America Ferrera’s Emotional Meeting With Leonardo DiCaprio Embarrasses Husband

Baribie’s star actress America Ferrera recalls how she broke down into tears of joy after meeting Leonardo DiCaprio, her teenage hero, first time in her life.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 19, 2024 – 3 minutes read

America Ferrera Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio

According to Award winner star actress America Ferrera, she had one encounter with Hollywood star icon Leonardo DiCaprio that left her weeping. Even though the celebrity is no longer estranged from the Hollywood celebrity circle it does not mean that she is no longer star-struck when it comes to great actors including Martin Scorsese and Tom Hanks.  She remembered how the encounter with celebrated Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio left her in tears, a few years ago.

Ferrera’s Appearance On Late Night With Seth Meyers

America Ferrera Recalls Encounter with DiCaprio

While she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ferrara recollected the emotional meeting and how the incident happened a few years back at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. As per Ferrera, she had just won for her role in the popular TV series Ugly Betty then. She was beginning to count her as one in the world of Hollywood stars. 

But the feeling was undermined when Ferrera spotted DiCaprio at the event, making her highly emotional. Ferrara detailed that she had watched Titanic, starring DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, seven times when she was 13 or 14 years old, developing a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, according to her. 

After catching the first glimpse of DiCaprio, Ferrera explained that she walked away momentarily. But, she recognized that her composure soon had crumbled and she rushed immediately to the corner and started weeping with joy.

The Lovely First Meet With DiCaprio

Ferrera remembers that her then-boyfriend, now husband, Ryan Piers Williams was along with her at the spot. She added he told her he was so embarrassed to see her reaction and requested to stop crying. Ferrara said she responded that she could help it out because it was Leonardo DiCaprio. 

The actress was not to be counted alone in the row. Meyers shared that he too had crumbled down in tears of happiness just after he met Julia Roberts. Interestingly, after several years both Ferrera and DiCaprio shared the stage in the same awards season. Ferrera secured her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her starring role in Barbie while DiCaprio got nominated for his film Killers of the Flower Moon for Best Picture. 

Ferra’s emotional behavior after her first meeting with DiCaprio highlights how even celebrity actors can feel spellbound around their idols. It exposes us that celebrities also share the same human feelings as us and can become overwhelmed at the sight of those they admire. 

Apart from the discussion of her first meeting with DiCaprio, Ferrera continued to talk about her husband Rya’s role in Barbie. She added that writer-director Greta Gerwing offered him the role of Ferrera’s onscreen husband, knowing he was practicing Spanish at home, similar to the character. 

When Gerwing asked Ferrera If he wanted to play her husband’s role she responded amusingly that she did not know. Then after passing a few months, She understood that Gerwig meant it and there was her husband in the role. 

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Despite being an Oscar-nominated actress herself, it is evident that Ferrera still is a fan-girl around certain iconic stars from her childhood. Her tearful meeting with DiCaprio will be marked in history to prove that fame does not make you resistant to getting emotional around your heroes.

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