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Types Of Eyelids: Types, Functions, And Cosmetic Considerations!

We will peer through the diversity of eyelids, from the charisma of monolids to the versatility of double eyelids, exploring the charm of all unique types of eyelids that define your gaze.

Written by Jyotshna Agiwal

On Mar 7, 2024 – 12 minutes read

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Many people refer to eyes as the windows to the soul because they speak volumes about a person even without literally speaking. The eyes are one of the most striking features of the face and thus, hold a special place in human aesthetics. There are many elements that contribute to elevating the beauty of the eyes and your eyelids are one of these. Did you know that there are different types of eyelids that dictate the appearance of your entire face? 

How your eyelids are decides your facial expressions and emotional communication. We bet you never paid attention to your eyelid shape before but it is suddenly hitting you and now you are just too curious to find out! Delve into the fascinating world of eyelids and learn the characteristics and makeup techniques of each in this article. 

What Are The Different Types Of Eyelids?

In the world of beauty, no two people are the same, and this uniqueness extends to our eyelids. Whatever the type of eyelid is, your eyes will look distinct and beautiful. Hence, you must embrace your eyelid type and sport every characteristic with elegance. 

Types Of Eyelids

If you want to know all about the different types of eyelids (female and male), we have a lot of information in store for you. Dive right in and unveil the highlights of your eyelids. 

Different Types Of Eyelids – Monolid 

A monolid, perhaps the most easily identifiable of all eyelid types, is a type of eyelid shape that does not have any natural crease separating your eyelid into two or more parts. The skin does not fold anywhere and continues till the brow area. 

The absence of a visible crease or fold on the upper eyelid makes the skin of the eyelid appear smooth and extended to the brow. Monolid eyes give a more prominent look as they don’t steal attention away from the depth and color of the iris. 

Different Types Of Eyelids

Around the globe, monolid eyes can be found in people of Asian descent, most commonly, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. 

Characteristics Of Monolid Eyelids  

  • Smooth eyelid surface without any breaks or interruptions 
  • Brow bone is less defined and pronounced 
  • Great for experimental makeup because of single-lid space 
  • If there is an eye crease, it is very near the lash line 
  • Also known as the epicanthic fold 

Different Types Of Eyelids – Double  

In stark contrast to monolid eyelids, double eyelids have a visible crease that breaks your eyelids into two parts. You can spot two visible sections and a line through your eyelid. In most people, this crease is located 6-10 millimeters above the eyelash line. 

Double eyelids impart depth and dimension to the eyes with their defined contour. When your eyes open, this crease is visible, and you can clearly distinguish between the upper and lower eyelids. 

What Are The Different Types Of Eyelids

In most people, double eyelids appear as a natural genetic trait while others can get cosmetic procedures done to create double lids. People of different ethnicities have the feature of double eyelids. 

There are different types of double eyelids that vary based on a person’s facial characteristics. The types of double eyelids are determined by the height and shape of the crease. Here are the different types of double eyelids:

  • Low double eyelids – Crease is closer to the lash line 
  • Medium double eyelids – Crease is positioned a little higher than the lash line 
  • High double eyelids – Crease is positioned significantly higher than the lash line 
  • Parallel double eyelids – Crease runs parallel to the lash line and extends across the entire eyelid 
  • Partial double eyelids – Incomplete crease that does not cover the entire eyelid leaving space 

Characteristics Of Double Eyelids  

  • The crease does not taper into the inner eye corner 
  • Creases are arc-shaped to offer a more prominent look 
  • Double eyelids have a larger canvas for eye makeup
  • Double eyelids create a more defined contour 

Different Types Of Eyelids – Hooded 

Hooded eyelids are characterized by an extra layer of skin over the natural lining of the eye. The skin may cover your crease partially or even entirely in some cases to create a hooded appearance. Your eyelids may remain hidden when you open your eyes, taking away a more profound look. 

The hooded types of eyelids have an extra skin fold that can make your eyelid crease vanish temporarily. These eyes occur naturally but are more unique than monolid and double eyelids. 

Hooded eyes add a layer of mystery to your eyes and allow you to play with different makeup techniques to create brand-new looks from time to time. 

types of eyelids hooded

Characteristics Of Hooded Eyelids  

  • Your eyes are set back deeper into the eye sockets to magnify the hooded appearance 
  • Hooded eyes have less visible lid space which makes makeup application challenging 
  • Hooded eyes exude a natural aging effect
  • Most people develop hooded eyes when they grow old

Different Types Of Eyelids – Upturned 

Upturned eyes facilitate a dance of almond-shaped grace with their unique shape. These are often referred to as cat-eyes and have a fascinating upward slant becoming more profound at the outer corner of the eye. This delightful curvature gives the eyes an elegant and timeless lift. Most celebrities sport upturned eyes which makes their face look so promising.  

If you have upturned eyes, you might not even need makeup at times to enhance your appearance. They are naturally aesthetic and emanate a charming look. 

Different Types Of Eyelids Makeup

Characteristics Of Upturned Eyelids 

  • They give an elongated eye shape which is aesthetically pleasant 
  • The slant in the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner 
  • These eyes are known for their welcoming versatility in makeup application 

Different Types Of Eyelids – Downturned 

The exact opposite of upturned eyes, downturned eyes feature a slight downward slant towards the temples. Since the lower corners are positioned higher than the upper corners, it creates a highlighting droop. 

Downturned eyes are associated with a soft and delicate quality adding a pleasurable appearance to the facial expression. If you have downturned eyes, there’s no need to get hung up on the fact that they exhibit simplicity. Rather, you should embrace this eye shape and use the right makeup techniques to elucidate its distinct features.  

Types Of Eyelids Asian

Characteristics Of Downturned Eyelids 

  • The downward slant at the outer corners creates an elongated eye shape 
  • The lower lash line is nearly a straight line with no curve 
  • Makeup can uplift your eyes and accentuate the natural beauty of downturned eyes 

Different Types Of Eyelids – Partial 

As you can guess from its name, partial eyelids feature an incomplete lining on the skin making your eye shape extremely uncommon. Your crease is visible till the middle part of the eyelid and starts to disappear from there. In some cases, this might happen towards the outer corner or inner corner of the eye. 

Partial eyelids can be found in different cultures contributing to the rich tapestry of eye shapes across the globe. 

Types Of Eyelids For Makeup

Characteristics Of Partial Eyelids 

  • The crease begins to fade away at one end of the eyes 
  • Anyone with a partial eyelid will have a unique appearance because the thickness and length of the crease varies from person to person 
  • You can use experimental makeup techniques to enhance the appearance of partial eyelids and make them look symmetrical

What Is The Difference Between Mono Eyelids And Double Eyelids?

Mono eyelids and double eyelids are two ends of the spectrum. Monolids do not have a visible crease while double eyelids have a visible crease. Monolid eyelids do not have any breaks on the surface while double eyelids have a natural lining near the eyelash line. 

People with monolid eyelids have less space to apply makeup and hence, have to experiment with its application which ends up giving them an extraordinary appearance. However, people with double eyelids have a much larger eye canvas where they can apply makeup liberally and use it to intensify their look. 

Monolids are characterized by a blurry brow bone whereas double eyelids feature a defined contour. The latter can make your iris look deeper while monolids can make them look more prominent. Also, there are different types of double eyelids and monolids that make the realm of eye shapes so enormous. 

If you look at the two different types of eyelids, you can easily distinguish one from the other.  

What Are The 5 Layers Of The Eyelid?

Eyelids are a crucial part of your eyes and facial features. They protect your eyes by moisturizing your eyeballs and help control the amount of light that enters the eyes. Whereas, your eyelids decide the appearance of your face and hence, are a key aspect of your aesthetic features. 

Types Of Eyelids With Pictures

Different types of eyelids (female or male) have the same 5 layers of the eyelid. Let’s see what they are:

  • Skin – We will start with the outermost layer of the skin that is visible to everyone. This layer contains follicles, oil glands, and sweat glands.
  • Subcutaneous tissue – Right after the skin, we have the subcutaneous tissues that provide support to the skin by providing padding and insulation. 
  • Muscles – A set of muscles lie below the tissue to control the movement of the eyelids and get them to open and close. 
  • Tarsal plates– This connective tissue imparts structural integrity to the eyelid and provides adequate support for the eyelid to move freely. 
  • Conjunctiva – The innermost layer of the eyelid is the conjunctiva. It keeps the eyes lubricated and provides protection against foreign particles. 

How To Identify Your Eyelid Type?

Most people don’t know about their eyelid type even when they become an adult. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can identify your eyelid type: 

  • Cleanse your face – Remove any unnatural items from your face that can obstruct the view of your eyelids including makeup remnants. 
  • Look for sunshine or an artificially well-lit area – There should not be any scarcity of light while you are trying to identify your eyelid type so that you get an accurate representation of your eyelids. 
  • Keep your face neutral and relaxed – If your facial muscles are not relaxed naturally, you might not be able to identify your eyelid as it is all about the crease. So, relax and maintain a neutral expression. 
  • Pinpoint the crease – Your eyes should search for a crease. If you see a crease at all, you must determine its exact position. Based on the position of the crease, you will find it easier to differentiate between the different types of eyelids. 
  • Combination of eyelids – Some people have two types of eyelids which makes their eye shape one-of-a-kind. Therefore, if you cannot decide on any one type of eyelid, you might have a blend of different eyelids. 

How Rare Are Double Eyelids?

If you have double eyelids and you are wondering, “Are double eyelids rare?”, we hate to break it to you, but they are not. Double eyelids are one of the most common types of eyelids that are prevalent across several cultures. For instance, they are found more in East Asian populations including Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other Southeast Asian individuals. The majority of people in these populations have double eyelids.   

But, if you look at it from a Western point of view, double eyelids are scarce in individuals of European, African, and Native American descent. They have a significant percentage of individuals with monolids with no visible crease on the eyelids. 

Importance Of Knowing Eyelid Types For Makeup

You do maximum eye makeup on your lids. Therefore, you must know your eyelid type to ascertain the best makeup techniques for you that can enhance your facial features. When you understand the natural shape of your eyes and what goes best with your face, you can use makeup as the strongest weapon in your armor to look ravishing. 

The way you apply different makeup products can make or break your look. For instance, using a winged eyeliner may work better on double and downturned eyelids because they accentuate the crease whereas for monolids, applying liner close to the eyelashes can promote your appearance. 

When you get your eyelid type, you can maintain your overall makeup balance. It will prevent you from indulging in a trial-and-error method and you can complement your eyelids correctly. 

Helpful Tips For Makeup Application On Monolid Eyelids 

If you have monolid eyes, you can play with how you apply eyeshadow to lift your eyes. 

  • Go for shimmer and glitz 
  • Don’t leave your brow bone out whilst applying eyeshadow 
  • For your monolid, take a monochromatic route 

Helpful Tips For Makeup Application On Double Eyelids 

People with double eyelids can experiment with how they wear their eyeliner. 

  • Double-winged eyeliner for your double eyelid 
  • Fish eyeliner to extend the curves 
  • Arabic eyeliner which outlines the entire eye 

What Types Of Operation Can Be Done On Eyelids?

If you are not happy with your present eyelid type, you can get it changed by undergoing surgery. With the enhancement of medical science, there are several types of operations that can be performed by an eye surgeon. 

  • Blepharoplasty – It removes excess skin and muscle from the eyelids to address drooping, puffiness, and sagging. This surgery can make you look younger. 
  • Ptosis Repair – Ptosis is when your upper eyelid starts drooping due to the poor functioning of the muscles. In this surgery, your muscles are worked upon to lift your eyelid and improve vision. 
  • Entropion & Ectropion Repair – Entropion is an eye condition where the eyelid margin turns inward causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye’s surface whereas in Ectropion, the lower eyelid turns outward. During this surgical procedure, the eyelids are repositioned to their normal state. 
  • Reconstruction of the Eyelids – A reconstruction surgery is performed to restore the structural integrity of the eyelid after injury or trauma. 
  • Asian Double Eyelid Surgery – Also known as Asian blepharoplasty or Asian eyelid surgery, this procedure creates a natural-looking crease in the eyelid for individuals with monolids who desire a double eyelid appearance.

Key Takeaways

Your eyelids are determined by genetic factors and ethnicity. If your family has a history of double eyelids, chances are that you will have them too. Different types of eyelids add different features to your face. There’s no point in getting into the topic of which eyelid type is the most beautiful of them all. 

Your eyelid is unique to your face and adds different highlights to it. Therefore, you must accept and embrace your eyelid types and learn makeup applications that will be best compatible with your eyelid. 

FAQ On Types Of Eyelids

1. What Are The Different Types Of Eyelids?

The most common types of eyelids for makeup include monolid, double, hooded, upturned, downturned, and partial. 

2. What Type Of Eyelid Is Most Attractive?

According to the set beauty standards, upturned eyelids are the most attractive. However, each eyelid is beautiful in its own way and its unique features contribute to your amazing outer appearance. 

3. Does BTS Have Double Eyelids?

BTS members have different eyelids. Jin and Jungkook have double eyelids whereas Taehyung has one monolid and one double eyelid. Namjoon has hooded eyes while Suga has droopy eyes. 

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