Solo Female Travel: The Complete Guide!

How many times have you thought about dropping everything, packing your bags, and leaving for a trip by yourself? And how many times did someone else or your second thoughts stopped you just because you are a woman? Well, say goodbye to it all and your home, because adventure is calling in again and this time, it’s a yes from you.

Written by Aashika Rajendran

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Solo Female Travel The Complete Guide!

If you are a lady who is planning to go on a solo trip, then don’t think twice, it could be one of the best decisions you have made in life so far. The whole idea of solo female travel, was a scary thing a few years ago, unlike men, women had to think about their safety, which was also the reason why most people backed out of the idea. Today when the internet has everything connected, solo female travel is not a hollow dream anymore- it’s possible and enjoyable too. 

The Complete Solo Female Travel Guide

Traveling solo can do a lot for you, it can be intimidating as it takes you out of your comfort zone, but it can be great to boost your personality.  Before packing your bags and stepping out, there are a few things you could consider to make the journey and true experience for life. Feeling nervous and self-conscious is normal. Here is my complete Solo traveling guide for women.

solo female travel complete guide

Beating Travel Anxiety

The word traveling solo might be intimidating, but if you want to get over the anxiety and fear, all you have to do is realize that you are technically not alone. With the internet, you are connected 24/7 with your family and friends (unless of course, you are traveling to some remote and red-flagged area). You could also join various solo female travel groups and forums on social media networks (1).

Solo female travel books


Planning ahead can help you feel more in control of your trip. Especially when you travel alone, doing online research, booking your rooms in advance, and finding the best places to visit can make you feel confident and more organized. Also if you can plan and write down an itinerary then it would make a huge difference. 

Planning ahead can certainly be helpful when planning to travel alone. But make sure you don’t freak out if things don’t go according to your plan.

Keep A Small Travel Book 

It’s always better to go to a place by studying in advance the basic information. Carry a small notepad with all the local emergency numbers of the place you are going to visit written in advance. Also, make sure you gave the numbers of the hotel and other places where you would be spending the night.  This will make sure you are ready for any trouble in advance. This will also once again help in keeping the travel anxiety at bay. 

Know Your Comfort Level

When you plan to travel around the world it is important to know what you are comfortable doing and what you are not going to be. Doing something that troubles or scares you can ruin your entire trip. When you travel to a new place there could be stuff that is daring and tempting if you think you can do it go ahead, but if it intimidates you stay out. 

Don’t Panic When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Just like every other aspect of our life things don’t always have to go according to plan. When you travel, your flight, train, weather, etc can be unreliable. In situations like that try to remain calm. Keep the phone as well as your route map handy. Keep a clear head and try to come up with an alternative solution. It’s also good to have a backup plan B pre-planned.

Plan Your Pickups And Drop

Prebook a cab for pick up from various points that you want to travel. Trust me guys, planning proper pick-up and drop can get rid of most of the anxiety and nervousness.

Stop Trying To Be A Control Freak!

Come to terms with yourself that you can’t always control your surroundings and the weather, to work your way. Let go and make the most of the situation you have at hand. 

Keep Connected

This I think is one of the most important and best ways to feel not so alone on the journey. Even though you are on the move keep connected with your family and friends(2). Share your day’s experience. This will not only calm them down but will also help in calming them down. 

Find The Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

Picking the right destination is one of the most important aspects of planning to travel alone. If you have never traveled far pick the easiest and the safest places for solo female travelers first. Here is a list of some of the best countries you can start off your solo traveling experience.

Female solo travel 2021

Here Are Some Of The Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 

If you are a beginner and this is your very first solo travel then I think the best country to start off with would be(3)


Indonesia is the best place to kickstart your solo female travel goal. It is everyone’s paradise island and go-to-place on the bucket list. If you want to explore authentic Indonesian cuisine and culture, then Ubud and Bali are must-visit places in Indonesia.


Singapore is another safe country for solo female travel. Women can walk around the streets of Singapore without any fear and enjoy the scenic beauty of the country.


Next, let’s sail back across the Norwegian Sea and to Scandinavia. This country is filled with aurora displays, serene forests, and peaceful cities. This is a place that will never fail to surprise you.


Japan is one of the most vibrant and eccentric places in the world. World Economic Forum has ranked Japan in its list of safe countries for women to travel. Tokyo and Kyoto are must-visit places in Japan.


Not only is the country breathtakingly beautiful but also one of the easiest places to travel and find your way around. The people are fascinating as well as friendly. Also if you want to take things up a bit, do visit the alps it’s a combination of beauty, peace, and adventure.


Stunning as well as safe. The people here are very welcoming and proud keeps of their traditions and culture. I could say Iceland is also one of the best places to make good friends.


No wonder this place is known as the happiest place on earth. A beautiful place with warm and amazing people with lots to explore.


A country that is known exclusively for its glorious culture, weather, and rich cuisine. Spain is a country that celebrates a festival every now and then. There are plenty of female-hosted activities and events to enrich your solo travel exposure.

If you love adventure and some exploring, then Croatia (land of games of thrones), Bosnia, Costa Rica, India, Peru, etc. are some of the places that you need to check out.

List Of Solo Travel Essentials For Women

Most of the time when we travel we tend to pack half of the house but end up using only 1/4th of it. But when traveling solo it’s best to travel light. A super-heavy backpack and luggage would cause trouble all along the journey. 

Solo female traveller

One Of The Best Ways To Avoid Overstuffing Your Travel Bag Is To:

  • Make a checklist.
  • Pack dress (basics) so that you can mix and match. 
  • Pack a good pair of trekking shoes, a comfortable shoe, and a basic sandal. If you are going to a place when it’s snowing then maybe a good pair of boots.

Always make sure you choose your essentials depending on the kind of place you are planning to travel to.

Pick The Right Kind Of Bag

Choose a bag that’s compact but has a large storage capacity. A basic suitcase backpack and a sling bag would do the job. The more stuff you carry the more you have to haul along.

Way To Pack Cloths And Also Stay Trendy

Choose some of your best pairs of jeans and shorts. Carry some comfortable tops. And if you are going to a cool place maybe some sweaters or a good jacket that goes with all your dress. Make sure that whatever you pack goes will all the other dresses. For example, basic black and white t-shirts, more yellows, beige and brown- these colors tend to go with most of the colors. Follow the basic mix-and-match equation- 4 dress is equal to 8 outfits. 

The Best Way To Pack

Roll up everything! Rolling will not only keep your dress tightly packed but will also help save space and keep them wrinkle-free. 

Keep Your Essentials Small

When you travel, always carry your stuff in a travel-friendly size. Carry a miniature perfume, moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup. If you cannot find miniature versions of everything then you can easily get travel-friendly bottles and kits on Amazon. It’s cheap and you can easily take the amount you would need.

Measure Your Luggage On The Scale And Give A Final Run-up

It’s likely that when after so much scanning we would still end up carrying a lot for that necessary. Therefore before you step out the door go over it again. Trust me- you don’t need that green clutch or that frock. 

Use An Organizer To Carry Your Basic First Aid As Well As Your Accessories

A pillbox can be used in so many ways than you think. It could carry your vitamins as well as your earnings. I personally recommend not carrying any heavy or expensive jewelry while on the road (just to stay on the safer side)

Here Are Some Of The Solo Female Travel Safety Tips 

  • Have a safety whistle, personal alarm, and maybe a bottle of pepper spray
  • A door rubber stopper (you don’t want to be stuck in the bathroom of some hotel do you)
  • Choose a decent hotel in a well-lit area(4), a place where you know people would always be on call.
  • Watch what you eat and drink
  • Dress comfortably as well as conservatively (cultures may differ from place to place and any dress that would draw less attention works. You don’t want to be walking the roads with that plunging neck like with people staring at you)
  • Never tell strangers or someone you meet on the way where you stay
  • Always register yourself with the local embassy
  • Meet people, enjoy but always be cautious.
Solo female travel statistics

Solo female travel is a pleasure in itself. You will learn to be independent and confident in yourself. A long time exploring new places can also help a lot with physical and mental health. It can reveal a lot about yourself as a person. You’ll learn more about yourself. It’s a good activity to self-introspect. Try it and let me know what you think. For more questions get connected with me through the chat section below.

Face your fears, there is nothing more empowering!

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