10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers in 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss!

When was the last time you went to the salon to get your eyebrows trimmed? Or are you the one who takes the help of that one friend who’s a master in eyebrow trimming? Better late than never to start doing it by yourself.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Jan 8, 2022 – 16 minutes read

10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers in 2021 You Don’t Want to Miss

Eyebrow trimmers are something we all are familiar with. Bushy eyebrows and trimmed eyebrows —to which side do you sway more into? If you adore perfectly shaped, trimmed eyebrows, you must be keeping a wad of cash aside for occasional salon swings. Or if you had moved smartly, you must have already bought an eyebrow trimmer to trim the unwanted pesky hair away whenever you please.

For instance, you can shape your brows right before a party without needing an expert with the trimmer. Quite a win-win, if you ask me. 

Eyebrow Trimmers For Perfectly Shaped Brows

Going to the salon each time you want to tweeze is not exactly practical. Having your own brow bar beats that hassle. But not everyone is committed to keeping the brows trimmed and groomed all the time. And that’s okay too.

I mean, have you seen how gorgeously Frida Kahlo rocked those thick, full, and untamed bushy uni-brows? That enough must leave you convinced that anyone can pull the untamed bushy eyebrow look. Not to mention how people are actually faking bushy eyebrows (shocking, I know). 

10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers in 2021 You Don't Want to Miss!When it comes to hair removal, you have two options here —eyebrow trimmers and epilators(1). But these are not the same. Basically, the difference is that while an epilator plucks the hair out from the root (quite painful), an eyebrow trimmer just cuts the hair from the skin. Your choice comes down to your pain level.

If you can have the same effect of waxed and tweezed brows without actually having to go through the pain nor go to the salon to pay the price each time, it’s obvious which one you will choose. Because plucking your brows with tweezers is still a big no and salon trips twice a month are expensive.

Apart from cutting the expense, the benefit of using these trimmers are listed below. You can have your brows trimmed without pain! So, why go through pain if you can have the easy way?

Ahead, I have mentioned a list of 10 best eyebrow trimmers you can make use of in 2022 — with ease and comfort but with patience and a lot of practice as well. 

10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers In 2022

10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers In 2021Stop spending money on salon trips and trim your eyebrows at your home, in a relaxed space and pace. The amount of money you can save by using a trimmer at home is incredibly large —considering how budget-friendly some of these trimmers are.

Also, you can easily get ready for a party at short notice with any of these 10 best eyebrow trimmers at home. All of these eyebrow trimmers come in different shapes, sizes, and with a unique set of features and abilities. They also come with a couple of pitfalls. So, let’s get to the list of eyebrow trimmers you can invest in and what’s best for you.

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

For a beginner who is yet to master eyebrow trimming, Panasonic’s facial hair trimmer with its 10° flexing (both left and right) pivoting head and smooth blade head is perfect. The slew of features it comes with makes this one an indispensable tool for women.

Especially if you are struggling with sensitive skin since this gentle trimmer is hypoallergenic. Equipped with a round-tipped blade that promises consistent hair removal, you won’t end up with red or irritated skin by using this trimmer. Because of its flexibility, the trimmer can flawlessly follow the natural contours of your face, cleaning up those pesky bits of hair without nipping at your skin. 

Panasonic Facial Hair TrimmerPrice: $20

Although the accessories are limited —two comb attachments, you can use this trimmer with thin but sharp blades to trim other unwanted facial hair.

But a few users have complained about the large comb not functioning as expected. Designed with a sleek and stylish profile (and a firm grip), Panasonic’s ES2113PC can pass off as a pen that you can easily slip into your beauty kit. It is battery operated, allowing you to use it from anywhere you want. The only downfall you will be disappointed with is having to buy new blades if the current ones die.

Philips PrecisionPerfect Trimmer

A Philips product that is popular among women and for the right reasons. With this popular trimmer, you can choose the ideal length for your trimming by adjusting the attachments because it comes with two attachments —2mm and 4mm.

This makes trimming much easier and you can trim all your unwanted facial hair. As the name itself suggests, the trimmer allows you precise eyebrow trimming —the additional portable tweezers guarantees that, and precise touch-ups. Because you can control how much of the trimmer to use on your skin. There is no room for worrying about trimming more than you want. 

Philips PrecisionPerfect TrimmerPrice: $12.95

Designed to be gentle on the skin, you can use the trimmer safely on the area around your lips, chin, and entire face as well. The hot pink device with a chrome ring and button design is slender, compact, and lightweight enough to fit into your purse or travel bag, and it comes with a travel cap.

It is battery powered, so one less thing to worry about. Another bonus point is the delicate cleaning brush it provides to keep the optimal hygienic factor beyond impressive. 

Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer

To avoid switching batteries every few uses, this rechargeable eyebrow trimmer comes with a convenience named USB rechargeable battery. Known as one of the best rechargeable eyebrow trimmers, Reazeal’s trimmer removes hair without pain.

Just like traditional painful hair pulling eyebrow trimmers, this trimmer offers all the benefits sans the pain. The sharp, stainless steel blades are safe on all skin types and can deliver perfect trimming without painful nicks or skin irritation. 

Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow TrimmerPrice: $19.95

With a built-in Ni-Cd AAA battery, you can charge the trimmer using any android charging cable —one charging cable is included in the package.

Since there are no wires or cords to restrict your hand, you can easily maneuver the trimmer to reach even the tricky spots. Just pull the skin tight and move the trimmer in gentle and small circles. It is also small and lightweight enough to throw into your travel bag or beauty kit or your purse. 

Vogcrest Rechargeable Two-In-One Hair Remover And Eyebrow Trimmer

Instead of pulling at your hair, this rechargeable 2-in-1 trimmer shaves close to the skin. Equipped with all the right features, Vogcrest’s eyebrow trimmer helps to trim not just your eyebrows but also your lips, nose, cheeks, chin, neck, underarms, and bikini lines. The two heads guarantee to leave the skin smooth and perfect to keep up with your hair regrowth. While the small head promises precise trimming of your eyebrows and other facial hair, the larger head helps with grooming underarms and bikini line. 

Vogcrest Rechargeable Two-In-One Hair Remover And Eyebrow TrimmerPrice: $26

The hair remover is an electric razor that does not pull hair from the root but it gets too close to the skin and will not irritate the skin. It is also safe to use on hypoallergenic(2) skin.

So, sensitive skins can benefit from this. The ease of use and the built-in LED light it provides can help you see what you are doing and thus you won’t miss any stray hair. What’s more, it is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to clean as well.

Blinc Micro Trimmer

Although the trimmer is micro, the Blinc’s trimmer gets the job done effectively with precision. Specifically speaking, because of its slim size, the compact eyebrow trimmer can literally fit anywhere —even your mini makeup bag and can be your travel companion.

Besides how easy it is to carry it, the users love that they can use the trimmer on the upper lip area and chin, and not just their eyebrows. It is battery operated —one is included inside the trimmer.

Blinc Micro TrimmerPrice: $24

Thanks to its custom dual-sided adapter, you can trim at two different angles with precise and varied trim. When using the adapter, slide it onto the trimmer head while the device is turned off, slide the switch button up to turn it on, and trim in the direction of your natural hair growth. Using slow but controlled strokes, you can trim your eyebrows neatly as you desire. 

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows

If you are against tweezers and waxing, this may be the one for you. With smooth and feathery strokes, you won’t feel any pain while using this. Finishing Touch’s Flawless Brows is a multipurpose device you can use for bushy eyebrows, hairy mustache, and unwanted nasal hair. If your eyebrows are too bushy, move the device back and forth to remove the coarse hair without any pulling sensation. But it may take 20 minutes of your time, particularly for a first time user.

Finishing Touch Flawless BrowsPrice: $15

The fairly fool-proof device’s hypoallergenic blades are suitable for all types of skin, especially highly sensitive skin. It has a small LED light to give you better visibility of the targeted area.

You will find an AAA battery in the box to get you started right away and a cleaning brush for your next use! If you are struggling with cleaning excess from the corners, Finishing Touch’s Flawless Brows won’t make you regret buying it.

Bamoer’s Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Bamoer’s electric eyebrow trimmer is one of the best budget-friendly trimmers. The trimmer is not only safe and effective but also affordable, making it an eyecatcher. One of the key features of this trimmer is that it is fast and high-performing with a stainless steel blade that moves smoothly and quickly without irritating the skin.

Neither bumps nor redness can be spotted after the use. Even on sensitive skins. 

Bamoer’s Electric Eyebrow TrimmerPrice: $12

It is portable (13cm x 2cm x 2cm) and rechargeable with the USB cable that comes in the package along with the cleaning brush. 

You can remove the trimmer head after the use and clean it for more efficiency. There is also a convenient LED light for you to use even in the dark. You have three options of colors to choose from —green, red, and white. There is no doubt that the trimmer will add both efficiency and class to your accessories. 

Remington Smooth & Silky Precision Trimmer

With a dual-bladed trimmer head, Remington’s budget-friendly trimmer delivers detailed grooming of the eyebrows. The comb attachment that can help you manage the length of your eyebrows and the smaller, detail trimmer makes it so much easier to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your face and body. Say, bikini lines, underarms, upper lips, and chin. 

Remington Smooth & Silky Precision TrimmerPrice: $11

Featuring a pivoting head that can save you from uncomfortable trimming angles and the small built-in LED light on the head, you can remove hair precisely and easily.

Without cuts or nicks. It is powered by one AAA battery, which is included in it (along with a tweezer). Plus, it looks more like a fountain pen, making it easier to slip into your purse.

Wahl Ear, Nose, and Brow Trimmer

Wahl is one of the oldest in the market and the quality of their products is still maintained. After all, the brand has been used by professionals in the salon since 1919 and quality cannot be compromised. This one is an elegantly stylish trimmer that comes with three fancy attachments. The reciprocating detailer head is amazing for edging, detailing, and trimming your brows, upper line hair, chin, sideburns, and necklines while the rotary attachment will trim your ear and nasal hairs. There is also an eyebrow guide comb attachment for neat trimming. 

The trimmer’s blades are not only robust but also impressively sharp with hygienic steel blades to deliver a smooth trim and to use for a longer time.

Wahl Ear, Nose, and Brow TrimmerPrice: $9

Since it is a multi-scene trimmer, you can use it from both in and out of the shower. Also, the blade cuts the hair painlessly even when it is fast, as promised. The trimmer is battery operated, waterproof, compact, and portable.

The only downfall this has is people around you will hear when you are using it as you cannot be discreet with it. Then again, it is the cheapest yet good quality one you can find in the market.

Remington Detail Trimmer

Remington is a reliable brand and their Detail Trimmer is totally worth investing in. Its CleanBoost technology —cleaning the blade inside out (which makes the trimmer low maintenance) is an exceptional feature, among a few others. Since it is basic, the number of attachments is limited but it is effective in removing unwanted pesky hair from the skin like any other.

But if you are a first-timer, you need to be careful while using it to avoid cuts and painful nicks. Designed with an adjustable head that moves from left to right easily albeit not similar to other pivoting heads, it further promotes its ease of use and flexibility.

Remington Detail TrimmerPrice: $14.49

These are the 10 best eyebrow trimmers in 2022 you can buy to tweeze the unwanted hair from your brows for a close and efficient shave. You can have well-groomed eyebrows that frame your eyes and enhance your facial features with these eyebrow trimmers.

Now, let’s see what you have to consider before buying an eyebrow trimmer and how to use one. 

Your Buying Guide For Eyebrow Trimmers

Your Buying Guide For Eyebrow TrimmersInvesting in an eyebrow trimmer or epilator is worth saving a few expensive trips to the salon. But you cannot buy just any trimmer you find online and expect it to do the work for you with perfection. There are a few essential factors and features you need to consider before making your purchase. Highlighting the important ones, here’s a list of five you should not ignore.

Type of the trimmer

Typically, eyebrow trimmers come in two types —electric and manual. Both types do the deed but with the latter one, you need more patience and steadiness. Electric trimmers come either as battery-powered or rechargeable and if you choose this one, you don’t have much to worry about and it is travel-friendly.

But you may find yourself in a situation with eyebrows trimmed down a lot more than you prefer. They are popular because of their speed and versatility. On the other hand, manually operating trimmers need your meticulous effort since you have to rotate the blade yourself. But these are durable and praised for their performance-oriented feature, which electric trimmers lack a bit.

Quality of the blade

The type of blade used on the trimmer is important to consider to avoid irritating or hurting your skin. Normally, the three blades used for trimmers are stainless steel, platinum, and titanium.

Although steel is the most common out of the three, platinum blade is considered as the best and high-quality blade. Not to mention, they last the longest and offer a smooth sensation.

But if you have very sensitive skin, you have the option to choose hypoallergenic blades to not irritate your skin. A good quality trimmer offers a bunch of sharp blades —for smooth cutting and reduces the risk of tugging— that are placed close to each other. The blades with durability and strength must also have good contouring abilities. 

The Versatility of the trimmer

Spending money on a trimmer that does only one job compared to other trimmers that can do more than just trimming your eyebrows is not smart. It doesn’t necessarily need to have 20 additional accessories to be worth the money, but you should invest in a trimmer that comes with other handy features. Instead of merely trim your eyebrow, can it trim your ear hair, nose hair, facial hair, armpit hair, and bikini lines?

Many trimmers come with that kind of package! After all, trimming and grooming is a board regimen and why do you have to pay for all of them individually? Another factor to consider is whether the trimmer is portable, lightweight, and travel-friendly or not. The trimmer you are going to purchase has to make grooming easier for you, not hard! Some even come with an attached light —which is quite useful. 

Design of the trimmer

Would you prefer a huge trimmer that looks ancient (something that oddly looks like your grandparents have used) or a slim trimmer but with an angular body? Of course, anyone would prefer the latter.

It is always about your grip and how comfortable it is to use. An angular body as opposed to a straight one will give you a better grip to get the work done as you desire. But a slender one will make you feel like holding a pen. If you choose a trimmer with a fine tip, you can work more efficiently.  

Possibility of water damage

Another optional feature you can consider before making your purchase is whether your eyebrow trimmer is waterproof or not. Since many of us prefer grooming body hair in the shower, using a regular trimmer may degrade the hardware components quickly. If the trimmer being waterproof is not a concern for you, at least choose one with water resistance. 

How To Trim Your Eyebrows By Yourself?

How To Trim Your Eyebrows By YourselfThis is for the first-timers. Good news: you don’t need an expert to trim your eyebrows. Not so good news: trimming is not just sitting comfortably and plucking unwanted hair. One wrong step and you will be walking down the street with a funny twitch on your eyebrow —and it is going to remain there until the hair grows.

There are particular steps you should follow to avoid that kind of embarrassment. Step-by-step guidance can make the real thing less scary and less messy, especially for the first-timers. If it’s a manual trimmer you are using, you must have a hand to guide! Even if you get familiar with these steps, be sure to carefully read the instructions on the packet.

Prep your brows

The first step is taking a warm shower. But that is a bit too much for an eyebrow trimming session, so wash your face with a cleanser and lukewarm water to open up your pores(3). The steam from the water will help with that and soften the hair follicles, making it easier for you to trim.

Then, moisturize the targeted area (all over the eyebrows), especially the underside. You can use a moisturizer or coconut oil(4) —or even shaving cream (yes, maybe too extreme). Moisturizing is necessary for thick eyebrows but not so much for regular trimming. If your skin is too dry or even too oily, it may be harder to trim. Also, you can keep a cotton swab to remove excess shaving foam. 

Draw the lines

To perfect your arches (and to dodge rookie mistakes of course), you have to mark the desired shape with an eyebrow pencil. This will direct your trimming and give you the exact shape you desire. Compare the marks of both eyebrows to ensure that they are identical in shape.

Gear up the trimmer

For the action, your trimmer must be ready. If it has different attachments that come separately, choose the blade and comb. Slide and secure the trimming attachment onto the trimmer head into the lock. Also, choose the comb with the highest length to improvise if a mistake happens. Remember to comb your eyebrows in an upward direction.

Hack away

You don’t work with just one hand until you are a pro. So, occupy your free hand by holding the skin around your eyebrows. Then, start running the trimmer from the inner side of the brows in the direction of hair growth.

Trimming against the direction of your hair growth will increase the chances of cuts since you are inexperienced. Move it slowly and gently with airy strokes towards the edge, making sure to not enter inside the lines drawn.

Wash your brows

When you are done trimming, make sure that you didn’t miss any stray hair. Then, wash your face thoroughly with normal water. But, do not put moisturizer on the area immediately. You don’t want to clog the skin pores, right?

Now you know how to choose an eyebrow trimmer and how to use one, I’ve made things easier for you.

No one can deny the fact that eyebrows are the most noticeable feature of our faces. So wanting to keep them tamed and in shape makes total sense. 

The 10 best eyebrow trimmers listed above will help you with that chore. But if you prefer to leave your brows as it is, that’s even better. No hassle at all in the first place itself!


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