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Join the trendsetters with a double nose piercing! Learn everything from the basics to the exceptional to perfectly punctuate your style.

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Double Nose Piercing

Double nose piercing stands out prominently when it comes to unique ways to enhance facial aesthetics. This style includes variations like septum piercing and double septum piercing, and it has seen a rise in popularity for its edgy look and cultural significance. Are you considering this second nose piercing? Then you’d want to learn about its pros and cons and styles like double nose piercings on one side, piercing on both sides, piercing with chain, healing, double nose piercing men, and more.

What Is A Double Nose Piercing? 

Double Nose Piercing Ideas

It is two punctures made in the nasal area, and it is often a creative expression of personal style. Common placements include both nostrils or one nostril paired with a septum piercing. This trendy adaptation allows for various jewelry arrangements that offer a unique way to enhance facial features and personalize appearance. 

What Does Double Nose Piercing Mean?

It is much more than just an extra twinkle on your nose- it is a vibrant expression of who you are! It mixes a dash of cultural tradition with a hefty spoonful of modern style, and it symbolizes everything from personal freedom to a flair for the unique. Each pairing tells your personal story with a hint of edgy creativity regardless of whether you choose matching studs or a quirky hoop and stud combo. 

Double Nose Piercing Types

When it comes to double nostril piercings, variety truly spices up life! Each type offers its unique aesthetic, so let’s take a look at the options!

Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides

Double Nose Piercing Opposite Sides

The symmetrical nose piercing style involves one piercing on each nostril(both sides of the nose piercing) and creates a harmonious balance that frames your face beautifully. It is symmetrical and versatile and allows you to play with different jewelry types on each side. If you’re on the adventurous side, you can even consider a nasallang piercing that on the outside looks pretty similar.

Double Nose Piercing On The Same Side(Nose Piercing Two On One Side)

Double Nose Piercing on the Same Side

Both piercings on the same nostril make a bold statement for those who prefer a concentrated dose of style. This choice is perfect for creating a layered look of studs, hoops, or a mix of both, and a double nostril piercing on one side offers a rich and textured appearance.

Double Nose Piercing With Septum

Double Nose Piercing With Septum

Combining a nostril piercing with a septum piercing offers an edgy, yet sophisticated look. This type allows for creative expression with a wide variety of jewelry combinations by bridging traditional beauty with some contemporary flair.

Double Nose Piercing Procedure

Understanding the procedure for a double nostril piercing ensures a safe and satisfactory experience. Here are the key steps you need to know. 

  • The process involves puncturing the nasal septum, nostril, or both with a sterilized nose piercing needle. It is a quick process but requires precision and care.
  • The piercer will insert a starter jewelry immediately after the piercing. This jewelry is typically made of materials that minimize allergic reactions(hypoallergenic nose ring) and support healing. Later you can replace it with a double nose ring or stud, but only after complete healing.
  • A qualified professional will ensure a safe procedure. A reputable piercer will adhere to strict hygiene standards, use high-quality tools and jewelry, and have a portfolio of their work.
  • Before the procedure, the piercer will consult with you about placement, type, and aesthetic goals to ensure the piercing aligns with your style.
  • Post-piercing, your piercer will provide detailed aftercare instructions to prevent infection and promote healing. This includes cleaning routines, what to avoid, and signs of complications.

Double Nose Piercing Pros and Cons

Delving into the world of double nostril piercings is exciting, but weighing the pros and cons to make an informed decision should be a priority. Let us look at this in detail. 

  • Unique Look That Stands Out: A double nose piercing sets you apart from the crowd and offers a striking and eye-catching appearance that can be as subtle or bold as you desire.
  • Variety of Jewelry Options to Personalize Your Style: With two piercings, you have twice the opportunity to express yourself through a range of jewelry. Mix and match different styles, materials, and designs to suit your mood and occasion.
  • Can Be a Form of Self-expression and Cultural Identity: Double nose piercings can hold significant personal and cultural meanings beyond mere fashion. They can be a nod to tradition or a mark of personal growth and freedom.
  • Risk of Infection if Not Properly Cared For: Proper aftercare is crucial. Infections can occur if you don’t clean the piercings regularly or if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions. This can lead to complications.
  • Can Be More Painful and Take Longer to Heal Than Single Piercings: With two piercings, you might experience more discomfort during the initial procedure and healing process. The healing time can be longer, and it might require more patience and care.
  • Some Find It Challenging to Adjust to Two Piercings During the Healing Process: Managing two healing piercings at once can be tricky. Sleeping, facial movements, or even certain activities might require extra caution to avoid irritation or injury.

Cost And Pain Of Double Nose Piercing

The cost varies depending on the location and the expertise of the piercer. As for pain, everyone’s tolerance varies, but having two piercings done might increase the intensity and duration of the pain compared to a single piercing.

Aftercare And Cleaning

Double Nose Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare is vital for the healing and longevity of your double nose piercing. Here are the essentials.

  • Saline Solution Cleanings: Clean your piercings regularly with a saline solution to prevent infection and promote healing.
  • Minimize Contact: Avoid touching or twisting the jewelry to prevent irritation and maintain cleanliness.
  • Watch for Infection: Stay alert for any signs of infection like redness or swelling and consult a professional if symptoms arise.
  • Healing Time: Be patient as healing typically takes 4 to 6 months, and it can vary with individual health and care routines.
  • Daily Considerations: Adapt your sleeping habits and daily activities to avoid disturbing the piercings.
  • Seek Professional Advice: Check in with your piercer regularly for follow-up care and address any concerns promptly for a smooth healing journey.

Double Nose Piercing Jewelry

Double Nose Piercing Jewelry

Selecting the right jewelry for your double nose piercing is an exciting part of the process. You need to blend style with comfort, always!

  • Variety of Choices: You have a plethora of options ranging from studs, hoops, and gemstones, to connecting chains- all of these allow you to express your style vividly.
  • Material and Size: Opt for materials like surgical steel, titanium, or gold, and consider hypoallergenic options if sensitive(1). Ensure the size and gauge fit comfortably and appropriately for your piercings.
  • Style Considerations: Align your jewelry choice with your aesthetics regardless of whether it is subtle elegance or bold statement pieces. Keep in mind how they complement your features and overall style.
  • Comfort and Changeability: Choose pieces that won’t impede daily activities and consider the ease of changing them to suit different occasions or moods once fully healed.


1. Is it safe to get 2 nose piercings?

Yes, it is safe with a professional piercer and proper aftercare.

2. Do double nose piercings hurt more?

It might be more uncomfortable than a single piercing due to the additional puncture.

3. What kind of jewelry can I wear?

Options vary from studs, and hoops, to chains and it depends on the piercing type and personal preference.

4. How long does it take to heal?

It normally takes 4-6 months, but it can vary based on individual healing rates and care.

5. Can I get different jewelry in each piercing?

Yes, you can mix and match jewelry once the piercings are healed.

Wrapping Up

By now, you might have grasped well that double nose piercings offer a unique way to express personal style and stand out. There are several varieties and types and jewelry options, and they can be customized to fit anyone’s aesthetic. But, what is that one thing you need to keep in mind? It is crucial to understand the commitment they require in terms of procedure, pain, cost, and aftercare.

Make informed decisions and proper care of your piercings- you can enjoy the beauty and individuality that these piercings bring. You can opt for a double nostril piercing with a septum, on one side, or both sides- it’s all up to you. Whatever you choose, it is a bold statement in the world of body art.

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