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Hi, I am Ashwathy, a girl you will find sitting at the edge of most conversations, listening in but seldom participating. I speak millions when I write and make up for the minimal syllables I utter on most days. So, if you read something I penned, that’s your window into my soul and your map on how my mind works. Read on to get a glimpse into my perspectives and for rants of a curious mind

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Office Romance A Territory that Should be Tread Carefully - feature

Dating A Coworker: The Dos and Don’ts

Romance can blossom anywhere, even in the workplace. But unlike other love stories, office romances…

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Hair Spa The Therapy Your Hair Needs

Hair Spa: The Therapy Your Hair Needs!

Hair spa is a proven treatment that will nourish your locks and bless them with…

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Best Shoes For Pregnancy Comfort & Style Personified - Feature (2)

12 Best Shoes For Pregnancy: Comfort & Style Personified! 

Before we get to the well-curated list of best shoes for pregnancy, let’s decipher why…

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A Small Guide On How to Stop Picking Cuticles - Feature

A Small Guide On How To Stop Picking Cuticles!

Picking cuticles can be a challenging habit to break. It can cause pain, bleeding, and…

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Stippling Makeup Brush A Complete Guide! - Feature (1)

Stippling Makeup Brush: A Complete Guide!

Do you have a never-ending love for makeup but struggle to get it right every…

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Milky French Manicure - Feature

Milky French Manicure: Flaunt Your Nails Like The Queen You Are!

Do you want nails that echo both vibrance and elegance, minimalism and chic? If you…

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