Kim Kardashian Makes Headlines For The Balenciaga Campaign 

The SKIMS founder is flaunting her fit as the fashionista shares snaps from a daring photoshoot with Balenciaga on Thursday.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 8, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Kim Kardashian Balenciaga Campaign 

Kim Kardashian, 43, left the fashion world spellbound wearing a lacy pair of leggings as she posed inside her luxurious closet holding a Balenciaga purse. In her best physique ever, Kardashian donned the outfit while emphasizing her derriere and giving multiple poses before the camera.

Kim Kardashian’s Nude Top With Body-Hugging Leggings

Kim Kardashian's Nude Top With Body-Hugging Leggings

The influencer spunned black magic with her astounding looks wearing a nude turtleneck and she paired it up with body-hugging leggings that gave an impression of a see-through fabric. Her glam includes smokey eyes, nude and glossy lips, full lashes, and perfectly blended blush. She left her long lustrous hair wet, and open and the waves cascaded down her back. 

Looking like a runway model, who is about to hit the end of the catwalk, Kim stood there while casually slinging the large leather purse on her arm. Although the shoot was done as an advertisement, for the US official online boutique, Balanciaga’s Closet Campaign, Kim took full advantage of the opportunity to the full number of purses she had in her closet. 

On Jan. 24, Kardashian took a series of photos and videos to her Instagram feed, donning the same outfit. It was a few snaps of the same campaign and she posed as a mermaid laying on a sea shore amongst her bag collection. In the first photo of the carousal, she garnered the attention of her followers with the leggings that were attached to her shoes, making it look like she was wearing a one-piece. 

In the second photo in the slide, Kardashian stunned in a full black outfit that featured an off-shoulder top, leggings, and a pair of heels. As for accessories she used nothing. Except for the Balenciaga purse, as she was trying to grab the attention of the purse since it is a part of the Balenciaga campaign(1). 

The carousel ended with a video of the reality TV star guessing the total number of bags she owns. In the clip, the ex-wife of Kanye West indirectly talked about her vast collection of purses. She told the crew that she thought she owned somewhat 130- bags in total and proceeded to count them one by one. After completing the counting, Kardashian realized she was close to the right number, then was also thrilled to realize that she forgot to count the one on her hand, bringing the grand total from 128 to 129. 

“I was one-off,” she quipped as she seemed quite happy for guessing it almost right while posing for the campaign of the Paris-based 100-year-old brand. 

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To an average, each purse in her collection costs about $3,000, which makes it a total of $400,000 worth of product in the room. It wasn’t a surprise for her fans to realize that she owned a massive bag collection, but it was quite surprising for a class of her fanatics to realize that the total amount of her bag collection is the average cost of a home in the US. 

The campaign comes a year after the brand announced Kardashian as its ambassador after it went through a major backlash last year for releasing a controversial ad that featured children with BDSM items. 

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