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Know How To Tie A Bandana Around Your Neck and Transform Your Daily Looks

Set off on an adventure with our guide on how to tie a bandana around your neck like a cowgirl and many more ways!

Written by Priya Sreekumar

On Jan 11, 2024 – 7 minutes read

How To Tie A Bandana Around Your Neck

Learning how to tie a bandana around your neck is a nifty skill that adds flair and style to any outfit. This versatile accessory is a fashion statement and a practical addition to your wardrobe.

Let’s explore various ways on how to tie a bandana around your head along with tips to keep you looking sharp!

What Is A Bandana?

How To Tie A Bandana Around Your Head

A bandana is a square piece of fabric that is often adorned with various patterns, primarily paisley, and is used as an accessory. It is a multifunctional piece that can be worn around the neck, head, or wrist, or even used as an item of decor.

Difference Between A Bandana And A Neckerchief

Bandana And Neckerchief Difference

Bandanas usually feature a distinctive paisley pattern and are larger. It allows for more versatile styling options from headbands to wrist wraps. In contrast, neckerchiefs are generally smaller, and they offer a neat and polished look, often seen in scouting, sailing, or as a chic accessory in high fashion. The choice between a laid-back bandana or a sophisticated neckerchief can define the vibe of your entire outfit.

Different Ways To Tie A Bandana Around Your Neck

Now let’s dive into these fun and chic ways to tie a bandana to effortlessly elevate your look.

1. Around The Neck Tied In A Slippy Way

Bandana-  Around The Neck Tied In A Slippy Way

Loosely drape the bandana around your neck and let the ends hang free for a more bohemian(1) or laid-back style. This method is less about precision and more about creating a relaxed vibe. It is perfect for a beach day or when you want to add a splash of color to a simple outfit.

2. Around The Neck Like A Scarf

Tie Bandana Around Neck Like A Scarf

Fold your bandana into a triangle and roll it towards the pointed end to create a scarf-like shape. Wrap it around your neck with the triangle pointing down and tie the ends at the back. This style resembles a front scarf and adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

3. Around The Neck Like A Necklace

Bandana Around the neck like a necklace

For this chic look, roll your bandana into a tight, thin band and wrap it around your neck to allow the ends to dangle like a necklace. This style works well with open-neck clothing and can add an interesting element to a plain outfit.

4. Tucked Into Your Shirt

Bandana - Tucked Into Your Shirt

For a nod to Western style or a gangster flair, fold the bandana into a triangle and tuck it into the front of your shirt, with the tip pointing down. This look pairs well with button-down shirts and can add an interesting pop of color to a plain outfit.

5. Cowboy Style

Cowboy Style Bandana

How to tie a bandana around your neck like a cowboy?

Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl by folding the bandana into a large triangle and tying the ends behind your neck to get a cowboy style bandana(2). Let the triangle cover your chest for a classic Western look.

As a fringe benefit, for anyone with body insecurities like turkey neck, neck fat, neck hump, black neck or neck acne, a bandana around the neck will serve as a cover to hide under.

Other Ways To Style A Bandana

1. A knot In The Back

Tie Bandana As A knot In The Back

Fold your bandana diagonally to create a triangle. Then, continue folding until it forms a slender band. Wrap this band around your neck and secure it with a knot at the back. This style provides a sleek and straightforward look that is perfect for a casual day out or a subtle addition to your professional attire.

2. Bow In The Front And Tip In The Back

Bandana Bow In The Front And Tip In The Back

Start as you would for the knot in the back, but instead of a simple knot, tie a bow at the front of your neck. The bow adds a playful and feminine touch to your outfit. Wearing it this way makes it ideal for a picnic date or a fun day with friends.

3. Tie As A Bracelet

Tie bandana as a Bracelet

A Bandana can be used as a wrist accessory too. Wrap the bandana around your wrist and tie it off. You can layer it with bracelets for a boho-chic look or wear it alone for a simple, yet stylish flair.

4. Tie As A Headband

Bandana As A Headband

A popular way to wear a bandana is in the hair. Fold and roll your bandana before tying it around your head. You can place it over your forehead for a retro vibe or push it back to keep hair out of your face or you can use it as a hair tie too. It is a versatile look that can be casual or dressy, depending on how you style it.

5. Around Your Ankle

Bandana Around Your Ankle

Get creative and tie the bandana around your ankle for a quirky accessory. It is a unique way to add color and pattern to your outfit and can be especially striking with cropped jeans or shorts.

6. As A Belt

Bandana As a Belt

For an alternative to traditional belts, fold your bandana into a long strip and thread it through your belt loops before tying it at the front. It adds a casual and creative touch to jeans or skirts.

7. As A Belt Loop

Bandana As a Belt Loop

If you want just a hint of bandana, tie it around a single belt loop for a subtle pop of color and pattern. This is an easy way to add a bit of interest to your outfit without overwhelming it.

Tips For Wearing A Bandana

A bandana can provide that extra zest, proving that great style often comes in small, square packages. Here are some tips on how to tie a bandana around your neck.

  • Select a bandana that enhances or contrasts with your outfit for the desired effect – consider the color, pattern, and occasion. The right bandana can complement your outfit or become a standout piece, so choose according to the look you’re aiming for.
  • Aim for simplicity in other attire elements to let the bandana shine, as too many patterns or accessories can overshadow its impact. A bandana works best when it is the focal point, so keep the rest of your outfit understated.
  • Regularly wash your bandana to maintain its look and hygiene – a clean and crisp bandana always looks best. Nothing detracts from a bandana’s appeal like dirt or wrinkles, so ensure it is always fresh and ready to wear.
  • Experiment with different folds and ties for varied styles. Each method can give a whole new look and make your bandana an adaptable accessory. Changing how you fold and wear your bandana can dramatically alter your appearance.
  • Understand the cultural significance of bandanas in different contexts. Bandanas carry various meanings and histories; be respectful and informed about the patterns and colors you choose.
  • Incorporate bandanas into your seasonal wardrobes. Lightweight cotton bandanas are perfect for summer, while silk or wool can provide warmth and style in cooler months.
  • Use your bandana as a functional accessory. Beyond fashion, a bandana can serve as a makeshift mask, a gangster bandana, a sweatband, or even a carry pouch.


1. How do you protect your neck with a bandana?

Wrap the bandana snugly around your neck to protect against sunburn or wind.

2. What cute ways can I use a bandana with my hair?

Use it as a headband, hair tie, or a bow on your ponytail.

3. What does a black bandana around the neck mean?

It can be a fashion statement or historically associated with certain groups.

4. Why do bikers wear bandanas?

Bikers wear bandanas as a protection against the sun, wind, and dust.

5. How can a guy wear a bandana?

As a necktie, headband, or wrist accessory.

6. How To Tie A Bandana Around Your Neck Like Barbie?

Opt for a neat bow in the front, similar to a necktie.

7. How do you wear a bandana with long hair?

Try as a headband, hair tie, or woven into braids.

Wrapping Up

Bandanas are a timeless accessory that can elevate your look with a touch of personality and flair. Sometimes we aim for a chic, laid-back, or edgy style, so knowing how to tie a bandana around your neck is an essential skill. Remember, the key is to have fun and express yourself, so don’t shy away from experimenting with different colors, patterns, and tying techniques. Just grab your bandana and start practicing today- your next fashion statement is just a knot away!

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