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To snip those pesky little wayward eyebrow hair strands, you need reliable eyebrow scissors with sharp blades and refined edges. Eyebrow maintenance is not as easy as it sounds. Tweezing, waxing, trimming, threading, or cutting doesn’t sound like an everyday chore. 

But everyone needs seamlessly trimmed eyebrows that flatter their face and make their eyes vibrant. For that, you cannot always rely merely on different eyeshadow looks. It starts with taming your brows. 

Keep reading to not miss the list of the 10 best eyebrow scissors to buy in 2021! 

Best Eyebrow Scissors – What’s New In 2021? 

You must start your eye makeup with a solid base. For that, you have to groom your eyebrows neatly by tweezing unwanted strands and trimming overgrown strands. To perfect your eyebrow arches without disturbing your natural browlines, you can invest in any of the best brow scissors. After all, the tools you use for grooming make all the difference —from the ease of trimming to the end result.

Best Eyebrow Scissors

If you don’t have a good pair of eyebrow scissors, all your effort will go down the drain. So, I have rounded up a few of the best eyebrow scissors and listed them below to make things easier for you. 

Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush

Known as the gold-standard brand in the world of beauty tools, Tweezerman’s products do not disappoint. For instance, their brow shaping scissors are one of the favorites in the market. This particular eyebrow scissor with ergonomic design proves one thing: keep the user’s convenience at a high pedestal. 

It uses professional-quality stainless steel, ultra-thin yet sharp blades to help you professionally trim and shape your brows. The blades provide long-lasting performance with optimum accuracy. Since they are extra-thin, you can isolate hairs while snipping. More importantly, the precision tips along with ergonomic shape ensure you have full control over the tool to remove only the unwanted hair you wanted to snip without disturbing the brows’ natural shape. 

eyebrow scissors dischem

Price: $15.50

The scissors fit comfortably in your hands because of their small body and the handle curves to line up perfectly with your brows. It also comes with a thick spoolie brush with nylon bristles to brush your brows into place, offering definition and precise shape to your brows.

You can also use it to blend eyebrow pencil or highlighter. This custom-crafted brush is a perfect addition for pros and novices alike. With the ease of grip and ease of use, you can shape your brows professionally with these best eyebrow scissors.

Coco’s Closet Small Scissors

Coco’s Closet brow scissors model comes with precision and sharpness. Made of high-quality stainless steel (high-density carbon steel) and sharp blades with straight tips, the eyebrow cutting scissors promises to deliver neat trimming of eyebrows. Because of its blades with surgical-grade sharpness, you can use it for trimming nose hairs, ear hairs, or any unwanted body hair(1). Even for grooming pets. Some use this for embroidery, sewing, and crafts as well. It is not only multifunctional but also rust-resistant. 

eyebrow scissors watsons

Price: $12.95

Designed differently than Tweezerman’s brow scissors, this one comes with round rings for non-slip, sturdy grip as well as enhanced safety while cutting. The dependable construction of it helps you hold it comfortably, meaning accurate and safe trimming. Moreover, it prevents occasional cuts and nicks at your skin due to accidental moves. You can cut any hair at any odd angle. But the handle rings may be too small for big hands. Anyhow, these scissors are known for their unmatched reliability and durability.

BOYI 6-in-1 Eyebrow Kit

An innovative eyebrow kit with all the essentials you’d ever need for eyebrow grooming. The kit comes packed in a PU case with eyebrow scissors, an eyebrow razor, a mini eyebrow razor, a tweezer, an eyebrow brush/comb, and an eyebrow pencil. The storage bag is a perfect size for travel packing. This multifunctional kit can help you make grooming and shaping your brows a breeze, leaving you with a professionally natural look. 

best eyebrow scissors uk

Price: $12

To use, start with the eyebrow razor to get rid of all excess hair and outline the eyebrows. If you want, you can fill the brows to know how much you want to trim. Then, trim the eyebrow hairs with scissors to cut off the excess length.

Additionally, you can use the tweezer to pluck(2) out excess hair strands, painlessly. Finally, use the eyebrow comb to brush your eyebrows and outline the eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil to complete the look. 

Christina Moss Naturals Facial Hair Scissors

One uniquely designed eyebrow scissor is made specifically for gentle pulling and cutting of any facial hair. In the case of eyebrow cutting, you can use these sharp blades made using hardened surgical stainless steel. With straight blades of 4.5 inches in length, the scissors resemble the shape of tweezers but without any slip finger grips. This makes it easier to use as well as carry around.brow shaping scissorsPrice: $25

To use, gently squeeze the hands. It saves the effort of having to twist and turn your wrists or fingers uncomfortably. Unlike traditional scissors, these uniquely designed scissors have no finger holes. It offers hassle-free performance and gets the job done precisely, and quickly if you are a pro.

This could be your travel-scissors since it comes packed in a protective case, effectively preventing any damage. Also, lightweight quality has to be noted. If the sharpness of the scissors wears off, the brand offers a warranty with a free sharpening service.

Tseifry 5-in-1 Eyebrow Kit

Tseifry offers one of the best eyebrow grooming kits with five different brow grooming tools. It consists of a pair of eyebrow scissors, an eyebrow tweezer, an eyebrow brush, and two differently sized eyebrow razors. All of these together give you the perfect shape and arch for your sparse brows. Among them, the important tool that calls for attention is the small scissors for eyebrows. 

eyebrow scissors superdrug

Price: $7

Albeit small, the brow scissors effectively and easily snip at those strayed hairs and define the browlines into two neat arches. Made of stainless steel, the scissors have sharp, curved edges and smooth tips to allow precise trimming. Regardless of how often you use it. Because stainless steel enhances its durability and longevity. The eyebrow grooming kit comes in a travel-friendly pouch that you can easily stash in your purse. 

Seki Edge Eyebrow Comb Scissors

Seki Edge offers a brilliant combo of eyebrow scissors with a comb —attached to one of its scissors blades. This allows an effortless 2-in-1 action while grooming your eyebrows. The unique design combines stainless steel blades and a scissor-like cutting comb to keep the started brow hairs intact. 

how to use eyebrow scissors

Price: $16

Specifically designed to make accurate cuts, you can comb and cut at the same time with these brow scissors to make the out-of-control facial hairs behave. All with one hand, without the need of switching hands and tools now and then. To visually see the cut, you can isolate hairs using the attached comb. The only drawback users complained about is the flimsy handles. But keeping that aside, Seki Edge’s eyebrow combo scissors remain as one of the best 2-in-1 eyebrow scissors. Use these multi-purpose brow scissors to groom facial hairs for any occasion!

HiMo Stainless Steel 12-in1 Eyebrow Kit

Another best eyebrow grooming kit with stylish brow tools. You can give this kit as a gift to any regular user of eyebrow scissors. Because the brow scissors that come in this kit is the perfect tool for a clean and precise cut. It has curved, ultra-thin blades that are sharp and ergonomically designed for better grip, control, and precision. The finger rings make them easier to use with optimum comfort. Though some users complain that the scissors are not precise enough.

eyebrow scissors walmart

Price: $7

HiMo uses high-grade stainless steel for scissors to make them rust-free. Along with the scissors, the kit also comes with a tweezer with slanted tips and 10 spoolies to brush your eyebrows into place. Especially before cutting wayward strands. You can use them to separate your eyebrow hairs as well as for mascara application. 

Aumelo Eyebrow Scissors and Eyebrow Brush

A combo of small eyebrow scissors and eyebrow brush to trim the pesky overgrowths of eyebrow hair. Made with stainless steel for durable and long-lasting performance, the brow scissors enable hassle-free cutting. Plus, optimum sharpness. The sharp tips of the blades allow precise definition of browlines, thanks to its custom-crafted ergonomic design as well. This also makes the scissors easy to use. 

eyebrow scissors with comb

Price: $8

The excellent pair of eyebrow spoolie makes the trimming precise. Choose any of the two choices of colors: rose gold and silver. You can stash it in your travel bag because of its mere length of 4.73 inches. It also comes with a protective cover. But keep in mind that this could be too small for some individuals. 

Missame Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Another stylish eyebrow grooming kit. Though a bit costly, this fancy eyebrow scissors kit has all three essential tools you need to groom your brows. It includes eyebrow scissors along with a set of tweezers —pointed, and the other slanted. The entire set in the kit is made of hefty stainless steel, increasing each of the products’ longevity. They promise easy plucking, trimming, and defining browlines.

What scissors to use for eyebrows?

Price: $18.97

The sharp-edged tips, slightly curved, and perfectly aligned brow scissors give you the right angle for precise and perfect trimming. Both long and short eyebrow hairs. Because the blade tips are not too thick and are seamlessly sharpened with the right amount of groove. Packed inside a matching faux leather pouch, you can give this travel-friendly kit to anyone you love. 

Hicarer Eyebrow Scissors

Hicarer offers an affordable pack with three eyebrow scissor tweezers. The comfortable design allows you to tweeze unwanted hair from any angle. It uses rust-resistant, stainless steel(3) with the highest quality to ensure long-lasting performance. But unfortunately, precision with these scissor tweezers may not always be optimum.

Plated in three different colors that you can choose from (black, silver, and gold), these tweezers clips provide long-lasting durability. They are pretty easy to clean as well. Because they are lightweight and compact, you can easily carry them in your purse for impromptu parties.

Are eyebrow scissors good?

Price: $6

Although they look like tweezers, these scissor tweezers are sharper and easier than traditional tweezers. These feature large finger rings for comfortable handling, providing safe grip and control over plucking. You can easily pluck your eyebrows from the root with no pain. But these are not ideal for taking care of tiny eyebrow hair.

These are the 10 best eyebrow scissors you can invest in, to comb and trim your eyebrows with ease! All of these can contour, trim, and shape your eyebrows with precision. After using any of these best brow scissors to cut and trim, you can start filling your eyebrows!

How To Use Eyebrow Scissors With A Comb?

There is a first time for everything. But if you start cutting your eyebrows without any prior experience nor knowledge, the chances of you walking out of the house with over-trimmed eyebrows is concerningly high. It is better to leave the shaping to the pros. However, not everyone can afford a salon trip each time they leave home for a party. 

how to use eyebrows with a comb

To cut a few unruly hairs and tame your brows, you can use any of these eyebrow scissors listed at home. But before we get into that, here’s a quick guide on how to do cut your eyebrows with eyebrow scissors and an attached comb by yourself:

  1. Choose the right tool from any listed below.
  2. Clip your hair back —especially if you have bangs.
  3. To avoid over-trimming, use feathery strokes to fill in the brows with an eyebrow pencil like how you’d normally do. Also, use a regular mirror instead of a magnifying mirror.
  4. Use an eyebrow brush or a spoolie to brush your eyebrows upward. If there is an attached comb, use that to brush in the upward direction. 
  5. Start trimming the lengthy eyebrow hairs that have overgrown over your brow lines and have started to curl or bend. Do not cut them too short either. Also, cut one hair at a time instead of cutting all at once.
  6. Access your work and trim more, if needed, until all your eyebrow hairs are even.
  7. To finish up, use a styling gel to keep the freshly groomed eyebrow hairs in place.