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Your Guide To The Best At-home Bleach For Dark Hair

You must know that bleaching your hair at home is a risky task! The results could be irreversible. If you still want to do it, choose the best at-home bleach for dark hair to minimize damage to your locks and look fantastic.

Written by Tripti Mohan

On Oct 17, 2023 – 7 minutes read

Best At-home Bleach For Dark Hair

It is a lifestyle choice to bleach your dark hair to a lighter shade and color it to your favorite hue! Bleaching can make your hair dry and frizzy and strip it of health. But if you want a new trendy hair tone, this could be your only way to achieve it. Any pro would advise you to go to a salon and get it done by a professional. However, if you are the kind that likes to do it yourself, find the best at-home bleach for dark hair. Here is everything you need to know about your little experiment at home.

Understanding Dark Hair Bleaching

At-home Bleach For Dark Hair

Dark hair bleaching is inevitably damaging to your hair. Bleaching dark or black hair may involve more prolonged exposure to the chemicals; hence, the damage could be much more significant. If your hair is already unhealthy, that is, it is dry, has split ends, and falls a lot, it is better to stay away from bleaching until it is better.

Concentrate on taking care of your hair. Hydrate it well with a hair mask. Use oil massages, light shampoos, and a healthy diet to nourish your hair and minimize damage later. Importantly, use only the best bleach for dark hair at home.

Factors To Consider When Selecting At-home Bleach For Dark Hair

Understand your hair’s texture, length, and undertone to choose the right product in the appropriate quantity.

A 20 or 30-volume developer is ideal to lighten the shade of your dark hair. Using 40-volume peroxide could show faster results, but it could harm your hair and scalp. Ensure that what you use is the best home bleach kit. It should contain a neutralizing agent or should be combined with a good-quality toner.

Best At-home Bleach Products For Dark Hair

For those looking for the best at-home bleach for dark hair, here are the top 5 products in the market.

1. L’oreal Quick Blue Pack Dl-12

L’oreal Quick Blue Pack Dl-12

Price: $7.05 for 1 oz

At the top of the list is this effective and affordable at-home bleach product. It gives superior results in less time.

  • It is a high-performance powder bleach.
  • For brighter and better lightening
  • Dust-free bleach
  • It has a non-drip concentrated formula.
  • Easy on and off scalp applications
  • Lightens up to level 7
  • Doesn’t dry up during application.

The quantity might seem a little less. So, if you have long hair and intend to color all of it, you better get 2.

2. Schwarzkopf BLOND ME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightner 9+

Schwarzkopf BLOND ME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightner 9

Price: $39.99 for 15.09 oz

This product by Schwarzkopf is among the best at-home bleaches for dark hair. It is a premium lightener that is very effective and safe to use. It can lift up to 9 levels of color.

  • It is neutral and gentle.
  • Uses integrated bond technology.
  • Minimizes hair breakage and protects delicate hair strands.
  • No yellow undertones

You must combine it with BLONDME Premium care developer for the best results.

3. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Blonde D+++ Bleach

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Blonde D Bleach

Price: $14.8 for 8.8 oz

The result is natural-looking and long-lasting. This bleach works up to 8 levels and is ideal for a platinum-blonde look.

  • This product contains no ammonia. (1)
  • It comes with a 4-oil nourishing purple conditioner. The 4 oils are avocado oil, shea oil, olive oil, and cranberry oil. The new packs come with 5 oils, including Argan oil!
  • The conditioner is anti-yellowing and nourishes the hair for up to 8 weeks.

Some users find the hair to be brassy despite using the conditioner.

4. Blonde Forte Perfect Blond Hair Lightner

Blonde Forte Perfect Blond Hair Lightner

Price: $31.31 for 17.6 oz 

This is the best home bleach for dark hair if you intend to lift color by up to 7+ levels.

  • It has a creamy texture and anti-drip formula.
  • It is an off-the-scalp lightening powder.
  • Contains a quad-lightening complex, which ensures consistent lightening of hair.
  • It contains coconut oil to protect your hair from damage as much as possible. (2)This also helps reduce the pungent odor of the bleach.

Some users feel that the packaging could be better.

5. Knight And Wilson Color- Freedom Cream Hair Bleach

Knight and Wilson Color Freedom Cream Hair Bleach

Price: $12.44 for 2.8oz

The best home hair bleach kit should be declared as the one that comes with everything needed to bleach your hair at home. The kit comes with the lightening cream, developer, toning mask, and a mixing tray and brush. What’s more? Gloves and Highlighting cap are also enclosed in the box.

  • It contains corn protein that makes your hair lustrous and healthy.
  • It has a powder-free cream formula.
  • This bleach is sulfate-free and cruelty-free too. 
  • It can lift up to 8 levels of color.

Some of you might find the cream to be a little greasy. But for its price, this one is a jackpot.

At-home Bleach For Dark Hair: Application Process

We just talked about the 5 best at-home bleach for dark hair. You’ve got the products that suit your needs the best. Now, do you know how to apply it? Here is the step-by-step process to apply bleach to your hair at home.

At-home Bleach For Dark Hair - Application Process

Before you start, read the instructions leaflet with your product thoroughly. Each product works in a different way, so don’t take chances.

  1. Wear gloves and old clothes to protect your hands and clothes from damage.
  2. Mix the bleach with the developer or use the bleach cream as instructed on your product.
  3. Section your clean and dry hair into 4 or more parts.
  4. Test on a small section of hair before you apply it all over. This is to find out if you have any allergies or irritation.
  5. Once the test is successful, apply the mixture to your whole hair.
  6. Ideally, using a tinting brush to separate the sections and apply the bleach is better.
  7. Apply from root to tip of your hair. Some bleaches are not scalp-friendly, so avoid applying them on your scalp. 
  8. After application, cover your head with a plastic cap and leave the bleach for as long as instructed. The timing may vary depending on the level you want to achieve. In any case, do not leave the bleach on your head for more than 1 hour.
  9. Rinse the bleach thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.

Tips For Maintaining Hair Health During And After The Bleaching Process

It goes without saying that you must take very good care of your tresses before, during, and after the bleaching process. Even the best at-home bleach for dark hair can leave your hair dry, brassy, and damaged. 

  1. To begin with, do a patch test on your skin. 
  2. Apply the bleach quickly and evenly.
  3. After the application, you can use a toner to help with the yellow-orange tint from color lifting in your hair. A toner helps to balance these odd colors. 
  4. Keep your hair hydrated and nourished by applying oil.
  5. The purple shampoo and conditioner are an excellent option to maintain your hair’s health post-bleach.
  6. Eat healthy food and drink a lot of water.

Common Issues And Challenges During The Bleaching Process

Common Issues And Challenges During The Bleaching Process

You can’t simply jump into it! You must research all the available products and their features before choosing the best at-home bleach for dark hair.

1. Uneven coloring

It is a nightmare for those attempting to do it at home. Make sure that you apply the bleach evenly. Do not apply it again where you already have. If possible, ask someone else to apply it for you.

2. Forgetting to time

This could be a very harmful mistake. Not only will Your hair lose more color than you intended, but it can also damage your hair permanently. Keeping a note of how long the bleach is on your hair is very crucial.

4. Forgetting to use toner

We have said this already- saying it again. After rinsing your hair well, use toner to balance your hair’s yellow and orange tones. Forgetting this step could leave you looking like a mess!

Post Bleaching Care For Hair

Do you often forget about hair care? If you have bleached your hair recently, you cannot afford to not care about it.

Post Bleaching Care For Hair
  • Nourish your hair with deep conditioning.
  • Don’t keep bleaching repeatedly on your hair.
  • Avoid heat treatments.
  • Use shampoos that are not harsh. There are special shampoos available that help you maintain the hair color longer.
  • Overall, take good care of your beautiful hair.


Following the latest trends or experimenting with your hair color is no sin. Most professionals recommend bleaching your hair at a salon to avoid any associated risk. However, if you wish to do it yourself, choose the best at-home bleach for dark hair and follow the instructions carefully. Bleach or no bleach- always remember to nourish your hair. Go on- Happy hair bleaching!


1. What is the safest hair bleach?

Many hair bleach kits available in our market are safe if used in the right quantity and follow appropriate steps. Use ammonia-free bleach.

2. Can bleach damage future hair?

Too much bleach can permanently damage your hair’s health. It could become dry and brittle.

3. What is the safest way to bleach hair at home?

The safest way is to use a high-quality product and preferably get someone to help you. Pick one product from the 5 best at-home bleach for dark hair that we mentioned in this article.

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