Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson Threatens Mama June To File Case Against Her For Stealing The Earnings

Mama June Shannon, who stole her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s earnings, is now the subject of her family’s fury.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 23, 2024 – 4 minutes read

Alana issue Mama June Stealing Her Earnings

In the latest episode of “Mama June: Family Crisisaired on Friday, Mama June admitted that she had lied to her family and had taken the earnings of Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. Alana’s earnings from the reality shows were deposited in her Coogan account, a trust where the parents are legally required to deposit a percentage of the earnings of the child stars. Mama June admitted her fault while Alana discussed her plans for college in Colorado.

The Family’s Reaction To Mama June’s  Revelation

Alana issue Mama June Stealing Her Earnings

In a confession after June’s revelation, Alana shared that she was “really pissed off” by her mother’s actions. She said that her mother is trying to make everything about “her damn self” with her money. She also stated that she would get the truth out of June and find out where her money was. Alana clarified that she wouldn’t allow her mother to get away with her money.

Justin Stroud, Mama June’s husband, admitted that he had been kept in the dark about her behavior and expressed surprise at her conduct. He said that he was really hurt by June’s actions. Justin believed that June and he could share everything with each other. He also said that if she knew the issue was to blow up like this, she should have shared it with him earlier. 

According to Alana’s elder sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird, Mama June was “smart” since she chose to deposit “the bare minimum” into Alana’s account that was “legally right and then pocketed the rest”. Lauryn wondered where the rest of the money went. She also said that she didn’t think her mother could “stoop this low”. She also pointed out that Alana was the reason for June being famous. 

Alana broke out in tears after realizing what her mother had done to her. She lamented over her future. She said that she did not know how she would pay for her college education. Alana then said to her mother that the real problem was that June didn’t give a f— that she had taken their money. The child star stressed that that was the real problem.

June shot back, “I’ve been honest, dumbass,” when Lauryn accused her mother of not being able to “be honest” about how she spent the money. When an emotional Alana asked Justin if he was aware of the circumstances, he sobbed and said he wasn’t. 

When the girls confronted their mother about what happened to the money, she admitted that she took 80 percent and left 20 percent for Alana. Lauryn who became furious after hearing this said that she doesn’t know what her mother was paying for, other than drugs. In a confessional Alana threatened her mother to take her to the court. She said that June was not going to get away after stealing her money. Justin was also upset at Mama June’s lies. When he and his wife were driving back, he accused her of “still lying” and urged her to “stop lying”, for which she remained silent. 

Mama June’s Confession

In an earlier conversation, Mama June stated that she had a confession to make. When Alana asked for her earnings for her college education, June stated that it was deposited in the Coogan account and she could not access it until she was 21. But when Alana asked June to withdraw it on her behalf, she denied it. Despite feeling that there was “something off” about Mama June’s denial, Alana and Lauryn left their mother’s house after discussing how “Mama doesn’t want her to leave” for college. The 24-year-old Lauryn further asserted that “she’s just avoiding all motherly responsibilities for Alana.”

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Later June admitted that she was lying to her daughters about the funds in the Coogan account. She said that Pumpkin would be mad at her, and apologized for her action. She said that the world would be mad at her and would consider her the worst person ever. She then admitted that she lied to her daughters that Alana could not access the funds until she was 21. June said that she lied because she took 80 percent of the funds and left only 20 percent for Alana.

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