Twosome Is Awesome- Couple Tattoo Ideas For Skin-Deep Commitments

Two for joy, they say, and twosome tattoos convey more than we think.

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Apr 7, 2023 – 14 minutes read

Twosome is Awesome

Love is not confined to the overtures on Valentine’s Day. It is a commitment for many. Chivalry was a mark of a man’s love for a woman. There were many trials and tribulations lovers went through to express and establish the holy union of love. The commitment was marked through elaborate processes. That physical objects like handkerchiefs were exchanged to convey love and commitment, like in The Three Musketeers, may sound cheesy nowadays. But there existed a whole set of perfunctory traditions that marked and extolled the fact of “togetherness”. The couple tattoo ideas certainly owe an evolutionary courtesy to the “love-bites”, which was a temporary way of ‘marking the territory’, as the pros say.

It was more about hiding it, though, for many! But for many others, love-bites are still a souvenir of a night of passion and something they do not mind flaunting. But it was never about commitment or permanence.

Couple Tattoo Ideas: History Of Tattooing Your Partner’s Name

But the fascinating history of tattooing your partner’s name began to immortalize love as long as tattooing itself. In Japan, lovers tattooed their names on their upper names with the word inochi, meaning life. The early 18th century! Tattoo removal was uncertain pre-laser. If the relationship failed, the couple’s tattoo had to be burned off with a tobacco pipe. Despite the pain, the infatuated carved their loved ones’ names on their skin to express their love. Even with modern technology, tattoo removal hurts more than tattooing. Removing a large tattoo requires a high pain threshold and many sessions!

What Do Tattoos Explain?

Though tattoos started as an aesthetic way of making the body speak about the core values or sentimentalities that you cherish artistically, the couple tattoo was an improvement on the art of portraying commitment. Different name tattoo designs express emotions.

What Does Tattoos Explain

A picture is worth a thousand words. Tattoos explain a feeling or a concept with aesthetic appeal. It sticks to the mind and lets the viewer explore the deeper connotations of the same. In couples tattoos, the coming together of two people from different backgrounds, upbringings, and cultures are celebrated. Romantic Couple tattoo ideas revolve around the two stages- one shouts off the top of the roof, love smitten stage where both are so committed that they want to mark their lustful or love-drunk stage with a couple of tattoos; and the second stage being a dire attempt to revive and make a relationship last! 

Though couple tattoos are done by lovers or married couples, they could celebrate any relationship, including mother-daughter, besties, or partners-in-crime.

Couple Tattoo Ideas: Common Factors

The couple’s tattoo ideas have these common elements. Commitment, appreciation, common grounds, similar interests, proclamation, sealing of the relationship, openness, reminders, sentimentality, Aesthetic Appeal, and Conversation starters.


Couple tattoos are done to proclaim a commitment to each other and the world at large, depending on the placement of the tattoo. Seeing the tattoo, the couple gets reminded of the commitment and the passion that went into the decision of inscribing the love into the skin. 


Couples’ tattoos are done to celebrate and appreciate the presence of each other in their lives. A mother-daughter tattoo or best friends can mark their appreciation for each other with a couple of tattoos.

Common Grounds

Couples tattoo shout out the commonality of the passion of the couple that acts as a sealant to the relationship. We know that, unlike in science, ‘like poles attract’. It could be a commonality of culture, language, religion, or region!

Similar Interests

Having similar hobbies, pets and other emotional or intellectual interests in common can also be highlighted in a couple’s tattoos. It would be a constant reminder to the couple why they stick on or even why they gelled in the first place!


Celebrities see couple tattoo ideas as a subtle means of announcing exclusiveness in a relationship. The act of having a couple tattooed has greater ramifications than gifting a ring. A couple tattoo is a bone paparazzi chew on with delight. After all, the proof of the pudding is in eating it!

Sealing Of The Relationship

couple tattoo ideas are meant to provide a sealing of the relationship. Cute couple tattoos can be a reminder of the passion and emotion involved in the people getting together as a unit.


The couple tattoo is determined by the willingness and earnestness of the couple to explain why they chose the particular tattoo, if belongs to the category of unique couple tattoo ideas.


Couple tattoos also serve as reminders of significant landmarks in the relationship like the dates, venue or some unique feature that has got something to do with the relationship.


Couple tattoos can scream sentimental elements like pets, details of the first meeting, or marriage. It also could be shared passions or interests. The uniqueness of a couple can be celebrated with couple tattoos.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some couple tattoo ideas are meant to showcase the aesthetic affiliations and refinedness of the couple. It is an aesthetic way of ensuring the secrecy of some elements which are not obvious in the tattoo itself. As they say, secrets make a relationship stronger. It can be placed in places hidden from the prying eyes as well. Man and woman can choose the aesthetically pleasing variant of the same tattoo and yet remain twosome- awesome!

Conversation starters

Some unique tattoo ideas serve as conversation starters, especially because it needs explanations because of its non-obviousness factor, to convey the meaning to others.

Couple Tattoo Ideas: The Psychology Behind Matching And Complementary Tattoos

Couples prefer either matching couple tattoo ideas or complementary ones. The concept of the match–the match is a driving force to seal the togetherness marked by common interests. The matching tattoo ideas are followed by those couples who believe that they have a lot of common elements that they can celebrate with a tattoo. It also comes with the psychological need to belong. Hence, Couple tattoos that are matching are adopted by those who celebrate the very few common elements that they share, denying the idea that they are different human beings in essence. Those who believe in soulmates also tend to mimic the similarity patterns through matching couple tattoo ideas.

Complementary Tattoos 

Couples who believe in their individuality and pursue their interests opt for complementary tattoos. They are mature enough to realize they are not similar but they complete each other and make the relationship a bright one. Most of those who choose this kind of couple tattoo idea believe in working towards an ideal relationship. They do believe that they have a lot in common, but they believe that they need to stand together to make it a pair. The awareness of the differences in commonness leads couples to opt for complementary tattoos.

Unique Couple Tattoo Ideas

Each Couple does have their share of uniqueness. They will have their common memories or interests which will come out as a unique couple tattoo. It may be tattoos that have a special and unique meaning to the couple.

Let me suggest a unique couple of tattoo ideas picked up from Instagram to serve as a reference when you are going to ink your love with your partner.

Carrot And Bunny Couple Tattoo

What keeps you going? Food! Live to eat or eat to live- food matters. So why not convey that your lover is the one who keeps you going with a bunny and a carrot? This indeed is a cute couple of tattoo ideas.

Carrot And Bunny Couple Tattoo

Handwritten Couple Tattoo

What is more romantic than your lover’s handwritten note on your body? It is unique and mushy. Matching handwritten tattoos are a way to express your love and commitment (a very permanent commitment) to your partner through art.

Handwritten Couple Tattoo

Coordinates Couple Tattoo Ideas

Getting the coordinates of where you both met the first time is a unique way to celebrate your love.

Coordinates Couple Tattoo

Hidden Finger Couple Tattoo

Getting small tattoos that may stay hidden could denote your privacy and secrets. It is unique and playful.

Hidden Finger Couple Tattoo

Noodles Couple Tattoo

Another foodie couple tattoo choice. What is more basic than noodles? Maybe it was your first meal or go-to comfort food! Getting these tats will surely spark some imagination, nostalgia, and comfort.

Noodles Couple Tattoo

Out Of This World Couple Tattoo Ideas

What more can tell you that you are the moon that your lover had been wanting all along? This could mean that you are out of this world and chasing you was equally adventurous!

Out Of This World Tattoo

Profession Couple Tattoo 

It would be quite a unique tattoo to have one like this if you share the same interest in science or the same profession.

Travel Couple Tattoo

If you both are globe trotters, then this combination of coordinates and a map of Earth shows off your common interest. Satisfy your wanderlust with this one.

Travel Couple Tattoo

Venue Couple Tattoos

If you want to commemorate your meeting your soulmate under a palm tree in Dubai, this ankle tattoo will tell it all. It could be your favorite sunny weather or a tree with a meaning!

Venue Couple Tattoos

Lava Lamp Couple Tattoo

Who can imagine that something as simple as a lava lamp can be a couple tattoos? It may mean a meaningful night, a liking for lava lamps, or the positivity it brings! It shows your unique choice.

Lava Lamp Couple Tattoo

Script Couple Tattoo

If you want to write down your unique anchor word or the theme of your relationship, here you go. The ‘ always’ tattoo could mean permanence or unconditional love always.

Script Couple Tattoo

Popular Couple Tattoo Ideas

Couple tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are many different designs and styles to choose from. Here are some popular couple tattoo designs.

Smiley Face Couple Tattoo

Great for a positive mindset and to remind each other to smile often. smiley face tattoos can be a symbol of happiness and joy. They can also serve as a reminder about who you are and what you value namely happiness and finding the good in everything you see and do.

Smiley Face Couple Tattoo

Diamond Couple Tattoo

You cannot lose this diamond ring anytime. This is indeed a novel couple tattoo idea that is very popular. Great for couples hustling to make their dreams come alive!

Diamond Couple Tattoo

L-O-V-E Couple Tattoo

This is basic- Love. Quite a popular couple tattoo choice as well. It shows that you complete the equation of a wonderful relationship.

L-O-V-E Couple Tattoo

Initials Couple Tattoo

A simple way of expressing the commitment with the initials of the couple. An initials tattoo refers to the first letter. It can be that of a name, a word, or a place. Initial tattoos, therefore, symbolize a word that is meaningful to you.

Initials Couple Tattoo

Games And Anime Couple Tattoos

Gamers would love it to show off that they both are a game for the pixelated game world out there. A popular couple tattoo idea, especially among the younger lot! Animes are also a great choice for inspiration.

Games And Anime Couple Tattoos

Heart Couple Tattoo

No frills- straight to the point and a very romantic, popular couple tattoo idea that is. They represent love, passion, affection, and much more, making them relatable to just about anyone. Plus, heart tattoos come in all sorts of shapes and forms from anatomical hearts to broken hearts to sacred hearts each carrying its unique meaning.

Heart Couple Tattoo

King And Queen Couple Tattoo 

You are the royalty in love; we get it! Now, this great couple tattoo idea of a king and queen tattoo is popular among those who rule the hearts of their loved ones. The man and woman dynamic cast in royal colors shows a powerful couple indeed.

King And Queen Couple Tattoo 

Butterfly Couple Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo denotes freedom, and it stands for transformation. What other couple tattoo idea can convey the change and the life someone brought into your life and you cherish it together? It looks great together and separately. Another twist will be a butterfly and a flower tattoo.

Butterfly Couple Tattoos

The 11.11 Couple Tattoo 

11.11 is an angel number that denotes synchronicity, luck, and magic. If you want to convey to others that your finding your mate is magic, this is the tattoo.

The 11.11 Couple Tattoo 

Soulmate Couple Tattoo

A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. If you want to spell it out that you both are soulmates, so be it! How’s this tattoo on the wrist working for you?

Soulmate Couple Tattoo

Key And Lock Couple Tattoo

That may be the key to your heart or chastity belt. The one who holds the key can flaunt it with this popular key and lock tattoo.

Key And Lock Couple Tattoo

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo Ideas

The sun denotes the brain, and the moon denotes feelings in astrology. So pick your dominant self and show it out. Sun is hot and the moon is cool. Sun is the father and the moon is the mother according to many traditions. It may mean something totally day and night for you!! Suit yourself!

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo

You Are My Sunshine Couple Tattoo

Very popular couple tattoo idea which is followed by lots. Without the sun, there is no day or night! It is nourishing, and invigorating. What more can say, ‘ you are my sunshine’ more than this tat?

You Are My Sunshine’ Couple Tattoo

Infinity Couple Tattoo

You could scream ‘ forever’ in a refined manner with this couple infinity tattoo. It could mean lifetimes of love. You have your story, right?

Infinity Couple Tattoo

Half Tattoo

A half-sleeve tattoo covers only half of your arm, usually from the upper shoulder or chest to the elbow area. Many people start with half-sleeve tattoos because they want to do the whole sleeve, but that isn’t always the case. Half tattoos remind each other that they are incomplete without the other.

Half Tattoo


Choosing a cute couple tattoo from Google is easy. Most do. There’s no harm in looking for inspiration, but getting a couple tattoo ideas from a tattoo artist’s catalog again seems dry to me. If you can’t talk about tattoo styles like American traditional, traditional Japanese, illustrative, neo-traditional, geometric, and minimalist, that’s fine! Be Instagram-inspired and show your artist your choices. But take your time and design a unique tattoo. Why not immortalize your uniqueness with a cute and unique couple tattoo idea that has personal meaning?

License & Hygiene

After deciding on a tattoo, choose a state-licensed studio. Display the tattoo studio and artist’s licenses at the studio or website. Check the hygiene by seeing if the place stinks or smells like disinfectant and is clean. Then, discuss the artist’s tattooing methods. Tattoo artists must use single-use needles and ink to avoid contamination. Even between couples, gloves, bandages, swabs, razors, etc. You’re together, but you don’t have to share infections!

Most tattoo artists before the appointment warn you to stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen (1) 24 hours before the appointment as they think the blood. Alcohol consumption is also a no-no. You both need to wear something that keeps the area to be tattooed exposed for the tattooing or you could wear something that you can easily slip out of for the process. You should also stay hydrated and apply lotion on the skin to soften and hydrate it so that your tattoo will look cleaner and heal faster if your skin is not rough or dry.

You have to choose beforehand if you want your imagery to be floral, abstract, or in the script. Some unique tattoo ideas have scripts in different fonts. If it is a script, it is easier as you just need to decide on the font. But if it is imagery, you need to choose colors that may suit your skin tone too, as the matching tattoos with color can appear different in the different color tones of the skin of the couple. So you need to find a common ground.

Process Of couple Tattoo

The process of the couple tattooing could be like holding hands in the delivery room! This time you both will be in pain, though! It is a great milestone in a relationship as you both can get the tattoos done together, which will help you both support each other through the process. It will be helpful to do deep breathing exercises to divert your mind from the pain. And on the pleasurable side, it will be quite a turn to see the tattoo that bears your name or some common factor being etched into the skin (especially if it is being done in some strategic locations

The other aspect which you have to agree upon while considering couple tattoo ideas is the location, choice of colors, and how elaborate you want it to be. You cannot have a couple tattoo with one being elaborate and the other one way too tiny and basic! You may also want to check the feasibility of the placement of the tattoo and how much of your body you want to dedicate to the ink. So, now we know that if you can decide couple tattoo, you can surmount any difficulty together!


One main thing to bear in mind while inking a couple tattoo idea is to plan ahead and long before the wedding and honeymoon. You can have one after your newlywed fire gets settled down. This advice will serve you well because if you are planning for a ‘ hydra honeymoon’ with beaches, hot tubs, and rivers involved, your tattoo may not have healed completely as you may need to stay away from water for three-four weeks to be healed completely. You should also make sure to apply sunscreen on the tattoo, especially if you are going to spend some chunk of time wandering, as the sun may cause the tattoo to fade.

It is also pertinent to maintain hygiene to make sure that the area doesn’t get infected. You should keep the dressing on if you are going about that particular day. You should clean the tattoo with a cleaner recommended by the tattoo artist. 

Have you made up your mind about whether you want a tattoo to proclaim your love and exclusivity? Love is not skin deep. These couple tattoo ideas are trendy and creative. You’re your boss—no pressure should get you tattooed. Ink it if you want to link feelings! Cheers.

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