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From Brassy to Brilliant – Decoding the Magic of Blue Shampoo for Hair Color Enhancement!

Unlock the power of blue shampoo in combating brassiness and transforming your hair color to fascinating dimensions. 

Written by Nitha Girija Vallabhan

On Aug 9, 2023 – 11 minutes read

blue shampoo for hair

Okay, so picture this – You have just returned from the hair salon, your hair color looking fab. Fast forward a few weeks and you are upset with those unflattering warm, orange or yellow tones that are slowly creeping in, messing up the vibe you intended. But fear not, because this is where blue shampoo for hair comes to your rescue. 

Let’s face it – color-treated hair comes with its share of challenges, the most common issue being brassiness, especially if your hair falls in the light shade zone. Regular washing, sun exposure and pollutants can aggravate brassiness, drastically diminishing the vibrancy of your hair color. Blue shampoo is a specialized hair care product formulated to tackle this frustrating brassiness by neutralizing unwanted warm tones.  

Today, we will extensively explore the potential of blue shampoo, the science behind its color-correcting properties, its power to slay brassy hair troubles and how to use blue shampoo to restore your hair to its vibrant tones. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s dive in.

Blue Shampoo for Hair: Understanding Brassy Hair and Its Causes!

We will start off with what brassy hair actually means. You know those annoying orange, yellow or red tones that can mess up your gorgeous blonde or dyed hair? That’s what we are talking about.

Understanding Brassy Hair And Its Causes - blue shampoo for hair

There are reasons behind why brassy hair keeps appearing. Here are some of them: 

Natural Hair Pigments:

You may already be aware that your hair gets its color from natural pigments. For instance, pheomelanin is a pigment that brings out red, orange and yellow tones while eumelanin endows hair with darker colors. (1) When you color or lighten hair, these pigments break down, paving the way for underlying colors to pop up and cause brassiness. 

Exposure To Sunlight:

This is especially a problem if you have light-colored hair. UV rays can react with artificial color pigments leading to brassiness. So stay in the shade, consider wearing hats or scarves while you are outdoors and invest in a quality UV protection hair spray

Natural hair pigments, exposure to sunlights - blue shampoos for hair 

Water Quality:

If your water features high levels of iron or copper, these minerals can attach to your hair, giving it a brassy look. Installing a water filter can help eliminate these minerals. 

Using Wrong Hair Care Products:

Sulfates and similar harsh ingredients in hair care products are a big no-no. These chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils (2) and gorgeous color, leaving you with dull and brassy hair. Choose sulfate-free, color-safe products formulated for your hair type. 

Overlapping Hair Color:

If it is almost a routine for you to apply a new hair color on top of your old one, please stop doing that. Overlapping hair color causes uneven pigmentation and – you guessed it right – brassiness. Break this cycle. 

That’s enough chit chat about the reasons behind brassy hair. No matter why your hair appears brassy, you have a sure shot solution – blue shampoo. When you desperately wish to banish those warm tones and reclaim cooler tones, this magical potion can be a life-saver. 

Exploring The Composition and What Does Blue Shampoo for Hair Do?

Blue shampoo may be described as a superhero with certain powers with colors. It works on the principle that opposite colors on the color wheel cancel out each other. Now blue is the nemesis of yellow and orange and therefore the perfect choice to kick out those unwanted warm tones in your hair. The shampoo contains blue pigments that are deposited on hair to neutralize brassy tones and bring back balance to your hair color. 

Now that you have an answer to your question of ‘what does blue shampoo do’, it is time for a face-off between blue shampoo and purple shampoo. Well, to start off, the main difference between the two is the colors they target and tackle. 

What Is Blue Shampoo Used For?

Let’s start with what is blue shampoo used for. With its blue pigments, blue shampoo works great on cooler hair colors such as ash blonde, silver, platinum and gray. On the other hand, purple shampoo with its purple pigments is the right choice for warmer shades such as honey blondes, caramel, golden blondes and brondes. Need a pro tip? If you are sporting dark blonde tones and blue shampoo does not seem to work on brassiness, try purple shampoo instead and you are sure to love the results. 

What Are the Ingredients of Blue Shampoo for Hair?

So what are the ingredients that empower this shampoo with brassiness-busting properties? The star ingredient is obviously the blue pigments that cling to your hair while shampooing, magically neutralizing brassy hair. Plus, these shampoos typically feature sulfate-free cleansers that safeguard the natural oils in your hair while simultaneously maintaining its strength and shine. 

That’s not all. To keep your hair soft and hydrated after all those coloring experiments, blue shampoos routinely include moisturizing agents such as coconut oil, argan oil or glycerine. Guess what? Some shampoos even have UV protection to shield your hair from the damaging effects of sun exposure. What more could you ask for?

Blue Shampoo for Hair: Discover the Incredible Benefits 

Investing in the best blue shampoo offers you an array of exciting benefits in addition to neutralizing brassiness. Here’s a quick look at those cool perks: 

Elevating Cool Tones

The shampoo is not just a master in eliminating brassiness. It also improves cool tones in your hair so that your silver or ash blonde locks stay fresh-looking and gorgeous. 

Extends Hair Color

Your new, vibrant hair color may fade and start appearing dull in a few weeks. color-correcting pigments in blue shampoo prolong hair color by protecting individual hair strands from environmental factors that cause fading.  

Versatile on Various Hair Colors

Do not assume that the shampoo is only useful for blonde and silver tones. Blue shampoo works great for brunettes as well, helping eliminate unwanted reddish tones.  

Blue Shampoo Is Ideal for Regular Use

Some color-correcting products can cause disastrous results if you use them regularly. But Selsun blue shampoo is gentle enough for regular use. Go ahead and use it twice or thrice a week without any worries. 

Enhances Hair Texture

Here’s the bonus you have been waiting for – this shampoo is enriched with nourishing ingredients that reduce frizz, improve hair texture and ensure smoother and more manageable hair. 

Budget-Friendly Solution

Let’s face it. Frequent visits to the salon for touch-ups can drain your wallet. But with a blue shampoo, you can easily maintain hair color at home without those expensive salon visits. 

Wow, that is surely an impressive list of benefits you cannot afford to ignore. C’mon what more reasons do you need to try it out? 

Is Blue Shampoo for Brunette, Blonde or Silver Hair? Here Are the Facts

This is a very relevant topic since using blue shampoo may be beneficial to specific hair colors. So let us start with a simple question – what does blue shampoo do to blonde hair? 

If you have naturally blonde hair or if your hair has been bleached and highlighted, blue shampoo can be a valuable addition to your hair care arsenal. The shampoo is nothing short of magic when it comes to fighting brassiness caused by sun exposure or hair dye. Oh and yes, the shampoo is amazingly effective against chlorine-triggered brassiness as well. So go ahead and have a blast at those pool parties! 

Now that we have got the blondes covered, it’s time to move on to the nest question – what does blue shampoo do to brown hair? Pay attention brunettes! If you have light brown hair with highlights or if your hair has been colored in a captivating brown shade, blue shampoo can help you show brassiness the way out. 

And no. I have not forgotten about those with silver, platinum or gray hair. The vibrancy and shine of silver hair is totally on another level. However, various factors can make the hair look dull and yellowish over time. Blue shampoo can help you keep rocking those fabulous silver locks. 

Understanding the Difference Between Blue and Purple Shampoos 

Blue and purple shampoos are nothing short of magical color-correcting potions for blonde, light brunette or silver hair. However, both these products work in entirely different ways based on the color wheel. Although we have briefly touched upon this topic, let us gain a better understanding so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the perfect option for your hair color.

Difference Between Blue Shampoos For Hair And Purple Shampoos 

Just like the name suggests, purple shampoo features purple pigments formulated to banish brassy tones from blonde or light brown hair. So if you are rocking gorgeous blonde or light brown hair and you have your doubts about what does blue shampoo do to blonde or brown hair, I would say you must definitely try using it. See for yourself how the purple pigments swoop in and neutralize those warm, yellow tones. The result? Your hair will look refreshed with those super cool ashy undertones. 

No. I haven’t missed brunettes and folks with highlighted hair. If you have had enough of those pesky orange tones messing up your fabulous hair, it is time to add a blue shampoo to your hair care routine. Blue pigments in the shampoo cling to hair strands, effectively neutralizing warm tones and endowing a cool and vibrant vibe to your hair. 

How to Use Blue Shampoo Effectively for Optimal Results 

Before rushing off to try this shampoo, hold on and browse through these pro tips on how to effectively use the shampoo, lest you end up looking like a smurf! Yes, that is definitely a possibility; so keep the following points in mind:

1. Do Not Overdo It

Keep a tab on how often you use the shampoo. Based on the level of brassiness, limit using it to twice or thrice a week. Overusing may lend a visibly bluish tint to your hair. Trust me; it is not something you would like, especially if you are sporting light colored hair.

2. Use Gloves

This is a must-do to prevent your hands from turning blue. Wear gloves when using the shampoo, especially while working up lather. After all, you want the blue pigments on the hair, not the hands, right? 

3. Test It First

If you are using the blue goodness for the first time or if you have switched to a new brand, I recommend a quick patch test. It will help rule out risks of reactions and ensure that you get the results you signed up for. 

4. Apply It Right

Wet your hair well. Now use a small amount of the blue potion and work it up to a rich lather. Wait for 2-3 minutes as the shampoo works its magic. If waiting around is not your thing, groove to your favorite tunes so that the shampoo gets ample time to zap away those warm tones. Rinse out well and remember to follow up with a quality conditioner so that your locks stay soft and moisturized. 

That’s not hard, is it? Do a patch test, slip on those gloves, leave it on for the recommended time, use in moderation and your hair will turn out looking fabulous. 

Choosing the Best Blue Shampoo for Hair

Considering the deluge of options out there, this can be harder task than you assume. Fret not, I’ll make it easy-peasy for you! Here are some things to remember when you go shopping:

1. Hair Type:

Remember that there is a blue shampoo tailor-made for your hair color. While some versions offer fantastic results for brunettes, others work wonders on high-lighted or color-treated hair. Read the label carefully before dropping it into your shopping cart.  

2. Go Through the Ingredient List:

Watch out for sulfates and parabens in the ingredient list. You definitely do not want those ingredients to strip your hair of its natural oil and leave it dry and brittle. Some green flags would be nourishing ingredients such as keratin or argan oil. 

3. Check the Pigment Intensity:

All blue shampoos do not feature similar levels of pigment intensity. So if your brassiness is rather considerable, choose a more potent formula. Gentler versions with lower pigment intensity will do for regular touch-ups. 

4. Listen to What Others Have to Say:

Be a smart shopper by checking out customer reviews before actually making a purchase. These testimonials will give you reliable information on the pros and cons of different products, making it easier for you to identify the real deal. 

Use these simple tips to choose the perfect version of shampoo for your specific hair color. Alternatively, you could also ask your hair stylist for product recommendations. 

Recap Time 

So, there you have it, everything you wanted to know about blue shampoo. Right from its definition, composition and key ingredients to its benefits, usage and targeted hair types, you now have reliable information on how to utilize this magic potion to keep your locks looking gorgeous.  And yes, do remember the tips we have discussed about choosing between blue and purple shampoo and using it effectively. 

Your hair is your crowning glory. While you have fun experimenting with it, products like blue shampoo will ensure that your hair stays at the top of its game, both in looks and health. So what are you waiting for? Embrace this blue wonder, say goodbye to brassiness and give your hair the salon-fresh look it deserves. Happy hair days ahead ladies!


What Does Blue Shampoo Do?

Blue shampoo is a hair care product specifically formulated to neutralize yellow, brassy or similar warm tones in hair. 

What Hair Types Use Blue Shampoo? 

Blue shampoo is usually used by individuals with blonde, highlighted, gray or silver hair.

What Does Blue Shampoo Do For Dark Hair? 

By neutralizing unwanted warm tones in your hair color and reducing brassiness, blue shampoo helps maintain cooler tones in dark hair. 

Can I Use Blue Shampoo Everyday? 

Blue shampoo has been designed to be used twice or thrice a week. Daily use of even the best blue shampoo may have a detrimental effect on hair, triggering color distortion or hair dryness. 

Will Blue Shampoo Fix Orange Hair? 

Blue shampoo can offset orange tones in your hair so that the color appears more balanced and less brassy. However, remember that the blue shampoo before and after results will ultimately depend on the specific condition of hair and its underlying colors. 

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