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Hello there, my name is Aashika. A writer as well as a multi-tasker by nature. The skill of learning new things and being curious about what I can do has helped me face challenges and stay true to myself throughout my life. As a writer who loves to pen down anything and everything interesting under the sky, I truly believe in helping people live better lives. I think we, human beings, have potential and every one of us is capable of doing more than we perceive ourselves to be. The best thing one can do is embrace oneself, accept failures and always get back up no matter what.

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Easy and Best Body Oil Shower Routine to Smell Like a Diva All Day.

Easy And Best Body Oil Shower Routine To Smell Like A Diva All Day!

If you haven’t already started a body oil shower routine then here are a gazillion…

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begin your life with practicing self love

How To Practice Self-Love? No Bluff Easy To Follow Tips To Build Self-Care Psychology

How to practice self-love? This is something most of us women don’t know, “how and where”…

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Reverse eyebrow thinning

Reverse Eyebrow Thinning: Yes! You Can Grow Your Eyebrows Back!

Eyebrows speak a million words. When it comes to our facial structure and our expressions…

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Best Post-Workout Drinks To Keep You Going Throughout The Day

Best Post-Workout Drinks To Keep You Going Throughout The Day!

Wait, don’t settle for just an energy bar, we have something better, more affordable, and…

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Anomaly Haircare

Anomaly Haircare Review: What’s Inside The Hair Care Brand By Priyanka Chopra Jonas?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a force to reckon with, she has inspired and aspired in…

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Glycolic acid for hair

Glycolic Acid For Hair: Make Sure You Know This Before Using It!

TikTok is everybody’s guide to something, having videos for everything from fixing your skin to…

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