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How To Remove Glamnetic Nails The Proper Way? It’s A Cinch!

Do your nails a favor by learning how to remove Glamnetic nails at home.

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Dec 11, 2023 – 7 minutes read

How to remove glamnetic nails at home

Whether you are a hand model or a college goer, Dua Lipa’s French Tips, Kim Kardashian’s Nude Nails, and Hailey Beiber’s glazed doughnut nails will surely arouse your nail fetish. Glamnetic nails can change your world. Glamnetic nails are reusable press-on nails that use magnets to attach to your natural nails. You can reuse them as many times as you want. It is easy to put it on and remove it. How to remove glamnetic nails the right way, let’s find out!

Long gone are the days we waited to grow and regrow our nails to get a perfect manicure. Glamnetic nails are the latest trend in press-on nails. They come in different sizes, like extra short, short, medium, and long. They come in trendy shapes like almonds, and coffins, making them an inevitable go-to.
Getting to put on trendy press-ons to make you look cool is easy. The good thing about glamnetic nails is that they can be reused. This makes removing them without the skin around the nails peeling worth some study. They do claim that the nails last almost two weeks without chipping. 

Why You Should Learn How To Remove Glamnetic Nails?

How To Remove Glamnetic Nails

Learning how to remove fake nails at home is pertinent to those who love experimenting with glamnetic nails. Why?

When the occasion for which you added the glamnetic nails has passed.

When the nails start being unstable.

When glamnetic nails hurt.

When you need to do some strenuous. physical activity or any other activity that makes your hands extractive.

When you want to add a new design or color to your nails.

When you want to allow your nails to breathe.

How To Remove Glamnetic Nails At Home

Let me walk you through a step-by-step process to make sure that your natural nail does not get damaged. A ruffian’s advice on how to remove the Glamnetic nails would be to pull it off JLT. You may risk peeling off the top layer of your nails if you go without a plan. So…

How to remove Glamnetic nails at home

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

You can start the removal process after getting your glamnetic nail removal supplies ready. You will need a bowl of warm water, soap (body or face wash), oil (argan oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil(1) to act as an emollient), tissue, toothpick, or tweezers. Some use dental floss instead of toothpicks and tweezers. Some add toothpaste instead of soap as the focus is on dissolving the adhesive. You can use Glamnetic 2-in-1 cuticle oil to loosen the nails.

Step 2: Soak your nails.

So let’s tackle one hand at a time. Mix the soap and oil (jojoba, olive, or argan) in warm water and soak your nails in it for a good 10–15 minutes. This is to help disintegrate the consistency of the glue. The glue will loosen its grip towards the end of the hand soak. You can see that the nails have started coming off from the nails or started to loosen up.

Step 3: Apply cuticle oil

If the Glamnetic nails are not coming off, you can apply cuticle oil to the nail bed and wait for a while for the nails to loosen up. You can also use the cuticle oil to prevent the skin around the nails from peeling.

Step 4: Gently lift the edges.

Using a toothpick or tweezers, you can gently pull up the edges of Glamnetic nails. The nails would come off easily without damaging your real ones. 

Step 5: Removing the nail

There are different ways to remove Glamnetic nails at home easy- peasy. All of them involve the hand soaking in soapy, warm water and oil. Some use tweezers, dental floss, or tweezers.
If you are using dental floss, do the hand soak and apply cuticle oil, which will remove the Glamnetic nails plastered on it. Loosen the nail using a cuticle stick around your nails until it gets detached, at least on one side. Slide the floss under it and pull in a gentle back-and-forth method, giving minimal force to make sure that you are not tugging at it.
If your friend is worried as to how you can remove Glamnetic nails yourself and wants to help you out, enlist her or his help😜. You need to use a cuticle stick and create a gap between the real and fake nails to place the dental floss, which your friend can move in a sawing fashion to remove.

Aftercare For Both Real And Faux Nails

Glamnetic nails can be reused any number of times. You will have a doubt about how to reuse glamnetic nails effectively. For that, your original nails and Glamnetic nails both need some regimented aftercare.

  • File and buff: You need to file and buff your Glamnetic nails so that you can ensure that it is free from any residue and safe for use next time.
  • Moisturizing and nail care: After you remove the Glamnetic nails, you may notice residues of glue on your nails. Apply argan oil or Glamnetic two-in-one cuticle oil generously on your nails to keep your nails and nail beds nourished, moisturized, and healthy(2). Later, wash it away with soap and use a heavy-duty moisturizer or aloe Vera gel on your fingers so that your nails and nail beds are healed and ready for the next Glamnetic nail episode.

Additional Tips For Removing Glamnetic Nails:

Fake Nails Removal Aftercare
  • Use warm water and not HOT water to soak your nails.
  • Allowing your natural nails to grow a bit will make the removal easy, as the gap between your cuticle and the press-on nails makes the removal easy.
  • Some may wonder how to remove Glamnetic nails with acetone.
  • You can use acetone to dissolve the nail glue. You could soak a cotton ball in acetone and keep it on for about 15 minutes with the help of tape or silver foil to keep it in place. I would not recommend it, as it tends to dry out your nail bed and cause the skin around your nails to peel.
  • Be gentle when you remove them, and avoid yanking them off forcefully, as the nails will sustain damage.
  • You can use acetone to remove the glue or gum residue on your nails.
  • Make sure that you store your Glamnetic nails in a cool and dry place, preferably in the original packaging, to prevent them from losing their shape.


1. What is an easy way to take off fake nails?

The best and safest way to remove fake nails is to soak them in soapy, warm water to which some oil is added. This loosens the glue, and you can easily remove the fake nails.

2. How long does Glamnetic nail glue last?

It lasts for a good two weeks. But if you expose it to hot water and heat from the oven, hair dryers, etc., you will loosen up and melt the glue, causing the nails to fall off.

3. Is it hard to remove Glamnetic nails?

Not at all! If you follow the proper method, it’s a cinch!!

4. Do press-on nails damage your nails?

No. The glue used is not harsh, which makes press-on nails better when compared to fakes like acrylic or gel nails.

5. Does rubbing alcohol remove nail glue?

The best bet would be the hand soak, as rubbing alcohol may dry out the skin adjacent to the nails. It can help speedy removal of the nail glue that remains on the nails as residue.

6. How do you remove fake nails with hot water?

You can use warm water to soak your nails so that the glue that makes the fake nails stick to the real nails comes off. You can add toothpaste, soap, and oil to do the job more efficiently.

7. How many times can you reuse Glamnetic nails?

Manufacturers claim that you can reuse Glamnetic nails any number of times.

8. Is it bad to leave fake nails for too long?

Yes. If you leave fake nails for too long, it can taper with the quality of your real nails, making them brittle and discolored. It would be best if you let your nails breathe in between to maintain healthy nails. 

Final Thoughts

Learning how to remove Glamnetic nails is not an arduous task. If you are patient enough to go through the 5 steps of Glamnetic nail removal, you will be able to flaunt salon nails without having to budge from your home, plus you can save a few bucks as Glamnetic nails are user-friendly and reusable. 
We are princesses in our fairy tales. Beautiful nails do boost our confidence. It is an inherent part and parcel of our dolling up. Glamnetic nails are a safe glam option and are worth a try! 

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