Angelina Pivarnick Meets Biological Dad and Sister: First Time in ‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere

Angelina Pivarnick Meets Biological Father and Sister for the First Time in ‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere

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On Feb 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Angelina Pivarnick reunites with her family

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is going premier with an emotional moment as Angelina Pivarnick is reunited with her biological father, about whom she learned in the finale of the sixth season.

Emotional Reunion

Angelina Pivarnick with her biological father and step-sister

The emotional reunion was a direct result of the work of a private investigator and genealogist, Pamela Slaton, who located most of Pivarnicks’s biological family. She managed to locate most of the family members, including her biological father.

At first, she couldn’t find either the photos or contact information of her father, Alfred Williams, who was found to be from the same county as she was from. Slaton was able to connect Pivarncik to an aunt named Corrine and a cousin named Victoria. 

The three family members met together and had a great conversation in which she expressed that he had no idea another child of his existed, as he would have reunited with her if he had known.

Then the aunt invited Angelina’s Step-sister Michelle, to join them and introduced both of the sisters to each other. That was an emotionally charged reunion, and both of them had huge similarities in their physical attributes that the other family members pointed out by expressing that they almost looked like twins.

Michelle had sleek black hair just like Angelina, along with similarities in their eyes, chins, ears, and even feet. Which made the reunion even more emotionally dramatic.

Angelina was so happy to have a sister that she broke the news instantly to her cast mates and proudly introduced her sister to everyone, all the while expressing her happiness by informing them that she was loving every moment of it and that she felt like it was like the best feeling in the world.

Finally, Corirne kept the emotional rollercoaster going by FaceTiming Alfred to let him know about his child. She elaborated on how a genealogist had contacted them, and he had a daughter who was born in 1986, all the while asking him to sit down as he might need it. 

In the beginning, he thought they were playing a prank on him, but once he saw a childhood photo of Angelina, he expressed that she looked just like him. Then, when he saw the real Angelina in the flesh, he was really upset, as he couldn’t be there for her all these years.

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Michelle supported Alfred by adding that he was a great father and they could have made some really good childhood memories. To which he said that they would make some adult memories and decided to come meet her.  

He shaved, put on a tracksuit, and met her with a big hug, at which Angelina sobbed and expressed that there was no greater feeling than meeting and hugging your father. She also pointed out that he was extremely nervous as his hands were shaking and there could be a lot going on in his mind right now. 

Alfred revealed to her that it was really disturbing to know that they didn’t spend any time together; he couldn’t watch her grow up and become the woman she is today. He also feels that although it is regretful to not have spent time with her in the past, he is glad to have met her at least now. 

He also touched her heart when he asked if she would be willing to let him hold her hand on her wedding aisle, as the man she believed to be her father didn’t walk her to the aisle, which still hurts her a lot. To which Alfred replied that he would do it for her with all his heart, and they could laugh at the official father. 

The episode ended with Angelina crying in a car four months after meeting her biological family without giving any rhyme or reason for her sadness. 

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