Fitness Freak LeBron James Breaks The Diet Only For Private Chef’s Specials

LeBron James and his wife Savannah, who are fitness-obsessed, stray from the trail just for their private chef’s special.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 23, 2024 – 3 minutes read

LeBron Drooling Over Chef’s Pizza

LeBron James’ rigorous fitness regimen is a major factor in his success on the court. The four-time champion spends millions to maintain the best possible physical condition. The King supposedly spends $1.5 million a year taking care of his body, hiring a private chef and fitness trainer. However, those who closely monitor his eating habits will be able to see that the 39-year-old has a fondness for sweets. And if his former teammate Tristan Thompson is to be believed, he keeps his teeth gnawed more often than not. Meanwhile, he cannot deny when his favorite private chef cooks her specials for him.

LeBron Drooling Over Chef’s Pizza

LeBron Drooling Over Chef’s Pizza

Bron posted a video of Chef D’s delicious pizzas on Instagram recently, labeling it “SO DAMN YUMMY!!!” and a series of drooling and fire emojis. “Literally a pizza party!!” was the caption the chef and businessman wrote for the original footage. “My favorite kind of party!”, she captioned it, tagging James, his wife, and some other friends in it. When it comes to praising the James gang chef, Bron doesn’t hold back. He had reposted his favorite Marino’s dish on his X account in 2021.

Even though everyone enjoys the occasional cheat meal and pleasure, Marino makes sure LeBron James gets the nourishment he needs. She had even given Bron’s favorite granola recipe. It is a high-protein snack that works well in almost any dish or may be consumed by itself. As much as James enjoys French toast, wine, syrup, and strawberries, the 20-time All-Star understands how important it is to control those cravings. And it could be wiser to choose the healthier option to sate his sweet tooth needs when the temptation becomes a bit too great.

Dena Marino asked her followers in a tweet back in 2022 which fruit they preferred: peaches, plums, or nectarine. LeBron quickly responded, stating that nectarine was his favorite fruit and including an emoji of it. Curiously, he had brought a box from home to a Summer League game rather than receiving anything from the arena. James is well aware of when to stop and when to go too far.

LeBron’s Strict Diet

Although a lot of information is available regarding James’ training regimen, not much is known about his diet. The eighteen-time All-Star did, however, occasionally disclose his stringent diet. After becoming a little overweight at the beginning of the 2013–14 season, LeBron James truly began to pay attention to what he was eating.

The four-time MVP of the Finals decided to go on a diet. The Lakers icon disclosed that he abstained from dairy and sugar while following a diet. He consumed meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables nonstop for 67 days. James liked to eat a lot of carbohydrates before working out. He had a salad on the side, some veggies, and chicken breast with whole wheat spaghetti. Before the game, LeBron James also depends on protein shakes and a few fruits. The four-time MVP believed that maintaining peak performance required eating a clean, organic diet. Tristan Thompson, a former teammate of James’s from the Cleveland Cavaliers, refuted the allegations regarding his rigorous diet.

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But in a 2020 interview, Thompson claimed that James had a sweet taste, overindulged in food, and disregarded diet plans. Despite this, the NBA legend was still able to dominate everyone else on the floor with his incredible metabolism.

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