Evrnu Is Launching A Fashion Brand In Collaboration With Designer Christopher Bevans

Envru, the advanced material innovation company, is no longer waiting for brands to pick up their recycled fibers, but they are finally taking up the full responsibility.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Mar 13, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Envru takes charge of recycled fibers

Envru has always been keeping it unique by taking unusual paths even in such a precarious time for fashion’s next-gen materials.  Though the company’s initial plan was to collaborate with a brand, it soon realized that waiting for brands was not a cool idea, but exhibiting the plans by themselves was. So, the textile recycling startup is finally willing to lead the strategy.

Envru Collaborates With Designer Christopher Bevans To Launch The Hoodies

Envru leads the way in material innovation

Today, in collaboration with designer Christopher Bevans, Envru is going straight to the consumers without a mediator by launching its hoodie. 

Envru co-founder and CEO Stacy Flynn said in a recent statement adding that they have had a huge challenge and that it’s no secret, adding that brands and retailers refused to work with stating they lacked a budget for “early stage innovation.” 

Some of the brands are “willing to pay commodity pricing, but not development pricing, and it really costs so much to develop such products,” Flynn explained. “Our pivot is to adequately charge the production cost and get it directly to the hands of the consumer,” She remarked. the Envru x Bevans hoodie will retail for $600. 

According to the CEO, they are focusing more on spreading the message out there about why their product is special and how it is an upgrade. Right now, Envru is hoping it will be able to build both market demand and momentum for scaling next-gen materials on its own. The team believes acquiring their goal will be difficult while working with suppliers and brands. As per the company’s understanding, brands are comparatively slow to adopt new technologies and it is likely to reflect adversely on the companies developing them. 

While brands often hesitate to adopt new technologies, startups are growing impatiently day by day, because they believe they have the solution to some of the major difficulties the industry is facing currently, However, the reluctance and the brand’s inability to act faster are unanimously blocking the growth of the start-up companies by frequently hindering them delivering on that potential. 

“We have realized that retailers and brands are expecting the circular economy to appear after constantly inserting sustainable innovation into what I consider to be a flawed model,” Flinn said. Meanwhile, she also made it clear that Envru will still work with brands and retailers to keep working on product development. 

The way Flynn sees it, the latest hoodie launch not only invites attention to bringing new material into a product but to brings a revolutionary change in the existing fashion business model. She believes that is the point that the brands and retailers have been missing out on all this while. 

According to Flynn, it is high time to leave the mid-90s fashion business model which was based on “buying low and selling high.” She explains her innovation as the circular economy model that will be completely different from the prevailing model. It differs in such a way that “all of the cost in the environment will be calculated to the cost of the garment. According to her, there will be an “embedded value in such garments.” 

The hoodie is made with Envru’s textile-to-textile recycled fiber, Nucyl, and constructed using Variant 3D, the 3D knitting technology which the collaborating company has been working with. 

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“You have got to plan your business differently when you have a (unique) product like that,” she added. 

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