The Art Of Fake Belly Button Piercing: Express Yourself!

A fake belly button piercing lets you try different styles without going through the pain of a real piercing. It is the perfect solution for teens who have strict parents and aren’t allowed to get their bodies pierced.

Written by Gayatri Sarin

On Dec 31, 2023 – 5 minutes read

Fake Belly Button Piercing

Fake belly button piercings give you the sexy and stylish look you desire without the hassles and pain associated with a real piercing. You can buy fake belly piercings in various designs and experiment with new styles every day. 

The Appeal Of Fake Belly Button Piercings

The appeal and allure of these piercings lie in their versatility. There is a huge style collection available in different materials like stainless steel, titanium, plastic, etc. You can wear a fake dangling belly button ring one day and change to a diamond ring the next day. These body adornments allow you to express your creativity without long-term consequences(1). Moreover, faux belly rings are a great way to check and decide if a navel piercing is right for you. 

Best Fake Belly Button Piercing

There are different types of fake navel piercings:

Magnetic piercings

  • Magnetic piercings have a magnetized stud that gets attached to the skin.

Clip-on piercings

  • The clip-on belly button ring is a painless alternative. It secures onto the navel’s edge, creating the illusion of a real piercing. 

Adhesive stickers

  • Adhesive stickers adhere to the skin without pain or discomfort. They are adorned with metallic accents or intricate designs. 

Each type of fake belly button piercing provides a customizable and risk-free experience. It is temporary yet stylish. 

How To Put On A Fake Belly Button Piercing?

Fake Belly Button Piercing Application

Wearing a fake belly button piercing is simple. If you have a magnetic piercing, clean the magnetized stud and place it where you desire to have the piercing on your belly button. The magnet on the outside and inside of your skin will hold the accessory in place. 

In the case of clip-on piercings, you can attach them by gently securing them on the edge of your navel. They cause little to no discomfort. Adhesive stickers don’t need an instruction manual. Peel off the backing, place the sticker on your belly button, and press down to secure it. 

How To Make A Fake Belly Button Piercing Look Real?

You can make this piercing look convincingly real by paying attention to its application. Before you start, use a cleansing wipe to clean the area. Find the right placement for the magnetic stud. It should align with your navel curve. 

Pick clip-on jewelry that looks like real belly button rings and secure them on your navel’s edge for a real appearance. The design of adhesive stickers should also resemble authentic piercing designs. Make sure you stick them with precision.  

Your outfit must blend with the accessory to divert attention from any inconsistencies, giving it an authentic and stylish appearance. 

Removal And Reusability

It is easy to remove faux belly button piercings. The magnetic and clip-on accessories simply detach, whereas the adhesive stickers can be peeled off without residue. You can reuse the magnetic and clip-on varieties, provided they are well-maintained. Adhesive piercings might lose out on their adhesiveness after a few uses. 

Safety Concerns And Precautions

Fake belly button piercings are safe. However, you must observe specific precautions. 

  • Clean your belly button area before applying adhesives to prevent skin infections. 
  • Choose a hypoallergenic material for the accessory to avoid allergic reactions or skin irritation(2)
  • Check that the clip-on is secured firmly but not too tight to avoid circulation concerns or discomfort.
  • The magnets of magnetic piercings must be powerful enough to hold the accessory securely. 
  • Be careful with adhesive stickers so that there is no sticky residue on the skin. 

Cleaning And Maintenance

Fake Belly Button - Cleaning and Maintenance

It is vital to clean and maintain fake belly button piercings if you want to reuse them repeatedly. It is also crucial for avoiding skin irritation. The guidelines for cleanliness and maintenance for different types of piercings are as follows:

Magnetic piercings

  • Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the magnetic stud.
  • Dry properly using a towel before reusing to prevent rusting.

Clip-on piercings

  • Use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the clip-on and remove any oils or dirt. 
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals that can damage the material. 

Adhesive piercings

  • Use soap and water to clean the surrounding skin. 
  • Peel off the backing gently, and store on a clean surface if reusable after removal. 

How Much Is A Fake Belly Button Piercing? 

The cost of a fake belly button piercing depends on the brand, material, type, and design. Generally, the magnetic and clip-on type of piercings cost as low as $5 to $15. Adhesive stickers are even more affordable, starting at $2. 

The cost of the piercing may be higher if you choose high-quality or designer options. Any additional features or embellishments can also impact the price. You can buy fake belly button piercings online or explore local stores to grab the best deals depending on your preferences and budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does wearing a clip hurt? 

Not really. You might feel a slight pinching sensation if the clip isn’t fitted correctly. 

2. Can you get a plastic belly button piercing?

Yes. You can buy fake belly button piercings made of acrylic. 

3. Do fake belly button piercings hurt?

The degree of pain depends on the type of fake belly button ring you’re using. Adhesive stickers might cause discomfort during removal, while magnetic piercings tend to remain comfortable. 

4. What can I use instead of a belly piercing?

You can use fake belly rings if you don’t want to undergo the pain of a belly piercing. 

5. Are plastic belly bars good?

Yes. They are skin-friendly and reduce the risk of infection and irritation. They also reduce healing times. 

6. Are acrylic belly button rings safe?

Acrylic hasn’t proven to be safe when it comes to body jewelry. 

7. What is a floating belly piercing?

Unlike traditional belly button curves with a gemstone or large ball, floating navel piercings use a small bead or flat disc at the bottom

8. What if I don’t like my belly button piercing?

If you don’t like your belly button piercing, you can simply remove the stud or ring. The piercing will close in a few weeks if it is old and quickly if it is new. 

9. What shape does your belly button have to be to get it pierced? 

If you want to get your navel pierced, you should have a protruding lip of skin above your navel and sufficient space behind the flap for appropriate placement of jewelry. 


You can DIY fake belly button piercings by simply buying rings, studs, clip-ons, or stickers from any jewelry store around you. These adornments allow you to enhance your style and complement an outfit without the need for a permanent change to your body. Moreover, they are safe and have a lesser risk of infection. 

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