Floating Navel Piercing: The Complete Handbook 

From Preparation To Jewelry Option, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Floating Navel Piercing

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Floating Navel Piercing

Floating Navel piercing is not a very popular piercing type, but certainly an elegant choice for divas who love piercing. It is a belly button piercing that has a flat disc or a small bead at the bottom and a gemstone or a large decorative bead above the belly button. This kind of positioning of the gemstone gives an illusion of ‘floating’. Thus, floating navel piercing. 

You might think, why have just one gemstone above the belly button when one could have two gemstones on both inside and above the navel? First, traditional belly button piercing is not for everyone. Some people’s navel folds and overlap when they sit. There can be issues like one’s body might reject the piercing altogether because of different navel anatomy. For them, a floating navel piercing can be the best bet. 

Floating belly button piercing is not just an alternative to the traditional navel piercing. Some people prefer this piercing because it simply looks stunning. So, if you wish to flaunt your belly button, but doesn’t know the backward and forwards of the ‘belly button navel piercing’, here’s your complete guide: 

What Is A Floating Navel Piercing?

It is a kind of belly button piercing that uses a flat disc or small bead on the bottom of the piercing (inside of the navel) and a gemstone or the highlighted jewelry piece on the top. 

What Is A Floating Navel Piercing

Everybody is different, every navel anatomy is different, and even the body movement of everyone is different. Floating navel piercing is mostly preferred to eliminate the discomfort caused by a traditional navel piercing. This piercing can help anyone whose belly has a clear “lip” or ridge of tissue across the top of the navel and stay in shape when they sit, stand, or lie down.

How To Prepare For Floating Navel Piercing? 

Piercing is like getting a wound voluntarily. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not demeaning piercing. But when you know you’re getting a wound, make sure that you’re considering everything that speeds up the piercing healing process. Ensure that you’re choosing only the experienced and reputed piercer to execute the Floating Belly Button piercing. 

How to Prepare for Floating Navel Piercing

Here are the steps that you should consider while getting a floating navel piercing:

Step 1: Know If You Qualify For A Navel Piercing Legally 

You need to pass the age criteria to get a piercing in the USA(1). You need to be 18 or above to get a piercing. Make sure you carry a valid photo ID proof such as a driver’s license or passport. If you’re under 18 and want to get a piercing, there should be a parent or guardian present to sign off your piercing. Check out the body piercing and tattooing guidelines by the NYC gov(2).

Step 2: Find A Reputed Piercing Shop 

Choosing a reputed piercing shop will make a huge difference in your floating navel piercing healing time after piercing. An accredited piercing shop will more likely be operated by a professional piercer who will make sure that you’re undergoing the necessary steps for a safe piercing. The piercing shop must be squeaky clean and done with sterile equipment. 

Note – Do not let your piercing be done with a piercing gun. A piercing gun is not properly sterilized and can cause a lot of trauma in the pierced area. 

Step 3: Preparation Before The Piercing 

There are a few things you need to take care of before getting the piercing. First and foremost, avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before getting the piercing. Drinking before the piercing can induce more bleeding. 

Also, you might be tempted to take painkillers to counter the piercing pain. However, Medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen should also be avoided. These substances can thin your blood and induce more bleeding while piercing. 

Other preparation tips include eating a light meal and staying hydrated before your scheduled procedure.

Step 4: Choose Your Floating Navel Piercing Jewelry

While choosing jewelry for your floating belly button piercing, it is advised to choose materials such as surgical stainless steel, surgical titanium, Tygon plastic, and solid 14K gold. These materials do not cause irritation to your skin. Jewelry like nickel and sterling silver can cause irritation or even allergic reactions. 

Avoid navel rings, instead go for barbells navel pins, or gemstone pins. The risk of getting the jewelry getting entangled with other stuff is higher with floating navel piercing rings. 

Lastly, choose navel piercing jewelry with at least 12 gauge, 2mm in diameter. The thicker the better, since thicker jewelry will be sturdier and will not migrate or tear. 

Floating Navel Piercing Procedure

The professional piercer will pass a hollow needle, sterile through the loose skin of your belly button. The process can be painful depending upon your tolerance levels. However, if done the right way, the result will be worth it.

Floating Navel Piercing Procedure

Now let’s look at the procedure of floating navel piercing: 

  1. Your piercer will examine if your belly button has the right autonomy for a floating belly button piercing. Ideally, this navel piercing suits people with a navel that folds or collapses when they sit.
  2. After examining and approving that floating piercing is right for you, the piercer will mark an entry and exit point of piercings using a surgical marker. 
  3. Then using a sterilized needle, your piercer will pierce through your skin, from the entry point on the top to the entry point on the bottom. The disc or small bead will be deep in your navel while the decorative end will be on the top, giving an illusion of floating jewelry. 
  4. Next, the piercer will insert the jewelry through the needle and secure it in the right place,
  5. Lastly, the piercer will sanitize the piercing area. 

Take all the necessary aftercare instructions from the piercer and follow the instructions carefully.

Floating Navel Piercing Healing Time And Change Of Jewelry

The healing time for navel piercing varies from person to person, depending on their body and immune system. Some people will see that their navel piercing healed easily and in less time while others might experience sensitivity at the piercing site for a long time. 

However, an ideal healing time for floating navel piercing can range from 6 to 12 months. Also, note that you cannot change your navel piercing jewelry for at least 6 months. 

Floating Navel Piercing: Aftercare Tips

Belly button piercing can take up to a year to heal. Thus, a religious healing regime is needed to ensure the beautiful piercing does not turn into a tragedy. So, let’s look at the aftercare tips of belly button piercing: 

Floating Navel Piercing Aftercare Tips
  1. Always wash your hands before touching your piercing, especially until it’s healed.
  2. Clean your piercing site at least once a day by dabbing a saline-soaked gauze or paper towel on the area. 
  3. Gently clean the piercing area. Do not clean too much as it slows down the navel piercing healing process. 
  4. You might notice white or yellow fluid forming a crust at the piercing area. Do not itch it or pick it, as it can cause bleeding. Let it heal on its own.
  5. Avoid putting creams, oils, or perfumes on your piercing unless your doctor or piercer suggests you do so. This includes antibacterial creams or hydrogen peroxide. 
  6. Wear loose clothes until your piercing heals. 
  7. Watch out for infections, redness, pain, etc 

Floating Navel Piercing: Unique Jewelry Options 

Floating belly button piercing looks stunning when styled the right way. This navel piercing is not so popular so finding the right inspiration for this type of belly button piercing can be difficult. So, I made the task easy for you and curated a list of the 10 best unique options for floating navel piercing jewelry. 

1. Floral Reverse Drop Belly Button Ring 

This drop-dead gorgeous reverse floral drop piercing will make you look quirky and elegant at the same time. 

Floral Reverse Drop Belly Button Ring.

2. Button Floating Navel Piercing 

Pun intended elegantly. This floating belly-button piercing in a button design is the coolest of all. 

Button Floating Navel Piercing

3. Sparkling Crystal Ball Navel Piercing 

A crystal ball floating on the top of your belly button is a classy visual. Whether you style a crop top and jeans or a beautiful two-piece dress, this piercing will look stunning both ways. 

Sparkling Crystal Ball Navel Piercing

4. Gems Flower Belly Button Ring 

A flower-shaped sparkling navel piercing jewelry that sits delicately and elegantly on the top of your belly button. What a beauty! 

Gems Flower Belly Button Ring

 5. Gem Opal Cluster Navel Piercing Jewelry 

It’s like a gorgeous crown for your belly button. This 5-gem cluster navel piercing jewelry looks incredible. 

Gem Opal Cluster Navel Piercing Jewelry

6. Lilac Navel Piercing Jewelry

If you don’t want to go mainstream with sparkly white navel-piercing jewelry for your navel piercing and wish to have some colors, this lilac gemstone look will be your best bet. 

Lilac Navel Piercing Jewelry

7. Snowflake Belly Button Floating Ring 

Placed gracefully on the top of the belly button, snowflake belly button rings look as delicate and elegant as a snowflake. 

Snowflake Belly Button Floating Ring

8. Evil Eye Belly Button Floating Ring 

Why choose only basic gemstones when you can have an evil eye down there, at your navel? Evil eye belly button floating navel ring exceptional. 

Evil Eye Belly Button Floating Ring

 9. Upside Down Heart Belly Button Ring

These colorful heart charms with wings are a pretty choice for your navel piercing. Show your lovely and naughty side with this jewelry option. 

Upside Down Heart Belly Button Ring

Floating Navel Piercing vs. Traditional Navel Piercing 

The foundational difference between a conventional navel piercing and a floating belly button piercing is that the latter uses a flat disc or a small bead on the inside of the navel while the other end has the main jewelry on the top of the belly button, creating an illusion of floating jewelry. 

Floating Navel Piercing vs. Traditional Navel Piercing

Conventional piercing, on the other hand, has jewelry pieces on each end of the navel piercing ring or only on the bottom end of the piercing ring. 


What Type Of Navel Is Most Beautiful?

Vertically oriented with a T-shape navel is considered the most beautiful navel piercing. 

Are Floating Navels Easier To Heal?

Floating navel piercing is easier to heal than conventional piercing as the former doesn’t tangle with clothes and is less likely to cause infection and irritation. 

Can A Floating Navel Piercing Reject?

Yes, it can be rejected just like any other piercing. 

What Is The Disadvantage Of Navel Piercing?

The disadvantage of navel piercing is that it is more likely to get infected than piercing at any other body part.


There are some people with shy belly buttons. Their belly button closes and collapses when sitting or bending. Conventional navel piercing can increase the risk of irritation and jewelry migration to such collapsable belly buttons. A floating navel piercing is the best option in such cases. The decorative end of this navel piercing jewelry rests at the top of the belly button while the other is a flat disc or a bead that stays put in the belly button. 

Before getting a navel piercing, just keep in mind that belly button piercing needs religious aftercare. This aftercare needs to be maintained for 6 months up to a year. Thus, it is advised that you sincerely follow the aftercare tips provided by a professional navel piercer. 

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