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Coregasm: Can A Woman Achieve Orgasm From Exercise?

Coregasm or Orgasm from working out is very much real. While some find it embarrassing, some may find it fun;

Written by Shilpa Jayan

On Jan 27, 2023 – 7 minutes read

Can A Woman Achieve Orgasm From Exercise

Well, have you ever had that tingling sensation while working out that you just want to stop what you’re doing and get off? Well, you are not wrong and you are not alone because what you just got was very close to an orgasm. And isn’t it just great! There is no cheating, no regrets, no boy drama, just pure bliss and satisfaction, and that too for free! It’s like those bonus brownie points you get for working out! 

Coregasm more or less happens while you do your core workouts and hence, researchers and the internet are now calling it, ‘coregasm’. Abdominal exercises, weight lifting, biking, climbing poles or ropes, etc are the ones that can invoke this little devil as it involves your abdomen and in turn your core.  Even though research on coregasm is comparatively fresh and still in process, here are some facts that can give you some extra motivation to go to the gym tomorrow! 

Is It Possible To Achieve Coregasm?

Yes, it is totally possible and studies can back this up too. You know how sometimes sex can seem like a workout, right? Similarly, there are times when workouts can be as good as sex as well. The satisfaction you get from hitting the gym every day of the week, pushing yourself out of the bed in the morning and going do difficult workouts every day, pushing yourself to go a step further every other day; that’s all amazingly awesome! But I bet you know what an orgasm can make you feel. So, to feel that during a workout can be a bonus for you. 

Is It Possible To Achieve Coregasm?

What Is Coregasm? 

Coregasm, as discussed earlier is the orgasm induced by core workouts. Abdominal or core-enhancing exercises can induce orgasm and can give you that tingling sensation. There is nothing weird about that and it happens to most people. Those who have experienced a coregasm describe it as something that is not as evident or strong as an orgasm. It is more of an inner muscular-gasm and feels nothing like a clitoral tingling. Although, this feeling can be different for different people and one’s description of the phenomenon can be far different from others. 

While some people find it fascinating and blissful, others might see it as an obstruction to their workout routine. The researches on this topic are vague and researchers have not been able to find the exact cause of this mysterious phenomenon. However, it has been proved that some exercises can induce orgasms better than others. 

Why Do I Get Turned On When I Exercise?

There have been studies on this topic since the 1900s. People from all genders, locations, and ages have been part of the research and there is not much information yet as to why one gets an orgasm from exercise. Body anatomy, alignment, menstrual cycle, and even your emotional state can affect your ability to orgasm; coregasm is no different in that matter (1).

Why Do I Get Turned On When I Exercise? - coregasm

According to the studies, an orgasm from exercise was mostly reported when the core muscles were exhausted from a core-enhancing workout. The stimulations caused by the abdominal and pelvic floor increase pressure on multiple areas surrounding the pelvis and genitals. There are some psychological aspects to this as well. Say, it is ever so common to find yourself attractive in your activewear.

The tight-fitted clothes hugging your body shape from all sides and all the heat in the air making you sweat and ultimately making you feel good about yourself are all bound to give you that sexy feeling. You deserve to feel sexy in your skin and girl, you most certainly do. 

How Common Are Coregasms?

According to studies, men, women, homo or heterosexuals, children, teens, adults, or the elderly can get a coregasm. Yes, it is that common. While the height, duration, and trigger of an orgasm can be different for different people, everyone can experience it, they might not just know it yet all. 

But then again, the type of workout that can cause an orgasm is different for different women irrespective of their age or body weight. While some women can achieve a coregasm through 18-20 pull-ups, another may get there by the 5th or 6th.

Lifting weights, lunges, or crunches may even induce the sensation of orgasm in you. You could be 20,43 or even in your 60s, you may get an orgasm anywhere any time. We have explicit content for you to learn how you can induce an orgasm while working out. However, how to want to deal with information is totally up to you. Be naughty and have some fun or if you are here to find ways to stop it, we have got some of those as well. 

What Exercises Give You Coregasm?

Again, this can differ from person to person. Core-enhancing exercises that engage the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor can cause an orgasm while working out. Although, the most common exercise known to have caused an orgasm is called the captain’s chair(2). All these exercises that cause a coregasm can increase the blood flow to the genitals and improve your sexual activity and health. 

The triggers of orgasm from exercise can be many.  Here is a list of some exercises that could cause an coregasm: 

  • Knee lifts: Bring one leg up all the way up to your chest. Do the next leg. You are going to be walking forward while you do it. Make sure your shoulders are back and your core is tight. 
  • Captain’s chair: Sit comfortably on a sturdy chair. Start by holding onto the sides of the chair with your hands. Tighten your core as if you are pulling your belly button to your spine and slowly lift your knees up so that your feet are completely off the ground. 
  • Crunches: Sit on the floor, grab onto the back of your thighs and slowly lie down. Feet should be flat on the floor, knees hip distance. Hold your head back with your hand (avoid lacing your fingers). Stretch out your shoulders and lift up to crunch slowly. Come back to the resting position and repeat. 
exercises that could cause an orgasm
  • Side Crunches: Lie on your right side with your right foot behind your left foot. Put your left hand behind and your right hand on the left side of your stomach. Lift your right shoulder up off the floor. Return and repeat. Exhale as you rise up and inhale as you lower down. 
  • Leg lifts: Come all the way down on your back and lift your feet up in the air. Cross at your ankles to help stabilize the lower back. Make sure your hands are down by your sides and that your legs don’t bend. 
  • Planks: Begin by lying on your stomach. Place your elbows below your shoulders, the hands with the palms on the ground, and onto your toes. This will create a straight light from the shoulders to the heels. Hold this position for approximately 10 seconds. 

Pullups, hip thrusts, hanging straight leg raises, hamstring curls, cycling, running, rope or pole climbing, spinning, and squats one of the best exercises to minimize hip dips are some other exercises that can induce a coregasm. 

How To Avoid Coregasm?

Sometimes, coregasms can make you feel awkward and uncomfortable especially when you are in the middle of a crowd say, your yoga class or the gym. To reduce the chances of coregasm, be aware of the exercises that can induce orgasm. Pay attention to your body movements and restrain yourself from reaching the climax and switch to alternate exercises. 

The Bottom Line

Coregasm according to me is a fun bonus from a workout. There are no side effects to this uninvited guest. Even though the research on this topic is inconclusive, a coregasm can happen to anybody at any age or time. The ways to induce it are many. It might work for you or not. So, enjoy while it lasts. And hey! there is nothing to be worried about or sad about not achieving a coregasm because all these core workouts can strengthen your core and your pelvic floor. This can give you a lot of surprising fun in the bedroom. Exercises release happy hormones and make you happier.

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