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Why Menstrual Discs Are Becoming More Popular? Discussing The Discs!

How do Menstrual Discs help us handle the strawberry week smoothly?

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Jan 30, 2023 – 10 minutes read

Menstrual Discs

Thanks to science and technology! Can we even imagine a time when we women had to take a backseat because we were going through their strawberry week? We have the sanitary pads, the cotton mouse!- tampon, the menstrual cup, and now the versatile Menstrual disc too, to save us from the pangs of the gift of womanhood inhibiting us from leading normal life during those days! Those days were dreaded by the women and they put up a great effort trying to maintain sanity, sanitarily. 

What Are Menstrual Discs, Anyway?

Menstrual discs are insertable products of menstrual care, which can provide protection for up to twelve hours, minimize cramps and even let us have mess-free sex! Yay! 

What Are Menstrual Discs?

A Menstrual disc fits Into the back of your vagina, where the canal meets the cervix-the vaginal fornix. It is inserted like a tampon but instead of absorbing the blood flow, the menstrual disc collects it. You are free to do any physical activity, including swimming, hiking, or even sex! They come in both reusable and disposable versions. They are alternatively called period discs.

How To Insert A Menstrual Disc?

 The steps to insertion

  • Sanitizing the hands: Do give your hands a good washing as you are going to touch the sacredly delicate grounds.
  • Get to the comfortable position that will help you insert the disc with ease. This could be standing with a leg up, squatting, or sitting over the toilet. This would be pretty easy if you have tried tampons. Similar work!
  • Try squeezing the sides of the disc to bring it to the size of a tampon. The end result will make it look like you are holding a hot dog.
  • Insert the disc which is pinched into the Vagina pointing downwards to make it sit at a vertical angle that completely covers your cervix.
  • Push it further in, past the public bone that it tucks above the bone and you are good to go!

When the menstrual disc is inserted correctly, it will stay in place, be comfy, and be leak-free.

How To Insert A Menstrual Disc?

How To Remove The Menstrual Disc?

The same process as inserting the disc in the reverse order.

  • Step one is washing hands.
  • Step two– on your toilet seats, to avoid spillage elsewhere.
  • Step three- Insert the index finger and hook it under the rim, pulling it out.

If you find it difficult to reach the disc, try squatting so that you bear down the pelvic muscles which will dislodge the disc from behind the pubic bone.

  • Step four- Empty the blood into the toilet and wrap the disc in toilet paper and dispose it in the trash.
How To Remove The Menstrual Disc?

What If The Menstrual Disc Gets Stuck?

There is no chance of menstrual discs getting stuck. It is definitely placed up the vaginal canal and gravity will aid you.

For those with a higher cervix or tight pelvic muscles, the disc may move higher up the vaginal canal, which makes it hard to reach. It may also be difficult to remove after long periods of lying down, in which case you should try standing or walking for a while for gravity to work towards moving the disc down. In those cases, squatting is recommended. Squatting will dislodge it and bring it lower for you to take it out effortlessly.

The billion-dollar tip to bear in mind is to relax and not panic during the removal.

How Does It Behave When You Pee?

The very important question, indeed! The discs can spill out the contents when you sit to pee. The posture and the straining from sitting down to pee inevitably cause the disc to shift and empty its contents into the toilet. Before you freak out, it is not the disc leaking but the shift in the position which leads to the emptying. You can push the disc back up with your finger and your problem is solved! 

Benefits Of Menstrual Discs

1. You can have sex during your periods if you are using menstrual discs

We all know how difficult it is to quell those sex cravings when we are having a visit from Aunt Flo. But this menstrual Disc is a god sent for those who cannot seem to have control over themselves despite it being a bloody time. Worrying how messy it gets or having to wait for days two and three to end fast, or worse still- thinking and worrying about staining the bedsheet or the towel placed below your rear and having to wipe your ‘c’ area. It’s not worth it! But the Menstrual disc allows us to boink our heart out, especially because the Menstrual Discs are lodged at the base of the cervix just like a diaphragm. 

The fun part is that you and your partner are not going to even feel it is there, as it is made of medical-grade silicone. During a hot session, perhaps you could cause it to shift and cause leakages, in rare instances, and with certain brands of menstrual discs.

But Menstrual discs do not protect against pregnancy and are not a contraceptive device. It also does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. You may get preggy during your periods. So do invest in a reliable birth control tool like condoms or pills.

2. Menstrual Discs Reduce Pain

Menstrual discs reduce pain related to periods. It also gives so much ease. Though some brands do claim that the menstrual discs reduce cramps during the period, stating the fact that they rest at the higher end of the vaginal canal which is wider, while tampons sit at the lower part, which is narrow, and that the tampons expand when it absorbs the blood. Many reviews of menstrual discs point out that they experience lesser pain while using menstrual discs.

3. No Visible Sign Of Disc

Unlike a tampon, the menstrual discs do not have a string peeping out. Nor does it show any indication that you are wearing one.

Benefits Of Menstrual Discs

4. High Comfort Levels

Menstrual discs are supposed to be more comfortable than any other option because of their ease of sitting inside the body. According to the University of Texas, they are even found to be more comfortable than menstrual cups. It is easier to remove and insert it with practice. You can wear it while swimming, having sex, hiking, sleeping, walking, running, and doing any physical activity(1).

5. You Are Safe For Twelve Hours With A Menstrual Disc

Menstrual discs only need to be dumped out every twelve hours. The longer allowance of time, unlike sanitary pads and tampons, is a huge plus. Many brands hold more than a tampon does, which is why you are safe for a full twelve hours. They also hold four tampons worth of fluid.

6. IUD Safe

You do not want to dislodge your Intra Uterine Device. IUD strings rest in your cervix and if the menstrual disc is inserted and removed as instructed, the chances of it messing with the IUD are negligible. Menstrual discs are found to be used safe with IUDs.

Cons Of Menstrual Disc

1. Menstrual Discs Are Not Environment Friendly

Most Menstrual discs that are available are disposable and not meant for re-use. This is definitely not environmentally friendly. This is one area where the menstrual cup gains supremacy over the menstrual discs. Obviously, it is not budget friendly too as it is not like you buy one menstrual cup that you can use and re-use.

2. Auto Dumping

Auto dumping is an indicator that the disc is not a perfect fit for your body. It is also awkward when you are not using the restroom while it auto-dumps.

3. Messy

The use of menstrual discs depends on how comfortable you are with handling your menstrual fluids because, unlike tampons, discs collect blood, hence you will have to deal with the gory reality, singlehandedly!!t is also harder to remove. Some may panic when they do not get hold of it when they try removing it the first time.

4. Not cost-effective

Most period discs are made to be disposable. The period disc’s 12-hour longevity definitely is a straight competition to tampons or pads. But a period disc is not reusable like a Menstrual Cup. So you may end up shelling out some bucks 

Cons Of Menstrual Disc

5. Risk Of Toxic Shock Syndrome

When you insert anything foreign into the body, there is a risk of Toxic Shock. Though there are very few reports on toxic shock with the use of menstrual discs. But if you notice symptoms like rash, fever, or low blood pressure- do not hesitate to get to your doc. Hence, you have to be super careful about the hygiene of the hands and nails. Women with severe vaginal injuries or new mothers should not insert anything inside their vagina(2).

6. Minor Injuries

Inserting any object into the vagina has its risks. You could risk pain and minor injuries if you insert the disc the rushed way. You also risk minor bruises if you have long nails. In rare instances, skin allergies may also flare up. You have to be careful.

7. Urinary Infections

Inserting foreign objects to the vagina can irritate and introduce bacteria to the urinary tract. So we should be super careful to have our hands washed thoroughly to make sure that we do not put in any bacteria into the holy zone along with the menstrual disc.

Where Can You Buy Period Discs?

We can buy period discs from shops, online portals like Amazon, or from the websites of the respective brands. Most of the brands have free shipping facilities.

Popular Menstrual Disc Brands

Getting your hands on innovative menstrual products that are eco-friendly, comfortable, affordable, user-friendly, and body safe helps us enjoy our red days like without any mess or fear of physical activities. Here are some products you can choose from.

  • Softdisc: Softcup is rechristened as softdisc, which is made of medical-grade polymer, which is hypoallergenic. It is FDA-cleared as well and contains no BPA, silicone, natural rubber latex, or phthalates. 
  • FLEX: FLEX disc owns Softdisc, and both are said to be similar and in strict competition with each other. FLEX rim claims to warm to the body and makes for a better fit. You could source it online from and Amazon. They claim that they create 60 percent less waste than traditional period products. It is also packed in compostable packing. It is licensed by Canada Health with claims that it is not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome. As they are made from 100 percent body-safe medical-grade materials, they do not disrupt the vaginal natural fauna or pH balance. They challenge cramping, odor, and leakage associated with periods and promise mess-free sex. All the products promise period freedom, mess-free period sex, ease of use, and 12-hour usage and are great competition for tampons and menstrual cups.
  • Nixit: Nixit provides a worldwide shipping option to the one hundred percent medical grade BPA-free silicone menstrual discs. After witnessing the dumping of waste in the Caribbean, Rachael Newton, in sheer love for mother earth and people, brought out Nixit. It claims to rest at the bottom of one’s cervix and lasts up to twelve hours. They claim that it is a mess-free option that will nix your worries and stress about your periods 
  • Saalt: Saalt menstrual disc is soft and flexible and comes with a 12-hour longevity, day and night usage, and two sizes. It is reusable and reliable, is what they claim. It is said to hold up to six tampons worth of flow and can last long ten years. Nice bargain, there. Vegan and toxin-free, it has a built-in finger notch that helps easy removal. It promises mess-free period sex like many products.
  • Lumma: Lumma is a reusable menstrual disc with a worldwide shipping option. Lumma’s Unique Disc is available in three sizes which you can choose based on the height of your cervix and your flow. The disc claims that it is easy to use and can be worn during sex.  Sex is a strenuous physical activity that involves penetration, and claiming safe usage definitely shows the confidence of the product in its capacity.

Let me warn you here! Reviews are reviews! You are the best judge when it comes to your body as to what you need to put into it. And yes! Menstrual discs are innovative. Can try it on. Your call! 

Let’s say Confidently Bleed on! Menstrual discs have our back!♥️

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