Best Natural Perfumes And Roll-Ons To Smell Fresh All Summer

Earthy, Woody, Floral, Citrus, Fruity, Spicy, Oceanic, Green, or Oriental-pick your perfume by learning to avoid undesirable ingredients, and go clean!

Written by Aashika Rajendran

On Apr 18, 2023 – 8 minutes read

Best natural perfumes and roll-ons to smell fresh all summer - Feature

Your favorite perfume might be ruining your health, there, I said it! Ever tried natural perfumes?

As dramatic as that sounds,  there is a hard truth hidden in those divine-smelling bottles that we dearly love. Truth related to fragrance safety that manufacturers never want us to know or even consider a hazard. When I talk about fragrance, I don’t just mean perfumes, it also includes the fresheners we use at our homes, the fragrance that our clothes emit when we take them fresh and crisp out of the washing machine, your baby products that leave your baby smelling adorable, and many more such products we use in our day to day lives. The smell we are accustomed to gives us comfort- have you ever wondered how they smell so right and comfortable? Today we will be looking into perfumes and why it is necessary to make the switch to natural ones.

Best Natural Perfumes: What Is A Natural Perfume?

Fragrance companies do not need to list every ingredient they use because they aren’t required to. Most perfumes are filled with shady chemicals, which have been associated with a stupefying number of health issues. With frequent and long-term use they could trigger neurotoxins, asthma issues, hormonal disruption, and various other allergies and breathing-related health concerns. 

Best Natural Perfumes: What Is A Natural Perfume?

This article on natural perfumes will help you understand About choosing the right one and how to choose the right one for you.

Natural perfumes are that use naturally sourced aromas mostly derived from materials of natural origin. they are extracted from plants, trees, flowers, and animal-based ingredients like hyrax stone, beeswax, etc.

Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Natural Perfume:

  • Fragrances contain chemicals known as phthalates which are responsible for making the perfume last longer. Phthalates pose high health risks which include birth defects, respiratory issues, cancer, and toxicity.
  • Some perfumes, when applied directly on the skin, can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and passed into the bloodstream.
  • A simple word termed “fragrance” could be hiding a toxic mix of 100 different chemicals.

Therefore avoiding these synthetic fragrances can be one of the major steps you take toward the health and safety of yourself and your family. But there is good news now, there is a wide range of perfumes that are natural, ie the fragrance used in them is naturally derived. They can be kinder to your skin and health in the long run. There are lots of best perfume options available in this generation.

Best Natural Perfumes

Making the switch to go clean and natural is much easier today than it was a few years back because we have options.  One of the major cons we faced while opting for perfumes was that the fragrance did not last long but now that’s changed, you can find decent perfumes that work great, smell great, and most importantly the ingredient list is clean, and transparent. You can say goodbyes to the shady ingredients

Chemical fragrances may be created quickly and in large quantities, unlike natural fragrances. Natural perfumes cost more than synthetic ones because of this. According to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association), the simple term “fragrance” could have a mixture of hundreds of chemicals used as a base to create that particular fragrance.

Fragrance- The Umbrella Term With Hidden Secrets

A case study conducted in 2018 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that the petroleum vapors from the car and the chemical vapors emitted by the fragrance in our perfumes account for the same- that’s just crazy scary. (1)

Further, the study shows that VOC (volatile organic compounds)(2) when coming in contact with our body can react with the proteins in our body which can result in health issues like hormonal fluctuations, skin allergies, breathing problems, and in some cases even trigger dangerous health risks like cancer.

Best Natural Perfumes: The Difference Between Organic Perfume And Clean Perfume?

“All clean perfumes are not all natural perfumes but natural perfumes are 100% natural.”

Confused? Here let me break down the differences

When it comes to clean beauty products, things can be categorized into two – one being all-natural perfumes, ie. perfumes with zero synthetic ingredients and only 100% natural composition. Second comes clean which are perfumes that have a clean ingredient list but are not 100% natural. When it comes to clean perfumes manufacturers combine the good of natural as well as synthetic to find the perfect balance with reduced health risks. They claim the chemicals used in clean perfumes are safe chemicals.

Best Natural Perfumes: The Difference Between Organic Perfume And Clean Perfume?

Natural perfumes tend to smell very different from the synthetic fragrance we are familiar with. Natural perfume tends to smell different from person to person. 100% pure natural perfumes are altered based on the body heat and chemistry of individuals upon application, hence the same perfume could smell different on you and your friend. They tend to be more enhanced during the summer as the fragrance is enhanced by sweat and moisture.

Ingredients That Are Seen In Non-Organic Perfumes

  • Synthetics
  • Phthalates 
  • Parabens
  • Fragrance oils
  • Dyes
  • Petrochemicals

Clean perfumes use safe synthetics. So what are these safe synthetics, is there even such a thing? To be honest we can never be sure of safety. It’s all about trust when it comes to clean perfumes, if you trust the brand and its claims then you can very well go for it.  

When it comes to synthetic fragrances nobody other than the brand knows for certain the amount and type of chemicals that are used and their safety. The studies that were conducted to find answers to the same are very low, so here we are just going along with what the brand promises. Trusting the lack of data to back up the claim if these synthetics are good or bad and just assume the former.

How Do Natural Perfumes Perform Differently From Synthetic Perfumes?

Natural perfumes are oil-based and while most synthetic perfumes are alcohol-based. Oil-based perfumes tend to stay longer on the skin but project the fragrance rather slowly. If you love subtle fragrances then you will love natural perfumes. Alcohol-based perfumes are better if you love very evident fragrances. The longevity of these perfumes is no longer an issue since there are good natural perfumes out there whose staying power is as good as any synthetic perfume. For example, if you are wearing a natural perfume the person you are talking to needs to be near you to get a whiff while synthetic fragrance will throw sent very fast, letting everybody in the room know that you are there- that’s the key difference.

Best Natural Perfumes

Basic Perfume Terms To Look Out For While Going Perfume Shopping.

Here are a few terms related to perfume that you need to keep in mind while going shopping for natural perfume- grabbing the prettiest bottle on the rack might disappoint you, but it’s happened to me a lot.  

  • Performance-  Check the staying power of the perfume, read reviews of users, or ask the guides in the shop.
  • Projection- Wafting power of the perfume.
  • Sillage- The depth of the fragrance that is left behind once you move.
  • Notes: Top Note, Middle Note, and Base Note. The top note is the instant whiff you get as soon as you spritz the perfume. The middle note is the main note that determines the overall smell, for example floral, woody, etc. The base note is the fragrance that stays behind and lasts the most.

To learn more about perfumes, their differences, and how to make them last all day, check out – Perfume Hacks: How To Make Your Fragrance Stand Out?

List Of Best Natural Perfumes And Brands Of 2023

  1. Strange Invisible Epic Gardenia
  2. Maison Louis Marie Bois De Balincourt
  3. Henry Rose Flora Carnivora
  4. Heretic Parfum Dirty Hinoki
  5. Providence Perfume Co 
  6. Rosie Jane Angie
  7. Living Libations
  8. Strange Invisible
  9. Providence Perfume Co
  10. Aftelier Perfumes
  11. Bohemian Reves
  12. Leahlani
  13.  Ellis Brooklyn
  14. Sana Jardin Paris
  15. The 7 Virtues
  16. For Strange Women
  17. Rainwater Botanicals
  18. Forrest Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

Which natural perfumes are best?

Above we have included the list of best natural perfumes and brands to check out in 2023.

What are natural perfumes?

Perfumes that don’t use synthetic fragrances and instead make the scent from natural and organic plant and animal extracts are known as natural perfumes.

Do natural perfumes exist?

Yes, even though they are harder to prepare than synthetic chemical-based perfumes, natural perfumes do exist.

What is a 100% natural fragrance?

100% natural perfumes, unlike clean perfumes, have zero chemicals in them, they are mostly oil-based.

How can I smell better naturally?

Following a regular hygiene routine as well as consuming food that is rich in antioxidants can help you smell naturally pleasant.


Overall I would like to conclude that if you can find a good natural perfume that meets your needs then you are good to go without worrying about the risk factors of synthetic fragrances from prolonged use. Most people have the misconception that they have poor performance, like low longevity and sillage, but this is not true. The market for natural perfumes is expanding every day with more and more brands coming out with high-quality natural perfumes that perform very similarly to synthetic ones. Above we discussed some of the stuff you will be missing out on, which I personally don’t think is much considering the health risks associated with synthetic perfumes.

Final thought– Pick beauty products that are more transparent with their ingredient list.

Let’s make beauty safe and enjoyable.  

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