Best Ovulation Tests To Boost Your Chances Of Conceiving!

Counting down to the day of ovulation to get pregnant is too outdated.

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Best Ovulation Tests To Boost Your Chances Of Conceiving

In an alternate universe, a fairy mother would come knocking at your door with a baby as soon as you are ready. More realistically speaking, you would be walking with a bump as soon as you are ready to be a mother. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works here, and neither is it as easy as it sounds. Not for everyone, anyway. For the majority of women who were struggling to get conceived, knowing the exact day of ovulation has certainly boosted the chances of conceiving. Hence, you need one of the best ovulation tests to spot the right day and increase your chances as well. 

Best Ovulation Tests – Spot the Right Day!

This universe won’t give you a baby on a silver platter. Maybe for some women, as luck would have it. But for some, the wait could turn from weeks and months into years. As you can never be absolutely sure of your timeline, knowing precisely about your cycle will give you a clear idea about when you are most fertile.

For this reason alone, you need the best ovulation monitor to boost your shot at conceiving. Ahead, you will find the ins and outs of an ovulation test, from why and how to use it to our 8 picks of best ovulation tests. 

best ovulation tests

What Is Ovulation? 

If you are completely new to this, here’s a quick rundown on your ovulation, how, and when it occurs. Ovulation is the process of the release of an egg from your ovary into your fallopian tube — which generally happens once a month.

The released, mature egg will only stay in your body for up to 24 hours for it to get fertilized. It is either implanted into the lining of your uterus (if conceived) or shed alongside the endometrium (if not conceived). When it doesn’t get fertilized, it will be disintegrated. Meaning, the hormones will signal your body to shed the uterine line in a menstrual period. 

Ovulation typically happens around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. But since every woman is unique, so is her menstrual cycle. The cycle starts on the first day of your period and ends on the first day of your next period. It is usually a 28-days cycle, however, it varies from woman to woman. So the exact timing of ovulation also varies. The best ovulation tests can help you with this. 

When Is A Woman Most Fertile?

Generally, ovulation occurs in the four days before or four days after your menstrual cycle’s midpoint. Which is, 13-15 days before the start of each period. More importantly, your ovulation day and the six days prior to it is your fertile window, which is when you are most fertile.

Meaning, high chances of getting conceived. So, this window of fertility is the time you should have sex. Because, once it is over — meaning the day of ovulation, the egg will be disintegrated and the chances of pregnancy are close to none.

test ovulation

You only need to have intercourse once during your fertile window to get pregnant. But, couples actively trying to get pregnant have sex every day or every other day during the fertile window. Because the best time to conceive is in the two days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation itself.

Now, you understand the importance of knowing your day of ovulation to boost the chances of conceiving. This is where an ovulation test plays its heroic role.

What Is An Ovulation Test?

Essentially, an ovulation test is designed to inform you about the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle. It will help you take the guesswork out of finding your two days of peak fertility to increase the chances of conceiving. By using the ovulation test, more often known as the ovulation predictor kit (OPK), you will know the optimal time in your cycle to have intercourse. In turn, you will increase the chances of getting pregnant.  

Compared to other ways to monitor your fertile-window, such as fertility charting to tracking your basal body temperature and your cervical mucus, the best ovulation tests are more convenient and a bit less intensive. They are quite easy to use from the comfort of your home. Besides, they are proved to be 99% accurate. 

Track Your Hormone Surges And Fling Your Arrow

Since the length of menstrual cycles varies from month to month and woman to woman, spotting the ovulation day could be difficult. Aside from the ways to increase the odds of getting conceived, another method is to use an ovulation predictor kit that will help you pinpoint your window of opportunity. Unfortunately, OPKs cannot predict the exact moment when the ovary releases its ovum. What they can do is read and tell you about the surge of your body’s levels of Luteinizing Hormone (LH)(1)

kit for irregular periods

Luteinizing Hormone is the hormone produced by gonadotropic cells(2) in the anterior pituitary gland that stimulate the ovaries. An acute rise of LH — “LH surge”, triggers ovulation. To be more precise, when there is a surge in LH, a mature egg burst from its follicle and descents into the fallopian tubes. The surge in LH is what basically tells you about the day of ovulation.

Because 24-48 hours prior to ovulation, the amount of LH in your body will rise. During this one-to-two-day window before ovulation, you will be most fertile. Since LH is always present in your urine, you can measure your LH levels by using an OPK. How? 

How Do the Best Ovulation Tests Work?

The ovulation test can track your body’s production of LH in the urine. It can pinpoint your LH surge which in turn can help you identify your most fertile time. For almost every OKP, all you have to do is pee on it. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before using it.

You don’t want to do anything wrong, do you? For better results, you must use OPK in the mid-afternoon as LH is only produced in the morning. Your peak fertility will occur after 36 hours of the surge. Now you will know whether your egg is ready for sperm or not.

How Can You Read An Ovulation Test?

How can you read an ovulation test? In a test strip, there will be two lines; the control line (tells you if the test is working or not) and the test line. When the test line is dark or darker than the control line, the test result is positive and your LH is surging.

On the other hand, while using a digital monitor, you have to see the monitor’s screen for your result. If positive, it’s time for you to have sex. If negative, your LH surge must not have happened yet and you would need a few more days. 

first response

Even if they are accurate in detecting the LH surge(3), they cannot confirm if you have actually ovulated or not. Because many factors can prevent the eggs from being released by the ovaries. While some women have an LH surge and not ovulate, some women experience false surges of LH even before it peaks. The latter, unfortunately, is more common in women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). So, which ovulation test is right and best for you? 

Best Ovulation Tests Review

There are a few many best ovulation predictor kits out there. So, here’s our recommended list of the best ovulation tests with reviews to boost your chance. 

#1-PREGMATE Ovulation & Pregnancy Predictor Kit

If you don’t want trouble with a monitor, these ovulation strips from Pregmate will tell you when you are most fertile. It comes with 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips (a bonus!) along with an instruction manual. If you do not want pregnancy strips, you can simply order the Pregmate OPK. To use, dip the strip in a cup (which is not supplied) with urine, then, lay the strip flat for five minutes for results. 

ovulation test strips

Price: $15.95

Women with PCOS or irregular cycles find it tricky to track their cycles. Because they tend to have high levels of LH on average which makes them tested positive for ovulation even when they are not ovulating. Well, PREGMATE is the answer to that as its accuracy is over the top and most consider this the best ovulation test for irregular cycles. Moreover, it is widely known as the best ovulation test for PCOS for the right reason. 

Best Ovulation Tests #2-Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test

Being one of the best digital ovulation kits, Clearblue is known for its ease of use. You don’t have to fuss over falsely interpreting any lines as it simply shows a smiley face when you are at your most fertile.

best ovulation kit

Price: $31.49

To use, urinate on one of the 20 tests included in the kit, then, insert it into the reusable monitor for results. It only takes about three minutes for results to appear and they promise 99 percent accuracy. 

#3-Wondfo Ultra Accurate Ovulation Test Strips

Wondfo brings the best budget ovulation test with 20 strips at a reasonable price. They are ideal if you want to test more. It will help you determine if your LH is surging. Being easy to use and rare to mess up, you can read the result within five minutes.

best at home female fertility test

Price: $12.99

To use, dip the strip into your urine sample for 10 seconds, and wait for five minutes. If the test line appears darker than the control line, you will ovulate within the next 24 to 28 hours. 

Best Ovulation Tests#4-Easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips and Pregnancy Test Strips Kit

Easy@Home provides the best app for predicting your ovulation. Much like the conventional ovulation predictor kit, this one also uses test strips to dip in the urine. Although, urine cups are sold separately. Once you use the test strip, you will get a digital test result through the app.

best ovulation test kit to use

Price: $19.99

Because the handy Premom Ovulation Predictor app does the rest of the work. You can take a picture of the test strip and it will allow you to track your symptoms and cycle. Anyone with PCOS or irregular cycles as well can also use this one. Sadly, pregnancy tests are not as reliable as ovulation tests. 

#5-iProven Ovulation and Pregnancy Predictor Kit

Profoundly known for its ability to give you results within three minutes, iProven has proven to be the best ovulation test for an impatient person like me.

best ovulation test to buy

Price: $16.99

Although the instruction manual is not accurate, the ease of use overlooks that particular bane. iProven is indeed the fastest ovulation test. Unlike its competitors, it can detect early conception up to 4 days, making its pregnancy test over the top. 

Best Ovulation Tests #6-Eveline Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit

Another high-tech, digital ovulation test you can easily use to predict your ovulation. Eveline Digital OPK comes with 10 digital ovulation tests and a smart scanner along with an instruction manual. They have an app that can scan and decode the results for you.

 use when trying to conceive

Price: $29.97

To use, take off the cap, insert the tip of the digital test into your urine stream for 5 seconds, re-cap the test, and then, lay it down for 10 minutes. Attach the test to the scanner and the app will input all the data to give you an LH verdict. However, it has cons as well. It takes about 10 minutes to get the result, you need a decent smartphone camera without crack or dirt on it, and it is expensive. 

#7-AFAC Ovulation Predictor Kit

It comes with 20 digital ovulation tests, 20 urine cups, an instruction manual together with an ovulation calculator. Although you must follow the instructions exactly as it is to get accurate results, the quickness of its delivery makes it one of the best ovulation tests available out there.

ovulation tests to improve chances of getting pregnant

Price: $19.99

Besides, this OPK is quite convenient to carry around. Another best pro of this digital OPK is that, unlike its competitors which follow the standard sensitivity of 25 mlU/ml, this one has a sensitivity of 10 mlU/ml. Meaning, it can pick up even very low levels of LH making it the best ovulation test for women with low LH levels. 

Best Ovulation Tests #8-Femometer Advanced Digital Ovulation Test

To make the tracking of your ovulation cycle easier, Femometer has indeed advanced its accuracy. It comes with 20 advanced digital ovulation tests, a urine cup, a color reference card along an instruction manual. You may also use the Femometer app to keep track of your cycle and results.

tests of 2021

Price: $29.99

One amazing plus point of this OPK is its standard sensitivity of 65 mlU/ml, making it best for women with high levels of LH regularly. For this reason alone, you can be sure of their promise of high accuracy. However, it is expensive considering they only provide 20 digital tests for this price. To use, keep strips in mid-stream, or dip in the urine cup, you will get the results. Then, you can compare them to the color reference card (which is quite easy to read) and plug your results into the app. 


To conclude, these are the best OPKs you can choose among the many available in the market. Although a fairy mother coming flying with a baby does sound too good to be true, you can your miracle any day. What if the ovulation predictor kit you choose is your fairy mother who is going to grant your wishes? Get yourself one of the best ovulation tests from the above and pinpoint your precise day of ovulation. You might as well start your family in nine months! We hope these OPKs will help you start a family soon.

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