Concealer Confessions: The Secret To Flawless Under-Eye Coverage With Priscilla Ono

Say goodbye to ashy under-eyes and hello to radiant beauty with expert tips from Rihanna’s own makeup artist. It’s time to conceal, reveal, and dazzle!

Written by Samantha Gregory

On Jan 12, 2024 – 4 minutes read

Priscilla Ono concealer Tips

In the showbiz industry, makeup is not just a tool; it’s a wand to create the perfect persona. It has the power to transform, enhance, and even redefine one’s appearance. At the forefront of this transformative art is Priscilla Ono, a name that resonates with style and innovation in the beauty industry. As the esteemed makeup artist for none other than Rihanna, Ono’s techniques and tips are gold for makeup enthusiasts. 

So, who else would be a better mentor to give us life-saving makeup advice? She recently put us all in place, teaching us how to avoid this common concealer mistake that many overlook. While it may make you feel like a newbie all over again, it’s time to discover the secret that might just revolutionize your makeup routine!

Who Is Priscilla Ono? 

Common Concealer Mistakes According To Priscilla Ono

Priscilla Ono stands as a luminary in the beauty world, renowned for her exceptional talent and visionary approach. As the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty, she’s been instrumental in shaping the brand’s inclusive and diverse image, a reflection of Rihanna’s vision. Her connection with Rihanna goes beyond professional boundaries, as she’s the trusted artist behind some of Rihanna’s most iconic looks. 

Ono’s credibility in the makeup industry is unmatched; her techniques and advice are eagerly sought after by beauty aficionados worldwide. Her influence extends from red carpets to everyday makeup routines, making her a true trendsetter in the realm of beauty. 

The Most Common Concealer Mistake 

A concealer is often seen as a magic wand in the makeup kit, but even magic has its rules. A widespread misstep, as revealed by Priscilla Ono, lies in the choice of concealer shade, specifically for the under-eye area. The instinctive pick for many is a shade lighter than their natural skin tone, a tactic aimed at brightening and diminishing the look of fatigue. However, this approach can backfire. 

Ono points out that using a concealer too light can lead to an ashy and unnatural appearance, counteracting the desired effect of a fresh, awakened look. This mistake is a subtle but significant one, altering the way the makeup interacts with the skin’s natural color and texture. The result? Instead of a radiant, youthful glow, the area under the eyes can appear gray and lifeless, undermining the very purpose of concealer.

Ono’s Advice On Selecting The Best Concealer Shade 

Navigating the plethora of concealer shades can be daunting, but Ono simplifies it with a key principle: understanding your skin’s undertone(1). The undertone, a constant beneath the skin’s surface color, plays a crucial role in how makeup blends with your natural complexion. It falls into three categories: warm, cool, or neutral. 

Ono advises that to discover your undertone, observe how your skin reacts to sun exposure or look at the color of your veins. Once you identify whether you lean towards pink, yellow, or a mix of both, you can choose a concealer that complements your skin’s true undertone, ensuring a more natural and effective coverage.

A Masterclass In The Proper Application Technique

Mastering the application of concealer is as crucial as selecting the right shade. Priscilla Ono emphasizes a strategic approach, especially for the delicate under-eye area. Her go-to method? The dotting technique. For liquid or lightweight cream concealers, she advises against sweeping strokes. Instead, gently dot the product under the eyes. This technique ensures that you apply just the right amount, avoiding the common pitfall of over-application, which can lead to a heavy or cakey look. 

Ono underscores the importance of blending for a seamless finish. She recommends using a concealer brush for a softer, more natural look. For fuller coverage, a sponge is your best bet, as it helps layer the product without making it look thick or unnatural. And for those who prefer a more hands-on approach, fingers can be an excellent tool for blending, offering warmth and gentle pressure to meld the concealer perfectly with your skin.

The right concealer technique can be transformative, turning a good makeup day into a great one. Imagine a scenario where under-eye circles or blemishes are not just covered, but flawlessly integrated into your overall look, enhancing rather than masking your natural beauty.

Correct concealer use, as guided by Priscilla Ono, can elevate your makeup from appearing made-up to effortlessly polished. It can mean the difference between concealer that draws attention to what you’re trying to hide and a finish that radiates your skin’s natural vibrancy. In essence, it’s not just about concealing — it’s about revealing your best face.

Priscilla Ono just handed us the art of perfect concealer application in a candid conversation, highlighting the pitfalls of using too light a shade and the importance of understanding skin undertones. I don’t know about you, but I’m trying her expert advice immediately! Revamp your beauty regimen for a more natural, radiant look; it’s time to redefine your makeup game! 

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