Ariana Grande’s Eternal Sunshine Turns Out To Be A Hit Immediately After The Drop

Ariana Grande proves time and again that she is a pop queen for a reason as her post-divorce album became an instant hit.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Mar 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Ariana Grande's Eternal Sunshine

Ariana Grande has been keeping her fans waiting for a long time after teasing her new album, ‘Eternal Sunshine.” Although her fans claim Grande is “incapable of making a bad album,” they did not expect her new release to surpass her previous releases.

Ariana Grande Makes A Grand Reentry To The Music Industry After 4 Years 

Grande’s March 8 record marked her successful return to the music sphere and her fans are celebrating her return to the industry after 4 years. Eternal Sunshine is not only her first album after the famous split with Dalton Gomez but the first in the last four years as she released her previous album ‘Positions’ in 2020. 

Ariana Grande New Album Eternal Sunshine

Though her fans have been anticipating an empowering tracklist in the wake of her divorce, they did not even guess it to be so “tuneful.” She dropped the track on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day. 

Her record, Eternal Sunshine, consists of 8 tracks including “Bye,” “Saturn Returns,’ “Don’t Wanna Break Up Again,” “Supernatural,” “True Story,” “The Boy is Mine,” Eternal Sunshine,” and “Yes, And?” 

Ariana Grande seems to be growing as a person after the closure of her previous heartbreaking relationship, and artistically by releasing hit after hit. Instead of introducing all of the tracks at once, she rolled out her lead single “Yes, And?” which ranked atop the Billboard Hot 100 in January. The song also made a trend on different social media platforms. 

The album is said to be closely related to her separation from her ex and her entering real adulthood by hitting 30. The album is wholeheartedly Grandes’ as only two other voices expect hers to be heard on the record. The track symbolizes a person’s entry into adulthood while also signifying a rebirth of sorts. 

Her track, ‘The Boy is Mine’ is also making headlines for its undeniable connection to the 1998’s duet under the same name. Fans were quick to find that the track interpolates with Brandy and Monica’s famous duet which originally featured the two singers fighting over a man. However, Grande’s version of the song is entirely different. Indeed, her point of view is different. She presents the song in such a way that besides the name, nothing else including the perspective was any similar. However, Grande is also heard singing the lines, “The boy is mine/ Can’t wait to marry him.” 

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Since it is a bad girl anthem and given the existing backlash surrounding her relationship and personal life, Grande was not expecting the song to turn so good. “This is a very bad idea. But, a large group of my fans love bad girl anthems,” she said in a recent interview with Zane Lowe. According to her, the song is an “elevated version” of what is said to be a bad girl anthem.” 

Grande further added that she got the inspiration to come up with the song after she came across the wonderful reaction her fans gave to her viral unreleased song title, “Fatnsize.” 

She then recalled that The Boy is Mine was one of the first songs she wrote with the legendary songwriter and record producer Max Martin. Other writers who were credited with it include Shintaro Yasuda and DaviDor.

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