“Why Does My Tampon Fall Out?”: Right Way, The Wrong Way, My Way!

A tampon is your savior when you cannot trust your period. But what if you can’t trust your tampon??

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Why Does My Tampon Keep Slipping Out

The tampon is a wonderful gift to womanhood. Agree? Wearing a pad and a thong do not go along well. We want to be sexy! Not for anyone else, but for ourselves. But tampons can give you some hard times with it slipping out that you start doubting if you have an anomalous anatomy! You seriously hit the nadir of the day when you notice that your tampon has fallen off. You chose the tampon for the hate of messiness. But here you are!! If this happens often, then you will keep thinking, why does my tampon fall out?

A tampon certainly comes with its set of advantages like comfort, durability, and freedom to swim or engage in sports which sanitary pads cannot compete with. Let’s delve into the factual basis of it.

Why Does My Tampon Keep Falling Out?

Do I sound like a self-absorbed neophyte? I might have got introduced to tampons long back and this cataclysm could hit me in a washroom in a place I am partying hard. I did not want my boyfriend to feel the sanitary pad when he wanted to get a little cozy.

Ye know!!! The Jennifer Lopez curve came up after sweating hard at the gym and when I bought Tommy Hilfiger to show off my effort, my bloody tampon fell out. I am devastated.

Why Does My Tampon Fall Out?

Won’t I be pissed off or what???

Worse still, when I go in for a bladder check before an important meeting, all I see is that the tampon has slipped out. Cataclysmic right?

Ok… ok… enough with the prattle!

What is a Tampon? Advantages And Risks

Tampons are intravaginal devices that are designed to absorb the menstrual flow while placed inside the vagina. It is made of self-absorbent cotton which pretty much does its job staying inside. They are single-use products.

Once you feel it’s full, you remove it and replace it with a new one. You could also try pulling on the string. If it comes out, it means that it is full. To be on the safer side, we recommend that you change tampons every four to five hours to make sure they won’t bleed out or induce bacterial growth.

Tampons are designed in such a way that it does not come off even when you are doing some physical activity. Generally, tampons are safe to use, but if used for longer durations, you could risk getting toxic shock syndrome, the symptoms include high temperature, rashes, dizziness, nausea, breathing difficulty, diarrhea, chills, etc.

Toxic shock syndrome is totally avoidable. You just need to change your tampons before it is left for more than eight hours. Girls do prefer tampons over menstrual cups, panties liner, or sanitary pads(1).

“Why Does My Tampon Slip Out?”

It is a bloody damn atrocity- a tampon disaster that can hit a girl when she never expects it. Especially if you are no amateur in the game. Then, why does my tampon fall out????

Why do you feel that it is going to slip out and you rush to the ladies’ room to make sure your intuition is right? Why won’t the tampon be snug and save me the trouble?

Usually, tampons do not fall out even when you poop or pee unless you are trying hard to poop and press it out. But make sure to hold the string of the tampon away from the poop or pee, as it would lead to harboring bacteria that can cause bladder or urethral infections.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before banishing tampons from your shopping list. These will help you answer the question, ‘why does my tampon fall out?’

Have You Inserted The Tampon Deep Enough?

If you have not inserted the tampon deep enough, there are chances for it to slip out or sag. Check if you can feel the tampon at the opening of the vagina. If yes, then you have not inserted it deep enough. Wearing tampons the first time will always be awkward.

Check here to know how to insert it correctly or seek the advice of the experienced. Always remember that it won’t get lost inside you, as your cervix will prevent the tampon from reaching your uterus.

Is the Tampon Inserted Properly?

If you have a history of tampons falling out, have you considered using a small mirror and checking how the tampon is fitting in? If it is not placed properly, it could hurt when you sit or walk. Usually, in this case, you would not have inserted the tampon properly inside the vagina.

In normal cases, you are not supposed to feel the tampon inside you, but if you can feel it, try pushing it further inside. You could feel the tampon also when you have chosen a high absorbency tampon, which is causing your vagina to dry out. This may make you feel the discomfort of a tampon inside you.

Is The Tampon Inserted Properly?

Inserting it sideways also will cause it to sag. Hence, insert it with the help of your finger.

In any situation, if you feel it is not placed properly, replace it with a new one so that you will not have to scream ‘why my tampon falls out’ when the adversity strikes you.

As a practical tip, especially if you are a newbie with tampons, you can swab some lubricating jelly on the applicator, which will allow the tampon to slide in with ease. And always remember it gets better with practice, like everything, and do not be carried away by the beginners’ luck!

Have You Bought the Right Size?

An ill-fitting tampon can fall out. Any time, every time. Unless you are that lucky with tampons. Wearing a smaller size can cause the tampon to fall out as it gets saturated fast and starts sagging. If you have a heavier flow and have to change the tampon by the hour, make sure you buy a bigger size.

Do You Feel Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Are Not Taut?

Then that must be it. Did you have a natural birth with your kids? If you had one, chances are that your muscles got weaker with the pressure of a fetus that was growing there. And please understand that it is just temporary and will improve with time given to healing.

There could be multiple reasons why your pelvic muscles can relax. This could lead the tampon to slip out. You could do Kegels and vaginal yoga to keep your love zone in the best shape. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow swear by vaginal keggs to keep the love tunnel in good shape.

Yet, on the other extreme, a super tight vagina can also make the tampon come off as it cannot fit inside properly. Try a relaxing bath and try inserting the tampon inside you properly. Athletes are prone to develop tight pelvic muscles due to exercise and overactivity.

Vaginismus(1) is the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles due to tight pelvic floor muscles, sexual trauma of the past, or sexual anxiety. Other medical conditions like endometriosis, vulvodynia, vaginal stenosis, etc. also can cause vaginal tightness, which could make the insertion of the tampons difficult.

Have You Chosen the Wrong Tampon Brand?

There are some notorious brands that sag even when not fully saturated and make women wonder, ‘why does my tampon fall out?’. Research it a bit and switch to one with better absorbency. 

Is The Tampon Past Its Expiration Date?

The shelf life of tampons is around five years. If you store them in a cool dry place, they will last their shelf life. Try not to store them in places prone to moisture, like near the shower or even the bathroom. Try to make sure that the storing conditions and the expiry date do not scream out that you are risking it.

But it gets tricky when some tampons do not show the expiry date. There you have to use good reason and judgment after examining it and chuck it out in case you notice an odor, mold, or discoloration.

Other reasons, like when you push hard while trying to poop, you could risk the tampon falling out. You should also make sure that it does not sit around in your purse for long as the packaging could deteriorate. Always keep them in their original packaging to avoid contamination.

How To Prevent the Tampon from Slipping Out?

Here are some Ideas to prevent your tampon from slipping out:

Do not try putting the same one second time:

If you feel that your tampon isn’t behaving well and it may slip out, do not take a risk. Take this one out and replace it with a fresh one.

Change your choice

If you feel your tampon is getting full fast, move to one with a better absorbency. It helps to choose one with the right absorbency rate for it will not fall out.

You could also change the brand if need be and try sticking to unscented ones that are gentle on your inside. After all, you have to be careful about what you are putting inside of you.

Using lubrication

Smear a smidgen of lubricating jelly on the applicator if you come with one. This will help the amateurs to easily insert the tampon.

It is difficult to insert a tampon when your vagina is dry due to low flow, especially during the last days of your periods. If inserted properly, it will not fall out easily.

Put the tampon the right way

After you have chosen the tampon- with or without the applicator, get ready to push it in. First off, wash your hands squeaky clean to make sure you get rid of any unwanted germs. Either sit on the toilet with your knees spread wide, squat or stand with one leg raised and placed on a higher pedestal like a toilet seat.

These will make sure that you have access to your vagina without much discomfort. The first response of the vagina to anything foreign is to clench itself tight. So make sure that you relax after taking in a couple of deep breaths.

You can insert the top end at a 45- degree angle while pushing the end with the string. Hold the tampon between your thumb and middle finger and place the end with the string over the index finger and push it until it is fully lodged inside your vagina.

But if you have a retroverted uterus, which is not a physical drawback, it may be extremely painful to insert a tampon. But inserting the tampon the right way will make sure that it does not fall out.


Why does my tampon fall out when I pee?

The reason why your tampon falls out might be because of either wrong insertion or weak pelvic floor muscles. It could also mean that it is full, and it slid out when you sat down to pee. If that is the case, try switching to tampons with higher absorbency.

Why won’t tampons stay in after childbirth?

With pregnancy and childbirth, the body goes through a lot of changes. It will cause the pelvic floor muscles to sag, especially if it was natural vaginal birth. Using a bigger tampon would help the tampon stay in place.

Will my tampon fall out when I am swimming?

Never. Tampons are designed in such a way that if inserted properly, you are free to engage in sports like swimming or other physical activities without any apprehension about tampons slipping out.

Can a tampon fall out without you knowing?

In extreme cases like weak pelvic floor muscles, especially during childbirth, your tampon could slip out without you knowing


In short, tampons are a godsend if we take care to use them properly. They are highly convenient. First-timers will feel like it is a lot of hard work. But if you educate yourself about it, it’s a cakewalk. We are the women of today, unstoppable in our ways.

We conquer the world men won’t dare to tread. If tampons can make you more comfortable, use them… Do not follow the crowd. Listen to your body. Listen to your brains. Stay stain- free, free and healthy!

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