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Cherry Coke Hair: How To Jazz up Your Style 101!

Pop your style with cherry coke hair – a refreshing head-turner hue!

Written by Samara S

On Aug 3, 2023 – 12 minutes read

Cherry Coke Hair

If you’ve had the same hair color for years, chances are you’re feeling bored with your outdated look! Even if you get a new haircut or change up your part, it still doesn’t quite reflect your personality. In today’s social media-driven world, it’s tough to stick with one hair color for too long. And as we approach 2024, what better time to kick off the new year with a fresh look? How about trying out cherry coke hair?

According to Schwan Perkins, professional hairstylist and training manager at Madison Reed, the most popular hair color is cherry coke! He defines this color as a mahogany color that lies between red and yellow. This is a great sangria, a not-too-mute violet-infused brunette, with not much ash. The cherry Coke hair color trend, also known as “black cherry hair,” is a deep brown-on-black shade with red, burgundy, or violet undertones, i.e., a shade that is very similar to the cherry Coca-Cola. It is an intense reddish maroon that is predominantly brunette but also a member of the red hair family.

Best Cherry Cola Hair Dye: Why Cherry Coke Hair Color?

One of the greatest aspects of this hair color is its universal appeal; it’s hard to come across individuals who haven’t given it a try. What’s more, this color offers versatility and adaptability. Inspired by the iconic cherry soda flavor many enjoyed in childhood, the dark red hue of cherry Coke hair is sure to turn heads. Crafted with a brown base and infused with violet and red tones, this shade suits everyone, regardless of hair type, length, or skin tone, making it the ultimate choice for young women everywhere.

Best Cherry Cola Hair Dye: Why Cherry Coke Hair Color

You can bet your money on the Cherry Coke color to welcome the spring blossoms or the breezy summer. When you think of these seasons, you might not immediately think of a deep red hue. Traditionally, bright blondes and sun-kissed blondes have been popular throughout the fashion eras. That’s what makes cherry Coke hair color so refreshing and an out-of-the-box choice. Many top hairstylists have preached the color to an ice-cold cup of cherry Coke on a hot day! Well, if this delicious statement is still not enough to change your mind, then let’s dive into this article to learn more about the versatility and features of this trendy hair color.

Cherry Coke Hair Using Balayage or Highlighting Technique

Balayage is skilled artistry that hairstylists master with accuracy to create Cherry Coke hair color. And, while blonde balayage is beautiful, experimenting with different hair colors is more fun. The great thing about trying different hairstyles and colors is that you can make them work for you with a few modifications to dyes and methods of bleaching. Here is the fascinating process for getting this mesmerizing appearance.

  • Consultation: The hairstylist starts by thoroughly discussing your hair’s type, current color, and desired results. They’ll talk about how your skin tone complements the Cherry Coke shade intensity.
  • Sectioning: To ensure an even distribution of color, your hair is divided into sections. Balayage enables a personalized approach by adjusting the color placement to highlight your features.
  • Handwork: The magic starts when the hairstylist paints the Cherry Coke shades onto your hair by hand. For that pop of color, they carefully apply the deep cola tones and cherry highlights, concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends.
  • Abracadabra: This is when the magic happens. It’s important to be patient as the color develops.  The hairdresser keeps an eye on the progression to ensure the desired depth and dimension.
  • Showtime: After the recommended processing time, rinse your hair to reveal the alluring Cherry Coke Balayage. The seamless blending results in an amazing visual spectacle.
  • Style & Care: Cutting and styling your newly colored hair is the last step before styling it. Your stylist will provide advice on preserving the color’s brilliance and suggest color-safe products to prolong its vibrancy.

Top 5 Cherry Coke Hair Colors

Search no more, because we’ve got you covered with all you need to know about this drink-inspired hue. It’s a fantastic option for making a bold statement and suits everyone, no matter their hair type, length, or skin tone. Here are the top five cherry coke hair colors you need to check out.

Top 5 Cherry Coke Hair Colors

Cherry-Caramel Delight

This Cherry Coke hair color combines the warmth of caramel highlights with the richness of dark cherry tones. The rich caramel streaks and the deep cola base combine harmoniously to create a sweet overall effect. The result will give you a seductive contrast to your look!

Cherry-Vanilla Swirl

You will be blown away by Cherry-vanilla Swirl!  It is a fusion of delicious cherry hues with mellow and creamy vanilla tones. This swirl of colors is reminiscent of an irresistible dessert- the red velvet cake! It’s a head-turning blend that gives your look a dash of sophistication and flair.

Cherry-Smoky Elegance

Are you a Meghan Thee Stallion fan? Then, this is your jam! It is the epitome of mystery. It combines ashy, smoky highlights with dark cherry undertones. 

Cherry-Chocolate Temptation

You can enjoy the appealing pairing of cherries and chocolate with this one-of-a-kind color. It has rich, velvety chocolate undertones combined with the intensity of cherry hues. The results? A seductive combination of hues that highlights the depth and richness of your style!

Cherry-Spiced Cinnamon

Cherry-spiced cinnamon hair color brings the spice back into your life. It has warm cinnamon highlights with fiery cherry red highlights to create a jaw-dropping combination adding a fiery pop of color to your hair. A great spicy twist to your style with a dash of boldness

You can embrace your style and express yourself with confidence by choosing one of these five Cherry Coke hair color styles. Each of them offers a spectrum of hues that best match your skin tone.

Celebrities With Cherry Coke Hair Color

Cherry Coke Color spread like wildfire among many celebrities. The “it” hair color for women in the 1990s and 2000s was the infamous cherry Coke shade. This hair color craze started in the 2000s by Christina Aguilera, continued by our pop queen and Fenty beauty owner Ms. Riri (Rihanna) in the ‘Loud’ Era, and then picked back up by Cheryl Cole in the 2010s. The ‘savage’ Megan Thee Stallion and Keke Palmer styled it in the summer. Back in the late 2000s, Ariana Grande jazzed up her look with this gorgeous hue. She gave us major summer camp mornings by the lake vibes with chunky-framed sunglasses, and 90s-style. This celeb-approved shade of red hair might just be the summertime hair color trend you need to try out!  

Well, not only Hollywood stars but even TikTok stars have taken this trend by storm. As we all know, TikTok has seen its fair share of beauty trends come and go — from cloud skin to crying makeup to the anti-mascara look, it can be hard to keep up with them all. But now, a new TikTok-viral beauty trend has come into the rotation — enter: “cherry Coke hair.” 

Which Cherry Coke Color Suits Your Skin Tone?

You should remember that selecting the Cherry Coke hair color also depends on your personal preferences. You must accept your individuality and seek advice from a qualified hairstylist to find the ideal shade for your skin tone. Cherry Coke hair color will unquestionably add a captivating touch to your overall appearance, and confidence, whether you choose a warm, cool, or neutral variation.

Warm Undertones (Yellow, Peach, or Golden)

  • Cherry-Caramel Delight: The warm caramel highlights go well with the golden undertones of your skin and give you a sweeter look.
Cherry-Caramel Delight
  • Cherry-Vanilla Swirl: The creamy vanilla tones make for a pleasing contrast that brings out the warmth in your skin.
  • Cherry-Spiced Cinnamon: Your warm undertones are highlighted by the fiery reds and cinnamon highlights, which add a sizzling allure.

Cool Undertones: (Red, Pink, or Blue)

  • Cherry-Smoky Elegance: Your cool undertones and ashy highlights combine to create a sophisticated and enigmatic charm.
Cherry-Smoky Elegance
  • Cherry-Chocolate Temptation: Your cool skin is complemented by dark chocolate undertones, creating an opulent and seductive blend.
Cherry-Chocolate Temptation:

Neutral Undertones (Balanced mix of Warm and Cool)

  • Cherry-Vanilla Swirl: This adaptable choice offers a balanced and elegant appearance and works well with neutral undertones.
  • Cherry-Spiced Cinnamon: The blending of cherry reds and warm cinnamon gives neutral complexions life and depth.
Cherry-Spiced Cinnamon

Cherry Coke Hair Color At Home

For all the DIY girlies out there, remember that while Cherry Coke hair color can be attempted at home, professional stylists guarantee the finest results and eliminate any potential damage. If in doubt, seek professional advice for a truly mesmerizing hair transformation. And, if you are confident to do this at home, then follow the below tips and tricks for excellent results.

Safety First

While DIY hair coloring can be tempting, it’s essential to acknowledge that professional expertise reduces the risk of mistakes and damage to your hair.


If still determined, start with a consultation with a professional stylist. Seek their advice on whether Cherry Coke hair color suits your hair type and the steps involved.

Patch Test

Before applying any color, conduct a patch test to check for allergic reactions. This involves applying a small amount of the dye behind your ear and waiting for 24 hours.

Gather Supplies

Purchase a high-quality Cherry Coke hair color kit from a reputable brand. Ensure the package includes clear instructions and necessary tools like gloves and applicator brush.

Prep Your Hair

Wash your hair a day or two before coloring. Avoid using any styling products, as this may interfere with the color application.

Follow Instructions

Read the instructions in the hair color kit carefully. Pay attention to mixing ratios and processing times.


Section your hair into manageable parts. Use hair clips to separate them.

Balayage Technique

Follow the Balayage technique for a more natural-looking result. Apply the Cherry Coke hues to mid-lengths and ends, avoiding the roots.

Processing Time

Keep track of the processing time, ensuring you don’t exceed the recommended duration.

Rinse and Condition

Once the processing time is complete, rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Use the conditioner provided in the kit to nourish your newly colored hair.

Post-Color Care

Invest in color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain the vibrancy of your Cherry Coke hair color. Consider regular touch-ups by a professional to keep your look fresh and fabulous.

Top 5 Brands To Get Cherry Coke Hair Color

Here are the top five hair dyes easily available in the market to get the best outcome for a DIY cherry coke hair color.

1. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in “Cherry Cola”

Vibrant cherry cola shade with nourishing ingredients for a long-lasting result. It also comes with a color-enhancing conditioner to maintain the brilliance of the color.

2. L’Oréal Paris Feria in “Deep Bronzed Brown”

A deep, bronzed brown with cherry undertones, creating a stunning cherry coke effect. It has an intense color payoff and shines for a bold and eye-catching look.

Top 5 Brands To Get Cherry Coke Hair Color

3. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color in “Burgundy”

Rich burgundy shade with cherry red undertones, ideal for achieving cherry coke hair. This formula is Ammonia-free and leaves hair silky and smooth.

4. Schwarzkopf Simply Color in “Intense Dark Red”

Intense dark red color that can be customized with balayage for the cherry coke effect. It contains nourishing botanicals for gentle color application.

Clairol Natural Instincts in “Spiced Cider”

Warm, spiced cider shade with cherry highlights, offering a subtle cherry coke variation. This is a non-permanent formula that gradually fades without harsh roots.

Top 5 Tools for DIY Cherry Coke Hair Color

While doing cherry Coke hair color at home can be a fun project, always get quality tools and products to get optimum results. Here are some affordable tools to help you dye your hair.

  • Color Mixing Bowl and Applicator Brush: This will help you blend and apply the hair dye evenly for professional-looking results.
  • Balayage Board or Foil Sheets: This will facilitate the balayage technique, allowing precise color application.
  • Sectioning Clips or Hair Ties: This helps you divide hair into manageable sections, ensuring thorough color coverage.
  • Old T-shirt or Cape: This will help you protect your clothing from accidental dye splatters during the application.
  • Plastic Shower Cap: This will keep the hair covered while the color processes, enhancing the vibrancy.

Tips and hair care routines for Cherry Coke hair color

Cherry Coke hair requires aftercare just like any other hair dye. To increase the longevity and preserve the vibrancy and shine of your red hues- you must follow these tips and incorporate a hair care routine that prioritizes color protection and overall hair health. If you religiously follow this, you are not far from achieving a luscious shine for a very long time.


  • Color-Safe Non-alcoholic Shampoo and Conditioner: Invest in sulfate-free, color-safe, and non-alcoholic hair products specifically designed for red hair. These formulas help preserve the vibrancy of cherry Coke hair color and prevent premature fading.
  • Cold Water Rinse: After washing your hair, opt for a cold-water rinse as it helps seal the hair cuticles, locking in the color and shine. 
  • Protect from Sun Exposure: UV rays can fade hair color. Wear a hat or use hair products with UV protection to shield your cherry Coke hair from the sun.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments: Incorporate weekly deep conditioning treatments to nourish and hydrate your hair, promoting color retention and shine.
  • Use Color Depositing Products: Periodically use color-depositing shampoos, conditioners, or masks in a similar shade to your cherry coke hair color to refresh the tones.
  • Consult with a Professional: It’s crucial to schedule regular touch-ups with a professional hair stylist to maintain the brilliance of your cherry Coke hair color.
  • Regular Trims: Regular hair trims help maintain the health of your hair, preventing split ends and preserving the color’s integrity.


  • Washing too often: Reducing the frequency of hair washing can prevent color loss. Consider using dry shampoo between washes to maintain a fresh look without overwashing.
  • Hot Styling Tools: Excessive heat can fade red tones. Minimize the use of hot styling tools or apply a heat protectant before using them.
  • Chlorine and Saltwater: Avoid chlorine and salt water as they can strip away hair color. Wear a swim cap or apply a leave-in conditioner before swimming.
  • Heavy Hair Styling Settings: Lower heat settings on styling tools help prevent damage and color loss while achieving your desired hairstyle.
  • Protective Hairstyles: When exposed to harsh elements or during sleep, tie your hair in a loose braid or use a silk/satin pillowcase to minimize friction. 
  • Exposure to Styling Products: Excessive use of styling products can weigh down hair and reduce vibrancy. Use them sparingly.


Once you’ve found the ideal cherry cola hair color, remember to practice preventive maintenance by keeping your hair regularly trimmed and using products rich in nutrients. Even the deepest reds require serious maintenance if you’ve decided to keep your cherry hair color. Happy dyeing!


1. What color is cherry Coke hair color?

Cherry Coke hair color is a blend of deep cherry red hues with cola brown undertones.

2. Can I dye my hair cherry coke without bleach?

Yes, you can achieve lighter cherry coke hair color without bleach by using a red hair dye.

3. What hair color is in for 2024?

The most popular hair colors of 2024 include Cherry Coke, caramel balayage, Auburn highlights, and Sun-kissed hair.

4. What is the prettiest hair color?

Brunette, blonde, and red are considered the prettiest and most popular hair colors.

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