Sadhguru’s 10 Tips To Sleep Well And Wake Up Well

Sadhguru's 10 Tips To Sleep Well And Wake Up Well

Sleep is a part of your health and wellbeing no matter how young or old we are. Getting a night of good quality sleep has many benefits, which includes protecting your physical and mental health, quality of life and personal safety. So why is sleep so important? Other than that the fact that you would feel tired and clumsy the next day when you get a good deep sleep various physical and mental processes are carried out in the body.

Sadhguru’s 10 Tips To Sleep Well And Wake Up Well

The brain needs a good nights sleep for better functioning, emotional wellbeing, physical health, daytime performance, and personal safety. Researches have suggested that adults need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to be well rested and be fresh and active the next day. Would you like to know more about why sleep is important and the top tips that make you sleep well and wake up well? Scroll down to read more about it. 

Here is What a Good Sleep Can do to your Body:

  • Controls body temperature and metabolism. 
  • Keeping your immune system strong.
  • Controls the brain function as well as help in restoring the memory.
  • Keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy.
  • Repairs tissues and stimulates the growth in children.
  • Helps in regulating appetite,  weight and controlling your blood glucose levels.

Good Sleep

What Happens When One doesn’t Get Enough Sleep?

Here are some of the issue that might affect you when you don’t get enough sleep:

  • excessive daytime sleepiness, tiredness, and headaches
  • morning nausea
  • poor memory and difficulty in focusing
  • More prone to anxiety and depression
  • High risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular-related disease
  • An increased risk of addiction to alcohol and drug dependence
  • Less focus while driving
  • Being careless
  • Relationship problems and anger management issues
  • Lack off sex drive. 

 Who is Sadhguru?


Jaggi Vasudev also is known as Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, mystic, and author. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga and mental health programs around the world.  His books have appeared in “The New York Times Best Seller” list. He is also a well-known speaker at the Headquarters of the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the Australian Leadership Retreat, Indian Economic Summit, and TED. He has also been a speaker at king technology companies like Microsoft and Google. He has also received Padma Vibhushan civilian award by the Government of India in 2017 in recognition of his contribution to the field of spirituality.  His teachings and wisdom backed up by science are what makes him and his yoga practices well known around the world.

Sadhguru’s 10 Tips For a Better Sleep

Sadhguru has also addressed the of sleep and here are some of his tips to sleep well and wake up feeling alive and fresh.

Here is the exact question he asked, “ Sadhguru: How many of you find that one day morning when you get up, without any reason you’re feeling ugly for no reason? If it is happening even at least two, three times a year, then you must do certain things before you go to bed. It’s very, very important. Either the pleasantness or unpleasantness inside you can incubate when one is disturbing the sleep cycle. The energy you can incubate can either be negative things or positive things. He states that the lack of proper sleep can cause major physiological problems over a period of time, therefore, it’s important to get rid of these this from a persons life.”

Here are the 10 miracle yet simple tips that can help you sleep well as well as wake up well:



The first and most import point Sadhguru stresses is the importance of having a shower before going to bed.  He says it’s really good to always go to shower before going to bed and that’s true, it does make a lot of difference. Sometimes when the weather is not so hot, taking a cold shower at night can be difficult therefor one can take a lukewarm shower but certainly should take hot showers. 

This shower is a very rudimentary bhuta shuddhi and ancient cleansing practice, the science behind taking a shower is related to the fact that the human body is made of mostly water, therefore taking a shower helps to balance the body as well as calm don the nerves making you feel positive and fresh before going to bed and also help you sleep better throughout the night.


eat before bed

It’s better to have meals three to four hours before bedtime, especially for those who have non-veg meals, this time gap is mandatory in order for proper digestion to take place. Also before going to bed and as soon as you wake up it’s good to drink a glass of water.  

Keeping a Lamp 

lamp near to bed

Using an organic lap with a cotton wick and any oil in your bedroom is great. Keeping this lamp somewhere in the room while you sleep can do goo to create positive energy in the space where you sleep. You can also do a chant or other nightly yoga practices or Sadhgurus Isha Kriya to get a deep and peaceful sleep.

Humans are Mortal

humans are mortal

It’s important to keep in your mind that you are truly a mortal, believe that you could fall dead right now. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you can fall dead right now. Sadh guru asked everyone to go to bed thinking this is your deathbed and you have just one more minute to live. Having this thought can actually help you keep everything else aside and sleep well. Thoughts disturb sleep when we go to bed thinking about the next day but if you can imagine that there is no assurance of one and it’s just you falling into one deep and peaceful sleep- your thought can be controlled thereby improving the quality of sleep.

Keeping Things Aside

Keeping Things Aside

Last three minutes before going to bed keep aside everything that you have gathered in your life on earth-  the body, the mind, things such as your phone, laptop, etc. it’s better to keep aside anything that you have a personal relationship with. “Just sleep as life – not as a man, not a woman”. Once a person is successful in managing the art of sleeping like that, he will wake up as a different person- more energetic, more productive and more loving towards life.

Placing the Head in the Right Direction while Sleeping

Placing the Head in the Right Direction while Sleeping

The position we sleep in and the magnetic pull of the earth is very important. In India, it’s not recommended for people to not sleep with their heads facing north while in Australia you should not put your head to the south. If you have ever wondered why are these rules there, here is why.  The magnetic pull works on the body every day when one is standing vertically the circulation of the blood is even in the body. But when one lies in the horizontal position and if the head is kept in the direction of the magnetic pull, i.e, north in India. When there is too much circulation in the brain you cannot sleep peacefully. The flow towards the rain increases, this can cause health issues and in some old people even.

The above mentioned are tips to sleep well, here are some tips on how you can wake up well.

Try not to Wake up to an Alarm

Try not to Wake up to an Alarm

This might sound crazy especially to working people, you might be wondering what if you sleep through the day. The kind of sound you wake up to can have an effect on your sleep cycle. Therefore coming awake to an alarm bell with a sudden start is not the best way to do your life.  So what kind of sounds you come awake to will determine the context of the day. Once a person gets used to getting the right amount of sleep, you will be able to naturally go to sleep as well as wake up on time. So the best way to go about this is to go to bed early enough so that you come awake naturally

Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed

Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed

Our heart is the pumping station for your blood, our heart is what pumps life across the body – this process started from the left side of the body. Therefore in India,  when you wake up it’s best to roll to your right side and get up. Waking up on the left side is not healthy because, as Sadhguru says, “ When you are in a certain state of relaxation when the body is in relaxation, the metabolic activity is low. When you get up, there is a certain surge of activity” can be bad for the person mentally as well as physically.

Wake Up With a Smile 

Wake Up With a Smile 

Above all, it’s important to wake up to a smile, which on the other side is only possible after getting proper sleep. Wake up with a smile because you are still alive, you are lucky to have a life. A Quarter million people die every day, and they too are normal people just like all of us- so being alive is really a great thing right?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article  “Sadhguru’s 10 tips to sleep well and wake up well” let us know if you guys tried any of these tips and how it’s changed your life. 

Keep it simple, keep it healthy!


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