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Lash Love: Mastering The Art Of How To Clean Eyelash Extensions!

Unlock the secret sauce of cleaning your lawshes without breaking a sweat.

Written by Shayonee Dasgupta

On Oct 5, 2023 – 6 minutes read

Clean Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking for that dramatic effect on your eyes, there’s nothing better than eyelash extensions. But to ensure they level up your appearance, you must learn how to care for them. Not sure how to clean eyelash extensions? Unveil the secrets and make every flutter count.

Why Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Before delving into the detailed process of how to clean eyelash extensions, understand why cleaning them matters so much. 

When you clean them regularly, you can get rid of built-up oils, debris, and makeup residues. This ensures that there is no risk of any bacterial growth which may cause eye infections. Cleansing eyelash extensions also ensures a fresh look. 

When To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Clean your eyelash extensions at least 2-3 times a week. A regular cleaning routine ensures that your lashes remain free from impurities and add to your glam quotient. But don’t go overboard with the cleansing as that can damage the lashes permanently. 

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions?: Step-By-step Guide

Here’s how to clean eyelash extensions so they stay glamorous, just like you:

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Step 1: Removing Makeup

Be extremely gentle when removing your eye makeup. Using oil for cleansing can damage your lash extensions. 

Tip: Always go for an oil-free makeup remover to avoid damaging lash glue.

Step 2: Wetting The Extensions

Dip your lashes in lukewarm water. The cleaner the water, the higher the chances of preventing any unwanted infection. Can I wash my eyelash extensions after 24 hours? Yes, 24 hours is usually enough time to allow the adhesive to fully bond.

Tip: If possible, go for distilled water as tap water may contain impurities.

Step 3: Applying Cleanser

Start with a pea-sized amount of the cleanser. You can use an applicator brush to gently apply the solution all over your lashes. What soap can I use to wash my eyelash extensions? Ideally, avoid using traditional soaps as they may contain oils or harsh ingredients that can compromise the lash adhesive.

How to clean lash extensions without lash shampoo? Wet your hands with water or dip an eyelash cleansing brush into water and gently dab it onto your lashes. You may have to repeat the process a few times to make sure they are clean. 

Tip: Pick a lash extension-friendly cleanser or a gentle, oil-free foam cleanser (1).

Step 4: Gentle Brushing

How to clean eyelash extensions to get rid of residue completely? Use a soft and upward motion to clean between each lash. Be careful to avoid any tugging to ensure longevity.

Tip:  Always go for an upward brushing motion for proper cleansing.

Step 5: Rinsing

Rinse your lashes thoroughly to get rid of any cleanser residue.If you are using only water, rinse the lashes a few times. Improper rinsing can leave you with clumpy lashes.

Tip: A controlled rinse using a spray bottle or a water stream gives you the best results.

Step 6: Drying

Always pat dry the lashes and avoid any tugging or pulling. It is also preferable to avoid blow dryers to dry your lashes as the heat may damage the adhesive. 

Tip: Use a lint-free cloth or place the lashes under the fan. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some mistakes best avoided during the eyelash extension cleaning process:
1. Opt for oil-free makeup removers or micellar water. Oil based cleansers can break down the adhesive holding the false lashes.
2. Dip your lashes in the cleansing solution for a few seconds. Prolonged exposure to water can result in the lashes losing their shape.
3. Get rid of any residual glue on your lashes. Otherwise, you may experience a clumpy appearance.
4. Don’t pull or tug on your lashes when cleansing.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Lashes?

Skipping your ritual of cleansing eyelash extension can cause a range of issues. Not only can it compromise the aesthetic appearance but also damage your eyes (2). Just like your skin, the lack of regular cleaning can lead to natural oils, dust, and debris accumulating on your false lashes. Over time, this can compromise the vibrancy of your lashes. 

While how to clean lash extensions is an art you need to master, understanding the risks of not cleaning them is equally important. When your lashes are not cleaned regularly: 

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Lashes?
  • They become more prone to premature shedding as the adhesive gets weakened by the oils and debris accumulated.
  • You are at a higher risk for contracting potential eye infections including lash mites.
  • You can experience discharge from your lash line and flaky skin around your eyes.

Clean lashes not only add that oomph to your appearance but also ensure that your eyes are not damaged in the process.

Eyelash Extension Cleaning Products

One of the most recent and latest trends in the beauty industry is having long, lustrous lashes making eyes look natural yet sultry. The best professional eyelash extension brands can enhance the beauty of your eyes. If you have lash extensions, you should use a special cleanser made for them that is oil-free.

Choosing the right cleanser for cleaning your lashes is just as vital as learning the art of how to clean eyelash extensions — a proper cleaning routine is only possible when you have the right products at disposal. 

Tempted to reach for regular shampoo on your bathroom shelf?  Most shampoos contain natural oils, glycols, and emollients that end up making the lashes dirtier. The same holds true for other homemade cleansers such as coconut oil or olive oil. Due to their high emollient content, you may end up clogging your lashes even more.  Picking specialized products for eyelash extension cleaning enhances the shelf life of your lashes. These products are specifically formulated to ensure all impurities are properly removed. 

Here are two top-rated products you can try:

1. Eyelash Extension Cleanser Eyelid Foaming Cleanser Lash Foam Shampoo For Extensions

One of the most budget-friendly lash cleansers, this product performs as promised. 

Free from phthalates, ethylene oxide, betaine, sulfates, polyquaternium, parabens, color, oil, fragrance, and alkyl sulfate, this gentle formula lathers up in a rich foam and washes away dirt and residue from your extensions. The product also comes with an applicator brush to ensure a seamless application. 

2. STACY LASH Eyelid Foaming Cleanser

Mildly formulated, this product delicately yet effectively cleans your lashes and gets rid of sebum, dust, and makeup residues. STACY LASH Eyelid Foaming Cleanser is perfect for home use and comes along with a brush.

STACY LASH Eyelid Foaming Cleanser

It doesn’t contain paraben, phthalate, ethylene oxide, betaine, sulfate, polyquaternium, and color. It is also cruelty-free.


Hopefully, you have mastered the art of how to clean eyelash extensions. Now go ahead and flaunt those dramatic lashes but make sure to clean them thoroughly before you put them back again. 


1. Can You Use Baby Shampoo For Cleaning Lash Extensions?

Baby shampoo is not a good idea for cleaning lash extensions as it contains emollients and oils.

2. Should I Clean My Lash Extensions Every Night?

It is advisable to clean your lash extensions every night to keep them clean.

3. Should I Wash My Fake Lashes Everyday?

It is recommended to wash your fake lashes every day for maintenance.

4. How Often Should You Clean Eyelash Extensions?

You should clean your eyelash extensions at least 2-3 times a week.

5. Do Lash Extensions Last Longer If You Wash Them Everyday?

While it’s good to keep them clean, washing eyelash extensions every day may not help to increase their longevity. 

6. Is It OK To Use Micellar Water With Eyelash Extensions?

It is usually okay to use micellar water with eyelash extensions.

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  2. Okura, Masako, et al. "New eye cleansing product improves makeup-related ocular problems." Journal of ophthalmology 2015 (2015).


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