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Nailboo Reviews: Salon Nails At Your Fingertips! 

Nailboo dip manicure kit is the latest fashion buzz going around in the beauty circles. Who is for a homie manicure?

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Jan 28, 2023 – 12 minutes read

Nailboo Reviews

Nails are a feature of adornment for women. Sometimes a weapon too! But generally, we do invest a lot of time and energy in prettying up the nails as a part of our overall grooming. 

Hand gestures are a part of communication and the women of today are holding positions in public, which requires them to look elegant even while gesticulating and stressing their point with their hand movements. We are never out of style. You bet!! 

We have done manicures, French manicures, reverse French manicures, faux nails, and gel nails… Remember the time you felt proud when you wore black on your nails? How revolting it was! Now it is the time for the Nailboo reviews to finger the beauty industry.

Nailboo Reviews: What Is Nailboo Dip Kit? 

If you ever had a thought, if you could do a professional manicure all by yourself, without leaving your doorstep, Nailboo is the solution. 

Nailboo is a do- it- yourself at -home nail dip powder kit that promises to pretty up your nails using the gel powder tech that professionals use in the salons. Nailboo belongs to the new dip manicure range, which uses superfine acrylic powder to create durable manicures that last up to six weeks. 

Nailboo itself claims that they are cruelty-free and vegan, promising a strong and long-lasting finish without needing a UV lamp. 

Where Is Nailboo Made And Who Owns It?

Paris Hilton, the brand ambassador for Nailboo, claims that Nailboo is the way to beautify your nails and prevent breakage, that too, without too much maintenance. Though dip manicures have been around, a new revolution has set in, especially with Nailboo being touted as the best by many social media influencers. Nailboo is a Miami-based company owned by Razvan Romanescu. 

We can accommodate a manicure during our facial session, but what if you have an event at short notice and you need the nails to complete your looks? Having a Nailboo dip manicure kit handy will be something you will thank yourself for! You literally dip your finger in order to get manicured nails. One Nailboo dip kit is worth the many salon sessions. 

What Is Included In The Nailboo Kit?

The Nailboo Kit includes:

  • Base powder 
  • Colored powder 
  • Liquid base coat, top coat, and color activator. 
  • Cuticle pusher, nail file, and brush 
  • Cleaner 
  • Removal clips 

Nailboo has a starter, essential, and pro kit, with one, four, and six colors, respectively. The starter kit is priced around 68 dollars while the essential kit costs you 98 dollars. The pro kit is the ultimate in the price range at 140 dollars. All kits have free shipping promises and gifts tagged with them. 

Is this for real? Get out of town!!! 

Yup! Nailboo reviews are dashing super praises about this product. Let’s see. 

How To Apply Nailboo Dip Manicure?

There are seven steps to a Nailboo dip manicure! Straight on with no twists! 

Step One 

Prepare for the execution like pushing back the cuticles, and filing the nails to your ideal shape and length. If you do not want to take a risk with cuticle pushing, you can skip this step. As per several Nailboo reviews clean your hands to make sure that your nails do not have residues of any oil, lotion, or dust. You could use rubbing alcohol also to be sure that your fingers are clean. 

Bonus Tip: some may flare up the area with cuticle pushing and cutting, especially when followed by applications. So you may want to skip the cuticles part. 

Step Two: Base Liquid+ Base Powder 

Step two is the smearing of the layer of a first coat of base coat liquid and the first dip to use Nailboo’s base powder that helps in fortifying your nails and to lay a clean canvas for your nail work. Brush off the extra from the sides with the brush given in the kit. 

Step Three: Base Liquid + Color 

Here starts the story. After applying another coat of base liquid, we make a nail dip in the colored powder. We can even go versatile and mix different colors to create our own signature color as well. Nailboo reviews suggest that its special base coat powder will help bond with the nails for a stronger nail foundation that can help to preserve the color density by taking in more dye. 

How To Apply Nailboo Dip Manicure?

Step Four: Activator Liquid

Activator comes in. This is what locks everything in and makes it hard. You can buff so that you can’t crack. When you have applied the activator liquid on the base and color coat now, everything is sealed in. Wait for two minutes and move to the next step. 

Step Five: Buff 

You should buff your nails at this stage, as you have already applied the base coats, base powder, colored powder, and the activator liquid. The activator, sort of, sets in the result. Here we may buff the nails to make it even. 

Step Six: Activator again 

The activator is again applied to fortify the final look, binding everything in after the buffing stage. 

Step Seven: Topcoat 

Top of the cherry is the top coat which adds a brilliant shine to your lovely claws. Once dry, you are ready. Voila! Pretty nails! 

Pros Of Nailboo Dip Kit Manicure 

  • Tailored Swift manicures: In simple terms, this is a quick way to beautify the nails. Traditional lacquer manicures can take over an hour ideally while a gel manicure further requires Ultraviolet light. Nailboo dip reviews suggest that it is the fastest routine available. The base coat, two dips, activator coats, filing, and top coat pretty much summarises the Nailboo. 
  • DIY: Nailboo is a do-it-yourself method of manicure. Your nail professional might give you another experience with the dip manicure, as they would be coating your nails with dip powder instead of dipping. If they follow the right way, then you will be dipping into a bottle with infections and bio remnants of some stranger. Who wants to risk it when you have a DIY, handy system that is taking home manicures by storm? 
  • Wean off nail-biting: If you have the habit of nail-biting, a Nailboo dip manicure will help you in your mission of weaning off the habit as the procedure toughens the nail. When you automatically place the finger in your mouth and feel the hard nails, you will get reminded that you have to stop this habit for hygiene and aesthetic reasons. Also, for that matter, the nail or the color does not chip off even when you make an attempt at biting it. 
  • Guidance: Through numerous videos on the website, the Nailboo teaches us how to go about the process. Nail professionals swear by the Nailboo reviews and laud the guidance offered which will help people, who are not up-to-date on the manis especially dip mani, to successfully complete the procedure. 
  • Gentler: Nailboo dip manicures are way gentler on the nails than the liquid nail color. 
  • Durable: Nailboo dip reviews point out that the best part of Nailboo is its durability. Come on, we don’t want to have chipped nail polish on day four of our manicure to feel frustrated about the money that went down the drain. We are forced to remove it while the Nailboo dip manicure lasts for almost two weeks until you get bored with the nail color when you decide to remove it. 

Cons Of Nailboo Dip Kit Manicure 

  • Double Dip: The manicure terminology for more than one person using the kit and dipping the fingers in the containers is called ‘ double dipping’. In this instance, when you dip your finger in the base coat and color in which someone has already dipped their fingers, you risk picking up some infections and warts. 
  • Allergies: The adhesives that bind the powder in place may bring up allergies, which may show up hours or days later(1). Hence, if you see swelling, fluid-filled bumps, and discoloration around the nails, or if there is itching and worst of all, if the nail lifts up, do contact a healthcare provider immediately. 
  • Brush Off: In fact, the brush is off-putting! Some Nailboo reviews state that the brushes of the liquid. coat and activator, are fitting tight into the bottle, and are hard to remove. It could be a batch thing, but another complaint about the brush in the Nailboo dip manicure kit is that it does not have a curved edge. Nailboo brushes are squared, and it creates difficulty in getting clean lines along the edges of the cuticles. Those who are looking for the perfect finish, get disappointed that way. 
  • Removal: Take a shovel or axe and start your work. Yes removing the fake nails doesn’t sound fun and is not an option of convenience all the time. While in the case of dip nails Seriously, the manicure lasts long, which is definitely a plus while removing it is a task. Filing and soaking the nails also does not entirely wipe the nails clean, which is pretty concerning. You may have to repeat many times depending on the coats you put in.
  • Messy: This can be a messy procedure as well because the powder falls everywhere on the table and you have to brush after each dip. It also flies off due to lightness. The Nailboo dip manicure turns messy if you try to botch it, as more dips can make the nails look clumpy. You could try doing your Nailboo on a cloth or paper towel which will pick up the mess, instead of letting it sit to fly around. 
  • Recovery Time: One of the cons of the Nailboo dip manicure like any dip manicure is that we should wait for some time for our nails to recover, as there will be peeling off of layers of nails due to the use of 100 percent acetone on your nails. This can damage your nails over a period of repetition without giving time for the nails to heal. You can check this out when you notice the natural nail color between dip manicures. This does not mean that you should not use any color on your nails during this time. But it would be best to leave it to heal. 
  • Dip Flu: Nailboo dip manicure does warn you against developing ‘dip flu‘(2), which is a series of flu-like symptoms in dip powder users. Symptoms include sneezing and watery eyes. In order to combat that, try to do Nailboo dip manicure in a well-aired room, use paper towels or cloth at the table and clean up after the manicure. If you already have respiratory problems, it would be prudent to use a face mask and glasses. 

Nailboo Colors 

The collection of colors is awesome! The eclectic range of colors makes Nailboo a real boo! It has a huge variety of colors to choose from, including ones with shimmer and glow-in-the-dark features. 

Nailboo Colors 

Nailboo reviews excite us with this innovative stance that, if you are one who wants natural-looking nails, you can opt to skip the color dip step in the nailboo. You can go straight to the top coat after you apply the transparent build powder for shiny beautiful nude nails. 

Where To Buy Nailboo Dip Kit? 

Initially, Nailboo was available to be ordered from the original website only and Nailboo reviews pointed this out as one of the downsides that it was not available even with popular beauty shopping hubs like Sephora. It was launched as the first to market exclusively at Sally Beauty, but now available on Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

How To Remove Nailboo? 

If you feel colors are getting out of hand after two or three weeks, you may want to remove the Nailboo off. First file the top of the nails. After that, protect your skin with petroleum jelly, soak the nails in acetone and wait for the color to come off. Acetone is a harsh chemical, hence you may need to be careful about your sensitive skin around the nails. Soak the nails in acetone for ten minutes and then rub off the remaining. You should repeat this till the color completely goes off. You should also protect any surface the acetone may not be friendly with. 

How To Remove Nailboo? 

After using the acetone and removing the color, you should use soap and thoroughly wash your hands, to make sure there is no acetone residue on your nails. Followed up by moisturization, say hi to your real nails! 

Does Nailboo Actually Work?

It depends on what you are looking for. If your intent is to have a DIY kit to get salon-like nails, which lasts at least two or three weeks, then the Nailboo dip manicure system will help. Like any procedure, this one also needs practice to ace the game. Lumpy nails, uneven coverage, and other imperfections in the final result will be natural, as practice will make one perfect. 

Tip 1: For the uneven coverage would be to do one nail art at a time, as many Nailboo reviews suggest that the base coat dries off fast when applied to all the nails before dipping in the powder–base or color. The dip to the powder should be immediately after the application of the base coat liquid in order to facilitate a smooth dip. Hence, go one nail at a time! 

Tip 2: To avoid clumpy nails, you could try applying thin layers of base coats and powder. The first time we may try to go thicker, which may result in the nails chipping more easily. 

Does Nailboo Damage Your Nails?

Constant usage of Nailboo dip manicures like any other, without allowing the nails to breathe at all, will be harmful to the nails. No doubts!! The removal process soaking of the nails in acetone, if done many times, can result in the nails becoming thinner and brittle in the long run with repetitions. 

A tip here would be to wash your hands thoroughly after removing the pigment and apply coconut oil or olive oil to soak your nails, which will leave your nails with enough fatty acids needed to get back to their original self. Coconut oil is proven to work against any infections as well. 

Another tip is to resist the temptation to re-do, which Nailboo reviews warn us about. It would be prudent to wait at least a few days before reapplying to give the nails a breather, literally! 

Double dipping is another potential danger with infections that will harm the nails. Do make inquiries with your manicurist about the hygiene procedures they follow. A great tip, in that case, would be to, instead of dipping your nails into the bottle, you could get a disposable one and discard the rest of the powder. 

How Long Does Nailboo Actually Last?

Nailboo reviews suggest that it lasts for at least two-week plus though for some it has lasted six weeks. Two weeks is the guarantee they give. 

Will you be the next to give a Nailboo review stating how it became your BFF? Now you know the other option to a salon-style mani that you can experiment on yourself. Wait for it or go for it! Stay colorful, girls!!! ♥️ 

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