Fascinating Best Name Tattoo Designs For Those Planning To Get Inked 

Name tattoos are the perfect way to show your love to the person who matters to you most. If you too want to get one, here are some intriguing ideas to help you make a choice.

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name tattoo designs

Best name tattoo designs come from its own story. The story of the innermost being, the fears, sufferings, dreams, and aspirations of the individual who bears it. In true forms, they are silent words, unspoken feelings, and thoughts expressed in subtle art using the body as a canvas. Only if we look closer can we decipher the hidden meaning behind these engravings.  

One of the best name tattoo designs is carving the name of the ones you love is a beautiful way to honor them and tell them how much they mean to you. Be it to celebrate the birth of your firstborn, to pay homage to your beloved parents, or to express your dedication and commitment to the love of your life, getting their name inked permanently is a way to make them an inseparable part of your being. You can get a simple tattoo or a detailed one; it is the thought that matters most.  

History And Origin Of The Word Tattoo 

The word ‘tattoo’ comes from the Samoan word ‘tatau’, which refers to the sound of ancient tools like turtle shells and boar’s teeth that were used to engrave designs on the skin. These have now been replaced by advanced electric tattooing equipment that is much faster and gives better results.  

Although tattoos have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, thanks to celebrities and social media, they are one of the oldest forms of art. There are different best name tattoo designs on the trend now. The earliest evidence of tattoos dates back to 3370 BC. It has been a part of several cultures for centuries, representing declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments, status symbols, and even punishment.  

History And Origin Of The Word Tattoo 

Even name tattoos are not new. In the 18th century, lovers inked their names and “inochi” (life) on their upper arms. Over time, people started carving the names of their loved ones with the best name tattoo designs. Like football legend David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston inscribed her beloved pet Norman’s name on the inside of her right foot, and Johnny Deep tattooed his mother Betty Sue’s name on his left bicep. Celebrities popularized name tattoos.

If you too are inspired by these celebrities and thinking about getting one of these tattoos, this article will help you decide how to go about it.  

Things To Consider Before Getting A Name Tattoo 

There are several things you need to consider before getting someone’s name permanently inked on your body for life like the font, place, and size. These might look non-relevant to some but trust us, everything is important and has a special meaning, moreover there are lots of best name tattoo designs trending.

Choosing The Name

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, especially when you are getting someone’s name inked on your body. So, do not rush about it. Think about it at least six months before going through the procedure. Waiting for some time is even more essential for those who want to write their partner’s name. Avoid it in the initial stage of the relationship. Go for it when you are fully committed to each other. There are lots of best name tattoo designs for every different pure moment.

Placement Of Tattoos

If you are someone who gets bored of things easily, it is better to get the tattoo made at some place where you do not see it often like the back or shoulders. Even for those who want to keep it private, choose a place that is mostly covered with your garment.  

Font Option

The font is an integral element of any design. Each font has a special meaning, cursive is more romantic and handwritten adds an individualized touch. Explore all the options before choosing the right font for yourself.  

Top 30 Best Name Tattoo Designs That You Can Get Inked  

When it comes to picking the right way to ink your loved one’s name you will be overwhelmed by the number of options. There are so many scripts, designs, and fonts to choose from. Here are the top 30 designs for your inspiration: 

Classic Cursive The Best Name Tattoo Design

The classic cursive name tattoo is the most loved tattoos of all. To make it look more romantic choose the cursive font.  

Script Tattoo

It is one of the best name tattoo name designs which is in different scripts like Arabic or Mandarin. People mostly choose it when they want to keep the name secret, or they want to pay respect to their culture. Bold font, typewriter font, or old English font choose any style of your choice. 

Script Tattoo

Handwritten Font Tattoo

This is one of the best name tattoo designs that give a distinctive touch to your tattoo by getting the signature or handwritten note inked on your body. You can also go for a classic calligraphy font.  

A to Z Name Tattoo

If writing the full name seems too daunting to you, stick to the initials. From A to Z, you can get the initials of the name of your loved one with a small design that will look pretty.  

Name Tattoo Designs With A Heart

There are so many best name tattoo designs out there but adding a little heart to your design to make your tattoo more aesthetically pleasing. Simple running text and a heart make this tattoo complete.  

Name Tattoo Design For Females With Flowers

Women also deserve the best name tattoo designs Incorporating your favorite flower in the design in a subtle way. This design is suitable for females. You can get it on your ankle and or on your forearms. 

Name Tattoo Design For Females With Flowers

Tattoo Designs With Birthdates

If you want to remember a special day like the birthday of your baby or when you met your husband or wife, you can add it with the best name tattoo designs to keep it close to your heart.  

Tattoos With Big Designs

since there are lots of best name tattoo designs, people who are not afraid of needles and want the world to know the name of the love of their life. You can go for a full-size tattoo and incorporate the name in it. You can choose any design of your liking.  

Tattoos For Your Pet

pets are our second children maybe our first adding them to the best name tattoo designs is like honoring your pet, make it more special by adding some designs that represent them like paws for a doggo, and feathers for a bird. 

Angel Tattoo

For your little angel, you can add a pair of wings with the name. These kinds of tattoos look extremely sweet. best name tattoo designs including angels in it is the best thing.

Tattoo Designs That You Can Get Inked

Feet Tattoo

Another design tattoo that you can dedicate to your kid is the imprints of their feet with their name. You can combine the best name tattoo designs on your feet or get the imprints of your child tattooed with their name.  

Crown Tattoo

A name tattoo with a crown is a classic combination which goes along with the best name tattoo designs. Getting it carved on top of the name of your partner symbolizes that they are the king or the queen of your heart.  

Moon Tattoo

How do you tell someone that they are the light of your life? It’s easy to say with the best name tattoo designs, Simply get a name tattoo with a moon. It is a great way to express your true feelings without saying a word. 

Feather Tattoo

A name tattoo with a feather is a popular combination. They complement each other well and look great on the forearms, calf, and collarbone. Adding a feather to your best name tattoo designs goes best.  

Tattoo Designs That You Can Get Inked

Husband Name Tattoo Ideas

Couples can get their name tattooed as a sign of togetherness. If you want to surprise your husband on your wedding anniversary 

Infinity Name Tattoo Designs On Hand

Name tattoo with an infinity design also symbolizes togetherness and forever love. It is a perfect design for those what wants to get something inked on their hand.

Heartbeat Tattoo With The Best Name Tattoo Designs

A heartbeat tattoo is a perfect way to show your loved one that they are your lifeline.  

Bird Tattoo

A bird represents freedom, love, strength, longevity, and eternity. It is a perfect design to incorporate into your Best tattoo name designs.

Tattoo Designs That You Can Get Inked

Photo Tattoo

Best tattoo name designs can be done in different ways, You can also get your favorite photo engraved on your body with the name of the person to add more value to it.  

Tattoo With Quotes

Add quotes with your name tattoo to give more meaning to it.

3D Name Tattoos Designs

Make your tattoo look more real with 3D pictures. Butterfly, anchor, or flower, you can get any design made with the name tattoo. Adding 3 names to your best name tattoo designs are the best idea.

Tattoo Design With Names Hidden In It

Get more creative by tattooing your name in the form of a design to keep it discreet. This type of tattoo stands out from the usual ones and it would be the best name tattoo designs.

Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly represents freedom, and this type of tattoo is best for girls who want to engrave their names as a symbol of self-love. best name tattoo designs with the art of butterfly art in them are exquisite.

Colorful Tattoo

colorful tattoos with best name tattoo designs are charming, If you want to make your tattoo look more attractive, go for a colorful tattoo rather than the normal black ink one. 

Cross And Rose With The Name Of The Person

To honor those who are no more in this world, you can get a cross and rose design made with their name.  

Wings And Date Tattoo

A wing and date along with the name of the person who has passed away is another great tattoo idea.  

Tattoo Designs That You Can Get Inked  

Cartoon Tattoo

If you are someone who loves cartoons then you can creatively add it to yours. Get the imprints of your favorite cartoon character along with the name of your choice.  

Arrow Tattoo With Best Name Tattoo Designs

A tribal arrow with a name is also a brilliant design. It is perfect for your arms.  

Dream Catcher Tattoo

To make your tattoo look more aesthetically pleasing with the best name tattoo designs, you can go for a dream catcher tattoo. Add a name at the bottom or above it. 

Tattoo Designs That You Can Get Inked

Family Name Tattoo

You can also get a tattoo to honor your family name. Along with that choose a design that represents your clan.  

Which Place Is Best For The Best Name Tattoo Designs? 

It is difficult to point out a right or the wrong place to get name tattoos. But some preferred and nonpreferred places are determined by certain factors like longevity, level of pain, or the person whose name you want to get inked on your body.  

Tattoos fade when exposed to too much sunlight(1). So, if you want it to look like new forever, get it done in places like the outer collarbone, inner arm, back, upper thighs, upper rib cage, shoulders, or calves. These places are mostly covered and your tattoo will be safe. 

Now coming to the next factor, which is your level of pain tolerance. On parts of the body where your skin is very thin and has numerous nerves ending like hands, head, ribcage, feet, and toes, you might feel more pain when the needle pierces your skin. It is best to avoid these areas.  

The last factor to consider is the person whose name you are going to get inked. Like if it is your mother or father, you would not want to get their names inked on the lower part of your body like calves or feet.   

Is It Good To Tattoo Someone’s Name? 

Tattooing someone’s name on your body is a personal choice. Nobody has the right to judge you or tell you what you should do and what you should not. If that person matters to you the most and you want to honor or show your commitment towards them by engraving their name on your body, go for it. The only thing that you need to do is to be realistic. There are lots of best name tattoo designs for your special ones. Do not make any decision in haste that you will regret later. Take your time and think about it before booking an appointment with a tattoo artist.  


Tattooing the name of someone who holds immense importance in your life is the best thing you can do to show your love and loyalty. But before taking the big step, make sure you have no doubts about it in your heart. Nowadays, with the help of advanced technology you can get the permanent ink removed if by chance anything goes wrong. However, the procedure is much more painful and expensive than getting the tattoo in the first place. So, do your research, select your design, choose the best name tattoo designs and book with an expert tattoo artist, and consult your doctor(2) beforehand to check for any kind of allergies, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

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