Dakota Johnson Embraces Spiderweb-Inspired Looks At “Madame Web’ LA Premiere

Dakota Johnson has been attending her promotion tour in Los Angeles for her film, ‘Madame Web’ wearing befitting outfits.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 13, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Dakota Johnson promotes 'Madame Web' in Brazil

Star actor Dakota Johnson has been stunning in sheer chain metal outfit in the Los Angeles premiere of “Madame Web.” The costume resembles her character’s story in “Madame Web”. As the latest, Johnson shone in a sleeveless spaghetti-strapped gown that was adorned with sparkling diamond jewels, teaming with a spider’s web. Taking inspiration from her movie she wore a very on-the-nose spiderweb ensemble at the bash.

The dress featured crystal forms in the shape of dewdrops on a web while she was spotted attending the event. The dress was completely see-through to reveal her wearing only a nude underwear underneath. Her silver necklace lay around her neck just above the collarbone gleaming with a single enormous diamond pendant. She seemed to proclaim her character in the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff.

Her Donning Looks

Dakota Johnson's 'Madame Web' promotion style

Her makeup manifested growing berry lips, and soft pink cheeks bordering long lashes. Johnson perfected the look putting on strappy black heels, She flaunted her hair in her signature bangs style and her nails were left nude. Styled by Kate Young, Johnson combined the dramatic ensemble as a clever signal to her role in “Madame Web.”

Johnson stars in the upcoming Sony/Marvel film as Cassandra Webb, a clairvoyant woman who has psychic powers. As the movie plot follows she develops superpowers, including the ability for prophecy and foresee the future. 

Wearing outfits embellished with intricate web design, Johnson astutely implies her character’s backstory as well as the concept of destiny that is the main thread of the film’s plot. The sheer, bejeweled attire symbolizes a woman who is powerful yet vulnerable simultaneously.

She Follows The Leaders

Johnson is not the first one to dress resembling a character. She has followed the lead of other actors who have costumed to create themed looks for promoting superhero films. There was, Zendaya wearing a plunging cobwebbed Valentino gown to promote ‘Spiderman: No Way Home in 2021. Likewise, Margot Robbie was seen parading in several doll-inspired outfits to prompt her Barbie film earlier. 

Johnson demonstrated a penchant for black outfits with unparalleled textures and adornments, heading to her present promotional tour. She dressed up in a cropped Versace skirt suit, at a London photocall, and wore a sheer black creations collection by Tom Ford, on talk shows. 

Johnson preferred an all-black jumpsuit with a large cut-out on the chest, suggesting she would stick to a dark, neutral palette to enhance her ‘Madame Web” appearance while she was hosting Saturday Night Live last month. 

Being true to her form, Johnson flaunted in a sleeveless chainmail dress with embellished diamond accents at the Los Angeles premiere of the film on Monday. The gown’s metal links resembled woven threads, suggesting a spider’s web. She paired it with minimal accessories, allowing the textured attire to captivate the focus. 

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As Johnson takes up the role of Cassandra Webb and channels a mysterious, powerful woman on screen, Johnson’s offscreen appearances have symbolized the subtle elements of cryptic allure. Choosing strategic sheer panels, metal materials, and literal spiderweb textures, the actor has rocked the red carpet with her stylish looks befitting Marvel’s state-of-the-art lady.

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