Madame Web Premiere: Best Red Carpet Looks

Top 4 Best Looks on the Red Carpet at the Madam Web Premiere

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On Feb 14, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Madam Web Premiere Red Carpet

Madame Web Premiere created a spark for the evolution of greater fashion statements as Dakota Johnson and her cast mates created their costumes by taking inspiration from the characters they were portraying. It was a night for Marvel fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. 

Madame Web-Inspired Chain Dress

Dakota Johnson at Madame Web Premiere

Dakota Johnson is always out for the next big thing, and she has set her sights on the highest of fashion statements: a naked dress that borders on nudity.

She took inspiration from the movie’s lead character, Madame Web, who is almost a clairvoyant with the ability to see glimpses of the future. She took inspiration from the web-like nature of the abilities and created a dress using chains.

The chains were connected in a spider web-like manner to get the most visual effect, and she wore nude underwear to enhance the effect. It was a sheer, plain metal dress with intricate patterns and jewels embedded. 

The sleeveless, dropping neck that reached the midriff region, along with the decision to not wear many accessories, only gave more attention to the dress. She only wore black strapped high heels and a necklace with a large diamond pendant. 

She wore her usual quota of makeup without much makeup and even went as far as to go with a nude nail to ensure the attention remained on the dress, and her bet paid off.

Traditional Yet Deadly

Sydney Sweeney at Madame Web Premiere

Sydney Sweeney came to the show with a traditional touch from Oscar de la Renta. A sleeveless and strapless gown gave her a bold and intimidating look. Just what she needs for her villainous character in the upcoming movie. 

She didn’t forget to pay homage to the theme of spider webs her castmates have recreated in various manners. She joined in the theme by having an intricately arranged pattern of black beads that looked like a spider web. 

Her skirt was also fashioned out like the airy nature of spider silk by having black fringes falling gracefully on all sides of her skirt.

The Evolved Vintage 

Isabelle Merced at Madame Web Premiere

Isabelle Merced’s stylists found a new inspiration to overcome the barrier of the theme by modernizing a vintage dress from Versace’s 1999 spring collection.

Her stylists, Chloe Delgadillo and Chenelle Delgadillo, have created a new dress by using the Versace piece as a base. An atelier gown with scalloped beads on the top and a sheer embellished skirt was part of the original dress worn by Naomi Campbell. 

She accessorized herself with a few rings matching her black dress and wore a black earring, completing her outfit.

Bold and Red

Celeste O’Connor at Madame Web Premiere

Celeste O’Connor came to the stage in an all-bright red dress, She expressed her theme using beaded fringes on her skirt and a cape that matched her overall outfit. She accentuated the sleeveless and strapless dress with a neckband. 

 Her cape acted as a puff of regality, enhancing her overall look and dignity. She completed her outfit with strapped red high heels and minimal earrings to go along with it. 

The Movie of the Year

The movie is filled with many firsts, as it is the first movie to have all female leads in a Marvel movie, and it also has female leads and villains based on their comic book counterparts, which many fans have been complaining constantly about the last few movies.

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The movie will take place in the Spider-Man universe, which will be expanded to the whole Marvel universe based on the successive storylines and the success of the upcoming movie. Which will be released on February 16th.

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