Nasallang Piercing- Ouchie Turns Wowie!

Nasallang piercing passes off as a double nose piercing. But it is a tri-nasal piercing and only for the daring!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Jan 2, 2024 – 7 minutes read

Nasallang Piercing

Yes, I have a nasal piercing. I was getting bored with seeing the same face in the mirror daily. I thought a stud could do some magic! People pierce for different reasons- cosmetic, culture, peer pressure, or health as it is great at stimulating some pressure points, they say. Now I am thinking about a second one on the opposite side. It will add symmetry to my face. Plus the first piercing process was a smooth experience for me. I could have opted for a nasallang piercing instead of the solitary piercing, but I was not so daring.

Unlike smiley piercings, mantis piercing, or an austin bar, there will be three piercings in nasallang, hence called tri-nasal piercing- one each on both the nostrils and one on the septum. Ouchie!

What Is A Nasallang Piercing?

Nasallang Piercing Jewelry

It is as common as ear piercing nowadays. If you perforate the nose entirely, from left to right, it makes a nasallang nose piercing. It is a combination of two nostril piercings and an elevated septum piercing. It is all connected on the same horizontal plane connected by a barbell. It can be performed all at once, or by gradually moving from one nostril to the septum and ultimately to the other nostril making it a tri-nasal piercing.


Nasallang piercing is supposed to have its origins in India where men used to do this piercing to show off their courage and daredevilry.

How Is A Nasallang Piercing Done?

Nasallang Piercing Process

Ensure that you have the pain threshold to stand three piercings, all at once.

Nasallang nose piercing is best done by experts as it pierces you in three nasal points. So do your research and find out who a trusted and certified piercer is in your area. Discuss with him/her how they do this piercing. Do not go for newbies! It is also risky to go to an unprofessional person or place to cut costs because piercing needs to be done under sterile conditions. A professional piercer will take adequate caution when it comes to the equipment and procedure. 

The piercing is done with a 16-gauge or 14-gauge needle. An expert piercer will do this piercing on the cartilage avoiding the bones while going at the middle part of the piercing. The nasallang piercing jewelry would match the size of the needle with more length to allow space in case swelling happens. You can wear this piercing later on when you have become accustomed to the piercing. Swelling is normal in piercings because we are letting a foreign agent into our body.

The piercer will hold your nose in place and then pierce all three points in one go, after making sure that the skin is properly cleaned. If he or she is an expert, they can do the three piercings without much fuss in one go. Some piercers do the piercing in phases. 

After the piercing is done, you can see that the piercing needle is coming out from the sides of both your nostrils. You may feel a little uneasy when you breathe initially because of the pain and your body’s attempt to adjust to it all. After you have relaxed a bit, they insert the nasallang piercing jewelry through the needle carefully while removing the needle. The jewelry will be fastened, and you are good to go.

Nasallang Piercing Pain Levels

Tri-nasal piercing requires piercing at three planes which means that irrespective of your pain threshold it is done to make you squirm if not scream. On a scale from 1 to 10, people rate this piercing an 8 or 9! It is one of the top 5 painful piercings.

Nasallang Piercing Healing Time 

It takes about 7 to 8 months to heal perfectly. If you get an infection or snag it accidentally, it may irritate the wound and take longer to heal.

Nasallang Piercing Jewelry

Nasallang Piercing Jewelry

The beauty of this piercing is that you can wear a variety of jewelry. You could wear studs, or a nasallang piercing chain which will show on top of your nose- maybe a two-chained or two-chained nasallang piercing jewelry will boost your oomph factor! There are some super girly piercing chains with butterflies, flowers, etc which you should totally dig. You can pair it with a septum-piercing jewelry.

How Dangerous Is A Nasallang Piercing?

This piercing is considered quite a daring act as it is a little risky because it is painful (as it pierces through a thick cartilage) and it may initiate bleeding during the procedure. Nasallang piercing healing time is supposed to be longer. The risk of infections is also a downer.

You have to get used to wearing spectacles, shades, masks, etc. as it can snag the jewelry and create microtears. You may have to be careful while using the towel.

Piercing rejection(1) is also an eventuality if you do not take due care. Piercing bumps also show up and you have to consult a doctor if you develop fever, abnormal swelling, tenderness, pus, and redness in the area.

How Much Does A Nasallang Piercing Cost?

Piercing costs may vary. This piercing from an experienced and certified piercer will cost you between $50 to $100.

Risks Of Getting Nasallang Piercing 

Bleeding during piercing is a risk, and it would be more during the noon. So it is best done towards morning or evening.

You have to take care of the pierced area until it is completely healed or it may bring infections. Swelling is also natural, but it may get worse with infections. You may have to clean the area with a low-foam cleanser daily. Using saline solution to clean the pierced area twice a day is compulsory until the area is healed fully. You should refrain from using harsh chemicals as they may agitate the area and take longer to heal. Taking care of your blood sugar levels(2) and nutrition is also vital in ensuring a healthy healing process.

Nasallang Piercing Vs Double Nostril Piercing

Nasallang Piercing Vs Double Nostril Piercing

Nasallang nose piercing is one horizontal piercing including the two nostrils and the septum. A double nostril piercing can definitely pass off as a fake nasallang nose piercing as it will also show piercings on both nostrils.

Nasallang PiercingDouble Nose Piercing
More painfulLess painful
Need an expert piercerExpert piercer not a must. A fresher can pull it off easily
Three point piercingTwo points piercing
Cosmetic Bespoke Cosmetic 

Nasallang piercing is supposed to be cosmetic as it brings in facial symmetry. But if you ask me, I would say that double nose piercing can be more efficient when it comes to aesthetics as we can adjust the placement of the nostril piercings independently helping us to wear different jewelry in the individual piercings.


1. How much does a nasallang piercing hurt?

It is a triple nasal piercing, so three points will pain. This piercing is supposed to be quite a painful piercing and can be rated an 8 or 9 where 10 is the highest.

2. Is nasallang piercing safe?

Every piercing has its risks. This piercing could bring about bleeding during the procedure and bring about infections if not cared for vigilantly. Choosing good quality pieces of jewelry like titanium, gold, etc. also makes it safer.

3. What does a nasallang piercing look like?

This piercing will look like a double nose piercing as the piercing at the septum is hidden. The right choice of jewelry can show off the three piercings elegantly.

4. What is the difference between nasallang piercing and Austin piercing?

The placements mark the difference. In an austin piercing it is the top of the nose that is pierced and it excludes the septum and does not invade the nasal cavities. In nasallang piercing, the septum and both the nostrils are pierced.

5. How long do nasallang piercings take to heal?

It takes about 7 to 8 months to fully heal this piercing. The person’s health condition determines the pace of healing.


Nasal piercings are popular. A nasallang piercing sure can give a boost to your daring self, but what I feel is that you can achieve the same look with double nostril piercings and maybe faux septum piercing jewelry. The thrill fades and why go through the pain of a nasallang piercing when you can create the same look otherwise?  Just saying… 

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