of the most basic steps to do while choosing an eyeshadow palette is to choose colors that complement your eyes. Consider these instances for now.

  • Brown eyes: Use deep navy, favor forest green, brick red, etc. if you have dark brown eyes. These color shade scans complement you well. Though most people use contacts to change eye colors these days, I still believe dark brown eyes are the most beautiful and versatile eye color. Almost all shades complement brown eyes, and the above-mentioned colors are naming just a few.
  • Amber or hazel eyes: If your eyes are on the red side such as amber or hazel then you can go for colors such as brown tones with a little shimmer in them or burgundy shades.
    Also, shades like a raisin, mocha, and other deep purple and brown tones can help to highlight and bring attention to the specs in the eyes making your eyes look out of the world.
  •  Green eyes: Green-eyed beauties must try purples and pinks, lilac, or peaches. These colors will work great in complementing the green and also making the eyes pop and attractive. And yes, if you want to brighten up the look a bit more, try orange shades and reds. It’s a bold move, but will definitely work.
  • Gray or blue eyes: And finally for the right eyeshadow for blue eyes. Copper and earthy colors will work best for you guys. Copper, terracotta, wine red, and even metallic shades are great to make those eyes stand out.
eyeshadow palette amazon

Skin Color And Undertones

When choosing an eyeshadow palette always make sure that the undertones of the main shades match those tones of your skin(2).

How to Identify Your Skin Undertone

If you’re not sure whether you have a cool or warm undertone, use your veins for guidance. If the veins are seen as green, then you have a warm undertone, and if your veins appear bluer then you have cool undertones.

Once you have figured out your undertone, half the job is done. These days palettes come with instructions such as from fair to medium, medium to a dusky, yellow undertone, cool undertones, etc.

If you have a warm undertone, then warm shades would look great on you. On the other side if you have a cool tone, then cooler shades are good for you.
Warm and cool are not colors they are the base of the colors, therefore when I say choose cool-toned colors you just need to choose a palette that has the cool version of colors while for warm tones go for the warm lighter version of the colors that has more gold in it rather than silver sheen.

Matte Vs Shimmer

Choosing between matte and shimmery is all about personal preference. Matte looks classic but it doesn’t always look right as it cannot reflect light.

glitter eyeshadow palette

For parties and fun stuff, you would need shimmery shadows. I would personally recommend choosing one from a list of best eyeshadow palettes that have both matt as well as shimmer ones just so that you can play around with these.


While choosing the overall color scheme of the palette, you would need to understand the kind of occasion you might be using a palette.

  • It’s always better to go for Neutral Tones, for office looks.
  • Reserve darker, shimmery shades for nighttime fun and party. 
  • Both Matte and shimmery gold and silver tones will work well for weddings and festivals.
  • Natural daytime shades are usually easy to use so you don’t have to spend too much time doing your eye makeup every day.
  • If your workplace is very professional, you can still use eyeshadow. All you have to do is stick to matte eyeshadows.
  • Jewel-toned eyeshadows look perfect for both day and night.  They are the easiest to work with.
  • For a fun night out, choose a palette that has darker shades with shimmer.

One of the main reasons why smoky eyes are so popular for evening makeup looks is that they look incredible in low-light settings. One rule though, if you are going for a very bold eye look, make sure you go a bit low on the lips as an outfit that complements the eye.

Quality and Usability

There are lots of makeup palettes that offer almost all the colors you can ever imagine, so next time you see one online before you click on that buy button do some review research. 

which brand is best for eyeshows?

Choose quality over quantity. When it comes to eyeshadows terms like pigmentation, color payoff, and long-lasting those terms that need to be noted. Also if you wish to save money it’s better to find a palette with a number of shades rather than pay the same for just two to three shades that you love.


If you are someone who is always on the go, go for a palette that’s compact as well as one that has a vanity mirror.

The Most Recommended & The Best Eyeshadow Palettes of 2024

Finding the best eye shadow palette would seem the most baffling thing when you are not a pro in makeup. Before choosing one, you need to understand the aesthetic appeal and accurate tone of a particular choice (3).

I would always recommend choosing a palette that has transitioned colors and a few bolds, just in case you need to attend a colorful beach party. Here is the list of the best eyeshadow palettes we discovered from our research and experience.

1. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Kattan has been rocking the makeup world with her awesome and affordable products. This HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette has an amazing formulation and very good pigmentation as well as lasting power.  This palette has both neutral tones and jewel tones. You can use the palette for both daytime as well as nighttime looks.

eyeshadow palette huda beauty

The best thing about this palette is that it has both neutral tones and jewel tones. The formulation of this eyeshadow is blendable, buttery, and pigmented. You need not worry about falling out with this one.  Also, the versatile shade range is perfect for all occasions. Overall, this palette is definitely worth investing in.

2. Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Palette

This ultimate palette by the makeup revolution comes in two versions, one is a matt palette and the other is a shimmery version of the same.

best matte eyeshadow palette amazon

If you are looking for a decent plate with a lot of color options, then you can go for this one. Especially if you are a makeup artist who is starting out then this eye shadow palette would work perfectly for you.

3. NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

NYX is one of the most renowned as well as affordable brands that you can come across. The palette called “Warm Neutrals” is the best eyeshadow palette for beginners with 16 awesome shades.

tarte eyeshadow palette

The palette has a lot of warm-brown and neutral shades that can create both, subtle and bold eye makeup looks. It’s good for those who love to experiment but keep it subtle.

4. Faces Ultime Pro Eye Shadow Palette Nude 01

If you are a beginner and you love shimmers, then this palette would be your first love. This palette has both shimmery shades and matte ones.

which eyeshadow is best for daily use

These colors work well for both cool undertones and warm undertones. They are pigmented, almost feel creamy, and easy to blend. What more does a beginner need?

5. Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

This palette by the Makeup Revolution comes with 30 earthy tones with both shimmer and matte shades. Most of the shades are highly pigmented and require just a bad. You can create a wonderful daytime as well as a sultry nighttime look with this palette.  A perfect one that is worth mentioning in this list.

shimmer and matte shades eyeshadows

That’s it guys, there are my top favorites. But if you guys want a drugstore eyeshadow palette that is super affordable and works just as well, then the Maybelline New York 24K Gold Nude Palette Eyeshadow is worth mentioning. I love this palette and couldn’t go without including this. I hope this article gave you some insight on how to find the right eyeshadow. If you have tried any of these products, do mention your experiences in the comments section below, and let’s have a chat!

Keep it simple! Keep it stylish! I hope our list of best eyeshadow palettes 2024 was helpful for you. 

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