Unleash The Unusual – Your Quick Guide to The Whimsical Trend of Frog Eyes Piercing

Get ready to dive into the quirky world of frog eyes piercing as we uncover the piercing process, price and the secrets to a smooth healing journey.

Written by Nitha Girija Vallabhan

On Sep 19, 2023 – 12 minutes read

frog eyes piercing

Welcome back! Today, our topic is an unconventional yet fascinating trend in the wild, wild world of body art – frog eyes piercing. If unique style statements are your thing, frog eyes, and tongue piercing can be stunning and eye-catching statements of self-expression that make you stand out in a crowd like nothing else. 

Frog eye piercings have already caught on in a big way and are making waves among those who thrive on edgy trends. So, join us on this exciting journey as we explore these piercings, how they differ from snake eyes piercings, how to ensure painless healing, vital aftercare tips to keep the piercings looking fab, and possible risks. Whether you are a piercing pro or just venturing into body modification, the froggy adventure is worth considering. 

Frog Eyes Piercing: Latest In The World Of Tongue Bling

Tongue piercing frog eyes is the latest buzz in trendy body piercings. Quirky and unusual as it may seem, this daring piercing style takes tongue jewelry to delightful levels.  The piercing features two, cute studs sitting side by side, a little within the tongue’s edge. Done by professional piercers, it creates a playful and charming appearance of frog’s eyes, transforming you into the talk of the town. 

frog eyes piercing tongue

Frog Eyes Piercing Vs. Snake Eyes Piercing – Faceoff Between Two Stunning Styles

Yeah, the trend does not end with the frog eyes; the snake eyes are right behind! Here is a quick look into these two seemingly similar yet clearly diverse styles of piercing and what makes one different from the other.

First up is frog eyes piercing. What makes this style unique include:

The froggy look:

The piercing is named after the bulbous, wide-set appearance the studs give your tongue. 

Twin piercings:

Froggy style features two separate piercings on the sides of the midline away from the tip of the tongue.

Jewelry options:

Frog eyes piercings allow you to explore an array of jewelry ranging from circular barbells, captive bead rings, and horseshoe rings to labret studs, bioplast jewelry, and custom pieces. 

Initial hiccups:

This style of piercing can interfere with your eating and speech during the first few weeks. 

Time to check out what snake eyes piercings are all about. Here are the facts:

frog eyes vs snake eyes piercing

Ssssleek and sssstylish:

Imagine a pair of studs that create an illusion of intense snake eyes right at the tip of your tongue. 

Single piercing:

Unlike in the case of frog eyes, this is a single, horizontal piercing through the tip of the tongue. As a result, the studs appear more closely placed than in the frog eye style. 

Jewelry options:

Now this is one place where the froggy style aces in the frog eyes piercing Vs. snake eyes piercing race. With snake eyes piercings, you only have the option of choosing from various colors of straight barbells. 

The feel:

Since this piercing is at the tip of the tongue, snake eyes style takes longer to heal than frog eye piercing, often severely restricting tongue movement until it heals. 

In short, while frog eyes piercing endow a whimsical, wide-eyed charm to your tongue, snake eyes piercing adds a captivating and subtler allure. 

How long does it take for frog eyes piercing to heal?

Once your tongue gets pierced, your immediate concern will go something like ‘Oh, how long does it take for frog eyes piercing to heal?’ Well, fret not dear friend, because sweet are the fruits of patience. The healing proceeds through these steps:

Week 1: Swollen stories

Soon after you get pierced, expect your tongue to protest by swelling up. Although it is going to be sore and painful, the swelling will subside within a week. In the meanwhile, treat yourself to all the ice-cream and popsicles you want!

Week 2: Saline saga

Once the swelling goes down, you may experience white or yellowish discharge around the pierced spot. Nothing to worry, it is totally normal and your body’s natural defenses kicking in to prevent an infection. Keep rinsing your mouth with saline solution. 

Weeks 3 to 6: Getting better

As the swelling and tenderness withdraw, you will finally begin to feel better about the piercing idea and eagerly await to flaunt your stylish new accessory. Continue with the saline rinse for a few more weeks. 

Months 2 to 4: Healing in full swing

By the end of the second month, you may begin to feel fully healed. But don’t be fooled, because it is actually still healing. Maintain good, oral hygiene, keep away from spicy food and do not keep touching your new studs. 

Months 4 to 6: Keep going

You are almost there by the sixth month. The pain will almost disappear. But since frog eyes piercing healing varies from one person to another, you need to give it a bit more time and continue with the aftercare routine. 

Months 6 to 12: Yay! You made it to the finish line!

Most piercings will fully heal by the 12-month mark. But, resist the urge to change your jewelry until you are sure it has fully healed. Premature jewelry changes may lead to irritation and infections and you clearly do not want any of that. 

The charming, froggy look: How long will it last? 

Once you make it through the pain and excitement to get that shiny stud through your tongue, you will obviously want to know how long that piercing is going to last, right? 

Well, you will be thrilled to learn that a healed frog eye piercing can last you a lifetime, provided you take very good care of it. That’s right folks, you can retain your stylish tongue accessory for as long as you like with these simple care tips:

  • Check the jewelry regularly and make sure it has not come loose. 
  • Pay attention to redness, swelling, or signs of irritation and seek medical help if required. 
  • High-quality materials such as surgical steel or titanium do not generally pose issues like their cheaper counterparts do. So, switch to quality jewelry for the best results. 

What Is The Price Tag On Frog Eyes Piercing?

Of course, you need to have an idea about the cost factor before diving into this unique fashion statement. So, here’s a listing of factors that contribute to the overall price tag of a frog eye piercing:

Your location

Your specific location can have an impact on the cost of your tongue piercing. Remember that the price can significantly vary from state to state and even within cities. Expect to pay more in a swanky area than in a cozy, little town. 

Reputation of the piercer

Choosing an experienced and established piercer is vital for a safe and successful piercing experience. A professional piercer will have ample expertise and ensure a sterile setting to keep away risks of infections. Even though the price at a professional piercing studio will be higher than getting pierced at your buddy’s garage, the results will be worth it. 

Material of the jewelry

The jewelry you choose for your piercing can add up to the total cost. Surgical steel and titanium are high-quality materials that are more expensive than other basic options. Remember that custom designs and fancy gems can be pricey. 

Additional services

The best piercing studios offer a host of package deals such as aftercare products and follow-up appointments. Although such expenses may seem unnecessary, they can be a great way to save money in the long run and ensure proper healing. 

The Average Cost Of Frog Eyes Piercing

Now let’s get to the million-dollar question – how much does a frog eye piercing cost on average? Be prepared to dish out anywhere from $50 to $100 or more for a piercing. Remember that this is an average estimation and your actual cost may vary. 

Doing Your Bit: Tips To Take Care Of The
Frog Eyes Piercing

The importance of taking care of your piercing cannot be over-emphasized. To achieve smooth, hassle-free healing and flaunt those studs in style, here are 8 tips that will come in handy:

safest frog eyes piercing

Oral hygiene is paramount

You clearly do not want infections and other complications after the piercing (2). Rinse your mouth at least twice a day with a saline solution or alcohol-free mouthwash to keep it squeaky clean. Gargle gently and let the solution wash the piercing spot to blast off any bacteria that may be lurking around. 

Hands off!

It can be tempting to touch the piercing. But that means offering a free pass for the bacteria on your hands to reach your piercing site. Do not touch the frog eye studs unless you need it adjust them. And even then, make sure your hands are clean and sanitized. 

Frog eyes piercing and spicy food

Food high on spice quotient is bad news for the piercing. Hold off the fiery hot sauces for a while and go for milder flavors until your piercing is well-healed. Your tongue will thank you. 

Swab the zone

Once in a while, use a clean cotton swab to gently remove any scar crust or debris accumulated around the piercing. Be careful not to disturb the stud and cause irritation. 

Say no to booze and smoke

Tobacco and alcohol can slow down the healing and even escalate the risk of infections. So, lock away your beer and cigarettes till the piercing has healed.  

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water to keep up your hydration levels. It works great for your overall health and supports the healing process by improving circulation. 

Protect those froggy eyes

If you must engage in contact sports or other activities in which your mouth might get bumped, use a mouthguard to protect your piercing. 

Get help if you need

Your piercer will warn you about the risks beforehand. If you notice any swelling, prolonged pain or signs of infection, visit a healthcare professional right away. 

Your frog eyes look comes with its responsibilities. Follow these tips diligently to cruise through the healing period. 

Jewelry Options to Adorn Your Frog Eyes Piercing

Choosing the perfect pair of studs can make or break your intended look. Luckily, you have a stunning array of jewelry to choose from. Take a look at these options:


This is the classic choice for almost any type of piercing including eyebrow piercing and gum piercing. Barbells for the froggy look is available in a range of materials, lengths and colors. Surgical steel and titanium ones are the best.

safest tongue piercing

Captive Bead Rings

Try this if you crave something creative. These rings come with a removable bead that keeps the ring in place. They are available in different materials and diameters.

is frog eyes piercing dangerous

Horseshoe Rings Frog Eyes Piercing

Want to give off a cool look? Choose horseshoe rings that can be worn flipped up or down for versatile looks.

frog eyes piercing jewelry

Labret Studs

If elegance is your middle name, choose labret studs. These are sleek studs with a flat disc on the underside of the tongue and a decorative gem on the outside. These are available in numerous styles and shapes. 

labret studs for tongue

Glow-in-the-dark Jewelry

Make your fashion statement glow with these eye-catching options. These studs emanate a captivating glow in the dark.

frog eyes piercing pros and cons

Bioplast Jewelry

If you are anxious about allergies, go for bioplast jewelry that are light-weight, hypoallergenic and come in a variety of colors and styles. 

bioplast jewelry for tongue piercing

Danglers Frog Eyes Piercing

Add more drama to your piercing with dangling chains or charms that bring in an element of movement. 

tongue danglers

Custom Jewelry

Professional piercers or jewelry designers can help you access one-of-a-kind jewelry that truly reflects your personality.

frog eyes piercing near me

Let your piercing be an extension of who you are. Whether you need a minimalistic vibe or dramatic sparkle, there is a perfect piece out there. 

Risks of Piercing You Must Know About

Before taking that wild leap into frog eyes tongue piercing, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with it. Here are some risks you may be signing up for:

  • Infections: Germs in your mouth can make way into the bloodstream through the piercing and trigger infections. 
  • Swelling: After the piercing, expect some swelling. In fact, expect full-on swelling that will make speaking or eating extremely difficult.
  • Gum recession and tooth damage: The piercings can rub against gums, causing them to gradually recede and lead to tooth sensitivity or tooth loss. It can also cause cracks or chips on teeth(1). 
  • Choking hazard: If the frog eyes piercing studs on your tongue accidentally snags on your clothing or even hair, it can get dangerous and even lead to a choking scenario. 
  • Metal allergies: If you turn out to be allergic to your metal piercing, you will have to rush over to your piercer for a replacement or live with uncomfortable reactions. 
  • Speech issues: The piercings can interfere with your ability to pronounce certain words and may lead to hilarious situations. 
  • Over-salivation: To help heal the piercing, you mouth will go into overdrive and keep producing saliva floods that can be messy and inconvenient. 
  • Change of mind: If you decide to give up the style, removing the piercing can leave behind permanent holes. 

Let’s Sum Up

If you are seriously interested in frog eyes piercing, there’s a lot to consider. The healing can be painfully slow and you have to take care of what you eat, drink and do for a few months. 

Remember to do your quality research when it comes to the piercing studio, the piercer and your jewelry. As in the case of any fashion adventure, risks lurk around every corner. But with proper aftercare, you will be fine. Do not be put off by high costs. Remind yourself that every penny you invest improves the safety and longevity of your pretty tongue accessory.

If unique body art is your realm and you would not mind a bit of caution, these piercings can elevate your style to new heights. Just remember to think it through before you go ahead and embrace those froggy eyes. 


Is the frog eyes piercing safe?

Tongue piercing frog eyes are not a common piercing option or a recognized one. Therefore, the safety of the procedure is hard to determine. Make sure you consult a professional piercer for reliable guidance on frog eyes piercing.

How bad does a frog eye piercing hurt?

The pain level of a frog eye piercing would depend on the location, precise technique used, the skill of the piercer and your specific levels of pain tolerance. Being an unconventional piercing technique, an established pain scale does not exist.

What is frog eye piercing?

Frog eyes piercing is a trending body modification procedure. It gets its name from the twin, wide-set studs on the tongue that are placed side by side and mimic the appearance of a frog’s eyes. 

What is the safest tongue piercing?

A standard midline tongue piercing conducted by a professional piercer under optimal hygiene is generally considered the safest tongue piercing. 

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  2. Ziebolz, Dirk, Else Hornecker, and Rainer F. Mausberg. "Microbiological findings at tongue piercing sites–implications to oral health." International journal of dental hygiene 7.4 (2009): 256-262.

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