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How To Sharpen Tweezers? Mastering Precision With Expert Power Tips!

Tweezers may be tiny, but they do a significant job for you. Discover how to sharpen tweezers with some easy steps.

Written by Tripti Mohan

On Jan 29, 2024 – 5 minutes read

How To Sharpen Tweezers

A tweezer is a must-have in your vanity tool kit. These tiny instruments help you eliminate that odd hair that sticks out of your brow, nose, or chin. Like knives or any other sharp objects, tweezers too may become blunt and irritatingly miss out on catching hold of that little hair. So, you must learn how to sharpen tweezers. It’s no rocket science- you can use some simple methods to bring them back to their glory!

How To Sharpen Tweezers?

How To Sharpen Tweezers At Home

Sharpening your tweezer can save you some time and also from pain while trying to shape your eyebrow. That’s right, it is easier and faster to tweeze using a sharp tweezer. Also, if the tweezer you are using is dull, plucking that tiny hair could be painful. So, if your tweezer isn’t doing its work efficiently, instead of chucking it in the trash, you can sharpen it again. A nail file, a knife sharpener, scissors, sandpaper, or even an aluminum foil can help you get the task done. Here’s how.

Different Methods To Sharpen Tweezers

Here are five different methods to sharpen tweezers at home. Before you start, always make sure that both your tweezer as well as the material you use to sharpen it are clean and dry. After sharpening the tweezer, rinse it with water, sanitize and let it dry before using it on your skin.

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Sandpaper?

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Sandpaper

Using sandpaper is among the most popular hacks for sharpening tweezers. Take a piece of sandpaper and fold it so that the rough side is outwards. Place the folded paper in between the tongs and pinch the sandpaper with the tweezer. Hold the sandpaper tightly and move the tweezer a few times in small, sharp movements. Repeat the action until you achieve the desired sharpness. Make sure you don’t sharpen it too much.

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Nail File?

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Nail File

If you have a double-sided nail file, your job is easy. Place the nail file between the tweezer. Grab it with the tweezer and pull it up and down in short and swift movements. Soon, your dull tweezer can be back in action!

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Scissors?

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Scissors

If you do not have the above tools, worry not. You can sharpen your tweezers without a nail file or sandpaper. Find a pair of scissors lying around. Make sure it is clean and dry. Now, split the scissors open and place your dull tweezers on one of the scissor blades as if you are grabbing it. Press and slightly move the tweezers on the blade a few times until your tweezers are sharp again!

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Aluminum Foil?

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Aluminum Foil

This is, hands down- the cheapest method to sharpen your tweezer. Take an aluminum foil and fold it multiple times until it is slightly thick. Now, grab this folded sheet of aluminum with your dull tweezers. Press it down a little and move the foil in regular motion. Repeat the movement 6-7 times to see immediate results.

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Knife Sharpeners?

How To Sharpen Tweezers With Knife Sharpeners

Knife sharpeners can be a little too thick to use to sharpen tweezers. However, if you can source none of the above items and all you have is a knife sharpener, you may very well use that, too. Unlike the other methods, you may be unable to pinch or grab the knife sharpener(1) with a tweezer. Therefore, you may sharpen each tip of the tweezer one by one by rubbing the tweezer in a small, regular motion against the knife sharpener. If the knife sharpener is not too thick and can be grabbed with the tweezer, use it the exact way you would use a nail file.

Tips For Taking Care Of Tweezers To Last Longer

Tweezers are essential in your vanity kit. Now you know how to sharpen tweezers at home if they become dull. Here are some simple maintenance tips for your tweezers so that they last longer.

  • After every use, rinse the tweezer with water and leave it to dry. You can also use a sanitizer to clean it more effectively.
  • Store it in a clean, dry place. (If you leave it in your washroom, it may gather rust)
  • Use a small pouch or box to store the tweezer to protect it from moisture and damage.
  • Sharpen the tweezers regularly. You may use one of the methods we mentioned to sharpen them every 3-4 months (or when it seems necessary).
  • Do not over-sharpen them. The tip may break eventually or hurt your skin while you try to pluck.
  • If the tweezer falls, it may bend or break, making it ineffective. So, handle it with care!


1. Can you use a nail file to sharpen a tweezer?

Yes, a nail file can be very effective in sharpening a tweezer.

2. Why do my tweezers get dull so fast?

Any sharp instrument can get dull when used too much. So can your tweezer.

3. What do you do if your tweezer is too sharp?

You can use some salt on a washcloth, a wet stone, or a cork to dull your tweezer. 

4. What can I use instead of tweezers?

You may use angled brow scissors or nail clippers instead of tweezers. But, the results may not be as good as using a tweezer.

5. What tool is used to sharpen tweezers?

A nail file, aluminum foil, sandpaper, scissors, or even a knife sharpener can be used to sharpen tweezers.

6. Why do my tweezers have spikes?

The spikes on some fine tweezers are alignment pins that ensure the arms are parallel.


Tweezers are a permanent part of most of our “tool” kits. Using them too often can make them dull. Instead of trashing them or using sharpening services to get them in action again, you can use some simple household items to do it yourself. We hope now you know how to sharpen tweezers yourself when they become dull. Use one of these little hacks to look sharp always!

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