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Let Your Eyes Tell Anything But Your Age: Here Is All About Eye Creams For Wrinkles!

Grab the eye creams for wrinkles that won’t let your eyes scream your age!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Oct 5, 2023 – 10 minutes read

Eye Creams For Wrinkles

Eyes are supposed to be the windows to your soul. They speak volumes. Unfortunately, they do scream your age as well. The area below and around the eye is thin and delicate, making it susceptible to wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. Aging, sunlight, smoking, laughing, frequent squinting, smiling- all can make the skin around your eyes develop wrinkles. Eye wrinkles may look unflattering, especially with some makeup on. Hiding the fine lines with makeup is only a temporary remedy which may or may not be successful. This is where eye creams for wrinkles come to our rescue.

Do Eye Creams Really Work On Wrinkles?


A good eye cream for wrinkles contains active ingredients that moisturize, plump up, and smooth eye wrinkles and fine lines. The skin around the eyes being more delicate, it is harder for normal anti-aging creams to work on it the way the eye creams for wrinkles work.

Do Eye Creams Really Work On Wrinkles

For eye creams to work, choose products with ingredients that target your issue. Here are some effective ingredients to look for in the best eye cream for bags and wrinkles:

✔️ Niacinamide

This antioxidant, which reduces sebum, has a brightening and hydrating effect. 

✔️ Ceramide

It helps improve the strength and moisture of the skin.

✔️ COQ10

It delays wrinkles and shields the skin from sun damage.

✔️ Hyaluronic acid

It moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity.

✔️ Retinoid

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but it has to be used in the evening to avoid the sun interfering with the product. As retinoids tend to cause irritation to the skin, it is important to use only retinoid products designed for the under eye. (1)

Eye Cream For Wrinkles ingredient - Retinoid

✔️ Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

It helps treat pigmented skin.

✔️ Vitamin K

It improves swelling, and dark circles and aids in circulation.

✔️ Vitamin C

It has skin-brightening properties.

✔️ Vitamin E

It moisturizes the skin.

✔️ Caffeine

It improves puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

✔️ Chamomile

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory qualities which will help with under-eye bags.

✔️ Sun Protection Formula (SPF)

It prevents sun damage and wrinkles around the eyes. 

Which Is Better, Eye Cream Or Eye Serum For Wrinkles? 

Eye creams are products designed to nourish, hydrate, and tighten the skin around the eyes. Eye serum is the counterpart of eye cream which is thinner in consistency. Because of its thinner consistency, it can penetrate the skin better leading to better absorption of the ingredients designed to target wrinkles.

The only difference between eye cream and eye serum is the difference in consistency and the resultant efficacy in the absorption of the ingredients. Serums are made up of lightweight molecules to enable effective penetration into the skin in a quick manner.

How Do You Apply Eye Cream For The Best Results? 

The first step is doing adequate research before choosing the most effective eye cream for wrinkles that suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to stick to products that moisturize and hydrate the skin around your eyes rather than ones that have strong and active ingredients.

How do you apply eye cream for the best results

Read some reviews and grab your choice from the top eye creams for wrinkles. In general, ingredients like green tea, witch hazel, retinoids, and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are ideal for acne-prone and oily skin; while niacinamide, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and Vitamin E are great for dry skin.

Needless to say, do read the instructions on the bottle before using the eye cream for wrinkles, carefully. The best time to apply eye cream for wrinkles would be at night. Some eye creams for wrinkles can be applied under your makeup too! Here’s how:

Applying Eye Cream Step-by-step:

Step 1: Wipe off all makeup from your face using a cleanser or micellar water.

Step 2: Clean your face with water and a mild face wash.

Step 3: Wipe your face dry.

Step 4: Take a pea-sized amount of the cream for both eyes.

Step 5: Add small dots under your eyes, starting in the innermost corner and moving outward.

Step 6: Even out the product gently with your ring finger or pinkie.

Make sure that you do not apply the cream too close to your bottom eyelashes so that the cream does not get into your eyes. Do not try to rub it in. Just even out the cream gently without putting unnecessary pressure on the delicate area. If there is any anti-ageing face yoga that you do before bedtime, you can do that as well.

A mistake many make is to apply the eye cream on a damp face. If you are not a fan of using a face towel like me, you can take some time to air-dry your face before applying the eye cream for wrinkles. Try to use your ring finger or pinkie to apply the cream. Do not use the wrinkle cream in excess.

If you are applying an eye cream for wrinkles during the day, make sure that you apply the eye cream before you go for the moisturizer or sunscreen. Also, ensure that it does not contain insensitive ingredients and is directed for use during the daytime as well. As a rule of thumb, the creams that are light should go first. The eye creams are light in consistency, hence they should go first.

You can apply the product in the morning and evening depending on your skincare target. It is best to space out the applications as once in twelve hours.

Benefits Of Eye Cream For Wrinkles

✔️ Moisturizes Skin

An eye cream for wrinkles is a moisturizer that is meant to solve common skin issues around the eyes like wrinkles, eye bags, etc.

✔️ Tightens Skin

It helps maintain moisture in the skin and thus makes the skin look firmer and smoother.

✔️ Is Eye-Safe

It is safe to use around your eyes.

✔️ Anti-ageing

It helps reduce and delay age-related skin issues around the eyes.

✔️ Sun protection

Some eye creams for wrinkles also contain SPF, which helps protect against sun damage.

✔️ Reduces Dark Circles

It helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet besides visibly reducing wrinkles.

✔️ Milder Ingredients

The best eye cream for wrinkles contains ingredients in lesser concentration than anti-aging or other face creams in order to be tolerated by the delicate skin around the eyes.

How Long Does It Take To Show Results From An Eye Cream? 

As the turnover rate of the skin is roughly 28 days, it takes at least one month to show results. Different eye creams for wrinkles take different time spans to show their efficacy. But the consensus is that you should continue using the product for at least 3 months to see visible results. Some products that claim faster results may contain active ingredients that may agitate the delicate skin under the eyes and cause skin peeling, blistering, or pigmentation.

Best 3 Eye Creams For Wrinkles And Crows Feet

We need to be careful while choosing eye cream for wrinkles as the skin around the eyes is sensitive and may react with the ingredients in the product causing allergic reactions, skin peeling, blistering, etc. It is highly advised to do a patch test before going full-on with the cream. You need to bear in mind how sensitive your skin is before grabbing ones loaded with wrinkle fighters.

Here are the three best eye creams for wrinkles and dark circles.

#1. Olay Eyes Retinol 24 Max Night Eye Cream

Best Eye Cream For Wrinkles - Olay Eyes Retinol 24 Max Night Eye Cream

Price: $26.99 (for 0.51 Fl Oz)

Olay is a very popular pick-and-drop in your shopping trolley you can do without much thinking when it comes to skincare. Now that it is the eyes, the brand inspires enough confidence when it comes to the eyecare. For first timers, this is probably the best eye cream for eye wrinkles.

Key Ingredients 

Retinol, Niacinamide, Vitamin E.


  • Trusted brand in skincare products 
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Reasonably priced
  • Given its components 
  • Retinol and Niacinamide complex smoothen the fine lines without any irritation.
  • Formulated with dermatologist-recommended peptides
  • Helps fight dark circles


Not ideal for sensitive skin.


It does the additional duties of lightening, firming and smoothing making it a good eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles. The combo of niacinamide, retinol, and Vitamin E in a drugstore brand is quite an awesome deal. It is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin smoother and fresh instantly. It comes with a trial size Olay Regenerist Whip moisturizer as a bonus!

#2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-cream

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel cream

Price: $26.79 (for 0.51 Fl Oz)

Another skincare biggie, Neutrogena is coming with this gel cream that does not contain retinol, which is a key ingredient in eye creams for wrinkles. This top eye cream for wrinkles is great for sensitive skin as it is fragrance free. This one is for those who do not find the heavy-duty action of Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Eye Cream palatable. This one is smooth!


  • Trusted brand in skincare products
  • Lightweight
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Not expensive
  • Daytime product 
  • Also helps fight dark circles
  • Moisturises and plumps skin without retinol


  • Does not show drastic effects
  • Small bottle


This is a lightweight hydrating gel which can be applied under your eyes for proper moisturization. It has a highly refreshing feel and gets absorbed into the skin in seconds. The results are not as quick though, which is a con. But the product leaves the skin super soft and moisturized, which makes them a fave of those who are just starting to see fine lines under their eyes.

This is a product that boasts about over 12,000 five- star ratings from shoppers on Amazon. The key ingredient being hyaluronic acid, which is said to act like sponge pulling in hydration for everywhere, including the deeper layers of skin and the air!

#3. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye cream

Eye Cream For Wrinkles - Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye cream

Price: $29.49 (for 0.51 Fl Oz)

This serves as a multipurpose cream that doubles and triples as a hydrating, anti wrinkle, and skin firming cream. This cream hastens the skin turnover rate leaving it smoother and firm.


  • Addresses crow’s feet and wrinkles
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight
  • Hydrates the skin and make it look plump


Not suitable for sensitive skin


Another top eye cream for wrinkles from this skincare major! Reviews suggest that it makes the skin look velvety smooth. This is a lightweight formula which is non greasy and fuss-free. The key ingredients are hyaluronic acid (2) and retinol. It aids in speeding up cell turnover, effectively tackles wrinkles, fine lines, and get rid of crow’s feet. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin look all hydrated and plump.


The eye creams for wrinkles are a great addition to your skin care arsenal, especially if you start seeing visible changes in your skin around your eyes. These products provide intense moisturization which delays the onset of wrinkles. Some help tackle your other skincare concerns around the eyes as well. Eye creams for wrinkles sure will help you look more confidant with the girlish glint in the eyes when you look into the mirror, no matter how many candles you blow on your birthday! Choose wisely according to your skin type and skin concerns. You deserve to look your best! Cheers!!


1. Do dermatologists recommend eye creams?

Yes, dermatologists recommend eye creams with the right ingredients to target the skin concerns around your eyes.

2. What is the right age to use eye cream?

There is no right age to use eye creams. Once you start seeing differences in the skin around your eyes, you can start using them. Kids and teens do not usually require eye creams for wrinkles and should consult a doctor in any case.

3. Can I use moisturizer as eye cream?

Sure, but the ingredients in the moisturizer are a little tough for the delicate skin around the eyes. Eye creams are designed in such a way that there is no intensified attack in the delicate area.

4. Can I use Vaseline as an eye cream?

Some suggest that Vaseline helps wrinkles and crow’s feet. It may help prevent the onset of fine lines by keeping the area moisturized but will not be of much help for stubborn age lines and wrinkles.

5. Is it better to apply eye cream on wet skin?

Some eye creams are recommended to be applied on wet skin to help keep the moisture in. However, there is the risk of bacteria buildup from the dampness. It is best to follow the instructions on the label of your eye cream.

6. Is it okay to use eye creams daily?

Yes. Eye creams should be applied consistently in order to yield results.

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