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Do you want to have a distinct, seductive, and studly personality? Only a frenulum piercing can accentuate that hot, stylish appearance.

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frenulum piercing

In today’s world, piercings are all the trend. Frenulum piercing, often known as a web piercing, is an oral piercing that is not directly visible, but is widely regarded as a bold fashion statement by most fashionistas. Needles are sharp, so any piercing will hurt, but generally speaking, the fleshier the body part, the less painful the piercing. 

Are you interested in Frenulum piercing? Try taking several deep breaths to calm your nerves first. A frenulum piercing may cause greater discomfort than getting your earlobes pierced since the Frenulum is more fragile. The Frenulum is a little flap of tissue between your lips and gums and under the tongue. 

However, these piercings are performed rapidly, so any discomfort you feel should only last briefly. To learn more about the process of frenulum piercings, its cost, pros and cons, the healing process, risks, and infections, read with me to the end.

What Is A Frenulum Piercing?

How desperately do you want to say, “I have that perfect knight glow in my persona”? A distinct appearance demands a distinctive action. It can be done in three separate places in your mouth. 

What Is A Frenulum Piercing?

The Frenulum is the tissue that connects your lower lip and upper lip to the gums and the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Commonly all three piercings are called web piercings.

To differentiate them, you have to distinguish the exact places each of them occurs:

Tongue Web Piercing: It is done on the Frenulum under the tongue, which connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. 

Smiley Piercing: The smiley piercing is done on the Frenulum in the top lip since the jewelry shape and flow simulate the grin. 

Frowny Piercing: Unlike the smiley piercing on the upper lip frenulum, the frowny piercing is done in the lower lip frenulum. 

Do you know that people can easily notice lip frenulum rather than tongue web piercing? It’s all because of the piercing location. Read on to find out more.

Lip Frenulum Piercing

If you’re thinking about getting a lip frenulum piercing, remember that you can choose between the upper and lower lip. This may be modest, but it’s genuinely one of a kind, and getting it takes confidence and knowledge. 

There are a few distinct types of frenulum mouth piercings, as is the case with most body piercings of this kind. The lip frenulum piercing has two variations: the Smiley and the Frowny. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing /Smiley Piercing

If you were wondering, a Smiley frenulum piercing necessitates piercing through the tissue that joins your upper lip to your gums (the Frenulum). Since it is only visible while a person grins, the term “smiley” was coined to describe it.

Upper Lip /Smiley Piercing

Lower Lip Frenulum Piercing / Flowny Piercing

The lower Frenulum serves the same purpose as the upper one, joining the lower lip to the gums. A “frowny” is another name for the piercing.

Lower Lip

Tongue Web Frenulum Piercing

It’s important to note that the tongue frenulum is also an option for those seeking a distinctive piercing. Tongue Frenulum piercing, or a tongue web frenulum, are both names for this practice. The unusual placement is what sets tongue web piercings apart. Just under the tongue is where you’ll find it. A web piercing is less noticeable than a lip frenulum piercing unless the wearer shows it to you.

Tongue Web

Having said that and knowing different types of frenulum piercings, let’s discuss the advantages or disadvantages associated with it. Read on!

Pros And Cons of Frenulum Piercing 

Like any other form of body alteration, there are pros and cons to obtaining a frenulum piercing in either the lip or the tongue.


✅There is minimal discomfort from a frenulum piercing compared to other oral piercings.

✅Compared to other kinds of piercings, frenulum piercings are much less likely to cause a lot of bleeding.

✅It is less visible; therefore, you can decide whether to tell someone about the piercing or you want to keep it a secret.

✅You can experiment with many different kinds of jewlery.


🚩Always consider how your actions can make other people feel.

🚩Not everyone has sufficient connective tissue to allow for pricking.

🚩Swelling of the sublingual region is to be expected after piercing.

🚩Sometimes people say “no” when you ask them to get pierced.

Now that we have weighed Frenulum piercing advantages and disadvantages, how much are you willing to pay to enhance your beauty? Here are the results of our market price research.

How Much Does Frenulum Piercing Cost?

Are you set on getting this piercing done? You might be curious about how much Frenulum piercing costs. Everyone knows that piercings in strategic locations on the body can cost significantly more than piercings in the earlobes. However, factors such as Frenulum piercing jewelry kind and the location of the beauty store can affect the final pricing. Our research in the expense of Frenulum piercing yielded the following results: 

Some high-end spas and tattoo shops charge between $40 and $90 for piercing. The money you spend on jewelry depends on its make and design. Frenulum piercing jewelry with more detailed designs and made from precious metals is highly priced compared to other less valuable techniques.

However, Authority Tattoo and other local piercing businesses put the average price of this piercing anywhere from $30 to $90. The Frenulum piercing jewelry is sold at a premium in some stores. Therefore, be ready to pay at least 20% higher or lesser than the standard price.

To know what to spend, inquire about your piercer’s pricing, aftercare such as saline solution, and jewelry price before initiating the process.

Now that you are ready to pay, are you equally ready for the Frenulum piercing pain?

How Much Does Frenulum Piercing Hurt?

Humans have a naturally high threshold for pain. Even the slightest squeeze can cause excruciating agony since the skin is delicate. Therefore, expect pain with all piercings. The more flesh surrounding the intended piercing site, the less pain you can expect.

Consider your pain threshold when gauging the extent of pain to expect, as some people endure the pain that others. While the thickness of your Frenulum must be sufficient to hold the Jewlery, the tissue is still relatively tiny. This may make Frenulum piercing more painful than the lip or earlobe.

However, it’s good to note that there is a difference between the “Frenulum piercing pain” and “Frenulum piercing healing process” However, the process is complete in a few seconds, thus assuring you of just a minor pain. Breathing in deeply before and after can relieve the pain.

For instance, if there are no issues, such as infection, a smiley piercing should heal in about 4–12 weeks (1). However, the discomfort associated with a frenulum piercing will go away practically soon after the piercing is complete.

Let’s discuss what to do and what not to facilitate Frenulum piercing healing process.

Frenulum Piercing Healing And After Care

Only thorough aftercare is required once the piercing is complete and the Frenulum piercing Jewelry is in place. There is some validity to the assumption that frenulum piercings heal fastest. The Frenulum has a well-documented healing time frame of 4-12 weeks. The quicker it heals if you take extra precautions. Your piercing’s healing time could be prolonged if you don’t take the aftercare steps recommended by your piercer.

After the piercing, expect some discomfort and swelling. But as time flies, it will start healing, and the symptoms will disappear. Unless your piercing also leaks yellow or green pus, is hot to the touch, or shows other indicators of illness, they are normally nothing to worry about. 

Aftercare Tips

👉Avoid consuming alcohol and hot foods.

👉Stop cleaning the place so frequently.

👉Frenulum-piercing Jewelry should not be fiddled with excessively. Allow the incision to heal normally.

👉Do not partake in tobacco use or smoking.

👉Due to the risk of bacterial infections, do not share personal items that may end up in the mouth.

👉Don’t chew gum.

👉Take it easy a few days after getting your piercing, and avoid talking too much.

👉Avoid locking lips or kissing with your partner. The Jewelry may become damaged, and potentially harmful microorganisms may be introduced to the injury.

👉Avoid doing something, like playing an instrument, that can jingle the Jewelry.

👉Avoid acidic foods like tomatoes and crunchy ones like almonds.

Aftercare Procedures to Keep the Piercing clean:

Follow these steps to ensure a speedy recovery after getting your Frenulum pierced. Your success with a smiling piercing depends on your diligence in keeping it clean and healthy. Do these things while you wait for your Frenulum piercing to heal:

  • Before piercing, ensure a proper and sterilized Piercing kit is available.
  • After the piercing, Ensure that you gargle immediately after a meal.
  • Rinse your mouth with saline water every morning and minutes before bed.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily with subtly flavored toothpaste (bubble gum rather than mint).
  • Use Mouthwash without the alcohol content.
  • For the first few days, try not to communicate too much.

But what are the risks of frenulum piercings if the wound is not cared for properly? Read on, as this is a must-know to keep you out of major challenges resulting from mouth infections.

Frenulum Piercing Risks

Frenulum piercings are in a very sensitive place. Incorrect piercing or lackadaisical aftercare can lead to unpleasant and even harmful consequences.

Infection can also be caused by using a Frenulum piercing kit that has not been properly sterilized. The following are potential complications from a poorly performed frenulum piercing:

Piercing Risks

Dental Gum Decay: The incorrect piercing placement has been linked to gum recession. Jewelry that protrudes over the gum line or constantly scrapes on the gums is another common cause of gum disease.

Enamel Deterioration: The Jewelry, especially with large beads or other attachments, can damage tooth enamel if worn repeatedly.

Infection: Because of the constant introduction of food and liquid, germs thrive in your mouth. The transmission of bacteria can also occur through oral contact, such as during kissing, smoking, or eating. Bacteria can grow and cause an infection if you cannot get them off the piercing site.

Rejection: Body tissue may grow around the piercing if it senses an invasion and attempts to dislodge the Jewlery from the Frenulum.

If you did everything possible to facilitate proper healing but got a frenulum infection, here is what to do.

How To Fix Frenulum Piercing Infection?

It’s possible to get an infection from a piercing; some piercings are more at risk. Frenulum piercings have a higher chance of infection, just like tongue piercings. All of this is because of the germs you get from your food, your close relationships, and whatever comes to your mouth. That’s why it’s essential to know the early signs of a frenulum illness and treat them immediately.

It’s standard for the pierced region to hurt and feel sensitive right after the process. The patient may also have a mild fever, throbbing, swelling, discharge, and standard fever. A symptom of infection is when the redness moves beyond the punctured area. If that’s the case, check for the following as they are part of the infection warning signs:

  • Discomforting swelling that is unusual with Infinite discomfort
  • Extremely distressing pain.
  • Any discharge that looks like pus, especially if it’s yellow, is cause for concern.
  • Unending Fever.
  • Bleeding.
  • Strange lumps developing on the side or rear of your piercing

The recovery from a frenulum piercing shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you experience any strange symptoms, you should seek medical attention. In most occurrences, minor infections are treatable at home without medical attention. However, you should consult the piercer or a doctor if this is your first piercing or if the situation worsens rapidly.

Are you experiencing Frenulum piercing pain? Could it be as a result of the Jewelry? Let’s find out by reading on.

Frenulum Piercing Jewelry

Are you in need of Frenulum Piercings? What kind of jewelry do they require? 

Some examples of piercing Jewelry for the smiley, frowny, and tongue web piercings are given below.

Piercing Jewellery

Bead ring

The most famous piece of Jewelry for tongue piercings is a bead ring. It’s a ring that can be taken on and off thanks to the bead attached to one end.


The barbell is often horseshoe-shaped with beads at either end.

Seamless ring

The ring is just a basic band without the beads to secure it. Therefore, it requires the beads to keep them in place.

Frenulum Materials For Jewelry

How well do you know frenulum materials for Jewelry? Ensure to have a discussion with your piercer on different kinds of items you can choose from, such as:

Gold: Do you find gold more appealing? Then put the quality of the gold Jewelry you want first. The 14-karat yellow or white gold is recommended for you to heal faster. Gold-plated Jewelry or Jewelry made with a higher karat value of gold than 18 can be bad for your health.

Surgical titanium: If your skin is very sensitive, your piercer may suggest that you get a metal stud.

Niobium: This is yet another material that won’t cause allergies and won’t rust.

Surgical Stainless Steel: Medical steel can still cause discomfort, despite what most people think.


Have you been wondering whether to have a frenulum piercing or not? As we have seen, you can have Smiley, Frowny, or tongue web piercing. All of them are safe when taken care of properly. You should avoid playing with a newly pierced frenulum to enable it to heal quickly and avoid infections. 

Throughout the healing process, ensure you gargle using the saline solution for 4-12 weeks until the Frenulum heals. However, seek medical attention in case of infection, bleeding, or fever. 

Note that unattended frenulum infections can cause tooth and gum decay. If you just had your Frenulum piercing Jewelry, share your experience with us.


Is Frenulum Piercing Painful?

In comparison to piercings of the earlobe or the lip, this one hurts a lot more. The pain, however, should only linger momentarily.

What Happens If You Pierce Your Frenulum?

Everything will be perfect if done correctly and well taken care of. However, If bacteria gets stuck at the piercing site, an infection might develop—secondly, Rejection. Body tissue may grow around the piercing if it senses an invasion and attempts to dislodge the jewelry from the Frenulum.

Why Do People Pierce Frenulum?

The frenulum piercing is less painful than other extreme piercings and does not bleed as much. Depending on your preferences, the piercing is both concealable and appealing.

Are Frenulum Piercings Safe?

Yes, when done correctly. However, if left unattended after infection can lead to tooth decay and enamel deterioration. All that determines is the aftercare. 

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